Kirei Kotomine (言峰 綺礼, Kotomine Kirei?) is an NPC from the Fate/EXTRA series. He is a different person than the Kirei Kotomine that appears in Fate/stay night, though he has a similar appearance and personality.



Kotomine is not a real person, but rather an NPC created by the Moon Cell. He mentions that he is based on a real person who once participated in the Holy Grail War.[1]



He shares the same dark personalty as his counterpart. He at one point mentions that if he were Hakuno Kishinami's opponent then they already would have been dead.



Kotomine acts as a guide for the battle throughout the game. The Initial Protagonist first meets him in the courtyard during the preliminaries, where Kotomine mentions that he will follow his progress with great interest. He meets with the true protagonist, Hakuno Kishinami, after the preliminaries, explains to them the nature of the Holy Grail War, and gives them a key for their room. He is the supervisor of the Holy Grail War.[1]

Last EncoreEdit

Kotomine is the announcer for the elimination preliminaries. He announced that the remaining 20 candidates and the remaining NPC would be eliminated. Kotomine witnesses a miracle, where HAKUNO Kishinami became the 129th Master-candidate. As his task was completed, he perishes.[2]

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

In both Normal Route and CCC Route, Kotomine acts as the Commissary Keeper who Hakuno buys items from. He is also the attendant at Tsukuyomi Onsen.[1]

Kotomine is the only one who sells alternate clothing for Servants. In order to obtain these clothes he dives into the slumbering chaos of the imaginary number space “Fuji Fierce Tiger 8th Battle Arena (藤猛虎八連闘覇ふじもうこばーれんとうは?)” and defeats the fearsome opponents there in order to return alive with his haul.[1]

Later in the CCC Route, he appears as one of the bonus bosses, with Lancer as his Servant before entering the Moon Cell. He makes unreasonable demands of Lancer.[1]

Fate/Extra CCC Fox TailEdit

Kirei was killed off by Saber and Kazuhito Sakagami.


His codecasts includes:

  • Black Keys projection (黒鍵投射, Kokken tōsha?) - throwing Black Keys mainly to damage the servant, it causes small damage and inflicts poison.
  • Issoku Ittou (一足一倒?) - utilizing Bajiquan to deal medium damage and stun to Hakuno's Servants.


In the development of Fate/Extra CCC, Kinoko Nasu was asked by one of the staff “Is it okay if I make Kotomine the school store teller?” Nasu became a bit worried about their health and replied “Ishikawa-san… you must be tired….” But if it works it works, hence Kotomine makes his appearance as the wonderful teller in CCC. They took his design in a new direction so players wouldn't balk at the existence of such a suspicious person working as a teller.[1]


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