Keita Minato (湊 啓太, Minato Keita?) is a former underclassman of Mikiya Kokutou and Gakuto in Kara no Kyoukai. He is part of a street gang responsible for the abuse of Fujino Asagami.



Keita was Mikiya's underclassman in school, and he was very attached to Mikiya at the time. After later joining a street gang with six other people, they became infamous to the point a local drug dealer thought it was only a matter of time before someone sought retribution. Fujino was one of their targets of abuse, beating her, raping her, and drugging her for their own enjoyment. Due to her inability to feel pain, she did not react to anything they did. Things changed upon one of the members swinging at her with a baseball bat, causing her to feel pain for the first time.



Keita commits many acts of violence and abuse with his group. Due to her inability to feel pain for most of the time, Keita thought Fujino was strange, that "she looked great, but it wasn't fun to do her." As they raped and abused her, he thought of her as a doll until the incident with a baseball bat that first caused her to "act human."


Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Due to the effect of the gang member hitting her with the baseball bat, Fujino becomes able to utilize her Mystic Eyes, allowing her to hunt down and kill the gang members. As all six of his friends are killed, Keita goes into hiding, Fujino leaving an ominous message on his phone. Mikiya eventually tracks him down, learning all the details of the recent events and becoming disgusted at Keita's retelling. He still protects Keita despite that afterwards. He is never directly punished, but it can be said, as Mikiya would say, "simply having to continue living after everything that happened is punishment enough." He later at some point has his penis torn off in some sort of accident.[1]


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