Kirei Kotomine (言峰 綺礼, Kotomine Kirei?) is the Master of Assassin in the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero. He later forms a contract with Archer after Assassin's defeat. This contract persists into the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night, where he is also appointed overseer of the Holy Grail War and forcibly takes the contract of Lancer after dealing a fatal wound to his Master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz. While he is supposed to be an impartial mediator, he works in the background of the Holy Grail War to meet his own goals. He is a main character of Fate/Zero and a major antagonist of Fate/stay night.



Kirei Kotomine was born December 28, 1967[5] as the son of Risei Kotomine, who was gifted with Kirei on a pilgrimage. Kirei is a word of prayer, so Risei named him such so that he would be pure and beautiful. He grew up according to Risei's expectations, showing morals and good sense from a young age, and was insightful enough to seem precocious to others. He has been actively involved with the Church since his youth, and he often accompanied his father to the holy grounds. He worked diligently as an Executor-in-training from an early age, and he was once chosen as an Executor around the age of ten.[7]

While he understood that he was living up to his father's expectations, he did not love his father. It was unrelated to having to meet expectations, and he grew up healthy. The problem was an intrinsic one, that he did not understand his father's notion of "beauty." He finally realized the inconsistency one morning, and wondered why it took him so long to figure it out. He simply woke up, raised his head, and knew at that moment that, while his father wished for him to be beautiful, he had always questioned why he had never thought the same of which that Risei had thought was beautiful.

Understanding that he was not in accordance with the world, he worked hard to correct this mistake, attempting to be pure and beautiful. All throughout his teenage years, he did everything he could to overcome his defect after accepting its existence. He suffered agony, though he never knew if it truly was agony, trying to pursue something he lacked from the start. Following that he, as a sinner by nature, should punish himself following the morals in which he believed to keep balance in the world, he tried methods like shaving away the skin, ripping off flesh, and dislocating bones.

Rather than surrendering himself to his condition by indulging in twisted pleasure, he tried looking within his own body for what could not be found in his mind, attempted to use mental pain, which is more significant than physical pain for missionaries, and attempted to abstain from eating during their pious acts. After ten years of such things, all of his purgatories and sufferings were useless to change him. Unable to reach an epiphany, he arrived at the single conclusion that he did not have the sense to feel normal happiness.

He turned to religion with fervor to turn himself into a normal person, believing that God may eventually bring him salvation. The path that became his creed was to become a priest and preach like his father. It is said that God forgives everything, so He should also save someone "who is not born with it." The result for him was tragic, as he abode by the rules of God, followed the law, and lived modestly with no results. He could not find greater pleasure than the pain of others, and while the Church's teachings forbid immorality, immorality was all he had at the time.

There was no anguish at this realization because had always sought after something that never existed. There was nothing lost, so there was nothing to grieve. He was only concerned about the "why?" behind himself as he matured. He wondered about the nature of his existence, that if the world hates evil, what was the purpose of something that was never wanted being given life. Those with a deficiency should not be born, yet there are beings that exist to be hated and die. He wished to know the crime of his existence, the simple, pure question of "why?" and held a feeling of anger towards something unknown behind his reward of years of anguish and blind devotion not being salvation.

He attended the Theological College of Manresa St. Ignacio where he skipped two grades and acted as the student council president. He graduated in 1981, and while he could have become a cardinal minister with his background, he focused on the inside of the Church. He entered the seminary at the age of twenty-two, and in the same year received a second baptism to graduate from a trainee to a full Executor who could operate independently. During his time there, he transferred three times to different departments, and eventually ended up in the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament with his father.[5]

Due to his twisted nature, he wished to have a family in an attempt to gain a normal sense of self. After all his attempts, his final chance was a woman, believing that every human wishes to love one of the opposite sex, have a family, and die peacefully. He was no exception, but he wished for it while feeling no true fascination for it. He eventually met and married Claudia Hortensia while still performing his duty of judging heretics. He then voluntarily left his position in the seminary, and abandoned the path of becoming an official priest.[3]

The woman he chose was one with no future, as she was terminally ill with only a few years left to live. He doesn't know if he chose her because of that or if that had been his only choice. He tried loving her in order to earn happiness, and she truly did love him, and even bore his child, Caren Hortensia. Their time together only lasted for two years, and it was unable to change him. He derived happiness from her suffering and their daughter's despair, and the more he tried to love, the more their suffering saved him. This didn't cause him to suffer, and he still doesn't know if he did ever suffer. The only thing he does know is that the more she tried to cure him, the more he wanted to see her grieve.

He holds that, even if she was sickly, she was a saint to him. Her faithfulness and how deeply she understood his anger need not be questioned. The degree with which she understood him and tried to heal him is beyond any other human, but she could still not fill the void within him. Filled with despair at this fact, he concluded that his birth and existence were some kind of mistake, so it was best to disappear. He went to bid her goodbye before he was to die, as it was a natural duty to tell her, whom he made his wife as an experiment, of his end. Entering her room where she was dying, composed of only skin and bones, he relayed the simple fact "I could not love you."

With her final attempt to prove to him that he could love and that he deserved to live, she took her own life after responding, "No. You do love me." Believing that her death would bring sadness to him, she was happy to see that he was crying and smiled at him before finally passing away. That was only the way she saw it, and rather than crying for her death, he was instead sad over losing the chance of killing her himself and enjoying her death. He silently left the room and ceased pursuing salvation altogether. Their daughter was placed in the custody of her mother's relatives. Rather than killing himself, he worked for the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, concentrating on training as an Executor.

At night a few days later, three years before the Fourth Holy Grail War, he discovered the surfacing pattern of his Command Spells. Upon consulting his father, Risei immediately took him to Turin to meet Tokiomi Tohsaka the next morning. Even if he was unable to understand why he was selected, as he lacked any 'sense of purpose', ideal or aspiration, Kirei was instructed by his father to be temporarily transferred from the Holy Church to the Magi's Association and train under the tutelage of Tokiomi Tohsaka.[8] He became acquainted with his family during this time, and he was disliked by Tokiomi's daughter, Rin Tohsaka.


Kirei wears simple vestments and a golden cross around his neck during the Fourth Holy Grail War, and he wears a cassock as of the Fifth Holy Grail War. Participating in the 4th Holy Grail War at the age of 28.[3] He is noted to be rather tall, standing at 185 cm in his mid twenties, and experiencing an unnatural eight centimeter growth spurt to 193 cm after the Fourth Holy Grail War for an unknown reason.[9]


Unknown to all those around him, Kirei was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth. He is an evil person, but not a villain. He is deviant, but not inhuman. Despite his personal accomplishments, he never felt satisfaction. Despite his best efforts he could not enjoy what other people found happiness in, and instead found himself drawn to negative emotions like the pain of others. He is able to act like a normal person, even bringing pride to his father, but he intrinsically does not feel the same happiness others do.

He is very similar to Shirou in that he is a void human being without a clear sense of self, and can be called the opposite extreme of Shirou. If Archer is a light embossing of Shirou's defects, then Kotomine could be said to be the wall exposing those defects by darkness. He also pursued Kiritsugu fervently, mistakenly believing that Kiritsugu possessed the same hollowness.

Fourth Holy Grail War[]

After first learning of his defect as a child, he attempted to correct it through various methods because he believed that it was not in accordance with the world. He had nothing that could be called a "sense of purpose" like his father or teacher, so he was unable to consider an idea noble, find comfort in any quest, or find solace in pleasure. Though he still believed in God, he lacked the maturity to perceive it, and he only felt that there was a supreme existence, still clinging onto the small hope that the word of God would lead him to supreme truth and save him.

He already knew within himself that salvation would no longer come from the love of God for one such as himself, removed far from the sense of values held by the ordinary world. Unable to figure out a passion in which to throw himself, he was driven into masochism in his despair, forging his body under tortures and becoming Risei's pride for his perceived devotion and piety. He was ashamed by Risei's misunderstanding, which not even a lifetime's worth of shame could amend.

After over twenty years and various methods including an attempt at a family, he came to realize that it was his unchanging nature. Not even his wife could understand how much he lacked, and though he was planning suicide before his wife's death, he simply decided to devote his time to single-mindedly following the orders of the Church while ignoring his inclinations. Always calm and serious, he came to believe that joy itself was actually a sin, and, believing that finding joy in and from the pain of others is monstrous and inhuman, condemned the same atrocities that he would later perform.

He was confused as to why he was chosen by the Holy Grail as a Master, he who lacked sense of purpose, ideals, or aspiration. There should have been many other capable people to support Tokiomi, so he believed that explanation to be false. It chose him, which was a worrying inconsistency in that someone such as him had no reason to need an "almighty wish machine."

After acquainting himself with Gilgamesh, he fully accepts the fact that he feels joy from the suffering of others.

Fifth Holy Grail War[]

He has found the most enjoyable part of the year to be his all night mass on December 31. The event allows him to ruin both the past year and the coming year at the same time in the span of half a day. It is strange that the assembled people, while reduced to a state of "I'm sorry for even being born" by him, are all thankful to Father Kotomine afterward. While his words may make people depressed, he will give beneficial advice.[10]

While knowing of the true nature of the Holy Grail, that he could always be the first to have access to a wish, he cares little for it himself. He is more interested in the results of wishes made upon a tainted artifact, especially with individuals who possess pure souls or good intentions.

He holds mixed feelings over the death of his wife. While he can no longer remember her voice or her face, he sometimes thinks "I wanted to kill her", but he doesn't know if it is a thought for his pleasure or grief for wanting to kill the one he loved with his own hands. He holds it as something that should be hidden forever, as her death was meaningless. Her devotion could not change him, but he doesn't want to consider her death to be worthless. He stopped searching for answers after that point. He warns Shirou not to kill a person he saved if she is a woman because "having her die in front of you hits you pretty hard."

Kirei eating mabo tofu.

While Kirei lacks normal worldly desires, he is still a living being and is therefore tormented by physiological needs, the foremost being food. He recognizes eating as a desire, but only as a necessity for survival. The act of eating is simply a procedure of placing food into the stomach to prevent it from becoming empty. During his various international missions, he had tried various dishes from both the East and West, and while he once anticipated that one of them could truly fill the emptiness in his heart, he found it to be a futile effort. While they could be called delicious and filling, they never brought any sense of fulfillment to his heart. Acting mechanically, he could only put the dishes served into his mouth to fill his stomach and leave his seat without any emotion.

He had no expectations for the taste of food until unintentionally tasting the mapo tofu of Fuyuki's Hongzhou Feast Hall: Taishan. That specific mapo tofu is the only food capable of touching his heart and the only delicacy he recognizes. While it looks like a mere disarrayed dish with chili peppers piled on top, he is enamored by the dish's spiciness and the stimulating scorch on his tongue that brings an indescribable taste. He believes that spiciness must be the ultimate experience of the sense of taste.[11] He places several orders of it beforehand, eats it fervently enough that he begins to sweat, and he eats it at fast pace where he does not even pause once to drink.


His family
Kirei could not feel any love for his father, wife or daughter despite doing everything he could to think and feel like a normal person and attempt to cherish them. He ends up regretting not being able to kill his wife and father himself. He abandons his daughter due to being unfit to be her caretaker.
Kirei regarded Lancer as merely a disposable tool, and had forced Lancer to obey his orders through several Command Spells. As long as Lancer was present, Kirei did not need to approach the participants of the Holy Grail War personally, instead sending Lancer to scout out recently summoned Servants and to watch over Rin in one route. Unlike with Gilgamesh, Kirei concealed information from Lancer to ensure obedience, such as hiding Gilgamesh's existence and refusing to explain the real reason why Lancer needed to watch over Rin. The latter evidently backfired when, in that particular route, Kirei died by Lancer's hand.
Rin Tohsaka
Kirei regards Rin as a mere pawn to be discarded in his plans for the 5th Grail War. He manages to fulfill his role as her guardian well enough that Rin is good at martial arts and was able to grow into a powerful magi in her own right. Kirei makes an attempt on Rin's life in the Unlimited Blade Works route of Fate/stay night but fails due to Lancer's betrayal. It is also the only route where he confesses to the murder of her father, Tokiomi.



Kirei summons Assassin while Tokiomi Tohsaka, his mentor, summons the Archer-class Servant. Gilgamesh 'kills' one of the Assassins in full view of the other Masters. This is in fact a ploy to fool the other masters into thinking that Assassin has been eliminated from the Holy Grail War. The Assassins initially acted as reconnaissance agents for Tokiomi and Kirei.

Kiritsugu recognized Kotomine as the most dangerous of the other Masters from the start and Kotomine knew about Kiritsugu Emiya well enough to be interested in him. During the first days of the war, Kirei followed Tokiomi's instructions and stayed in the church as a "defeated Master", but his growing interest in Kiritsugu led him to search for him, engaging in some confrontations against Kiritsugu's assistant Maiya Hisau and his spouse Irisviel von Einzbern. Kirei won against them while Kiritsugu was fighting Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi, but seeing that Kiritsugu was a being that could be comprehended by others and not an empty man with the answers he sought, disappointment grew in Kirei, and he retreated.

Intrigued by Kirei's participation in the war, Gilgamesh suggests that to overcome his emptiness Kirei should determine the backgrounds and motivations of the other Masters and Servants as to why they wish to obtain the Holy Grail. Then, he decides that he should observe Kariya Matou’s fate too.

After Caster's defeat at the Mion river, Kirei brings Kariya to the Matou underground worm chamber and leaves, only to find the dead body of his father back at the Church. Kirei finds a dying message from him; a secret password that gives Kirei all the remaining extra Command Spells. Kirei sheds tears after seeing that his father cared about him until the end, but feels the exact opposite affection that a normal human being should. He wanted to see him die, just like when his wife died.

Kirei goes back to his room and has a conversation with Gilgamesh, but this time, Kirei is the devil tempting Gilgamesh. Kirei explains how Tokiomi will use his last Command Spell to kill his own Servant to open the gate. Hearing this, Gilgamesh accepts Kirei's plan to assassinate Tokiomi and take his position as Archer's Master. Tokiomi invites Kirei to his house one last time before Kirei heads back to the Church headquarters. Tokiomi wholeheartedly thought that he was a loyal apprentice and gave him an Azoth Sword as a parting gift. However, Kirei betrays and murders him with that knife as Tokiomi exits the room.

Kirei had made a deal with Kariya that if he helped him, Kirei will arrange a meeting with him and Tokiomi. Also, in return for kidnapping Irisviel using Berserker in the guise of Rider, he is promised victory and the Holy Grail. Zouken Matou appears in front of Kirei and says he must be plotting something interesting. Sensing Zouken as a dangerous threat, he attempts to kill him on the spot but Zouken cannot be killed by just being pierced by Black Keys. As he leaves, Zouken chuckles saying he senses in Kirei the same kind of broken personality he himself has. Kirei determines he is one of the enemies that he needs to kill one day. As Zouken noted, the "meeting" of Kariya and Tokiomi was an event arranged only for Kirei's amusement, and as Kariya finds Tokiomi already dead and Aoi walks in on him, she misinterprets the situation and blames Kariya for her husband's death. Kariya strangles her in desperate rage as Kirei and Gilgamesh enjoy the scene.

Kirei transfers his hideout to the underground sewers where Caster used to be, setting Irisviel as the vessel to the Grail, and orders Gilgamesh to go out and intercept the enemies that are coming this way and Kariya's Berserker to fight Saber.

Kiritsugu and Kirei finally have their fateful battle at the center hall. They have nothing to say to each other. Kirei performs fatal Ba Ji Quan blows on Kiritsugu, but Avalon quickly heals his body and the Magus Killer makes a comeback with his Innate Time Control. Kirei tosses all his remaining Black Keys in a spin, so that they will be right over Kiritsugu just as Kirei gets to him - Kiritsugu can either try to dodge sideways or backwards and get punched anyway, or jump away and get slashed by the Keys. Instead, he just stands there, reloads, and shoots Kirei just as Kirei's fist connects and crushes his skull. With the battle in stalemate, the black mud gushing out from the Holy Grail in the room above engulfs them both.

After Kiritsugu's Grail induced dream, which Kirei had also witnessed, Kirei wakes up to Kiritsugu pointing his gun at Kirei from behind. Kirei is surprised that Kiritsugu didn't accept the offer of the Holy Grail. Kiritsugu's answer is that it sacrifices too many things for what it gives. Kirei says that he wanted it even so and Kiritsugu shoots him in the heart saying that he does not understand Kirei.

In his last moments, the Holy Grail appeared to Kirei; filled with hatred and envy for Kiritsugu, he reached out and touched the cursed artifact. Kirei prayed for an end to humanity; his wish was granted in the form of fire. Amidst the roaring flames, Kiritsugu's Saber obliterates the Holy Grail, allowing its tainted water to soak Kirei's lifeless body, resurrecting him with an artificial, black heart. Kirei wakes up and finds Gilgamesh near him. He seems to have gained a flesh body from something that flowed to his body through the Master and Servant connection. After looking at the burning town, Kirei bursts out in laughter for the first time. He finally realizes and accepts what brings happiness to him in this world.

Half a year later, coming up with a plan to entertain himself, he gives Rin the Azoth Sword that killed her father as a gift, saying he received it from her father upon completing training. The rights to the Tohsaka lands are inherited by Aoi after Tokiomi's death, and subsequently inherited by Rin after Aoi's death. Kirei manages them as Rin's guardian, and because of his foolhardy and coarse management, the majority of profitable properties end up in the hands of others. It is possible that he believed the wealth was bad for her upbringing due to following the principle of humbleness and poverty.[12]

In order to provide energy for Gilgamesh, he takes in children left orphaned by the conflagration under the guise of an orphanage to become a source of energy. Though he does not truly require it, Gilgamesh receives the energy and takes on his child form to be able to live adequately in the city. While continuing to act as Rin's guardian, he continues his work with the Church, and he is eventually assigned the Supervisor of the premature Fifth Holy Grail War after ten years.

Fate/stay night[]

Kotomine Kirei in the Fate/stay night anime

Kotomine is the biggest enemy in Fate, and the initial concept behind his creation was "the guy you just knew the first time you saw him to be the one pulling all the strings". While he is an antagonist in all three scenarios, he is only the main antagonist in the Fate route. He has a much lesser role in the Unlimited Blade Works route, and acts as both an ally and enemy in the Heaven's Feel route.

He contacts the magus sent from the Mage's Association, Bazett Fraga McRemitz before the start of the Holy Grail War due to having been associated during past missions involving both the Church and Association. He quickly betrays her, fatally wounding her and severing the arm holding her Command Spells. He forms a contract with Lancer afterward, forcing him to become a scout for him to collect intelligence on participants of the war.


Kotomine being stabbed by Shirou with the Azoth Sword.

In Fate, Shirou, after learning about Saber's wish and contract, goes to the church late at night to speak with Kirei. In the church's backroom, Kirei is told by Shirou about how Saber is still alive due to her contract with the World to retrieve the Holy Grail. However, when Shirou asks him if there is any way for Saber to live a normal life, he states that is impossible since Saber is already considered dead by the timeline. He continues to say that Saber will continue to summoned as long as she continues to seek the Grail. He then tells Shirou that he can have Saber drink from the Grail to keep her in the world, but Shirou states that Kiritsugu destroyed the Grail in the last war. In response, Kirei reveals the basic history of the Holy Grail War as well as Kiritsugu's betrayal of the Einzberns, one of the war's founding families. Afterwards, Shirou reveals that a Servant from the previous war has remained despite the Grail's destruction, which Kirei attributes to the Servant feeding on souls for the past ten years. Kirei then says that he'll investigate the Servant, and has Shirou take his leave. As Shirou exits the church, Kirei reminds him that Saber will die upon retrieving the Grail, and tells him that he can either feed her souls or force her to drink from the Grail with a Command Spell to keep her in the world.

A couple days, Shirou goes to the church again to get Kirei's advice on Gilgamesh, but he discovers the decrepit orphans being kept in the underground temple being drained of their magical energy by the in which coffins they were placed. Kirei then confronts Shirou from behind, and reveals that these are the same orphans that Shirou met in the hospital after the fire ten years ago. He then continues to say that Shirou was fortunate to be adopted by Kiritsugu while the others suffered. Kirei then reveals that he was preparing to get rid of the orphans since they can no longer feed the Servant from the previous war with their magical energy, and then he states that only thing left to do is to kill him and Saber. Shirou then faces Kirei but he is impaled from behind by Lancer, who is revealed by Kirei to be his Servant. As Shirou is losing consciousness from the blood loss, Kirei tells Lancer that they must prepare for Saber's arrival as her Master is now in danger. Lancer then states that Kirie should stop Shirou's bleeding if he wants to keep him alive until Saber arrives, but Kirei replies that he does not care.

As Saber is fighting Lancer after she arrived in the church, Kirei reveals her presence to the wounded Shirou, and then states that he needs one more Servant whether it be Saber or Lancer. Kirei then grabs Shirou and brings him before Saber and Lancer, who cease their fighting. Kirei tells them that they're worthy to retrieve the Holy Grail, but he decides to hear Shirou's wish before making a selection. He tries to tempt Shirou to use the Grail to change his past, but Shirou refuses to do so. Disappointed in Shirou, Kirei tempts to give Saber the Grail in exchange for killing Shirou, but Saber refuse when she chooses Shirou over the Grail. Disappointed by both of them, Kirei declares that he'll use the Grail to grant his wish after all, which he says will be violent, and decides that Shirou needs to die. Saber then asks him before she kills him about his wish, Kirei answers that his wish is "entertainment" although the Grail does not interest him much. But, Saber claims that Kirei must have sought the Grail when he killed Lancer's Master, but he replies that he merely killed her to prevent her from discovering the Grail's true nature, and to steal her Servant for his plans. After hearing his answers, Saber asks him for the location of the Grail's vessel, which surprises him since she and Shirou have been hiding it without realizing. Then, with a snap of his fingers, Kirei calls down Gilgamesh, who he introduces as his Servant from the previous war that he kept sustained with the souls of the orphans. Infuriated by this revelation, Shirou declares Kirei to be liar when he said he knew nothing about a Servant from the previous war, but Kirei merely replies that he was surprised Gilgamesh disobeyed when told to stay in the church. Saber, also infuriated by this revelation, then asks Kirei why Gilgamesh still remains, what caused the fire, and how he is still alive after being defeated by Kiritsugu. Kirei then says that his wish on the Grail caused the fire ten years, but reveals that the fire was the Grail's method of granting his wish to make everyone in the area disappear. He continues that the Grail is no true wish granter as it cannot make precise calculations nor correct inconsistencies, and that Grail can only grants wishes through destruction. After stating his delight at the Grail being cursed, Kirei tells Lancer and Gilgamesh to kill Shirou and Saber as he takes his leave.

Kirei arrives at the Emiya Residence to kidnap Illya, the vessel of the Grail, and although Rin tries to stop him, she is left critically wounded by him. He then goes to Ryuudou Temple, where he uses Illya to summon the Grail then waits for Shirou's arrival. After Shirou arrives and declares that he'll stop Kirei's wish, the black mud, but Kirei replies that the mud is not his wish but the contents of the Holy Grail that will cause destruction as it spreads out. After stating the Grail has been filled with every evil that curses everything in the world, he asked by Shirou what his wish is. Kirei answers that wish is "entertainment" as in to watch humans suffer as they struggle against their inevitable deaths. Kirei then declares that the fire ten years while great wasn't enough to satisfy him. Shirou, angered at Kirei for finding joy in others' suffering, then charges at him, but tentacles from the mud controlled Kirei come after Shirou. After Shirou manages to dodge the tentacles, Kirei expresses his joy when he discovered Shirou was Kiritsugu's son, and declares how happy he is to have revenge on Kiritsugu. After Shirou manages dodge many of the tentacles, Kirei eventually captures him with tentacles due his ankle being blackened by one earlier. As Shirou is being held by the tentacles, he asks Kirei why he hates Kiritsugu so much. He replies that it is due to Kiritsugu being similar person, and that Kiritsugu was fool for thinking that the war was over if the Grail's destruction in the previous war. After revealing that his curse killed Kiritsugu, Kirei wonders if his last moments were ridiculous for passing his ideals to Shirou. Enraged by his words, Shirou charges at Kirei, but to his surprise, Kirie reaches into the mud pouring the Grail. Then, just as Saber releases her Noble Phantasm, Kirei throws the clump of mud at Shirou with words: "Angra Mainyu", which both ensnares Shirou in the curse and unleashes it upon the earth for an instant. However, to Kirei's surprise, Shirou manages to escape the curse, but he entraps him in the curse once again. But, Shirou once again escapes the curse when he, simultaneously with Saber, projects and uses Avalon to cleanse the curse around and within himself. Kirei left unable to act, is then stabbed by Shirou with the Azoth Sword. Kirei attempts to grab Shirou, but he unleashes the magical energy of the dagger to kill him. As he stares at the dagger in his chest, Kirei asks Shirou where he got it, to which Shirou replies that Rin gave it to him. Kirei then recalls giving it to her a decade ago, having he had used the dagger to her father, Tokiomi, at that time. With a final lament at his weakness, Kirei finally dies and sinks into contents of the Grail.[13][14]

Unlimited Blade Works[]

In Unlimited Blade Works Kirei's ambitions are unchanged, but he also lends his Archer to Shinji Matou so his presence in the general scope of events is pretty much minimal.

During the war, he is assumed deceased by the hands of Caster when she raids the church to acquire the Holy Grail vessel and obtain a new hideout, but Rin taunts the witch saying that if she was not able to find the corpse, that means that Kirei is still alive.

He reappears at Einzbern Castle alongside Shinji Matou, reveals to a kidnapped Rin that he was the one who murdered her father ten years ago and orders Lancer to rip out her heart and replace it with the Grail vessel. As Lancer just outright disobeys his order, Kotomine uses a Command Spell to order the Servant to kill himself, but as he was proceeding to finish the job, he is killed by a still alive Lancer.

His corpse burns away as a dying Lancer proceeds to burn the castle with a Ansuz rune, just after saving Rin.[15]

Heaven's Feel[]

In the Heaven's Feel route, Kirei finds in Sakura Matou the answer to all his desires. The "training" that Zouken Matou did to her in the years between wars turned her into a Lesser Grail, the Black Grail of the Makiri. By exploiting Sakura's innate connection to the dark being sleeping within the Grail since the Third War, Kirei plots to bring about the Holy Grail's completion and the birth of Angra Mainyu through the Third Magic.

In the middle of the arc, he successfully prolongs Sakura’s life by using his Command Spells to extract most of the Crest Worm within her body.[16] After operating on Sakura, he suggests that she listens in on his conversation with her sister, Rin, and Shirou in the next room.[17] Upon hearing Kirei convince Rin that she is a "bomb with a lit fuse" beyond saving, Sakura begins to view her sister with distrust and hostility. As her malice towards Rin builds through the course of the story, her hatred towards the world grows exponentially and she becomes significantly more susceptible to All The World's Evil.[18]

Kirei further facilitates the transformation of Sakura into a Black Grail by manipulating Shirou Emiya into forsaking his dream to become "a hero of Justice" to devote himself to her safety. Combined with Zouken Matou's sustained effort to drive her to despair, Kirei's machinations drive Sakura not only to devour more than a hundred people of Fuyuki but to be seduced into becoming a willing avatar of Angra Mainyu.

Towards the end of the arc, Kirei cooperates with Shirou in a raid against Zouken to rescue Illya, the White Grail of the Einzberns. They manage to rescue Ilya, but are confronted by both True Assassin and Berserker Alter while trying to escape. In his ensuing fight with True Assassin and Zouken, Kirei manages to trap the former to a tree before proceeding to exorcise the latter's soul. However, before he can successfully retreat, he encounters Dark Sakura who stops his black heart thereby giving him only a few hours to live. Nevertheless, he manages to escape before she can kill him.

Kotomine and Shirou's final duel to the death.

After being greatly weakened by Kirei's exorcism, Zouken loses control over Dark Sakura who then proceeds to go on a rampage. When Shirou eventually frees Sakura from Angra Mainyu's grip, Kirei suddenly resurfaces to stop Shirou from preventing the dark entity's birth. He bitterly recounts to Shirou how his lifelong inability to find salvation and happiness has led him to question why someone like him was born. In pursuit of the answer to his lifelong question, he explains that he has dedicated his entire existence to bringing about Angra Mainyu's birth even if it causes his own death and the world's destruction. By witnessing the behavior and stability of an entity born of all the world's evil, he is convinced that he will gain a deeper understanding of not only himself but the world that saw fit to give him life. While listening to the priest's story, Shirou realizes that he resembles Kirei in that they are both empty human beings in pursuit of happiness. However, while Shirou derives peace of mind by helping others, Kirei can only find peace through others' suffering. Finally, Shirou notices that he likes Kirei Kotomine, and the two proceed to engage in a fateful battle like the one ten years ago. With their bodies half-dead, the only action they are able to perform is hand-to-hand combat.[19]

In their ensuing battle, Kirei initially overwhelms Shirou with his fighting prowess and immense physical strength. However, through sheer grit and determination, Shirou manages to resist Kirei's onslaught long enough for the latter's heart to give out before he can deliver a finishing blow. With his last words, Kirei declares Shirou Emiya the victor of the Fifth Holy Grail War and the last Master before collapsing lifelessly to the ground.[20]

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

Kotomine is not present in Fate/hollow ataraxia, his role as the overseer of the Holy Grail War was given to Caren Hortensia (who is later revealed to be his daughter). However, he is mentioned during several scenes (most notably during flashbacks by Bazett, as he is the one who betrayed her).[21] It is later revealed that his lack of appearance is due to the fact that in all possible outcomes of the Fifth Holy Grail War, his survival was never possible. While he was given new life in the Fourth Holy Grail War, he was guaranteed certain death in the fifth.[22]

Fate/unlimited codes[]

He is given the title Executor (代行者, Daikousha?) in Fate/unlimited codes.

Fate/unlimited codes - Kirei command list


  • Black Key Throw (黒鍵投擲, Kokken Touteki?) -
  • Temple Gate Elbow Drop (裡門頂肘, Rimon Chouchu?) -
  • Breakthrough (打開, Dakai?) -
  • Axe-edge Leg (斧刃脚, Fujin Kyaku?) -
  • Outer Gate Elbow Drop (外門頂肘, Gaimon Chouchuu?) -
  • Piercing Bow Thigh (穿弓腿, Senkyuutai?) -
  • Beckoning Death, Lawful Step (絶招歩法, Zesshou Hohou?) -
  • Encircling Thigh (連環腿, Renkantai?) -
  • Heaven Head Fall (天頭墜, Tenzutsui?) -
  • Quaking Leg (震脚, Shinkyaku?) -
  • Iron Mountain (鉄山靠, Tetsuzan Kou?) -


Super Move:

  • Ending Fist (絶拳, Zekken?) -
  • Azi Dahaka: Black Snake Flash (黒蛇現照(アジダハカ), Kokuja Genshou (Ajidahaka)?) -

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

"Businessman" Kirei

In his own route, Kirei has lost his memories of his own identity. Thanks to this, he is tricked by the others (mainly, Rin and Caster) into getting new appearance, including a pair of glasses and new hairstyle along with a business suit (from Souichirou Kuzuki), earning him the nickname of "Businessman" as the result.

After being attacked by Bazett and regaining his memories thanks to a spicy burger from Saber Alter and Taiga's repetition of "Oh my boy" reminding him of Mapo Tofu, it's revealed that Caren Horsentia was the mastermind of the incident who plotted to take over the church along with his two servants, Lancer and Gilgamesh. After defeating her, he wishes the Holy Tiger Grail to remove the memories of his embarrassing moment and revive his mortal enemy, Kiritsugu. Nevertheless, this incident is referred in Irisviel's route by Illya which is implied to be continuation from his route which he also serves as Irisviel's final enemy that she must overcomes to reach her longed happiness with Kiritsugu and her children, Illya and Shirou.

In Saber Lion's route, Kirei serves as the commentator alongside Caren which ended with him joining dinner with Saber Lion at Emiya Residence which Shirou reluctantly serves him his portion.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!![]

Main article: Kirei Kotomine (Fate/kaleid)

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fate/Accel Zero Order[]

He was indirectly mentioned in this Singularity. Like his counterpart in Fate/Zero, he followed Tokiomi’s orders. However it appears that he never took an interest in Kiritsugu, as he didn’t participate in this Holy Grail War. After Tokiomi lost Gilgamesh, he has Kirei transfer his master rights to Tokiomi. Thus Kirei’s conversation with Gilgamesh never occurred and he didn’t turn into his twisted self.

Arc 2 Prologue[]

Main article: Kirei Kotomine (Fate/Grand Order)

Other appearances[]

Kirei's life in the world of Fate/Apocrypha is briefly mentioned. Differing from the world of Fate/stay night, he has a foster brother, Shirou Kotomine, and he never gets the chance to participate in the Fourth Holy Grail War due to the Greater Grail being stolen from Fuyuki during the Third Holy Grail War. Kotomine Kirei is living as an extremely respectable priest in Fuyuki even now. The Fourth Holy Grail War didn’t occur, so he didn’t shift his focus to his own nature. It might be a different story if he participated in one of the subspecies Holy Grail Wars, but he’ll never have such a chance as long as he is in Fuyuki. He is still in anguish over the meaning and karma of his existence even now. He heard about who his older brother Shirou is from his father Risei, but they have rarely interacted with each other. This is not done on Kirei’s part, but rather because Shirou consciously avoids him. This is because Shirou noticed the “distortion” within his stepbrother Kirei. Of course, he would very much like to free Kirei from his anguish, but no matter how he thought about it, it wouldn’t end well. Additionally, if the one-in-a-million chance occurred where an event caused him to affirm his own distortion, Shirou was greatly worried that the first person Kirei would target would be him. Thus, Shirou kept his distance from Kirei as much as possible from the beginning to end of their relationship.[23] Risei dies at some point in time, and Kirei sets out on a spiritual journey looking for "something not yet known to him."[24]

Ayaka meeting Kirei.

Kirei is indirectly mentioned in Fate/strange Fake when Gilgamesh says to his current master Tiné Chelc that "Those who offer up their souls to something of their own firm will, however I commend. Even if they are the type you mongrels call mad". Tiné thinks that it seems as though he is remembering someone in particular.[25] It is later learned that, prior to going to Snowfield, Ayaka Sajyou took refuge at the Fuyuki Church, where Kirei (heavily implied in the novels, confirmed in the manga[26]) tells her cryptic things that she doesn't remember, except addressing "something" in the church with them, saying "Its fate has piqued my interest. Did you not do the same for me, once?".[27] On the night of the War's second day, after witnessing True Archer transformed after stealing False Berserker's Noble Phantasm, Hansa Cervantes comments that he now understands why "Father Kotomine is with God now."[28]

Kirei Kotomine of Fate/EXTRA is an artificial intelligence based on Kirei.


Kirei's talents qualify him both as an Executor in the service of the Holy Church Executor and a Magus who specializes in healing. His title of "Executor" inherently signifies that he is an elite killer who has successfully completed brutal and pious training to become mankind's weapon. However, his skills as a first class Executor still cannot match the seventh of the Burial Agency under normal conditions.[29] While still capable of displaying superhuman feats of strength and agility by the time of the Fifth Grail War, he has not gotten stronger with age and is substantially weaker than Bazett Fraga McRemitz in terms of pure strength without the assistance of weapons or magecraft. However, if one were to compare Bazett with Kirei at his peak ten years before (the "brightest moment of his life"), he would be the physically superior fighter overall.[30]

His combat ability in at his peak is extremely strong when counting his abnormally large number of Command Spells, utilizing one or two at a time putting his physical ability equal to that of a Dead Apostle, and tenacity towards Kiritsugu, so he could even win against Ciel at that time.[2] The state could also allow him to defeat a Servant under limited conditions. The only ones he could readily defeat would be those who lack physical power like an Assassin after having been revealed or a Caster in close combat. Defeating those that specialize in hand-to-hand combat would require a special condition in his favor like surprise or suitability against the opponent.[31]


Kirei is a skilled Executor, who has become a combat expert with over ten years of experiences in killing magi. He has experience hunting many strange magi and has fought countless numbers to the death, so he is used to facing enemies beyond common sense. Even though Rin is stronger, he would counter her talents in battle because of his experience. As he knows her, he would win against her eighty percent of the time due to having knowledge of her past traumatic experiences. He excels at opening up the trauma of the enemy, and as it is not easy for humans to conquer trauma printed into them, having such experiences probed would make her unable to take advantage of her true potential.[32]

He is extremely strong, allowing him to gather all his strength to jump ten meters up and grab a person out of a tree by the head before they can react, all in an instant. Due to his strength, his muscles are trained to the point where they go far beyond what would overpower a normal person in theory. He can easily fall twenty meters while carrying a small girl and land without any issue. He can run fifty kilometers per hour in a forest with uneven terrain while carrying a small girl without reinforcing himself with magecraft, and he does not display any tiredness at all, compared to Shirou being barely able to keep up even when reinforced by Archer's arm to a large degree. He is skilled at free climbing, comparing climbing four stories of a building as easy as walking down the street compared to something like a wall of ice.

He is used to facing firearms and skilled enough to judge the type of bullets by the sound of gunfire. Even veterans of many battles can lose morale and judgment capabilities when surprised by a machine gun, but he is able to analyze the situation calmly because such events are mere exceptions to Executors. He can quickly make judgements on his battle strategy depending on if he is facing a type of gun he can handle or something more dangerous to him like a sniper rifle, and he can sense killing intent to identify targets. He is ruthless and determined even when cornered, and with his hands bound, he simply rushes forward to utilize a kick to decide the battle.

He is not like Dead Apostles who are able to dodge a bullet after it has been fired, so he has to predict the shooter's thoughts, killing intent, and preparatory actions and act beforehand. With extremely quick evasive actions, he moves at the moment the enemy fires to effectively dodge the bullets. He utilizes his bulletproof frock, made from thick Kevlar filaments and covered seamlessly with the Church’s special protection spells, to deal with smaller firearms. 9mm caliber pistol rounds cannot pierce it even at close range, but powerful weapons like the Thompson Contender will pierce it easily. He is free to charge at someone openly firing by covering his head with his arms and not bother with dodging. Bullets still have an extremely powerful impact, but his well-trained musculature acts like a sort of armor that protects his organs and bones and keeps him from staggering against a hail of bullets. Kevlar protects against gunshots, but he is forced to protect himself against knives because kevlar is vulnerable to being cut by a sharp blade.

Kotomine fights against Assassin in the Heaven's Feel route, but it is not a true battle. While ten Black Keys and one of his Command Spells left over after removing most of the Crest Worms from Sakura would be more than enough for a low ranking spirit, he could not kill a Servant even if he managed to make successful strikes with all of them. He does believe that having a weapon on the Scripture scale could potentially allow him to defeat a Heroic Spirit. Though Assassin's dirks are only meant to judge an opponent's skill until he can make use of Zabaniya to land a fatal strike, all twenty-three are still thrown with the intent to kill, so Assassin sees Kotomine's skill in being able to block and avoid them for such a long period as admirable.

Kotomine, having seen Assassin fight Lancer, knows of this strategy and uses it against Assassin. Due to the unique nature of his heart, Zabaniya is unable to kill him, and Assassin is instead bound to a tree by the Black Keys. It is the equivalent of a scratch to him, but the holy nails keep him from saving Zouken. While he cannot directly fight against Servants, he claims that he can harm Servants without Masters with his Baptism Rite, so Assassin backs off afterwards.


Kirei is a practitioner of a type of Bajiquan that Gen Urobuchi calls Super Bajiquan (スーパー八極拳?). It is an ultimate technique born from the miraculous fusion of Bajiquan and magecraft, having become an Internal Art that transcends the External Art. It is a reckless attack belonging solely to Kirei, whose self-destructive fighting style against Kiritsugu even enables him to sacrifice an arm. Kirei only had Black Keys for their battle in the design stage of Fate/Zero, while Kiritsugu had firearms, magecraft such as Innate Time Control, and Avalon, so Urobuchi needed something to even their arsenals. There was only Bajiquan, so he studied a number of reference materials to reach the realm of "amazing kungfu, truly amazing kungfu." The end result was a form of somewhat random Bajiquan, so it cannot be compared to real Bajiquan.[33]

Six Grand Opening - Elbow Upthrust.

It is a style that takes the shortest route without any initial movement to damage the inside instead of the outside. He is an expert capable of defeating a normal person with a single hit, but claims that it is a mimicry of taolu without much behind it. Even against Shirou's body of swords, it damages him inside rather than outside, allowing the impacts to pierce through him. One combination, “Six Grand Opening - Elbow Upthrust”, involves grabbing the opponent's arm from below, carrying it up while also pressing his side close to the opponent's waist, and simultaneously delivering a blow to the heart with his left elbow and a strike from his left foot to the supporting leg, all in an instant to combine offense and defense.

He is able to break apart a tree without utilizing his arms because his strength as a martial arts master is not only produced from the wrist. It would seem that his hands are his main weapon, but the level of Kirei's training makes his entire body a weapon. Being bound does not leave him helpless as long as he can plant both feet on the ground. Everything to the strength of his feet on the ground, the turning of his back, and the twisting of his shoulders attributes to releasing an instantaneous burst of power into his fists. The strength of the arms is insignificant in comparison to the power of the whole body to someone experienced with the phenomenon. It is possible to press a fist next to the target and strike only with the force coming from outside of the arm. With this "explosive force" technique, just having the back of his hands against the tree trunk allows him to utilize the full power of his body to strike, and using his full power three times is enough to cause the thirty centimeter trunk to collapse.

Moving stance followed by Eight Postures of the Buddha Guards.

He relies on the "moving stance", a dangerous secret of Bajiquan, to advance towards the enemy by sneaking with a sight step, and without announcing its speed, shorten the distance. Moving a foot and hooking one of enemy’s legs from the inside is a move known as the "locking stance." The "Eight Grand Openings – The Standing Upward Cannon" is a heavy upper hook that would shatter the opponent’s skull. The "Eight Postures of the Buddha Guards" style allows for a punch to have the "power to reach infinity in all eight directions" after reaching Bajiquan's optimum distance. Slamming his foot to floor as he steps forward, he unleashes a heavy punch that sends a person flying back and kills the opponent after easily crushing their heart and lungs. Kiritsugu is only able to survive through the regeneration of Avalon.

He has mastered "hearing a move", a concept that a martial artist reaches a certain state where they no longer need eyesight to detect the enemy’s movement. He can predict the opponent’s next move purely on the brief moment when his arm blocks that of his opponent, meaning that having a blind spot or having an enemy too fast for the human eye to see is not a problem. Even with blood affecting his right eye, having use of only his left arm, and having Kiritsugu moving three times human speed, he is able to block all of Kiritsugu's strikes without issue. Humans would only see the lighting-like residual images Kiritsugu's dagger leaves in its wake, but his left arm can defend as if it can see every swing. His skills make him someone who will not be at a disadvantage even when put under the duress of speed.

Black Keys[]

Kirei utilizing Black Keys.

Kirei is extremely skilled with Black Keys, thin blades resembling a rapier that are longer than a meter with a short hilt. They are used specifically by Executors as projectile weapons. They boast great power and a high difficulty to master, so Kirei is a strong and rare expert at utilizing them in battle. The blade is a semi-solid formed by magical energy, so it is only necessary to carry the small hilt. He holds a high number of them at one time under his frock, and nobody knows their exact number. It is a sacrament rather than magecraft that is utilized to fight spirits, so it can affect a Servant should one somehow hit them. They lack balance in close combat, making them unwieldy to defend against a smaller weapon like a dagger, so he instead relies on his Bajiquan under such circumstances.

Four Black Keys in a single hand is his limit. He can complete a single throw and any necessary preparatory movements in 0.3 seconds, and he can perform four separate throws in 0.7 seconds. With his skill, he is able to simultaneously throw one while also avoiding an attack with extreme accuracy. He can also throw accurately from a face down position on the ground. He is able to maintain a one hundred percent striking accuracy even against unconfirmed targets. While it is hand-tossed, it boasts enough power to penetrate reinforced concrete and iron. They can also be used to trap an opponent for a Bajiquan strike by throwing four into the air to surround the opponent like a cage and seal the their movement by striking them wherever they could dodge.

During his fight against True Assassin in the Heaven’s Feel route, Kirei is shown to be able to telekinetically control his Black Keys using the incantation “Set”, similar to his adoptive brother in the world of Fate/Apocrypha, as well as place enchantments on them that can paralyze opponents. This paralysis is strong enough to seal True Assassin’s movements with a single Black Key.

Angra Mainyu[]

Kirei controlling the mud from the Grail.

Kirei, after having his heart shot by Kiritsugu, was revived by the black mud from the Grail that washed over Gilgamesh. While it had not been able to fully corrupt Gilgamesh, it instead followed the path of the magical energy supply that had linked him to his Master, arriving at Kirei's physical body. It healed the wound, leaving no visible scar from the bullet, and became a source of life-force supply that was able to substitute for a heart. Connected to the grail, he now relies on the magical energy of Angra Mainyu in order to live. Simply feeling Kirei grasp his head makes Shirou able to sense that Kirei has swallowed black corruption that reaches in from the outside world to bind him like a chain. He is surrounded by an unknown darkness that maintains his "corpse-like body."

Its nature does not make him any more resistant to being slain by others. Shirou is able to kill him with the Azoth Sword, and Lancer manages to land a fatal strike through the heart. He is also able to be tired out even with its unique nature. It is strong against evil curses that punish humans, as they cannot curse one of their own kind. He is able to completely resist Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat, the arm of Shayṭān, which only gives an empty response upon creating the fake heart.

Due to his corruption, he is able to interact with the mud with no negative consequences, and he is shown to be able to control it when a connection to the Grail has been established. The nature of the mud is a curse so strong that it is visible, so it can be called magical energy specialized for destroying people. It can not be used practically in any way, as it cannot be reshaped or anything of the sort. It stains anybody it touches with a strong curse and melts them as if they were being digested. The pain and fear felt before death remains as magical energy and becomes the next curse to seek out living people. It will kill anyone it touches unless they can remove it from their body before they are melted away.

Without any movement, he can extend a number of whip-like tentacles of mud capable of stretching without limit and clearly leave burning marks on the ground. It has a range greater than ten meters and reacts sensitively to living beings. It is slow enough that Shirou can react to the attacks fairly easily, and as it can only strike where it is aimed, it is easy to dodge. That only accounts for a single tentacle, so one can be easily overwhelmed by their numbers and those that attack from behind while he is dodging. The overwhelming attacks cause Shirou to slowly be covered in mud, which causes those areas to become numb and start to melt his body away. Areas that turn completely black can no longer move or feel any sensation, including pain. While he can force the mud out of his body or push magical energy into the limb to move the clotted blood, the effect upon moving the limb is the destruction of his muscles.

Kirei throwing the full extent of the curse.

Kirei can completely submerge someone in the curse by dousing his hand in the mud and unleashing a black darkness, a swarm of grain-sized curses, upon the target. It is a curse that paints space itself, surrounding them in darkness and imprinting hell upon their brain by showing them unseeable darkness, ugliness that can't be acknowledged, and all the crimes of the people in the world that make them want to run away from it all. Those trapped with the darkness will eat themselves to death from pain and hatred, and they will be swallowed by it like the painted space. Avoiding such a curse and the very concept of blocking it are nearly impossible. Escaping should be impossible, so Kirei is astonished that Shirou manages to do just that through only willpower. He is able to immediately trap Shirou once again, and if not for Avalon, he would have been completely swallowed. Before the curse can melt Shirou's mind, Avalon disperses both the darkness around and inside him.

Kotomine after having his heart destroyed.

After Sakura Matou completely succumbs to the corruption of Angra Mainyu in the Heaven's Feel scenario, she is able to control the magical energy given to Kirei. Their connection allows her, as Angra Mainyu, to squash his organs and pull out his insides no matter how far he runs. She claims that his life is under her control no matter his location simply due to the overall miniscule amount of energy she is providing him to live. She can destroy his heart instantly without any movement, and just lightly grasping her fingers together causes his body to be crushed and squeezed like a rag. He is left alive from an interruption caused by Shirou's defeat of Berserker, but without his heart, it is a limited life with a set time limit.

He eventually appears before Shirou in order to stop him from destroying the Grail. They both only have minutes to live at this point, as both their bodies are quickly dying. He no longer has a heartbeat, and there is only a black stain where it had previously been. His death is inevitable even without any action, and he has no magical energy in his body. He's only left with the ability to use his fists in a brawl to the death without technique or strategy. When he is about to win, his body fails him, only due to a difference in time. He had become half-dead slightly before Shirou, so that difference cost him his victory.


Kirei was born with Magic Circuits despite having a non-magus lineage. Normal lineages rarely acquire Magic Circuits, and such cases of a normal person being born with them are sudden mutations. Kirei is not of this type, but instead his Circuits were a gift from the divine sacrament. They were a reward to his father's years of pious worship, thus Kirei was born with "the right to recreate the miracles in the divine sacrament", with the "right" being the Magic Circuits. Also unlike typical families that pass down Circuits in their genetics, Caren did not inherit them.[34] While he is thought to love destruction, he is a "creator" type of magus like Shirou.[29] His Magic Circuits are noted to have yet to develop properly as of the time of the Fourth War, so he instead makes use of Command Spells. Ever since he first began his tutelage in magecraft under Tokiomi Tohsaka, he has not advanced beyond the degree of beginner, and he cannot reach the "first-rate" level no matter his efforts. During his training with Tokiomi, he studied alchemy, spiritual evocation, summoning, divination, necromancy and spiritual healing. The only area where he displayed a natural talent was spiritual healing in which he ultimately became more skilled than even his master after three years. During battle, his most adept skill is physical enhancement to exert greater physical strength. While Rin is considered his student, he is vastly inferior to her. While he is not a genius, just a "normal man", he is able to achieve quick results through complete and total effort, putting in ten to twenty times the effort of other people. He stops short of the last step, throwing all previous labor out like trash.

In the Ufotable film adaptations of the Heaven’s Feel route, he is shown being capable of using lightning magecraft in as an attack against True Assassin, channeling it through the Black Keys to paralyze his movements.

Servant contracts[]

While Kirei holds simultaneous contracts with both Lancer and Gilgamesh, he is not capable of supplying sufficient energy for both, nor was he able to provide energy for Gilgamesh during the ten-year period between the Wars. He can still handle a single Servant with his own abilities, but Lancer's backup from his Master is lacking compared to others, and like other insufficient Masters, his contract with Gilgamesh lowers several of Gilgamesh's attributes. It is impossible for most Masters to sustain a Servant outside of the Holy Grail War because the support from the power of the Grail reduces much of the burden that supplying magical energy for the Servant would cause. Kirei had to make up for his lack of energy with knowledge, and Gilgamesh calls Kirei's innovation exceptional in that regard.

Kirei gathered the orphans left by the fire in the Church under the pretense of using it is an orphanage. Through unknown means, he managed to erase their existence and seal them within the basement of the Church. He attached them to coffins without their knowledge, and through an unknown process, the coffins began to leach away at both their nutrition, magical energy, and their very souls with enough force to keep them from living but slow enough to keep them from dying. Their energy was given to Gilgamesh, while their bodies slowly began to rot away despite the fact that they were still alive. While Gilgamesh accepted it, he did not actually require it, as his incarnation would have allowed him to sustain himself.

The state of the orphans.

Their bodies have been reduced to the state of living corpses that retain little of their human form. They no longer have their limbs, some of which have been cut off, some that have decomposed ends that leave only the bones, and those who have been ground down into the cracks or splattered on the wall. Their skin is peeled off, and their remaining flesh is rotting, leaving their faces to look like preserved specimens from a lab. They can no longer speak through their decayed throats, but still cry out with inaudible voices with all their might. While they no longer have their original appearances, Shirou is still able to identify them from the short time they spent together. As of the time of the Fifth Holy Grail War, he plans to close it up due to the fruition of their plans coming into effect. Due to the state of their bodies, he would no longer be able to extract the same amount of soul as when he first established the practice, and there is no longer need for more food after that point.

Spiritual Healing[]

Kirei is a Spiritual doctor (霊媒医師, Reibai ishi?) that heals through a spiritual medium, as in healing through the soul rather than the flesh. It is a "curse" that can remove the infected part without using a single surgical knife on the body.[6] While he has practiced many different types of magecraft, healing is the only one that fit him because his magical aptitude is specialized in "opening wounds." Kirei abilities in fixing spiritual and mental bodies is at bishop level, and Rin comments that people at his level in the Mage's Association are few and that there are also few people in the Church able to handle spirits at his level.[29] It is known as an unusual practice only utilized in uncivilized areas, and it is especially uncommon for a man of the Church to utilize it.

He is able to use this knowledge to extract Command Spells from the nervous system through the spiritual body rather than physically. Taking Shirou's left arm, he gets the feeling that Kirei has ripped it off. He realizes it was an illusion, but then sees fingers entering his arm. They are Kirei's fingers, transparent like a ghost, moving through his flesh, and after intense pain, he is left without any wounds. This action removes two strokes of the Command Spell, leaving only the pain. Despite this, he still cuts off Bazett's arm to obtain her Command Spells.

He is able to purify the poison given to Sakura to make her Crest Worms go out of control. He is able to perform surgery to call back her lost magical energy and mind, but the chances of success are very low. Removing the worms requires a miracle or the Holy Grail due to the integration into her Magic Circuits. It requires the use of the majority of his Command Spells to remove them, and even that is not enough to completely purge her body. He can only remove those that have not metabolized with her nerves, as doing more would require removing her heart and killing her. It is only a temporary fix that will only last until the worms activate again.

While the technique is useful, the spirit is only contact treatment relying on the body, so it is nothing like a miracle that would allow connection with the soul, the proof of existence independent of the body. He attaches the arm of Archer to Shirou, but that is not something normally possible. Joining two separate spiritual bodies is close to the realm of resurrection and restoration of souls, which requires Magic to handle. It should only be possible to succeed in shape, only for the recipient to die of shock. The only reason it is a success is due to Shirou and Archer being the same person.

Baptism Rite[]

"I will kill. I will let live. I will harm and heal. None will escape me. None will escape my sight.
Be crushed.
I welcome those who have grown old and those who have lost.
Devote yourself to me, learn from me, and obey me.
Rest. Do not forget song, do not forget prayer, and do not forget me.
I am light and relieve you of all your burdens.
Do not pretend. Retribution for forgiveness, betrayal for trust, despair for hope, darkness for light, dark death for the living.
Relief is in my hands. I will add oil to your sins and leave a mark.
Eternal life is given through death.
— Ask for forgiveness here. I, the incarnation, will swear.
— Kyrie eleison".

 I kill, I give life. I injure, I heal. There are none who escape from my hands. There are none who escape from my eyes.
 May it be so that you are shattered.
 I welcome the defeated, the aged. Surrender to me, learn from me, obey me.
 May you be at rest.
 Do not forget the song, do not forget the prayer, do not forget me .I relieve you of all burdens.
 May it be so that there is no deception.
 Retaliation unto forgiveness, betrayal unto belief, despair unto hope, darkness unto light, death unto life.
 May you rest in my hands. Let there be mark of your sins. Eternal life is found only in death.
 Forgiveness is before you, and so my incarnation vows.
 "May God have mercy of this soul (Lord, have mercy )"

私が殺す. 私が生かす. 私が傷つけ私が癒す. 我が手を逃れうる者は一人もいない. 我が目の届かぬ者は一人もいない。
 敗れた者、老いた者を私が招く. 私に委ね、私に学び、私に従え。
 休息は私の手に. 貴方の罪に油を注ぎ印を記そう. 永遠の命は、死の中でこそ与えられる。
 許しはここに. 受肉した私が誓う。
 "この魂に憐れみを (キリエ・エレイソン)"

 Watashi ga korosu, watashi ga ikasu. Watashi ga kizutsuke, watashi ga iyasu. Waga te wo nogareuru mono wa hitori mo inai. Waga me no todokanu mono wa hitori mo inai
 Yabureta mono, oita mono wo watashi ga maneku. Watashi ni yudane, watashi ni manabi, watashi ni shitagae
 Kyuusoku wo.
 Uta wo wasurezu, inori wo wasurezu, watashi wo wasurezu, watashi wa karuku, arayuru omomi wo wasuresaseru
 Yosoou nakare
 Yurushi ni wa houfuku wo, shinrai ni wa uragiri wo, kibou ni wa zetsubou wo, hikari arumono ni wa yami wo, sei aru mono ni wa kurai shi wo
 Kyuusoku wa watashi no te ni. Anata no tsumi ni abura wo sosogi shirushi wo shirusou. Eien no inochi wa, shi no naka de koso ataerareru.
 Yurushi wa koko ni. Juniku shita watashi ga chikau
 Kono tamashi ni awaremi wo (Kyrie Eleison)

Baptism Rite

The Baptism Rite (洗礼詠唱, Senrei eishou?) is the sole magical miracle that is permitted to be learned in the Church. The teachings of God are considered to be the greatest weapon against spirits within the systematic basis of their magecraft, so the chant is a key of providence that eliminates wondering souls with the holy words of the Bible. It is the purification and elevating of a wayward soul through the teachings of the Lord by sending a ghost to its "throne". It is a miracle that has healed the hearts of many, so that is most likely the reason that it is the theory of thaumaturgy with the most widespread theory.[35]

The first line of the Rite is based on Deuteronomy 32:39 of the Old Testament, being almost identical.[36]

It is a simple ritual, a ten-count type, effective immediately after it has been spoken. Its physical interference is somewhat weak, but it has absolute power against spiritual bodies. His attack power against spiritual bodies is superb and, while twisted, represents the unshakingness of his faith. The exorcism instantly sublimates Zouken Matou and disperses his spiritual body due to being a Wraith that uses worms to tamper with the world. Damaging his body normally would do nothing unless it can be completely eliminated, so a direct attack to the spirit is extremely effective.

It does not actually kill him because the body destroyed is only a collection of worms. His actual body, a small worm next to Sakura Matou's heart, contains his soul, so even Kirei's words cannot kill him unless that main body is destroyed. It is enough to make him unable to act unless he were to go find another body to devour. It is not sufficient to send back or affect entities like Servants with a connection with a Master, but it is different once they no longer have an active source of magical energy. His holy words can affect such Servants because they can be considered no different than the wandering spirits of the Einzbern Forest.

Command Spells[]

Kirei's command seals

During the Fourth Holy Grail War, Kirei is granted three Command Seals by the Grail, and though he loses them after Assassin is defeated, new seals are granted to him upon the Grail once again deeming him worthy of participation. It is unprecedented among the past participants of the previous Holy Grail Wars, as he is not a member of the Three Founding Families, and all six other Masters still live and all six other Servants still have their contracts. During the Fifth Holy Grail War, he steals Bazett Fraga McRemitz's Command Seals by cutting off her arm, allowing Lancer the chance to contract with him.

While he uses them to command Assassin and Lancer, he is opposed to using even a single Command Seal on Gilgamesh. It would only bring about the opposite result to force a man with such a huge ego to serve another's will, so he finds the best way to control him is to treat him as if he were an environmental condition rather than a pawn. The weather or direction of the wind cannot be controlled by a sailor, but he can dexterously control his boat using the sail. Differing from other magi who treat Servants like tools and familiars, he treats Gilgamesh like an accomplice with mutual interests. He does ask Gilgamesh for the right to summon him with a Command Spell to protect him from enemy Servants during the final battle of the Fourth War, to which Gilgamesh agrees.

In addition to his own Command Seals on his lower left arm, he also has Command Seals inherited from his father that cover his right arm from the elbow to the wrist. The supervisor of the Holy Grail War is entrusted with the Command Seals recollected from previous Holy Grail Wars, so he has access to a great number of them. Using them as the supervisor, he is able to transfer the Command Seals by taking the Master's hand, chanting a spell, and tracing the mark of the Command Seals with his own hand in order to renew them. He lies to Rin about their true nature by calling them a Magical Crest inherited from his father. He says that unlike her permanent Crest, his is a consumption type that fades away with use due to not actually being from a lineage of magi, instead calling it a "lower-rank Command Spell."

While normally only used to strengthen or restrain Servants, they can be used and forged into highly practical magical energy that has no alignments. He, as someone with no Magic Crest, can utilize them to perform magecraft upon paying the proper price. In a more efficient manner than trying to control Gilgamesh, he can use them to gain a high chance of victory even against an expert magus. Using them as mock Magic Crests, apart from the fact that they are limited and expendable, the magecraft utilized by him is enough to rival famous magecraft houses that have collected their Crests through generations.[37] Due to their nature as one-use crests, they naturally counter Kiritsugu's Origin Bullets by disappearing instead of destroying Kirei's own Magic Circuits.

He mainly utilizes them to reinforce his own body and equipment to a great extent. He surges magical energy into six black keys, causing them to expand to twice their size. Due to the amount of magical energy being forced into them, it seems the forceful execution of the spell surpasses the limits of the blades themselves. While they are able to easily neutralize the force behind Kiritsugu's first Origin Bullet, they shatter under the heavy load of magical energy. He also utilizes his own body to deflect the second Origin Bullet in a movement that Kiritsugu feels would require extreme willpower. Turning his own body into a lethal weapon, he reinforces his physical abilities to match the bullet. He accelerates his reaction time, multiplies the maximum power output of his right flexor, radius muscle, and pronator teres, and shows the capability to reinforce his bulletproof frock, but lacks the time to accomplish it in that moment.

Kirei deflects the Origin Bullet.

He uses a defensive Baji Quan skill normally used to nullify an opponent's strike that, when used by his arm that has been transformed into a lethal magecraft Mystic Code, causes a spiral to form in the air. It becomes a spiral of force that roars like a tornado with the power of two Command Seals infused into it. The martial arts move, performed at divine speed, catches the bullet traveling at 2500 inches per second, but it is unable to completely deflect it. It still manages to tear at his Kevlar sleeve and hit his reinforced arm without being turned. As it is forced to bend to the power of the magecraft in his body, the supernatural phenomenon of the clash sounds like two mill stones impacting, the scattering sparks seem to distort the laws of physics, and the approximately 3000 pound-per-inch kinetic energy of the bullet is forced off at an angle. Due to his unskilled method, he used too much magical energy and overly strengthened his arm with the magecraft, so his right arm ended up greatly wounded.[38]

While he only uses his remaining Command Spells to remove the Crest Worms from Sakura during Heaven's Feel, the original plan was to have him use ten of them in order to defeat Zoken and Assassin. Even a human can damage a Heroic Spirit by using that many, but the idea was dropped in favor of having Assassin get caught off guard after using Zabaniya.[2]


Gen Urobuchi said it gave him a headache to come up with ideas for Kirei in the final climactic battle between to Kirei and Kiritsugu. As Kiritsugu would wield fire arms, employ Innate Time Control, and equipped with Avalon. Urobuchi expressed that he had difficulties to write about Kirei's Bajiquan. In order to write the final battle at Fuyuki City Hall, he added 36th Chamber of ShaolinWP and The Storm RidersWP to his reference materials list.[39]


Kirei's voice actor Jouji Nakata loves Kirei and regularly cosplays him for events. In the leadup to the third Heaven's Feel film Jouji commented that he felt that movie may be his final time playing Kirei, so he wanted to give it his best with no regrets.[40]


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    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    >The catalyst for Kirei Kotomine's birth

    Nasu: I do feel like we might have been a little too intense with Kirei, but I've learned my lesson.

    Takeuchi: Yeah, he was pretty scruffy right from the earliest design drafts. The trademarks of characters like this are always developed and emphasised over time.

    Nasu: Kirei is just full of mystery, and part of that was because we wanted characters to suspect him of being a boss character upon first glance. We also wanted the players to dislike him, like he was the reason they didn't want to go to church. Another key phrase for Kirei's character was "dark saint". It was merely his beliefs that put him at odds with the game's protagonists, and he himself is not what you would consider a villain. Of course, from most perspectives, Kirei totally looks like your common bad guy.

    Takeuchi: Kirei was one of those designs that came off as "all wrong" at first, wasn't he?

    Nasu: I'll admit the initial draft showed me a man who wasn't at all the way I had pictured Kirei in my mind... but I also didn't think it was altogether wrong, so I decided to give it a fair shake.

    Takeuchi: Kirei was based on a vocalist I really like. I did my best to infuse Kirei's design with the same distinct presence and charisma that said vocalist possesses. By the way, why did we add that whole Bajiquan bit to his concept?

    Kirei: When you asked me if Kirei is a fighter type, I replied that he'd be able to fight using Black Keys at the very least, much like Ciel. That's when you started incessantly demanding that he be a Bajiquan fighter...

    Takeuchi: Oh... right. (laughs) I thought it sounded like something I'd suggest.

    Nasu: It came up when I was trying to figure out what type of martial arts Kirei would pursue, and I felt that Bajiquan would be a good fit for him. The whole idea of being strict with yourself and honing your physical body was right up Kirei's alley. This particular aspect of his concept really blossomed in "Zero".

    >Kirei's prowess

    Nasu: You want to know exactly how powerful Kirei is? You'll have to ask Gen Urobuchi. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: Well, after being doused in so much of the Holy Grail, I imagine his physical body has been weakened significantly from his "Zero" days.

    Nasu: For someone who died like that to be alive ten years later is quite a feat in and of itself. Kirei has quite a few Command Spells on his arms, and we were actually thinking about using cool visual effects to show the Command Seals being expended when he was defeating Zouken in "stay night". Even a flesh-and-blood human could damage a Heroic Spirit by using ten or so Command Spells. Unfortunately, we didn't get the change to show this because True Assassin was less effective than we had all hoped. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: I imagine people who played the game felt the same way, though it remains unclear as to whether it was a case of Kirei being too strong or True Assassin not being strong enough.

    Nasu: True Assassin is a careful servant who never lowers his guard. He uses distance to defend against and ultimately finish the target. As his final checkmate move, True Assassin uses Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat, but even he wasn't sure what to think when he tried to use his Noble Phantasm on Kirei.

    Takeuchi: He was like "This guy doesn't even have a heart...?"

    Nasu: That was all the opportunity Kirei needed to get to Zouken... so it was definitely True Assassin's lack of preparation that resulted in Zouken's demise.

    Takeuchi: I don't think anyone can really blame him, though. Why would anyone stop to think that this living, breathing human being might not have a normal human heart, right?

    Nasu: Kirei's role in Sakura's route was essentially the opposite of the whole "wouldn't it be scary if Saber was an enemy?" concept in that we took the guy everyone hated and made him a formidable ally. I believe that particular idea was summed up well in that one scene where Kirei was running with Illya in his arms. While Shirou was the uncertain adolescent in "stay night", Kirei had already dealt with his uncertainties by "Zero", making him incredibly powerful. When infiltrating Einzbern Castle, Kirei asked "You haven't even been rock climbing before?" as if it was the most basic milestone of childhood. It makes you wonder about Kirei's childhood... (laughs)

    Takeuchi: Speaking of being powerful... Who's stronger: Ciel or Kirei?

    Nasu: Ciel is by far more powerful. Just take her lineage into consideration, and add to that her immortality. Kirei's prowess in "Zero" was rooted in the sheer number of Command Spells at his disposal as much as it was in his obsession with Kiritsugu. Suffice to say, it was his golden age. I believe the "Zero" Kirei could have defeated Ciel.

    >Regarding Kirei's character design

    Takeuchi: I wanted to make Kirei as manly as possible. The way his hair curls up at his collar was part of that, but it came to be described as merely "unkempt"...

    Nasu: During the hanafuda mini-game in "hollow", Taiga mentions her desire to cut off all that mess.

    Takeuchi: I'm certain Kirei likes his hairstyle.

    Nasu: Every morning, he looks at himself in the mirror and predicts how each day will go based on the way his hair curls... like a horoscope!

    >The message Kirei carries as a character

    Nasu: He is the greatest of villains, but he is not a contradiction. His premise may be a paradox but he, as a man, is not. "stay night" was my attempt at telling a story without an absolute evil. When you have an obvious "evil" milling about in your story, it almost always turns out to be the same thing... the feeble pursuit of anything that might justify one's own convictions. When all was said and done, it would have been easy to declare both Kirei and Zouken as evil. While Zouken may have been a villain, he did hold himself to a higher standard and his ambitions were guided by something greater than himself. Meanwhile, the final confrontation between Kirei and the main character revealed that Kirei was a sort of "mirror" to Shirou. This whole story was based on the theme of "All the World's Evil", and in that sense you could say Kirei was "the other protagonist". The irony of Kirei's role is reflected in his name which, in terms of Japanese definitions, is actually quite beautiful. All of this resulted in my growing quite fond of Kirei despite the fact that he is not the main character, and that in turn led to him having way too many lines of dialogue. I had to go in more than once and edit out some of his lines.

    Takeuchi: You know, some people believe that Kirei intentionally lost to Shirou at the end.

    Nasu: Simply put, they just ran out of time. Kirei didn't really care whether he won that fight or not, but I will say that he definitely did not take it easy on Shirou. I think the illustration added for the final battle in the PS2 version was pretty cool.

    Takeuchi: I really wanted to portray the fact that Kirei "doesn't have a heart" through an illustration, and I am sad that I couldn't. Regardless, Sakura's route was the grand stage for Kirei.

    Nasu: I loved that scene where Kirei was running with ease as he carries Illya in his arms. In my mind, that represents the epitome of manliness! It really underlined the difference between him and Shirou, who is still a youth.

    Takeuchi: Kirei is 193cm tall, which made Illya look even smaller. In a way, Kirei serves as a face from "Fate" as well.

    Nasu: Yeah... and a really big one at that.

    Takeuchi: Yeah, we might have made him a little too big. (laughs) The fact that he is second only to Berserker in size pretty much drives that point home.


    Character Data 009

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談



    奈須:あそこで死んだ人間が10年後も生きていただけですごいけどね。彼の腕には令呪が何個もあるんですが、実は『stay night』本編で臓硯を倒す時に消費される令呪をガンガン効果的に表示しようというアイデアもあったんです。たとえ生身の人間だったとしても、令呪を10個近く使えば英霊にダメージが与えられますから。でも結局はやる機会がなかった。ええ、思った以上に真アサシンが頼りなかったので(汗)。






    奈須:ちなみに桜ルートにおける言峰は、セイバーが敵に回ったら怖いというのとは逆に「今まで嫌だった奴が味方に回ったら頼もしいぞ」というコンセプト。イリヤを抱いて走るシーンにその全てが集約されています。『stay night』で士郎が迷える少年であるのに対し、言峰は『Zero』においてすでに迷える時期を抜けて一個人として完成している人間なので、ハンパない強さなんです。アインツベルン城に潜入する時も「ロッククライミングぐらい嗜んでいないのか?」って言ってましたけど、普通嗜んでないから。お前はどんだけ厳しい少年時代をすごしたんだよ、と(笑)。



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    A: Because of his father, Risei, Kotomine had been working diligently as an Executor-in-training since an early age. He entered the seminary at the age of 22. In the same year, he received a second baptism to graduate from a trainee to a full Executor who could operate independently. However, while performing his duty of judging heretics, he married. Kotomine voluntarily left his position in the seminary, and abandoned the path of becoming an official priest. After the death of his wife, he worked for the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, concentrating on training as an Executor. At the age of 28, he lost his father Risei, and was given the position of a priest, albeit unofficially.



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    To write him, I just got rid of the older Kirei's state of enlightenment and composure, and replaced them with hesitation and inner turmoil. In Zero, when he engages in self-introspection his memories of the past are distorted, especially in regards to his wife. Accordingly, the more philosophic self-analysis from Fate/stay night is probably a better reflection of his true inner self.
    In the first draft, I was a bit too cognizant of his height from the original story, and kept indiscriminately using words like "gigantic", "hulking", and "towering" to describe him. As a result, I was called in by Type Moon and chastised for misrepresenting Kirei's image, and his height ended up casually being changed.
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  10. Holds mass all night on 12/31 at his church. That's the most enjoyable part of the year for him. Why? Because he can ruin both the past year and the coming year at the same time, in just half a day. But, the curious thing is that the assembled people, while being reduced to the state of "OMG, I'm sorry for even being born", they are all thankful to Father Kotomine. Well, it might give you the blues, but this guy will say stuff that's beneficial to you.
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    Tokiomi and his predecessor made a conscious effort to commercialize their spiritual lands, and the unnatural economic success of every business situated there naturally led to exorbitant rental fees, which were collected by the Tohsaka. Of course, as far as Tokiomi was concerned, the fact that the "harvests of all the tenant farmers tilling the Tohsaka land" were protected from bad luck and natural disasters by the Tohsaka's careful management of the ley lines, meant that taxing them like this was his natural right. Truly, it was a 20th century feudal system made possible through sorcery.
    Although, even among the Second Owners of other lands, very few have ever seen monetary returns like those made by the Tohsaka.
    After Tokiomi's death, these assets were passed on to Aoi, and after Aoi's death they were passed on once more to Rin. Or at least, they should have been, but thanks to her legal guardian Kirei's naïve honesty and crude management, most of the valuable property was lost to other people. Then again, as a priest who values honest poverty, he probably thought it would be good for her from an educational standpoint. Just another thing for Rin to wallop him for, I guess.


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    Kotomine Kirei is living as an extremely respectable priest in Fuyuki even now. The Fourth Holy Grail War didn’t occur here, so he didn’t shift his focus to his own nature. It might be a different story if he participated in one of the subspecies Holy Grail Wars, but he’ll never have such a chance as long as he is in Fuyuki.
    In other words, he is still in anguish over the meaning and karma of his existence even now.
    He heard about who his older brother Shirou is from his father Risei, but they have rarely interacted with each other. This is not done on Kirei’s part, but rather because Shirou consciously avoids him.
    This is because Shirou noticed the “distortion” within his stepbrother Kirei. Of course, he would very much like to free Kirei from his anguish, but no matter how he thought about it, it wouldn’t end well… Additionally, if the one-in-a-million chance occurred where an event caused him to affirm his own distortion, Shirou was greatly worried that the first person Kirei would target would be him.
    It would be like pouring gasoline on a volcano that’s on the verge of erupting even now. Thus, Shirou kept his distance from Kirei as much as possible from the beginning to end of their relationship.


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    When Kotomine was in his early twenties, his father was appointed the arbiter of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. After that, he was transferred to the Mages' Association under the Holy Church's "formal dispatch".
    As a survivor of the Fourth Holy Grail War, Kotomine inherited the mantle of arbiter.
    He bore the title of Executor from the Holy Church, and was proficient in Spiritual Healing.
    Even though he was a member of the Executors, he would not be a match for the Number Seven of the Burial Agency.
    His anti-spiritual attack power was exceptional, thus demonstrating that his faith was unwavering (albeit distorted).
    Although he favoured destruction, he was a "creation" type magus like Shirou. The skillfulness of his spiritual and psychological healing had reached Priest level.
    He was villainous but not wicked; cruel but not deviant.
    The ultimate antagonist of Fate.
    If Archer represented Shirou's flaws that were exposed under the spot light, then Kotomine could be called a wall you could only perceive in the dark.
    His initial concept was "the evil mastermind that was instantly recognizable".

    言峰 綺礼【人名】
    が、霊体に対しての攻撃力は特出しており、(歪ではあるが)彼の信仰がどれほど揺るぎないものかを現 している。

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    Q: Between Kotomine, Bazett, Kuzuki, Melty Blood’s Miyako, and Kishima Kouma, who’d be the top 3 in a purely hand to hand fight with no weapons or magecraft?

    A: I’m excluding Kouma since his existence itself has become a mystery.
    And even if he didn’t have that nature, he’s like an athlete caught by drug testing.
    Out of the four left, the winner in pure strength is Bazett.
    If it’s limited to one match and a surprise attack, then it’s Kuzuki.
    And if it’s the Kotomine from ten years ago, he’s stronger than Bazett overall.



  31. Einzbern Consultation Room 6
  32. [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Rin vs Kotomine

    Nasu-san CHECK!
    Ah. Rin has the better specs, but 80% of the time, Kotomine would win. It's not easy for humans to conquer trauma printed into them and what this fraud of a priest excels at is opening up the trauma of the enemy.
    Since Rin has the goof-up girl trait, she has a lot of traumatic experiences, and having these poked at would make her unable to take advantage of her true potential.... Of course, even if they didn't know each other, Rin would still have a hard time. The executor side of Kotomine, a combat expert with over 10 years of experiences in killing magi, would be the counter of Rin's talents.



  33. [v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023
    Questions 05: Kotomine deflected the bullet of the Contender with Bajiquan, but is Bajiquan really that powerful? I am really interested, so by all means, let me know. [T]

    Questions 05: Kotomine deflected the bullet of the Contender with Bajiquan, but is Bajiquan really that powerful? I am really interested, so by all means, let me know.

    Fukushu: Oh, that. Urobuchi's Bajiquan is the Internal Art that transcends the External Art. It is a super-human technique like the supersonic 6-hit combo that the Cyber Fist KillerWP can achieve. It should not be used as a reference for the real Bajiquan. I wonder what will happen if it continues to become more deadly?
    Gen: It is the ultimate technique born from the miraculous fusion of Bajiquan and magecraft. Super Bajiquan is the reckless attack that belongs to Kotomine, whose self-destructive fighting style enables him to sacrifice an arm.



  34. [v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
    Q: Kirei's wife Ortensia is covered with wounds in the design draft, is it because she has a body similar to Caren's? Also, Command Spells appeared on Kirei due to the fact that he somehow possesses Magic Circuits despite being born in a non-magus lineage. Does this mean Caren also has Magic Circuits?

    Q: Kirei's wife Ortensia is covered with wounds in the design draft, is it because she has a body similar to Caren's? Also, Command Spells appeared on Kirei due to the fact that he somehow possesses Magic Circuits despite being born in a non-magus lineage. Does this mean Caren also has Magic Circuits?

    A: Kirei's wife is an albino, and is immunodeficient. As a result, she can die from even a tiny wound, thus her body appears tattered. What Caren inherited is the aspect of "prone to be plagued by illnesses". This is truly an ordeal given by God.
    About the Magic Circuits, a normal person rarely acquires Magic Circuits. You can consider such cases sudden mutations. However, Kirei is not of this type. Kirei's Circuits were a gift from the divine sacrament, rewarding his father Risei's years of pious worship. Kirei was born with "the right to recreate the miracles in the divine sacrament". This "right", in other words, was the Magic Circuits. Caren did not inherit the Circuits.

    Q:綺礼の奥さんであるオルタンシアさんが設定画で手当ての跡だらけなカレンと同じ体質だからなのでしょ うか。あと、綺礼に令呪が現れたのは元々魔術師の家じゃないけどたまたま魔術回路を待っていたということで 、カレンにもあるんでしょうか?

    A:奥さんはアルビノで、免疫機能が欠如した人でした。なので些細な傷でも死に繋がるし、体もボロボロで した。カレンに受け継がれたのは”病魔に憑かれやすい”という在り方。神の試練ですな一。
    魔術回路ですが、これは一般人にも稀に待って生まれる人がいます。突然变異と思ってください。綺礼はその類 ではありませんが、父・離正が長年の信仰によって得た秘蹟の恩恵で、” 秘蹟を再現する資格”をまって生まれました。秘蹟を再現する資格、なんで言ってますが、ようは魔術回路です 。カレンには受け継がれていません。

  35. [v] Fate/side material - Encyclopedia: Baptismal Chant [Magecraft], p.065

    Baptismal Chant [Magecraft]
    The only miracle allowed to be practiced by the Holy Church.
    It was a simple ritual that sublimed lost souls through the Lord's teaching, and returned them to the appropriate "Throne".
    The Foundations of each mage school's arcane principles were carved onto the World. Spells were activated by taking control of the Rules and System (through the Foundation).
    Spells with a feeble belief system and small Foundation were often weak, and could not function in foreign lands.
    Amongst faith-based spells, the one with the broadest Foundation was the Church's teaching of God, i.e. Words of God.
    Its ability to interfere with physical objects was weak, but its ability to interfere with spiritual entities was great.
    The teachings of the Church were widespread, because this miracle that "speaks to the soul" had mended the hearts of many.

    物理的な干渉力は微弱だが、霊体に対する干渉力は 絶大なものがある。

  36. "Now see that I, even I, am He, And there is no God besides Me; I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal; Nor is there any who can deliver from My hand." - Deuteronomy 32:39, NKJV
  37. Fate/Zero Volume 3: The Scattered Ones - Act 12 Part 4 -58:16:21
  38. Fate/Zero Volume 4: Flames of Purgatory - Act 16 Part 6 -03:54:28
  39. [v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Super Bajiquan [Others], p.098

    Super Bajiquan [Others]
    Since Fate Zero was the story of Emiya Kiritsugu and Kotomine Kirei, the final climactic battle of course would be a duel between the two. Based on earlier design decisions, Kiritsugu would wield fire arms, employ magecrafts such as Innate Time Control, and be equipped with Avalon considering later developments. However, speaking of Kirei's arsenal, there were only the Black Keys. This gave me quite a bit of a headache.
    But wait, there was Bajiquan. Only Bajiquan was left. Still, how should I write it?
    In the Second Volume of Zero, I had to write Kirei's fight scene. I went back to square one: first I re-read The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, then I attempted to brainwash myself with Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and and Tony Jaa for inspiration. Finally, I had achieved an understanding and reached the realm of "amazing kungfu, truly amazing kungfu". What was left was merely finishing writing the scene in one go before I calmed down. Thus the VS. Iri and Maiya scene was born.
    Also worth mentioning, in order to write the final battle at Fuyuki City Hall, I added the 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Storm Rider to my reference/brainwashing materials list.
    Because of all this, if you poke fun of the fact that Kirei's Bajiquan was kind of random, I would just ignore you and keep humming the ending theme of Space Warrior Baldios.


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