Kingprotea (キングプロテア, Kingupurotea?) is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incident of Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail. She is also able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Alter Ego G (アルターエゴ G, Arutā Ego G?), whose True Name is Kingprotea, is a High-Servant created by BB.[2] With the G meaning "gigantism, growing, greed", She was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. While typically created from multiple goddesses, Kingprotea was created from the essence of the Earth Mother Goddesses common throughout all mythologies, notably taking particular influence from Tiamat during her manifestation in Chaldea.[2] Her ranking amongst the Sakura Five is the lowest position, but her presence in SE.RA.PH is the strongest.[3] She was originally sealed by BB at the ends of the imaginary number space.


Kingprotea is a giantified version of Sakura covered in bandages and green mosses, possibly referring to her being created from Earth Mother Goddesses. She has pale purple eye and long hair that reaches down to the bottom. Like other members of Sakura Five, she has a ribbon tied on the left side of her head with the color being white.[3]


Kingprotea is the "Alter Ego of thirst of love."


Fate/Extra CCC Fox TailEdit

Kingprotea appears in the dream world of the trapped Hakuno Kishinami, BB orders Violet and Kingprotea to kill Hakuno. She tries to kill Hakuno by rampaging across Tsukumihara Academy. She ate Shinji Matou who she assumed was Hakuno. After Kingprotea fails to accomplish her task, Violet decides to finish him herself. Hakuno summons Caster and she frees Hakuno from the dream world by waking Hakuno with a punch.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

SE.RA.PH -Second Ballet-Edit



Kingprotea next to Hakuno Kishinami.

Kingprotea manifests differently depending on if she is summoned in the digital world like the Moon Cell and the transformed Seraphix or the material world of Earth.

Digital worldEdit

Kingprotea in the digital world has complete unrestricted growth potential, considered a "hazardous material that would cause a disaster of universal scale if left unattended."[4] BB seals her away in the Fallen Seraphic Cage due to her being too dangerous to reside anywhere on the moon.[3] She is a hazard only able to be overcome by the combined strength of several servants much like Amaterasu.[2] Upon her manifestation in Seraphix, BB is unwilling to do anything and simply says, "didn’t see a thing, let’s put a lid on it", and even Kiara Sessyoin is only able to wash her hands of the situation after saying, "this might be a bit too much." Hans Christian Andersen says her release from her prison would cause the entirety of the transformed Seraphix to be destroyed.[5]

Kingprotea lacks a proper Noble Phantasm, but her self can be treated as one.[3] Her Saint Graph is gigantic, and her size before even starting to grow is already thirty meters tall. As with the other of the Sakura Five, she possesses id_es, "cheat Skills" brought about through modification of other skills, Huge Scale and Grow Up Grow. Huge Scale is evolved from from Self-Modification, limitless expansion born from a "desire to grow." Whenever she reaches her upper limit, her normal state is enlarged and an even higher upper limit is established.[4] This can be repeated infinitely, the "infinite growth of infinite growth.[2] Grow Up Grow, evolved from Experience Point Bonus, grants her the state of "Always gaining Experience Points", which bolsters her growth.[2]

Limitations on the size of beings apply to both Earth and the digital world. The force of gravity on Earth imposes an upper limit on the size of life forms and buildings. Whales are about the maximum size a living being can grow, even in the sea, and buildings cannot be infinitely enlarged due to the imitations of construction technology and financing. Even in the digital world where the laws of physics of Earth do not apply, there is nothing that can infinitely be enlarged. Al programs possess a level cap limiting their level, and the only way for a program to surpass its limits, no matter how much it excels, is to separate and optimize itself. The larger a program becomes, the more the speed of communication with its hardware terminal drops. Programs must split themselves into various specialized parts, much like how gods split their processes into multiple avatars.[3]

Kingprotea's skills allow for even these limitations to be bypassed. While the skill Experience Point Bonus increases the amount obtained from each battle by a certain percentage, Grow up Grow allows for a continuous stream of experience. This would normally not be threatening due to the level cap possessed by each program, and despite it allowing one to effortlessly achieve the highest level, it only increases the level without improving their statistics. It can be called a "trap skill" where a max level "fair play" character will have much higher statistics than those who utilize the cheat skill. Huge Scale infinitely sets an even higher max limit, so she is unable to stop her growth on her own or create an avatar that possesses normal size and limitations.[3]

BB introduced the curse skill Infantile Regression as a safety device to suppress Kingprotea. It is designed to rebound her level, resetting her size and turning the growth from Huge Scale into mana.[4] Applying it to Kingprotea with great difficulty to impose some form of restriction to her growth, the skill activates once Kingprotea's age surpasses a predefined value, cursing her to restore her to a state from a younger age. It is meant to be a process to keep her from reaching an adult age, taking effect when she reaches "twelve years old' and reverting her to "eight years old." Upon returning to "eight years old," the growth process starts again and cycles in a repeating loop.[3]

Despite the process of reverting, her next stage of growth is always larger than the last. The only way to defeat her is to unleash enough power to overcome the speed of her growth or to hold out until she reverts and use the brief moment before she moves onto her next stage of growth to strike.[5] She is destined to enlarge, and she will become a disaster on a universal level that will destroy even the stars if left alone. She will never destroy the universe itself because it expands faster than the speed at which Kingprotea enlarges.[3] Once she grows too large, she will begin to lose her complexity of intelligence and her other functions. The skill will self-destroy the user because a normal intelligence cannot bear the skill.[4]

Her Self-Suggestion skill raises resistance against mental interference. While even A rank can make the "I do not age = Truly stops aging" level of assumption possible, her EX rank makes the happenings in her mental world outside of all understanding.[3]

Material worldEdit

Kingprotea in the material world on Earth has her growth restricted by several factors, so her Saint Graph has been ranked down. She constantly is face with "pressure" from both the Counter Force of Earth and the laws of the material world that has built in limits.[4] Beings are presented with factors like "There’s no longer anything to eat" and "There’s no more growth to be had," so she can experience her vessel being filled.[5] The scope of Huge Scale and Infantile Regression are also unable to be fully reproduced by the system of Chaldea, so they are ranked down from their normal "out of the norm" EX rank.[4] She gains access to a Noble Phantasm, Airavata King Size, in this form due to the rank down of her Saint Graph. It allows her to temporarily regain her full size through a Reality Marble.[4]


Kingprotea was originally meant to be a character in Fate/Extra CCC before being cut in development. She was planned to cause chaos while Hakuno was traveling through Sakura Labyrinth for a long time; she would try and prevent Hakuno from passing onwards by breaking the passage.[3]


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