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Kiara Sessyoin (殺生院キアラ, Sesshouin Kiara?), Class Name Beast III/R (ビーストⅢ/R, Bīsuto III/R?), Beast III/Rapture (ビーストⅢ/ラプチャー, Bīsuto III/Rapuchā?), is a Beast-class Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She is the counterpart to Beast III/L.



Also known as The Third Heretical Pleasure Heaven of Deeply Grateful Existence (随喜自在第三外法快楽天, Zuiki Jizai Daisan Gehō Kairakuten?) and Heaven's Hole (ヘブンズホール, Hebunzu Hōru?).[2]

Kiara Sessyoin[]

Kiara of the Fate/Grand Order world was brought up in the same circumstances as the Kiara of the Fate/EXTRA CCC until she was 14 years old, but her life developed differently from that point due to a doctor from outside the mountains curing her condition. She was no longer imprisoned in her bed, able to leave the mountains to have a happy life. Differing from the CCC her who went on to found a cult that perpetuated death, Kiara's "saintly nature" saved many people. This also caused her to be attacked by organizations who had vested interests in the fields in which she saved people. With complaints like, "Why are you outdoing us in our field, and for free at that!?", they made her out to be a villain, so she lost her place of belonging and later arrived at the Seraphix oil rig owned by Chaldea Security Organization.

Kiara was not concerned with her persecution at the hands of others, not even thinking it to be misfortune. She was on the path to heal the turbulent hearts of the staff of the oil rig, but the defeat of Goetia led to the manifestation of Zepar in Seraphix in January 2017 of the recently restored world. Zepar appeared while looking for a place to hide and heal from its wounds in the Time Temple, picking Kiara as its target for possession after discovering her. It took control of the oil rig, digitizing the world and causing it to become a closed off space. Kiara, aware of her spiritual corruption, tried her best as a therapist throughout February as the digitization continued, causing days of violence and chaos.

Zepar revealed its name to Kiara in March as morals within the oil rig finally collapsed. It sought to form a relationship of proper co-existence, domination, with Kiara, and through records of parallel worlds, found the experiences of the CCC Kiara. Thinking those records would be extremely effective, it synchronized their personalities and drew out Kiara's abilities. While the CCC Incident was an "imaginary numbers phenomenon" lost from the observable universe, the target of observation was Kiara, a Beast candidate with Authority of the Beast, so the records would not disappear even if the incident itself was no more and relegated to a "barely existing old book in the recording universe." It could be said "Zepar really had no luck" with his choice of a possession target.

With the manifestation of Kiara's abilities and the manifestation of the CCC Kiara's personality, the oil rig's digitization became a conversion to SE.RA.PH, the inside of the Moon Cell. The oil rig began to sink into the ocean, saved through the digitization, and time itself began to change. Kiara, under Zepar's influence and that of her other self, began to form a cult from the surviving staff members. Kiara, through much trial and error, was able to force the the observatory open. The vice-director, having fallen to fear and self-preservation, was unable to pull the lever, but instead pulled by a man specializing in dirty jobs. He was a member of Kiara's cult, but the only one who did not have a physical relationship with her. Pulling the lever caused the Holy Grail War to begin, allowing for Servant summonings and causing one hundred times time dilation. Kiara began her predation, and Zepar unknowingly began to lose its freedom.

As of April, Kiara salvaged BB/GO from herself, having absorbed the original BB, Meltryllis, and Passionlip during the CCC Incident. She tasked BB/GO as the administrator of SE.RA.PH to ensure the smooth progression of the false Moon Holy Grail War, also salvaging Meltryllis and Passionlip to serve as pawns against their will.



A lump of narcissism that prioritizes "pleasure".

And a calamity to men and animals that exploits・preys upon the lives of others and leads them to ruin in the process.

At first, those who get to know her are touched by her holy mother-like kindness and join her faith as if fascinated. Afterwards, due to an unreasonable need to be loved by her, they earnestly do nothing but pursue their own desires, exposing their foolishness. However, desire is something that ends up growing dull the more you fulfill it. And this woman does not like dulled pleasures. At some point, any one of her believers will no longer be of any interest to this woman, and take his own life out of the despair of “she no longer loves me”. Therefore, her victims have both their bodies and assets devoured whole.

Just like a vengeful ghost, this woman insists on perceiving that all her actions are good. Not lying to herself at all, and yet she preys upon the surroundings with words laced with lies, consuming them for her own sake. The absoluteness of that ego - her lack of hesitation - would seem like an enlightened mental state for an ordinary person. If there is anything “saint”-like about her, it would be this point alone.[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Appearing in the event Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana, the initial indication of her existence is the SE.RA.PH turned oil platform takes on the shape of her body. It is later revealed she is the psychiatrist hired by Seraphix to care for mental well being of the staff. Given a church as her office, she enjoyed helping people and glimpsing the secret behind Seraphix.[3]

She was later possessed by the Demon God Zepar who escaped the Time Temple, and willingly gave her body as a sanctuary. Combining with the Demon God allowed her to see through the Multiverse including herself in CCC, causing her to formulate a plan to save humanity based on this "experience". Her overwhelming desire ultimately subdued the Demon God, and succeeded in turning Seraphix in to virtual space, becoming Beast III/R, infant stage of the Beast.[3]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

After connecting her with another version who usurped the Moon Cell, Zepar used Kiara's body to convert Seraphix into SE.RA.PH and give it form. Afterwards though, Kiara (now completely controlled by her CCC self) plunged the Seraphix staff into mass hysteria to Zepar's disgust, goading the director's secretary Arnold Beckman into setting himself up as a despot who executed staff who would not obey him. She then seduced the personnel to open the planetarium, where she placed 128 Master candidates in the Coffins found there to summon 128 Servants, which killed them; however, their magic circuits remained active so they could be used to summon new Servants indefinitely. BB, Meltryllis, and Passionlip were salvaged from Kiara, as she had absorbed them in the Far Side of the Moon, to serve her and manage SE.RA.PH.[4] Jealous of the delight she felt from Zepar's memories of the Temple of Time, Kiara sought to use SE.RA.PH to become a Beast herself.[5] Zepar realized at this point that he lost control of Kiara's body, and he was forced to reside only in her pinky finger. Eventually though, he was forcibly expelled, and quickly disappeared. Kiara then enacted her plan to descend SE.RA.PH down into Earth's core so she may fuse with the planet.[4] Meltryllis and Passionlip were infected with parts of her, Karmaphage, to turn them into Sentinels who had no choice but to serve as SE.RA.PH's self-defense mechanisms.[5] However, they still refused to obey Kiara. As punishment, Passionlip was bound into a restraining hood that suppressed her personality and Meltryllis was reset to level 1 before being left in Kiara's old church to die of magical energy depletion. Kiara also ordered BB to begin a copy of the Moon Holy Grail War as entertainment while continuing to manage SE.RA.PH.[4]

Becoming Mable Macintosh, she fled from the central command room when food became scarce. She eventually came to Breast Valley, only to be pursued by the territory’s owner Passionlip. She soon runs into Ritsuka’s party when they came to the passageway. Initially, she believes Ritsuka’s Servants are insane like the ones she encountered so far until she notices Ritsuka’s Chaldean uniform. After introducing herself, she begs Gawain to kill Meltryllis upon noticing the latter, asserting that humans and Alter Egos are mortal enemies. However, Passionlip soon catches up to her, having also crushed the new 128 Servants when they arrived. Meltryllis reveals Passionlip is a Sentinel. The group fights her, but they’re forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crush on the passageway. With the passageway now compressed into a cube and their path to the Chest gone, the group return to the fork with Mable.[6]

Later, Mable reveals the one only survivors beside her are Arnold Beckman, Torapain, and Holly since they stayed in the Central Command Room. However, the only people left in the Command Room are her and Arnold before she ran away when food got scarce. Meltryllis reveals there is a chapel in the Thighs that can be used as a safe haven since it has magical protection and too many indecipherable elements to be digitized. However, Vlad III guards that area, so he must be defeated if the group wishes to get to the chapel. They eventually encounter Vlad and defeat him. Before disappearing, he reveals EMIYA is in the chapel, though he is not be trusted.[6]

The group enters the chapel, only to find EMIYA Alter. He explains BB switched him for his regular self. He reveals there is a terminal hidden behind the altar that contains a report. However, it is locked to even Servants and Alter Egos, so its key needs to be found. The group believes the report may contain a clue and decide to search for the key tomorrow. When everyone gets ready to sleep, Mable expresses her uneasiness at the idea of sleeping in the same place as an Alter Ego. She asks Ritsuka if they know the Alter Egos have been slaughtering everyone on Seraphix, confused to why Meltryllis is with them. Meltyllis decides to rest outside in response to her concerns.[6]

After purchasing the terminal key from BB, Ritsuka uses it on the terminal. Mable explains it sends data directly into viewer’s brain. After Ritsuka views the record, Mable decides to stay in the chapel while the others continue exploring SE.RA.PH. Tristan also decides to stay behind, which assures Mable.[6]

When the group return, Mable notes the only areas they have left to explore. Meltryllis reveals SE.RA.PH. has a two layer structure, with a front side and back side. Humans and Servants cannot cross the border between the sides though, only Sentinels can. Thus, the only way to get to the back side would be to flip SE.RA.PH over. Ritsuka realizes there is a way to flip SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis reveals they can reach the Command Room through the back side, where they can flip SE.RA.PH. again to arrive at the Chest. While this method will help them bypass Breast Valley, they’ll still need to fight Passionlip. When Tristan contemplates the possibly reasoning with Passionlip, Mable expresses how she finds even trying to reason with Alter Egos ridiculous. She considers them inhuman monster that could kill at any moment, which EMIYA Alter agrees with.[7]

Later she is reunited with Beckman when Ritsuka’s party return with him. She sees right through his falsified relief to see her alive, noticing he never learned her name. After Passionlip is officially inducted into the group, Mable is wary to have another Alter Ego, but notes Passionlip seems to be a nice, sweet girl. She wonders if they could’ve talked things out with the Alter Egos all along. If so, she thinks Beckman really screwed up by telling everyone to attack them. She then shows Beckman to an available room upstairs. Later, while the others are sleeping, she calls Gawain downstairs under the pretense she wishes to speak to him about something.[8]

The next morning, everyone discovers that Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltryllis and Passionlip are accused by everyone except Ritsuka and Tamamo Cat because they're Alter Egos. Meltryllis asserts they were outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow her to ambush him. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while he continues to stay behind to protect Mable and Arnold. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can keep an eye on him. He is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn't especially concerned. Thus, he'll have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter keeps an eye on the Alter Egos.[8]

Mable later measures each area of Seraphix's map to discover an empty space in the center. She also calculated SE.RA.PH will the reach the bottom of the trench in 15 real world minutes, or 24 hours in SE.RA.PH time. Beckman takes credit for her work when he relays this information to Ritsuka's party when he contacts them while they're heading for the Spine. Mable tells them it was her who actually made the measurements and calculations.[8]

She later tries to calm Beckman when he becomes angry at Ritsuka for cutting him off to save Meltryllis from the Trash Dump. Beckman becomes startled when someone enters the chapel, wondering if it’s Tristan. Mable reminds him though that he ordered Tristan to retrieve Ritsuka earlier. It is EMIYA Alter, who proceeds to kill Beckman and then Mable. Returning to being Kiara, she reminds him of how he killed her followers, even though she was the only evil one in the cult. He killed her after massacring her. Kiara derides him for playing the Hero of Justice when he’s actually absurd and insignificant. She further mocks him by saying the innocents he killed will forever haunt him and he didn’t need her help to become who he is now. She then reveals she killed Gawain and prepares to do the same to EMIYA Alter.[9]

She doesn’t kill him though, instead warps his Spirit Origin and goads him into killing Ritsuka who's at the planetarium with the others. After he’s defeated, she appears before the group as Mable. Cat sees right through her though, so she reveals her true self and properly introduces herself. Calling herself Beast III, the Beast of Pleasure, she explains how Zepar made her into who she is now. She confirms Passionlip’s suspicions that Zepar used her as the catalyst to give SE.RA.PH form. Then, acting as if she is a victim of Zepar’s machinations, she pretends to feel remorse for what she did to BB and the Alter Egos who were salvaged from her. Suzuka, however, understanding Kiara and SE.RA.PH are one, asks Kiara how many Servants she consumed, and how many times she forced the Masters to summon more Servants. Kiara confesses she lost count the seventieth time. This prompts Suzuka and Cat to attack her with their Noble Phantasms. when SE.RA.PH. cracks the seabed. It will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth’s core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims this will let her bring salvation to humanity. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. In response to Ritsuka’s shock, she reminds them they’ve been in her palm the whole time. While she isn’t yet a full Beast, she proclaims none with lust in their hearts can resist her. She then tries to consume Ritsuka, but BB rayshifts them to safety.[4]

With their deaths undone by BB's time reversal, Ritsuka's party return to face Kiara. Kiara asks Meltryllis why she’s helping Ritsuka, and decides she’ll destroy her slowly, starting with her hands. Meltryllis mocks her by saying she’ll regret not destroying her legs first. Kiara then reveals her motivations for becoming a Beast. She confirms the Alter Egos’ assessment that she sees herself as the only real human, considering the rest to be no more than wild beasts. After revealing she wishes to be worshiped as a god of pleasure, she tries to convert the group into her followers. It is negated, however, by BB’s secret weapon that counteracts the erotic magical energy in SE.RA.PH for the next five minutes, and her powers are further suppressed by “Kiara Punishers” developed by BB. Kiara then fights the group more directly. They defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. SE.RA.PH accelerates, and a colossal number of Demon Gods manifest. Meltryllis points out to Kiara that disabling SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field has left it defenseless. At her request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells to empower her and Passionlip. Meltryllis then has BB transport everyone except her and Passionlip to safety.[5]

Passionlip uses Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch Meltryllis at Kiara. Meltryllis crashes into Kiara, crushing her heart. As her body begins to crumble away, Kiara turns her hair into Demon Gods to grab Meltryllis in an effort to possess her. Once she does, she will seize Passionlip and BB’s resources. Afterwards, she’ll kill Ritsuka so Chaldea can never know what happened. Then she’ll hide and bide her time, feeding herself on human desire. EMIYA Alter thwarts her plan however when he destroys the Demon Gods entangling Meltryllis, using his remaining consciousness to reach her. Kiara tells him he can destroy her Demon Gods all he wants, as she can still use her arms to capture Meltryllis before they’re destroyed from the movement. EMIYA Alter counters she loves her body too much, declaring that her narcissism will be her downfall. He then puts a cable around Meltryllis’s waist, and Tristans pulls her up to safety. EMIYA Alter hits Kiara with one last shot, and soon her body crumbles away completely. In a final moment of doubt Kiara chooses to preserve her consciousness as an Alter Ego hoping she might be summoned by Chaldea.[5]


Originally, Kiara Sessyoin was unmistakably a Saint, however, on January 2017, the Demon God Pillar Zepar hijacked her body after having escaped successfully from the Temple of Time, turning her into a puppet in order to control Seraphix as his pawn. At least that's how it was supposed to go, but, at some point, Zepar itself was the who ended being controlled by Kiara, who turned into a majin that could freely manipulate demon pillars.[1] Zepar’s power taught Kiara about many Parallel Worlds. That is how she came to know about another version of herself from a distant time and space, one among the countless number to exist. In her world, the moon itself was a Holy Grail called the Moon Cell Automaton. In a deep, dark space known as the Far Side of the Moon, that version of Kiara was able to claim the Grail. Among the innumerable versions of Kiara in numberless universes, she was the most unique. Kiara was so pleased with her that she fused with her. As a result of this link, the Kiara that had acquired the Moon Cell for herself and this Kiara became one and the same.[4] Bringing over the Imaginary Number Phenomenon of the Fate/EXTRA CCC world to the Fate/Grand Order world, Kiara used her own body as a Catalyst to give SE.RA.PH form.[1][4] After having taken root in Seraphix, Kiara summoned 128 Servants to use them as nutrients, using the dead Masters in the coffins of the planetarium as biological circuits.[1][4] This happened countless times, again and again without pause until Chaldea arrived. During this process, Kiara became one of the Evils of Humanity, Beast III.[4]

Some beasts come in pairs. Left and Right. Yin and Yang. In that sense, Kiara is the R of Beast III. Or rather that is what she was becoming during the events of the SE.RA.PH. Singularity. She is like a butterfly about to emerge from its chrysalis. Although Tristan interpreted this as her having the potential to grow stronger as time passes, what BB mostly meant is that Kiara would be free to move, versus being unable to move at all. Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become a Beast, but she was also still bound by SE.R.APH. She meant that once SE.RA.PH passed through the crust, upper mantle, and lower mantle on its way to Earth’s core, Kiara and the planet would fuse together. She would become one with the planet, or rather, the planet would become her body. Rather than creating a Singularity, Kiara BECAME the Singularity itself. Kiara claims that Goetia, the King of the Demon Gods was a powerful Beast, but nothing more. All he understood was destruction. Although Kiara may have still been a weak Beast, a mere chrysalis, due to her skill Logos Eater, she is capable of leading to death by “self-gratification” any sapient being. After experiencing the effects of her abilities first hand, Robin Hood states that even if 100 Servants worked together to take her down, Kiara would still flatten them.[4] Kiara Sessyoin (Alter Ego) states that if she were to break her vow to exist only as a Servant of Chaldea and fight Kama/Mara as Beast III/R, she should be able to defeat Kama. Though she isn’t sure if defeating her once would put an end to it.[10]

Although Kiara was an Evil of Humanity, she was also referred to as a True Daemon trying to incarnate. Kiara had become the god of pleasure, an all-consuming nirvana. In order to defeat her, BB constructed special items able to counteract her allure, level it down or seal her skills. She calls them the absolute DIRTIES exploits in the history of ever exist, her Cursed Cupid Cleanser operation.[4] BB was able to neutralize the effect of Kiara’s Black Thread of Skhanda, preventing her from acting like a “some kind of Bodhisattva.” She accomplished this with a secret weapon she calls the Anti-R-18 Field: Wisdom Hold Intelligence Powered, which she had made with the Kiara Punishers she had collected following Melt’s report. For five minutes, all of the erotic Magical Energy on SE.RA.PH was reduced through the enactment of an Anti-Libido rule.[11] When the combined efforts of Meltryllis, Passionlip and Tristan overpowered the now weakened Kiara, the area started to fade away, and countless nameless Demon God Pillars started proliferating, trying to overflow from the Imaginary Number Space. These beings are spawned by Kiara at an outstanding speed, and BB states that you’d need to kill forty-four of them a second to keep up with their numbers. BB had done everything in her power to push back against the expansion of SE.RA.PH, but she didn’t have enough processing power to manage it alone. She wished there was another AI of her caliber. Someone with Moon Cell level processing power. Surprisingly, Suzuka Gozen had the calculating speed necessary to meet that criteria thanks to her Noble Phantasm Trichiliocosm. As SE.RA.PH started to accelerate, the gravitational field weakened, making it no different than Earth without a magnetic field. Having lifted the veil that was her greatest protection, Kiara was left defenseless and exposed. Ritsuka Fujimaru used all his remaining Command Spells on Passionlip and Meltryllis to give them extra Magical Energy to empower their Noble Phantasms; Brynhildr Romantia and Saraswati Meltout. By combining the two, Passionlip launches Meltryllis like a spear moving faster than the speed of light. A Noble Phantasm known as Virgin Laser - Palladion. Since SE.RA.PH/Kiara’s body wouldn’t stay intact long enough to reach the Earth’s core, she tried to take over Melt’s body by transforming her hair into Demon God Pillars, however, EMIYA Alter shot down them down, giving Meltryllis enough time to finish her off.[12]


Class Skills[]

  • Authority of the Beast (A Rank): A skill also known as "Anti-Humanity". Possesses a high understanding of lifeforms who discovered the meaning of reproductive acts, or more broadly speaking, the "continuation of the species". Enables the understanding of the purpose and the meaning regardless of the difference of the form of knowledge. ...You could call it a special attack against religion and ideology.[1]
  • Independent Manifestation (B Rank): If there is a voice pleading for salvation somewhere in the world, she can appear there. Naturally, the method with which she saves the owner of the voice depends on the Beast.[1]
  • Logos Eater (A Rank): The special trait of the Pleasure Deva. Provides a damage buff against any sentient being possessing intelligence (pleasure), regardless of scale or structure. It is a powerful skill by itself, but when combined with the Authority of the Beast, it displays a truly horrible effect.[1] When Ritsuka's party first faced Kiara, Tristan was confident that they would be able to defeat her, saying that Suzuka Gozen, Tamamo Cat, Robin Hood, Passionlip and himself are warriors of unparalleled valor and skill, and that not even a Demon God could strike fear in their hearts. Although Kiara's Saint Graph is little different from a Servant’s, due to this skill, Kiara states that they were nothing but little insects crawling over her body. No matter who or what, all sapient beings hide lust in their hearts, and so, Kiara holds their souls in her hands. None with lust in their hearts can resist Kiara. Kiara technically killed them all right there, however, BB was able to rewind time 90 seconds before their match, in order to save them. Although BB would theoretically be able to teleport them to before it all began, it would be nigh impossible due to Kiara’s sexual allure acting as a pseudo gravitational field. In order to do so, they would need to exceed the speed of light. Although that is definitely possible in the digital world, the Spiritrons that compose their Spirit Origins wouldn’t be able to survive the stress of those speeds. Accelerating to those speeds would make short work of even an A-rank Servant. So normally speaking, anyone trying to escape SE.RA.PH would simply be burn up in the process.[4]
  • Nega-Saver (A Rank): Every skill possessed by the Saver and Ruler class is nullified, targets with magic stat not exceeding A rank are charmed with a 300% probability and the effect of buffs cast by Kiara are increased by 200%. Although the scale of the existence of the Pleasure Deva that was born once on the moon is superior to Beast III/R, they say that she had no choice but to withdraw when faced with a messiah since she did not possess this skill.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Tranquil Stagnation of Myriad Lusts (EX Rank): The thing that metamorphosed Kiara Sessyoin into a demonic boddhisatva. A heretic technique once created by Kiara in a certain cyber world. It was a medical software that separated the target's body, mind and soul, stripping the soul naked (without the protection of the body or the mind) so it could listen to their woes and remove their anguish. Of course, that was just a front. These defenseless souls, detached from the body and mind, were absorbed into Kiara's own soul, making sure to savour them carefully, while claiming this was salvation. The power of the ultimate form "charm", or "enthrallment". This power has only become stronger with her transformation into a Beast. The beauty of Kiara who's become a Tenma (the Demonic Boddhisatva) with Mara (the crown of the beast) on her head, shakes the sanity, reason, and morals of those who see her. Those seen by Kiara, or those who saw Kiara, have to roll a check to see if they can sustain their sense of self. Instead of a "Sanity point save", it's a "Kiara point save". The senses of sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. These all have their saving rolls and if you find Kiara beautiful even just a little, you immediately fail. Those who fail end up losing sight of their self and, after being assaulted by a little dizziness, they become Kiara's devotees, standing on the palm of this boddhisatva without even realizing.[1]
    When you open your eyes, a flesh-colored plain stretches into infinity before you. You're standing on the boddhisatva's palm. In the direction of the eternally distant horizon, there's Kiara smiling. "Mankind is a collection of immature beasts. Subsisting on their desires, drowning in their desires and dissolving into bubbles in their desires; such is their reality──────" If it's a goddess who would accept such animalistic nature as if she were a boddhisatva, is there anyone who could somehow refuse such enormous and immeasurable love? With a single finger, she can grant you the overwhelming joy of enlightenment or reaching Nirvana. The destination is the institution where life is destroyed, the maw of the Heavenly Paradise. ...Like this, no matter how much power one has, it becomes meaningless before a Tenma. It is difficult for those who possess reason, those who know pleasure and those who know pain to escape from this salvation. Of course, there is nothing about this salvation that would provide one relief. Being granted the boddhisatva's benevolence is the impression it gives, but that's strictly from the victims' point of view. To Kiara, the believers on the palm of her hand are nothing but insignificant rabble on the same level as insects.[1]
  • Karma Phage (EX Rank): The fate of the Beast who tried to bring salvation only to her own world, while possessing the qualifications to be a messiah (Saver). KP. Kiara's five senses...her erogenous zones...removed and bestowed upon others as skills when she turned her body into SE.RA.PH. It appears to be an imitation of the way BB removed her love towards humanity - after finding it an unneeded extra - to create the Alter Egos. Abbreviated as KP, they were named as Body, Sight, Mouth, Spice, and Organ, respectively. Since the Sentinels bestowed with these can use Kiara's Authority, they become immensely powerful Servants.[1]
  • Body: Suzuka. Only receives 10% of the damage dealt. However, poison alone is an exception.[1]
  • Sight: Eliza. Permanent sure-hit. Critical hit chance is greatly increased.[1]
  • Mouth: Lip. Half of the damage received is healed back as HP...is what its effect should've been, but due to Lip's reluctance, it was limited to the effects of HP regen and Guts.[1]
  • Spice: Cat. One hit evasion, each turn. +Protection against critical hits.[1]
  • Organ: Melt. Increased resistance against stuns and every other action impending debuffs. As her HP decreases, she deals more damage and her defensive power increases.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Kiara's Noble Phantasm is Sukhāvatī - Heaven's Hole.


Creation and Conception[]

Arco Wada is the character designer for Kiara.


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Sesshouin Kiara (Beast III/R) Profile [T]

    Kiara Sesshouin - Beast III/R

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Rie Tanaka

    Strength: C
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: B
    Mana: EX
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    A new deva (god) calling herself Third Heterodoxy Pleasure Deva of Deliberate Overwhelming Joy, and one of the human vices that took shape in “FGO”.

    The true boss of “Fate/EXTRA CCC”.
    Over there, she used BB to absorb the Mooncell and metamorphose into a genuine demon.
    The Mara (horns) growing from her head is that of a heavenly demon. In other words, they indicate that this individual is the antagonist of the enlightened.

    A lump of narcissism that prioritizes “pleasure”.
    And a calamity to men and animals that exploits・preys upon the lives of others and leads them to ruin in the process.

    At first, those who get to know her are touched by her holy mother-like kindness and join her faith as if fascinated.
    Afterwards, due an unreasonable need to be loved by her, they earnestly do nothing but pursue their own desires, exposing their foolishness. However, desire is something that ends up growing dull the more you fulfill it.
    And this woman does not like dulled pleasures.
    At some point, any one of her believers will no longer be of any interest for this woman, and take his own life out of the despair of “she no longer loves me”. Therefore, her victims have both their bodies and assets devoured whole.

    Just like a vengeful ghost, this woman insists in perceiving that all her actions are good.
    Not lying to herself at all, and yet she preys upon the surroundings with words laced with lies, consuming them for her own sake.
    The absoluteness of that ego - her lack of hesitation - would seem like an enlightened mental state for an ordinary person. If there is anything “saint”-like about her, it would be this point alone.


    • Banshoku Yuutai(2): EX

    The heterodoxy Kiara once employed in a certain virtual world.
    It was a medical software that separated others into “body, mind and soul”, laying their souls bare (that is, in a condition that is not being protected by the body and the mind) in order to hear their troubles and remove their pains.
    Of course, that was only a front.
    Kiara would take these defenseless souls that have been separated from the body and mind and absorb them into her own soul, savoring them while talking about redemption.
    The ultimate “fascination”, and also the power to ”turn others into believers”.
    Having turned into a Beast, that power became even greater.

    Having received a Mara (crown of the beast) on her head and turned into a heavenly demon (bewitching bodhisattva), Kiara’s beauty jolts the sanity・intellect・ethics of those who look at her.
    Those who Kiara stared at, or maybe those who saw Kiara must, at that moment, make a check to see if they can maintain “themselves”.
    Not a “Sanity Check”, but a “Kiara Check”.
    Sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. A save is performed for each and every single one of them, and you’ll be out if you feel that Kiara is “beautiful” even a little.
    You will then lose sight of yourself and, after being stuck by a small dizziness, will then lose your proper sense of reality and balance.
    You’ll then end up becoming Kiara’s follower - already standing on the bodhisattva’s palm without even realizing.


    • Banshoku Yuutai(2): EX

    -Upon opening my eyes, an infinite skin-colored plain was there.
    On top of the bewitching bodhisattva’s palm.
    Beyond the endlessly distant horizon, Kiara smiled.

    “Mankind are all immature animals.
    Eating desires, indulging in desires,transient substances melting in desires---”

    If there is a goddess that can accept such animal nature like a bodhisattva, who would be able to refuse this great, immeasurable love - and how?
    Both enlightenment and nirvana turn into Deliberate Overwhelming Joy with a single move of her fingers.
    The final destination is Sesshouin, a heavenly paradise that is like a jaw.-

    ...just like that, anyone becomes powerless before this heavenly demon - no matter how much power they have. It is difficult for those with intellect, those who know joy, those who know pain to escape this redemption.
    Of course, even if you call it redemption, this is by no means salvation. It might sound good to call it receiving the bodhisattva’s mercy and all, but that is merely the opinions of the victims.
    Because for Kiara, the followers on top of her palm are nothing but “mobs” who fell down into insect-like existences.


    • Authority of the Beast: A

    A skill that may also be called “anti-mankind”.
    It is A Rank as a Beast, but it drops to D Rank when she changes into an Alterego.

    • Logos Eater: EX

    A special trait as a Pleasure Deva.
    A unique skill derived from the Banshoku Yuutai.
    She possesses a strong damage specialty towards all those endowed with intellect (pleasure), no matter what kind of structure・what kind of scale that intelligent life-form may have.
    Supposedly, this also receives a drastic Rank DOWN when she becomes an Alterego. If this special trait falls to C Rank, it becomes a mere hindrance. Really, it would be equivalent to foreplay.

    • Nega Saver: A

    The fate of a beast who, despite possessing the qualifications of a messiah (Saver), wanted to save only her own world.
    It negates all the skills possessed by the Saver and Ruler Classes, increases the fascination chances towards targets with A Rank or below in MGI to 300%, and raises up the buff effects applied by Kiara to 200%.


    • Karma Phage: EX

    Kiara’s five senses... erogenous zones... cut up and distributed to others as skills when she turned her body into a SE.RA.PH.
    Appears to be an imitation of the method how BB discarded her love towards humans - having regarded it as redundant - to create the Alteregos.
    Abbreviated as KP, they were each designated as Body, Sight, Mouth, Spice and Organ. Because the Sentinels bestowed with these are granted Kiara’s Authority, they become extremely powerful Servants.

    • Heaven’s Hole: -

    A branch of Magic called Third Magic.
    Although it pulls on matter with supergravity - just like a black hole - supposedly, its true nature is that of a disposal hole.
    “Something inconvenient for humans to have when attempting to do good”. The “Heaven’s Hole” receives these selfish humans’ malignant data - “all the world’s desires” - and continues to grow.
    Evidently an abhorrent deposit, but this hole is a mechanism that society cannot do without, and its scale will keep expanding so long intellectual activities are carried out.
    Even while amassing disgusting ambitions that humans cannot allow.

    Love is a good thing. And desire is also a good thing.
    But one must never turn “love into a pleasure”.
    Originally, love and desire are things that ought to be regarded as separate from each other.
    However, when the soul of a messiah that loved and wished to please humans reached the Third Magic, Sesshouin Kiara metamorphosed into something not-human.
    Saving all animals on Earth by means of pleasure, and also seeking the greatest salvation by becoming a receptacle for that pleasure.
    She who attempted to reach the climax by exploiting 7 billion lives just for her own (one’s) sake.
    She who attempted to save “humans” with nothing but pleasure, without any goal beyond that nor knowing of satisfaction.

    Her Class was determined by this true nature described above.
    Pleasure Deva and the likes are nothing but fake names.
    This is a great disaster that saves mankind in the most straightforward (shortest) manner, achieved by a single individual.
    Its name is Beast III/R.
    One of the seven human vices, the beast carrying the principle of “lust(1)”.

    (1): can also be translated as ‘passion’
    (2): roughly, “all-colored leisured delay”

    殺生院キアラ - ビーストⅢ/R



    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放

    『Fate/EXTRA CCC』における真ボス。

    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放



    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放


    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放




    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放



    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放


    終幕 刻を裂くパラディオン(2/2)をクリアすると開放


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