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Kiara Sessyoin (殺生院キアラ, Sesshouin Kiara?, localized as "Kiala"EX) is the Master of Caster in Fate/EXTRA CCC and the game's true antagonist. She is also known as the Devil’s Bodhisattva and the Last Prophet. She also appears as Beast III/R and Alter Ego in Fate/Grand Order.



Fate/EXTRA CCC world[]

Her real name is Kiara Sessyoin (殺生院祈荒, Sesshouin Kiara?). Although she was born as the daughter of the Shingon Tachikawa Eiten School (真言立川詠天流, Shingon tachikawa eiten ryū?) head,[4] she was bedridden until she was approximately 14 years old due to her illness. She learnt Spiritron-hacking from fellow worshippers. Afterwards she reformed the Tachikawa Eiten School, rapidly increasing the number of believers over the internet and became the leader of the cult. Kiara Sesshouin saved many lost people with the doctrine of Tachikawa-ryu as her foundation.[5][6] The Church also acknowledges Kiara Sesshouin as a modern prophet, due to a certain opinion of a Cardinal; one of the candidates for the next Pope.

Kiara background.jpg

However the virtual religious cult no longer exists. She is the last officiating monk of the barely surviving Shingon Tachikawa school (真言立川流, Shingon tachikawa ryū?).[7] All of the believers who followed Kiara committed suicide, men and women adored her so much that they killed themselves. People who fell deeply in love, people who were addicted to maltreating her, people who were dependent on conversation with her, people who hated her to death, people who lost themselves in carnality. All with the same result. Suicide. Even offline, people who got involved with her would almost invariably commit suicide. Even virtual police investigators and intelligence operatives from the Western European Plutocracy (西欧財閥?) got taken in. According to Julius B. Harwey, the intelligence operative died in order to save her from her adherents who were going to kill her and that individual was antisocial, and not the type to pursue women.

After saving many people, she was betrayed by those she saved. She saved many people, but those same people trampled her good intentions underfoot. She was betrayed by human beings countless times. Yet she never abandoned her resolve to give them salvation. Betrayed by both faith and people, she was slandered as a murderer. It's also a fact that she was the cause of mass suicide and hostilities. Consequently, with the sponsorship of the Western European Plutocracy, she became an internationally wanted digital criminal. She was pursued by both the Holy Church and the Western European Plutocracy. There are people who defended her, but the Plutocracy had the backing of the Holy Church. The Holy Church decided against apprehending Kiara because she was an eyesore, they acknowledged her as the greatest enemy to the preservation of their own faith. Leonardo B. Harwey guesses that the church could not overlook being passed over while some woman in the Orient showed up and got treated like a prophet.

She is also a master who participated in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, for her own desire in order to save people. She is the reason that BB was unleashed, when she interfered with Sakura Matou's program.[8] She met BB before everybody in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. She was captured by BB when she was imprisoned by the black noise on the near side. She made a peace treaty pact with BB, BB would spare Kiara's life as long as Kiara never antagonized BB. Thus she was confined to the school. Kiara was being observed by BB, so she couldn’t say anything that would suggest BB's existence.

EMIYA Alter's world[]

While no details are given, it is mentioned that this incarnation of EMIYA Alter hunted and killed her, but also a lot of her innocent followers, leading to his cold and result-oriented demeanor.


She is Japanese and is in her mid to late twenties. Her attire resembles that of a Japanese Buddhist nun; she wears a tight dress with a slit up the left side exposing her leg and a large white habit similar to a hood with a large gold necklace wrapped around it. She claims that her habit of having a slit up the side is because everybody in the school are so distinctive and she wanted to take a risk of youthful indiscretion. Even Gawain considers her to have an amazing body. She also appears to wear a pink underwear. According to the side material book, Kiara doesn't cut her hair but keep it tuckled under her habit.

After consuming Passionlip, Meltryllis, BB and Sakura her appearance changes to that of a demon. In her new form, Kiara's habit now hangs from the two massive black and pink lined curved horns extending from the sides of her head. Her black hair (with pink tips) now flows in twisting locks behind her and on her forehead lays three vertical dots similar to those of Savior. Her attire has become that of a revealing long white coat with belled sleeves and thigh high pink boots. According to Kinoko Nasu, her demon outfit was specifically requested by him to incorporate a "naked apron" theme.[9] In Fate: Grand Order her final ascensions' outfit has her habit, sleeves, and cloak extended with the sleeves now have a design resembling multiple hands extending upward. She also wears a pair of golden rings with a hanging tassel. Her Demon Pillar outfit has slightly different design with the color scheme appears to be her white-pink outfit flipped inside out and her horns now are those of the Demon Pillar.


Dressed in a nun’s attire, she is an air-head ero-older-sister type.

Despite her troublesome tendency to brush off what others say, her attitude and behavior is even more suggestive than that of the Alter Egos. Truth be told, her sexual desire is beyond her control.

Although she is wearing a nun’s clothing, it’s still easy to tell from the lines of her body that she is an unmatched beauty of a woman. By the way, she doesn’t cut her hair (tonsure) and instead just keeps it tucked under her nun veil.

She refers to herself using “私” [わたし].

She usually refers to others using “皆さん” [みなさん], and usually adds -san at the end of peoples’ names.

She is essentially a proper lady with a neat and tidy way of speaking.

She has a soft personality, and a chaste set of values, but when she speaks, oddly enough her words carry a hint of sensuality.

Her personality is introverted, timid, and active.

She is very gentle and mild-mannered, but also positive and motivated at the same time. It may seem as though she has a weak constitution, but she is energetic and full of life. She is deeply compassionate toward others. She is deeply considerate and is good at grasping the reason or truth. She can read almost everyone’s feelings and correctly understand their position or suffering.

Both on the outside and the inside, she is a talented woman overflowing with graceful beauty…

She seems wonderful, but at the same time she is a bit absent-minded, and seems to have a lot of knowledge about sex… rather than “Holy Woman” she would be more appropriately labeled as a “kind older sister.”

While she has trouble controlling her poison-tongued servant Andersen, she remains an upright character that never loses her smile.

Devil's Bodhisvatta[]

The horns jutting from her head are devil horns.

This shows that she is the enemy of the enlightened (buddhas).

She is the embodiment of self-love, and prioritizes pleasure over everything else.

Her pleasure is achieved by using human lives and treating them as sustenance. She is a walking disaster for man and beast alike.

Those who met this woman were touched by her great kindness and would devotedly follow her as though she has cast a spell upon them.

After that, due to her great desire to be loved, she would (foolishly) use them to indulge in her sexual desires. The problem is that the more you fulfill your sexual desires, the less satisfying it becomes to do so.

This woman has no desire for dilute, unsatisfying “pleasure.”

Her followers would fall into despair because she no longer showed any concern for them, “She won’t love us ever again.” and thus they end their lives. In the end, the victims had their bodies and everything they had completely devoured by her.

She is certainly guilty, but since all her followers who committed suicide were thankful to her, she was unable to be charged and prosecuted.

It goes without saying, her followers were simply mistakenly appreciative of her, or were deceived.

Her followers were vaguely aware of the fact that she was not a saint, but actually a devil, but they were unable to escape from her devilish grasp, and found their lives degenerating.

A similar situation is also true for Kirei Kotomine, although he takes things in a somewhat different direction.

Kotomine recognized himself as evil, and decided that evil was appropriate for him, thus he strayed from the path of human morals.

This woman (a Demonic Bodhisattva) considers all her actions, regardless of what, to be good. Quite the haughty evil spirit.

This evil spirit of a woman lies to herself about nothing, but soaks her words with lies to entrap everyone around her as food; their lives expended completely for her own sake.

The absoluteness of her ego, her unwavering attitude towards everything; to a regular person it might seem as though she is on the border of enlightenment. If there were a specific reason that her followers called her a “saint,” it would be because at this characteristic.



When Kiara was first introduced, she assumes the role of Taiga Fujimura; the homeroom teacher of Hakuno Kishinami and Shinji Matou.[10]

After Hakuno shifted to the Far Side of the Moon Cell, Hakuno was tasked to recruit other Masters to join the Student Council and encounters Kiara, who claims to have lost her memories. Kiara tells Hakuno that she has no interest in joining the Student Council, and reveals her servant Caster and refers him by Andersen. Andersen then warns Hakuno not to trust Kiara.[11]

When Hakuno collected all the SG information from Rin Tohsaka, Kiara helps Hakuno to enter Secret Garden to find and face the real Rin.[11]

In the True Route which the player chose to not use SG on Passionlip, Kiara and Andersen revealed themselves to the Alter Ego and mortally wounded her. She then absorbed Passionlip into herself.[12]

Later in the fifth chapter, Kiara starts showing puzzling behavior such as making herself busy whenever Hakuno tries to make contact with her. She is seemingly killed by Meltryllis when she sneaked up behind Kiara. In the true route however, she survived and concealed herself thanks to Passionlip's presence concealment power.[13]

Following Meltryllis' defeat at the hand of Hakuno and their servant, Kiara appeared to Meltryllis who was on the verge of disappearing. The woman coldly told Meltryllis that she won't allow her to help Hakuno and proceeded to absorb Meltryllis' quasi-particle, stating that the Alter Ego's power will be her nourishment.[14]

In the True Route, she reappears when Kiara first absorbs BB when she could not control Moon Cell system. Andersen reveals that Kiara absorbed Passionlip's Ego allowed her fool everybody with her fake death. She traps both Hakuno and their Servant, and used this opportunity to absorb Sakura and fully control the Moon Cell. Caster used Marchen Meines Lebens to allow Kiara to be reborn as the earth mother goddess and reach a state close to that of a True Demon. Caster sends both Hakuno and the Servant to two different locations.[15]



"What's the meaning.. What's the meaning of this..? Even though winning or losing doesn't matter as I've finally obtained the utmost pleasure.. Yet still, why is it so painful.."

Hakuno confronts Kiara in her Heaven's Hole form. To her surprise, Hakuno's Servant arrives to fight. Normally, no normal human could stand against her but she lost to Hakuno due to the girls that were absorbed, wanting to protect their love for Hakuno and resisted inside her body. Caster scorn her, calling her an idiot that charged right into the fight with no regards to that one weakness. She dies saying that she was not defeated by a Hero nor a Savior but by women like her.[15]

In her final moment before fading away, Kiara asks Andersen about one thing that she never managed to understand: the difference between the two loves (Ai and Koi).

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Kiara was killed off by Saber and Kazuhito Sakagami.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Main article: Beast III/R


She is a teacher in charge of Japanese. When she first introduce herself, she jokes about being in charge of health and physical education. She used Hans Christian Andersen's literature as her teaching material. She overanalyzed The Little Mermaid with sexual innuendo interpretation.

Other appearances[]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Kiara is part of the Imperial Roma talent agency and her idol name is Chiara Dan (壇キアラ, Dan Kiara?). Her class is Soothing Saint Idol (いやし系聖女アイドル, Iyashikei seijo aidoru?). She was born in Japan and debuted in 28 March 2013. Her hobbies consist of Reading, Reciting, Writing Sutras and Salvation. She likes someone who is sinful and her message is "Both young and old are all the same".


While she is rather lacking in combat ability, she is a wizard at analyzing the hearts of others, and also excels at healing.

Her existence is similar to the rumored Third Magic, Heaven’s Feel, which is the physical materialization of the soul.

If in terms of physical strength ORT is the most powerful, against intelligent beings Kiara is the strongest.[16]


Thesis of the Still Heart (五停心観(ごじょうしんかん), Gojyou Shinkan?, Five Approaches to Meditation) is a Codecast skill that allows her to access someone's Secret Garden.[17] The five meditations are meditation on impurity, meditation on compassion, meditation on cause and effect, meditation on separation from the world, and mindful breathing meditation. It finds the openings to a person's heart, and exposing the backwaters that the person themselves is not even aware of. It’s a basic meditation method to renounce worldly desires. It's more like exposing the affected areas than seeing through it. The Thesis of the Still Heart is medical software. It finds the patient's injuries, and cleanses the stagnant areas. The shield is a wall of the heart that guards secrets. Therefore, if we uncover the secrets, there will no longer be any meaning in protecting them. Kiara compares the codecast to a vaccine, if the wall of the heart is an illness, the Thesis of the Still Heart is a vaccine to treat it. Although Julius believes it to be more like a virus. Kiara said that it is ineffective for AI such as Sakura because only human beings can read emotions and they can't understand emotions.

It is also the creator of her other Codecast Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation (万色悠滞(ばんしょくゆうたい), Banshoku Yuutai?) that allows people to enter the hearts of others.[18] It is a dangerous codecast, since the network became the basis of human society, this power to control others through it is essentially the power to rule the world. It is the secret technique of the Tachikawa Eiten school, Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation is a codecast that is considered the greatest crime in virtual history. A forbidden art that drove many people mad and destroyed them.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Heaven's Hole[]

Heaven's Hole (ヘブンズホール?), an alternate form of Kiara Sessyoin, is the true boss of Fate/EXTRA CCC.[19]


By absorbing Passionlip, Meltryllis, BB, and Sakura Matou to form her core, taking complete control of the Moon Cell, and Hans Christian Andersen pouring all his Noble Phantasm into her, Kiara Sessyoin metamorphosed into a divine Daemon, a similar existence to a True Daemon.[15][19][20] The Mara sprouting from her head are that of a Tenma. In other words, it signifies the fact that this person is the enemy of Buddha. The embodiment of narcissism prioritizing pleasure above all. That process where other people are made use of and preyed upon is a calamity that brings ruin to men and animals alike.[19] By taking the power of various goddesses as the Alter Egos had done, Kiara became a composite being. Although this is Self-Modification on a level impossible for a human, Kiara is no human. She probably hadn't been a human for many years, ever since she left the mountain where she had grown up. When she did that, she was already a supernatural being, due to having devoured many humans by freely melting their souls with the Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation.[15] While Kiara was reborn into the earth mother, accepting all the desires of humanity, she was also at the same time a sacrifice to all the desires of humanity. Her existence is similar to a certain man-made demon who had once been demonized and celebrated as a sacrifice to prove the evil of mankind.[21]

Although Kiara had ascended to the position of a god, she ended up defeated by Hakuno Kishinami, a mere human, and their servant (Nero Claudius, No Name, Tamamo-no-Mae or Gilgamesh depending on the player's preferences) powered by the Mythological Mystic Code. Being regarded by Andersen as an omnipotent being, there surely was no reason for her to lose against them. Surprisingly, Hakuno just happened to be the only person she couldn't use her "omnipotence" against. Kiara had not only based her powers in BB and Sakura, but the Alter Egos as well. It was because those girls whom she had taken as her core kept opposing her desperately inside her to protect their own love that Kiara lost. She fought head-on all confidently while being unaware of her own weak points. Had she know this beforehand, Kiara claims that she would have just blown them away to some random realm, just to later destroy that realm alongside them.[15]

When comparing Kiara to other characters appearing in Fate/EXTRA and CCC, her power can be overshadowed. Against Amaterasu she'd be rather outclassed, as Arcueid Brunestud (Berserker) with her sanity restored is stated to be about the only one in those two games who is “capable of defeating the Golden White Face, no matter how small the chance might be,” thanks to being able to reduce the power of her opponents to a sixth of their usual.[22] The scale of Kiara's existence is superior to that of her Beast III/R counterpart.[19] and similar to Buddha's.[20] However, if she were to face Buddha in battle, she'd be forced to withdraw, due to not possessing the skill Nega-Saver, which nullifies every skill of the Saver and Ruler class, among other things.[19]

Noble Phantasm: Kiara's Noble Phantasm is Angra Mainyu/CCC. With this Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm, Kiara uses the world to masturbate. It is a vortex of pleasure that melts all sentient beings, and digests their “life” in an instant. While in reality it all happens in an instant, but it feels like an eternity of pleasure. Regardless of how different the structure of a beings intelligence may be, this vortex affects all without exception. It is not a Noble Phantasm that is limited to affect only those on Earth. The damage increases if certain conditions are met. If the target is of the opposite sex, the damage increases. The more intelligent a being is, the more damage it does. As far as the setting and lore are concerned, the Servant who would be hit with the least damage would be No Name, and Gilgamesh would be damaged the most.[20]

The reason why this attack’s power, visuals, and scale are so huge is because reincarnated Kiara is a being similar to Buddha. People who devote their life to bringing salvation to Sattvas (living things) are referred to as Bodhisattvas. People who have attained moksha (liberation/release) and become Buddhas are also Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is a god of universe scale and power, and can easily manage things on the scale of the Solar System.[20]


While Caster is unsuited to fight, Kiara personally fights in close combat while Caster supports her.

  • Womb Realm - Bodhyangi Mudrā (胎蔵界 理拳印, Taizōkai Riken-in?) - She makes several Mudra hand seals to use this self applied skill. It grants enemy's ATTACK skill sealed, HP absorption effect to GUARD and stun effect on BREAK.
  • Diamond Realm - Vajra Mudrā (金剛界 智拳印, Kongōkai Chiken-in?) - She makes several Mudra hand seals to disable any attacks and causes MP damage.
  • Daizu Shichi Yakan-pō (大頭七野干法(だいずしちやかんぽう)?) - She creates an energy orb from her hands; as the orb levitates, it fires energy rain on the enemy and causes damage.
  • Eitenryū - Mindful Circumambulation (詠天流・四念回峰行?) - Causes damage and paralysis.

Beast III/R[]

Main article: Kiara Sessyoin (Beast III/R)

Alter Ego[]

Main article: Kiara Sessyoin (Alter Ego)


Creation and Conception[]


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    ◆What do you look for in a partner?

    • -

    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

    • -

    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • -

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    1. フェロモン







    2. 博愛主義




    2. 魔性菩薩







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    While she has trouble controlling her poison-tongued servant Andersen, she remains an upright character that never loses her smile.

    While she is rather lacking in combat ability, she is a wizard at analyzing the hearts of others, and also excels at healing. In CCC while pretending to obey BB, she diligently supports the protagonist.
    It is thanks to her Codecast that the unconquerable Sakura Labyrinth was cleared.
    Kiara thinks well of most people, but it seems that she has a distaste for Gatou.
    This is just some useless crumbs of info again, but in the fourth round, Gatou Monji uses her [first] name without hesitation.

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    Shingon Tachikawa’s scriptures and theories are based on three points of view.
    The first is Luminous Mind based on Rishu-kyo.
    Sex is a natural part of being human, and originally was considered to be something very pure that is connected with enlightenment. Sex tends to be assumed to be a simple pleasure, but strictly speaking it is not actually an act that affirms your desire. Desires that are connected with infatuation and indecision are an obstacle to enlightenment, but a pure sexual desire is a desire for the benefit of all living things, and it is something that you should maintain as part of your survival instinct. It is just affirming our survival instinct and thus is connected with enlightenment.
    Of course, this overview is extremely difficult to understand, and it is said that even most of the disciples taught directly by the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kukai, were not taught it. As a rule, those who were not of high monk rank or above were not permitted to read the related scriptures.
    The second is Union, which is the concept of two beings sublimated into one being, and/or being reincarnated.
    This is derived from the concept of Onmyoudo (Taoist) “Cosmic dual forces connected together become taiji” that was unified with the Shugendou concept of the universe and nature. It is from this unification that the techniques of miracle efficacy, Sennin art of love making, and tantric yoga methods were introduced into Tachikawa.
    The third is the method of drawing out power from “beyond” by breaking down your own boundaries.
    Is it said that this method made many monks lose their self-control, power of reasoning, and moral values due to murder or eating meat, eating fish, or drinking alcohol.
    (However it is theorized that this method may have not actually been put into practice by the Tachikawa Sect).
    Through the combination of these three kinds of thoughts and methods the Tachikawa Sect considered the unification of “Dakini = Dainichi Buddha [Vairocana] = Amaterasu Oomikami” to be the ultimate goal.
    Namely, they tried to achieve enlightenment by becoming one with the fundamental truths of the universe.
    …Uhhh Cas-ko-san, it seems like your followers are pretty wack… is everything gonna be all right…?


  7. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Shingon Tachikawa School [Circumstances], p.189

    Shingon Tachikawa School [Concept]
    Shingo Tachikawa is a branch of Shingon Vajrayana (Shingon secret tantra teachings) that is based on “Rishu-kyo” and its teachings revere dakini-deity.
    In the Kamakura era, a high monk of Shigon Buddhism, Ninkan, failed in an attempted assassination of Emperor Toba (Eikyuu Era [Eternal Era]) and was exiled to Izu as punishment. It is said that there, in the province of Musashi, Ninkan gave birth to the fundamental systems of Shingon Tachikawa in cooperation with the Onmyouji (spiritual medium) Kenren (from Tachikawa).
    After that, the Tachikawa Sect spread and prospered to the point where it came to be the largest faction within Shingon Buddhism.
    Furthermore, with the decline of the Kamakura Shogunate in sight, the Tachikawa Sect schemed to have the Imperial Family change its loyalties to prioritize Tachikawa over other sects. Emperor Godaigo, who mastered the secrets of Tachikawa, starting from Yoshino, spread it across the lands of the Southern Dynasty. After that, the Tachikawa Sect teachings were almost always present with the Southern Dynasty.
    So with the decline of the Southern Dynasty, the Tachikawa Sect also fell into ruin.
    …The suppression of the Tachikawa Sect didn’t occur because it was heretic or there was some problem with it’s teachings, it was due to its connection with the Southern Dynasty. Mount. Koya (the birth place of Koya-san Shingon Buddhism) lies within the territory of the Northern Dynasty, and almost all the authority figures in Koya held contempt for the Tachikawa Sect, and has all the Tachikawa scriptures destroyed.


  8. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - BB (Moon Cancer) Matrix

    Class: Moon Cancer
    Name: BB
    Master: None
    Noble Phantasm: Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    Keyword: Advanced Level AI, Khakkhara of Domination
    Strength: ★, Endurance: ★, Agility: ★, Magic: ★, Luck: ★
    Golden Grail: EX, Self-Modification: EX, Potnia Theron: EX


    01 - Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    An attack on the world by BB in control of the Moon Cell.
    Also called the spiritron imaginary pit.

    A World Purge through event rewriting that makes maximum use of the EX skill "Conception of All Animals"(Potnia Theron) BB has acquired.

    The goddess who is the mother of earth mother goddesses that created earth is, in other words, the 'root' that created all creation. This anti-world Noble Phantasm outputs that information through an ultra-precise 3D printer and crushes the present world with the world the user desires.

    The space eroded by BB becomes imaginary space and a curse that consumes reality. "CCC", as the name suggests, is a cursed pit that bores out reality.

    In addition to scattering all objects inside on an atomic level and reconstructing them, it is capable of overwriting and reprinting information in fields such as luck and coincidence. While theoretical, it is also thought possible to distort the time axis by interfering with gravitational fields and rewrite the law of cause and effect.

    When used in combat, BB's familiars, the shapeshifters, engulf the target and, after turning into a sphere, are wiped out of existence along with the target and the whole dimension.

    Normally, a structure in which sense of values can be shared cannot be created in the Far Side of the Moon, which is an imaginary space. What established BB's internal world as the Sakura Labyrinth was the power of this Noble Phantasm.

    02 - Advanced Level AI
    Artificial intelligences configured according to their programs.
    In this age, they are treated as things that "function as programs", but "do not exist as actual beings". In other words, things that "are" right in front of your eyes but "are not". They are merely mechanisms for smooth progression of human lives.

    The same applies in the SE.RA.PH. They are virtual lifeforms that are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed along with its conclusion.

    Humanoid virtual lifeforms at the SE.RA.PH include NPCs that perform single objectives, AIs who have been granted capabilities for self-judgement, and advanced level AIs who have been entrusted with capabilities for self-judgement and management of sections.

    Advanced level AIs are beings made to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation". As perfect reproductions of humans, they have been programmed with even souls, but the souls only "exist" and their contents are colorless.

    Virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH are reset with each round of the Holy Grail War. NPCs and AIs return to zero, but advanced level AIs retain just their personas while their records are reset—as if they never existed.

    When the Holy Grail War is over, the only one left alive is the Master standing at the top. This applies not only to the Masters but also to the virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH.

    It appears that BB, like Sakura, is an advanced level AI entrusted with management of Masters' health. However, as she is rampaging for reasons unknown, the methods of "managing the Masters" have become extreme.

    03 - Khakkhara of Domination
    The teacher's pointer that BB carries.
    A device that lets her make full use of her authority as an advanced level AI. Although limited to the Far Side of the Moon, this allows BB to modify the spiritron laws(game rules) within the SE.RA.PH.

    "Ten Crowns of Domination" worn by the Beast of Babylon converted into a teacher's pointer.
    This is the male principle corresponding to the female principle of the seven-headed beast, and its true nature is a phallus (erect rod).

    The symbol of the king of the world who was granted throne and authority by a great dragon and received the right to, for 42 months, spit out as many insolent words as desired and desecrate all things.

    The beast's heads were the seven hills of the Roman Empire... Capitolium, Palatium, Aventinus, Esquilinus, Caelius, Quirinalis, Viminalis. In other words, they meant the Roman Empire itself, and the ten horns symbolized the emperors... Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasianus, Titus, Galba, Otho, Vitellius.

    01 - C. C. C.(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)








    02 - 上級AI







    しかし原因不明の暴走により、『マスターを管理する』 方法が極端なものになってしまったようだ。

    03 - 支配の錫杖




    アウグストゥス、ティベリウス、カリグラ、クラウディウス、ネロ、ウェスパシアヌス、ティトゥス、ガルバ、 オト、ウィテリウス……を象徴している。


    01 - Golden Grail [EX]
    The golden grail that BB owns. Also called the Holy Grail.
    A negative grail that grants its owner's impudent and selfish wishes.

    The grail held by the great whore of Babylon who appears in the Revelation to John. Though it is a fake Holy Grail, it is for that reason that it has become a "genuine" Holy Grail that grants the desires of humans regardless of right or wrong.

    To the Christians who considered honorable poverty a virtue at that time, a grail molded from a symbol of wealth like gold no doubt had connotations of corrupt wealth, avarice, and vanity of trying to adorn oneself.

    As the grail held by the great whore of Babylon who personifies the Roman Empire, this grail clearly symbolizes treasures on earth, which is the inverse of the Christ's words "Do not store up treasures on earth."

    "I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns."

    According to the Book of Revelation, this is the description of the beast of destruction that appeared in the Holy City and the woman straddling that beast. A huge beast with sevens heads like a hydra appeared from the sea and landed at the Holy City. This beast and the woman, while two, are as one, and it is impossible to think of them separately.

    As the woman was said to give birth to all evil, those who were imprudent or greedy could not resist her allure and became corrupted by that grail.

    On a side note, the red Saber who calls herself the emperor was regarded the same as this beast and viewed as an enemy by the believers after her death.

    02 - Self-Modification [EX]
    A skill that allows restructuring of oneself.
    AIs made by the Moon Cell were given an absolute command: "You must not improve own function."

    However, BB, who escaped from that yoke due to her breakdown, began to expand her own functions. To boost her calculation power, she preyed upon/disassembled NPCs, AIs, and finally, Servants with black noise, then used as her own memory.

    Though they are like appendix building additions that do not heed self-collapse, as the result, BB has changed into a hyper level AI with enormous capacity.

    That condition resembles a city on reclaimed land that continues to build while submerging or Frankenstein's monster.

    03 - Potnia Theron [EX]
    Conception of All Animals(Potnia Theron).
    The authority of the goddesses that BB compiled and absorbed from the abyss of the mooncell.

    It embodies the power of all creation possessed by the mother goddesses—originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük) and branching to Tiamat and Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc.

    Many are depicted with mural crowns. This is because many of these goddesses were also guardian deities of cities.

    The symbols of this authority include holes opening the earth and the sky (caves and the moon), whirling tides and waterspouts of the sea, calderas of the volcanoes, etc., and from these, evils that bring all manners of death are birthed. However, after these evils have spread death, they promise certain good harvest and fertility. This authority is none other than the power of bringing death as well as giving life.

    The earth mother is worshipped by the people and protects them as a guardian deity, but at the same time, she is the very sacrifice that nurtures them with crops born from her body and beasts of the fields and the forests.

    The earth mother nurtures men with her flesh and blood, kills men as time passes to restores herself with her own nourishment, and once again nurtures men with her restored flesh and blood.

    This process is the cycle of the food chain, and this cycle of life and death can be said to be the true nature of the earth mother. With this authority, most of the goddesses gave birth to countless monsters and giants, posing threats to gods and men, or they gave birth to heroes, thus protecting people.

    As representative examples, Tiamat and Gaia became threats, while Hera is a mother of heroes.

    Those born on this earth cannot defy the authority of the mother goddess, as that would mean rebelling against the very system of life. However, when they leave this earth, head to space, and end the childhoood as intelligent lifeforms, they will have broken this authority.

    The wish of Çatalhöyük is the coming of that day.

    01 - 黄金の杯:[EX]









    02 - 自己改造:[EX]



    03 - 百獣母胎:[EX]

    約8000年前のすでに名の失われた女神(チャタル・ヒュユクの女神)より発し、 ティアマットやキュベレー、イシュタル、イナンナ、アナテ、アスタルテ、ガイア、ヘラ、アルテミス、アフロディーテ、デメテル、アテナなどに派生した、母なる女神の持つ万物を生み出す力の具現である。












    01 - Spiritron Imaginary Pit
    Spiritron Imaginary Pit(Cursed Cutting Crater).

    The official name of this stage.
    Formerly just an imaginary number space for storing malignant information, "this place" was established as a real number space in the present, past, and future by the fact that BB had reached the Moon Cell core. It was reconstructed by her hands into the “far side of the moon” where even Masters can exist.

    With the power of the primordial goddess at hand, BB succeeded in quantifying the "nothingness" before the birth of life. She transformed into the master of the imaginary number space where both time and space and ambiguous.

    Although the Moon Cell cannot be hacked no matter how much time is taken, BB took over it by placing herself in "unlimited time".

    02 - The remnants of peaceful days
    During the preliminaries, when Kiara liberated her free will, she was unable to control that status condition and went into overload.

    Since NPCs can only do routine work, they ignored self-destructing Sakura as something "non-existent", and since the Moon Cell's check only takes place at the end of the day in the preliminaries, Sakura was at risk of termination.

    Witnessing this condition, [Kishinami Hakuno] called out to her, "Are you okay."

    The observation that she "is here" by another let Sakura recover the unconscious on the verge of termination, and due to the nursing afterwards, she gained an ego that clearly "wanted to be here". Her self-termination was averted.

    What happened afterwards no longer need to be said.
    When the next day comes, everything will be erased by the Moon Cell. Wanting to continue this one day miracle, Sakura used her advanced AI privilege to repeat "the day she came to know [Kishinami Hakuno]" for 69 days.

    However, as days passed, Sakura became distressed by her self-contradiction as an AI and the facts surrounding [Kishinami Hakuno].

    "Masters participating in the Holy Grail War will all die except one. No, to begin with, [Kishinami Hakuno] is..."

    Sakura continued to be distressed by her selfish desire to continue the loop for eternity and her feelings for [Kishinami Hakuno]. In conclusion, she chose to seal the 69 days worth of memory... the "love" she acquired, so she could return to being a normal AI. AIs cannot delete records. Because of that, she moved the memory to a backup frame to reset herself.

    She believed that to be the most correct choice for [Kishinami Hakuno].

    But even if recollections of the mind are lost, memories recorded by the body live on. Though she should have forgotten everything and returned to being a normal AI, she was shaken by unidentified emotional values every time she talked with [Kishinami Hakuno].

    Meanwhile, the backup to whom the memories were transplanted couldn't tolerate herself like that, and she decided to act as BB the rebel who destroys the Moon Cell's system for a certain objective then made her move.

    The timing when she seized the Far Side of the Moon was "the Holy Grail War: the end of fifth round ~ before the start of the sixth round". The four who were not eliminated yet—[Kishinami Hakuno], Leo, Rin, and Rani—and the irregular, Jinako, were kidnapped to the Far Side in the middle of the Holy Grail War while they were still alive.

    Masters Matou Shinji, Gatou, and Julius were moved to the imaginary space "0.00001 seconds before" the moment the firewall terminated them after their defeat from the Holy Grail War, prolonging their instants of life.

    In either case, C. C. C. is a dream by BB. If the dreamer disappears, the world ought to return to the reality where nothing happened.

    On a yet another side note, everyday scenery of the prologue that [Kishinami Hakuno] saw in the nightmare was an artificial paradise modeled on the discarded 69 days.

    After pulling [Kishinami Hakuno] to the Far Side, BB placed the digital body in the old school building, put it in a deep sleep, and locked them in an unwaking dream.

    Normally, they would have lived peacefully in the looping everyday life, but the strong bond with their Servant or [Kishinami]'s will rejecting the peaceful everyday caused cracks in the artificial paradise, and [Kishinami Hakuno] came to notice the abnormality.

    To put [Kishinami Hakuno] in a deep sleep once more, BB reset the school building and tried to remake the dream, but [Kishinami Hakuno] escaped the reset as well and leaped into an even deeper part of the imaginary space.

    It was a bottom deeper than the bottom of Id. "Death of the collective unconscious" beneath the unconscious. What saved [Kishinami Hakuno] who leaped into a region even BB cannot reach was the voice of the Servant whose fate was shared with theirs.

    Thus, the contract was sealed, and [Kishinami Hakuno] woke up in the old school building left in the Far Side.

    01 - 霊子虚構陥穽
    霊子 虚構 陥穽(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)





    02 - 日々の名残













    彼女が月の裏側を掌握したタイミングは、現実時間で“聖杯戦争 五回戦終了~六回戦開始前”。









  9. Kinoko Nasu: So I went to Takeshi Takeuchi with a variety of nonsensical requests such as, “Please make the last boss costume naked-apron (Hadaka Apron).”.
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  17. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Thesis of the Still Heart [Codecast], p.181

    Thesis of the Still Heart [Codecast]
    Gojyou Shinkan.
    Healing software developed by Kiara Sesshoin.
    It is a codecast used to perform mental maintenance. It first determines the areas of the mind that are stagnating or out of order, and then physically removes them, thereby returning stability to the user’s mind. This program was originally made to map out a patients mind and then understand the connections found in their mind.
    Originally a Secret Garden is supposed to be something that comes out over a period of time, but the Thesis of the Still Heart enables one to retrieve it imediately upon discovery.
    Of course Secret Gardens are secrets, but at the same time their contents should be revealed.
    It’s natural that everyone wants to protect their secrets, but at the same time there is also that feeling of wanting others to know.
    It’s “painful” to always be protecting a secret.
    And it’s only human nature to want to be free of burden.
    Precisely because it’s a secret you don’t want anyone to know, you desire exoneration, so you break it to someone and have them understand your situation.
    Thesis of the Still Heart seems to have been made to fulfill this subconscious, fundamental desire through true mutual understanding.


  18. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Ten Thousand Color Stagnation [Codecast], p.203-204

    Ten Thousand Color Stagnation [Codecast]
    Banshoku Yuutai.
    Healing software developed by Sesshoin Kiara.
    It constitutes a hack of the spiritron-transformed digital body made from an arrangement of Eternal Heaven Sect secret prayers and austerities.
    It’s a codecast used with the aim of performing mental care, however since it has the risky potential to be used to violate a person’s human rights, Kiara herself sealed the software away and labeled it as an illicit program.
    It invades the cyber brain of its target, and by analyzing brain signals, communication and response to stimulus, the software can freely read the contents of the target’s mind and soul.
    To be frank, this software is just like its name; the user of the codecast completely accepts and takes in the target through a naked encounter in the cyber world.
    Although the software was developed for medical purposes, ironically, the feeling of euphoria and comfort it provides exceeds that of so-called cyber drugs. If someone with a weak Ego or weak willpower were to use this software, they would end up in a world of suffering…… There have been many cases where after using this software the user abandons the idea of returning to reality.
    After an incident where some high ranking government officials were infected with this software, the West Europe Plutocracy designated it as illegal, and went after its developer Kiara Sesshoin, and put her on the international wanted criminal list.
    Of course it can be said this result was only expected seeing as this software will go down in cyber crime history for breaking one of the greatest taboos.


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    All the World's Desire [Noble Phantasm]
    Angra Mainyu/CCC.
    This is the anti-planetary Noble Phantasm Kiara gains after her reincarnation.
    Angra Mainyu is the most self-serving heinous Noble Phantasm of them all where Kiara uses the world to masturbate.
    Kiara offers her body in a sexual manner to all living things on Earth, including humans, animals, and plants. By completely accepting all people as is she gains the greatest possible mastery over their senses and carnality.
    This Noble Phantasm is derided for being demonic and it’s similar to the living sacrifices used for certain artificial magic ceremonies used the past in order to prove the evil of humans.
    It is a vortex of pleasure that melts all sentient beings, and digests their “life” in an instant. While in reality it all happens in an instant, but it feels like an eternity of pleasure.
    Regardless of how different the structure of a beings intelligence may be, this vortex affects all without exception. It is not a Noble Phantasm that is limited to affect only those on Earth.
    The damage increases if certain conditions are met.
    If the target is of the opposite sex, the damage increases.
    The more intelligent a being is, the more damage it does.
    As far as the setting and lore are concerned, the Servant who would be hit with the least damage would be Archer, and Gilgamesh would be damaged the most.
    The reason why this attack’s power, visuals, and scale are so huge is because reincarnated Kiara is a being similar to Saver.
    People who devote their life to bringing salvation to Sattvas (living things) are referred to as Bodhisattvas. People who have attained moksha (libertation/release) and become Buddhas are also Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is a god of universe scale and power, and can easily manage things on the scale of the Solar System.
    Buddhism has a sense of scale of the universe that stands out from that of other religions. There are concepts like Nayuta (1060) and “The Infinitely Vast Number” (1068) which were created to represent the scale and size of a Buddha.
    The entire universe is the domain of a Buddha. In Buddhism the universe in considered to be made up of three billion solar systems (a great trichiliocosm). A galaxy comprises of 3000 solar systems (a small trichiliocosm), and 1000 small trichiliocosms make up a trichiliocosm.
    This actually aligns with the real scale of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and super clusters.
    India had this stuff figured out over 2000 years ago? Holy crap!
    In the initial design phase of the game I submitted some paperwork describing this Noble Phantasm. I thought there would be no way that this gets by CERO untouched, but surprisingly enough it did.
    I still have no idea how this was able to make it past them.


  21. Fate/EXTRA CCC encyclopedia - All the World's Desire (Angra Mainu)/CCC

    The Noble Phantasm of the demon-transformed Sesshouin Kiara.
    Sesshouin Kiara absorbed two Alter Egos and transformed into a demon through the mooncell.
    While she was reborn into the earth mother, accepting all the desires of humanity, she was also at the same time a sacrifice to all the desires of humanity.
    Her existence is similar to a certain man-made demon who had once been demonized and celebrated as a sacrifice to prove the evil of mankind.
    Turning into the floodgates of all the desires of humanity, she ushers the souls of people into her body by Code Cast Banshokuyuutai and creates a whirl of billions of pleasure.
    The whirl of pleasure melts sapient beings and transforms their lives into the sublime in the twinkling of an eye.
    It is the birth of an ephemeral but eternal Land of Bliss.
    This whirl of pleasure works on any sapient being without exception, no matter how different the structure of their intelligence is.
    This is not a noble phantasm limited to the Earth.

  22. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Berserker (White) [Servant?], p.202 [T]

    Berserker (White) [Servant?]
    Berserker is the second Servant you end up fighting during the fourth round.
    Her master is Monji Gatou.
    She is a Funny Vamp [localized as Temptress] with tousled blond hair and crimson eyes.
    She is a fan service character.
    Technically not a wizard, she is just some strange creature that Gatou brought along from Earth. Sometimes a cat, sometimes Yuzu-nee, sometimes a silicon creature, Berserker is a princess that doesn’t seem to have a proper place in the game. She desperately awaits a redesign.
    Incidentally, in the world of EXTRA where the information world (digital) takes precedence over the physical world, she is no longer the strongest.
    This is because in the information world legend becomes reality, and natural phenomena that have been incarnated as “Gods” can often hold more power than their original natural existence does.
    Well even with that being said, if Berserker regained her sanity she would easily be considered a cheat-tier Servant. Her power, “The stage is the Moon, so all targets have their power reduced to a sixth of their usual.” would be extremely useful against other similar cheat-tier Servants.
    It’s a conceptual numerical alteration, so it is unavoidable when on the Moon. Even the Moon Cell transformed version of BB would be limited by it.
    In EXTRA and CCC, she is about the only one who is “Capable of defeating Konjiki Hakumen (Golden White Face), no matter how small the chance might be.”


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