King's Order: Twelve Glories (十二の栄光
, Jūni no Eikō
Kingusu Ōdā
?) is the Noble Phantasm embodying "proof of crushing the Twelve Labors" performed by Heracles. Upon losing his Divinity and immortality when forced into the state of being Alcides, it manifested as a necessity of having proof of the accomplished labors. It is the embodiment of "having owned the Noble Phantasms in one's legend", allowing him to fully utilize all his tools he obtained in life. It "crushes a convention of the Holy Grail itself", so magical energy consumption is increased manifold as a result.[1]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Pelt of the Divine Beast (First Labor)Edit

The Pelt of the Divine Beast (神獣の裘, Kamijū no Kawagoromo?) is the pelt of the Nemean Lion, obtained by Heracles after exterminating the beast during his First Labor.[2] The beast's skin, through an arduous method, was worked by Heracles into the form of a long, decorated cloth with a distinct pattern.[3][4] It is draped over Alcides' face as a means of assuring that "works of man never again enter [his] sight."[3][4]


Nemean Lion

The Nemean Lion was a species of a Demonic or Divine Beast, similar to the Ugallu of Babylon. Such creatures can "reject" human civilization, the Nemean Lion acting like a singularity that rejects human civilization itself.[3] This ability is retained by its pelt, Gilgamesh likening it to an armor that cannot be pierced by any tool created by humans. It is able to repel all of the treasures of the Gate of Babylon, regardless if they are first-class or of a much lower order, without Alcides taking any damage. The arrows of Hippolyta that would hit him with fatal force are shattered without registering any damage as well.[3] It can deflect Clan Calatin's Noble Phantasms with ease, rendering a spear throw that could easily pierce an armored car as a light sensation.[2] The cloth can be moved freely about his body while applying the same protection regardless.[3]

The pelt's vulnerability is in attacks not delivered by human weapons. Punches, swipes of claws, rays of heat from Jack the Ripper's From Hell, and the such all directly affect Alcides.[2][3] The pelt is inherently tough, so though it may be pierced, it will not be ripped apart by such attacks.[2]

Chiron's immortality (Fourth Labor)Edit

The unnamed Noble Phantasm embodying Heracles' Fourth Labor is the immortality of his mentor Chiron, who Heracles accidentally struck with an arrow tipped with Hydra poison. Unable to die but wracked with extreme pain, Chiron gave up his godhood, Heracles taking it to transfer it to Prometheus. As a Noble Phantasm, it acts as a single resurrection.

Stymphalian Bird (Sixth Labor)Edit

The unnamed Noble Phantasm embodying Heracles' Sixth Labor allows him to manifest the Stymphalian Birds (ステュムパリデスの鳥, Suteyumuparidesu no Tori?). They were monstrous birds cherished by Ares as familiars, but they were driven from the peninsula by Heracles during the Labor. Alcides brings them forth by shooting countless bronze arrows high into the air, the arrows transforming into the beasts as they descend towards the opponent. They appear as giant birds with bronze-coated beaks, wings, and talons, driven with bloodlust to attack his enemies. They are defeated by True Berserker with a single strike of its giant mass.[2]

Mares of Diomedes (Eighth Labor)Edit

The unnamed Noble Phantasm embodying Heracles' Eighth Labor summons the Mares of Diomedes captured by Heracles during the Labor. It summons four horses.

Goddess of War (Ninth Labor)Edit

Main article: Goddess of War

Cerberus (Twelfth Labor)Edit

The unnamed Noble Phantasm embodying Heracles' Twelfth Labor allows him to summon Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu?), the guard dog of Hades and the "Watchdog of Hell" he captured during the Labor. It manifests as an elephant-sized, three-headed dog upon which Alcides can easily ride. Each head has extremely sharp fangs and exhales poisonous breath, and the very air around it is thick with magical energy. It can follow instructions and act independently from him. It displays the ability to easily kill dozens of humans without being impeded, but easily falls to Jack the Ripper's From Hell. Under Alcides, it does not receive the "Blessings of Hades", so it cannot display its true power as a Divine Beast.[2] It is unknown if it is due to Alcides rejecting its divinity like with Goddess of War or if it is due to another factor.

After Cerberus was taken control of by False Rider, it had grown in size from as big as an elephant to being larger than a house. The reason for this is unknown, but Alcides speculates that whoever controlled the wave of blackness may be related to Hades in some way.[5] It is unconfirmed if this connection is the cause for Cerberus' growth.


Nasu has a description of the means by which Heracles tailored the hide of the Nemean Lion despite human works not being able to penetrate its skin, but he is waiting for a materials book to explain it due to it not having any relevance to the story.[3]


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