Kirie Fujou  (巫条霧絵, Fujō Kirie?) is the antagonist of the first chapter of Kara no Kyoukai.



Kirie is a woman in her late twenties who is a descendant of an ancient shaman lineage, the Fujou clan.[2] They are a family of the Demon Hunter's Association as ancient as the Ryougis and Asakamis, and they are skilled in curses, which in common Magecraft are difficult to actualize. Kirie is the last surviving member of the main family of Fujou clan, though Kohaku and Hisui are members of a branch family.

Many years earlier, her parents and little brother died in a car accident. She was stricken with a terminal illness when she was 17 and was bedridden in the city hospital for 10 years.

Araya encountering Kirie

In 1995, Souren Araya meets Kirie, as one of the three to meet him including Fujino Asagami and Lio Shirazumi, in the hospital and helps her awaken her ability. Araya claims to be acquainted with Kirie's father and helps pay her hospital bills.[4]

During in 1996 to 1998, she developed a romantic attraction to Mikiya Kokutou and jealousy towards Shiki Ryougi during the two years in which Mikiya visited the comatose Ryougi, though he appears to be oblivious to this.


A woman in her late twenties, Kirie had long black hair (with a blue hue in the film) that obscured most of her face.[2] Aged at 27, she was mainly depicted as wearing a white hospital gown for most of her appearance. Her second body noticeably possessed longer flowing hair that levitated, often covering her eyes. This combined with her second body possessing a billowing white dress (seemingly a larger version of her white hospital gown), gave her the appearance of a traditional Japanese ghost. Her overall frame was rather thin, enough for Shiki to liken her second body's haunting appearance to that of a skeleton's bones. In contrast, her billowing white dress was described as giving her the beautfiul appearance of a lilly flower.


Kirie is quiet and timid. She is defined by day-dreaming and floating. She has been plagued by disease and spent her life in the hospital ward. After losing her sight, she viewed the world with renewed clarity, and was set free by Souren with another body after awakening her spiritual ability. She has no goal even with this body, so she has nowhere to go. She lingers and floats, and although she desires to make new friends, they cannot hear her or sense her and this causes her to grow lonely. She possesses their souls with the intention of making them notice her, resulting in the body of the victims to commit suicide in the process.[2]

Despite her subdued demeanor, she continued to use her power to the point of escapism; even though she was aware towards the eventual fate of her victims. Only when she was caught by Touko does she freely admit to her crimes. Although she had possessed Mikiya, she has shown a sense of compassion by never actually tampering with him enough to cause his body to commit suicide. When Kirie's second body encountered death through her fight with Shiki, this caused her to develop a fondness for the feelings she felt during the experience. She likens the feeling of death as if "life" was brought back inside her ill body, and as such chooses to commit suicide to relive the same experience. Before death, Kirie believed that the only way she could return to the reality of the normal world after being deprived of experience for being bed-ridden for so long was to allow herself to finally die.


Kara no Kyoukai[]

Chapter 1: Overlooking the Scenery[]

After Araya gave her a second body that allowed her to enter the state of a dual existence, she used these innate curse abilities to perpetuate the Fujou Building suicide spree, in which highschool students are reported as mysteriously committing suicide despite little to no indication in the personality and circumstances of the victims. At the same time, Mikiya is discovered by Shiki to have fallen into a state of deep coma due to unknown circumstances. Shiki and Touko deduce that the suicide spree may be connected to Mikiya's predicament, When Shiki decides to investigate the site of the suicide spree at nighttime, she glimpses at the rooftop discovering seven floating apparitions surrounding what seems to be a leading ghostly figure; later revealed to be Kirie's second body. Discussing the matter with Shiki Ryougi, Touko notes that the records of the suicide victims possibly remain on top of the twenty-story building, resulting in appariton-like figures to constantly form around the rooftop. Due to the resonance and memory of the victims being delayed from actually matching with the deceased state of their bodies, this allows them to remain floating as unconscious minds.

After causing the death of her fourth victim, Kirie's second body was confronted by Shiki Ryougi inside the Fujou Building out of worry for Mikiya's sake. Due to Shiki's lack of experience in using her prosthetic left arm, Kirie was able to possess the hand very easily; with it serving as a vessel to allow her to try and attack Shiki. Though initially overwhelmed, Shiki is able to amputate her prosthetic hand, thereby stopping Kirie's assault. Amused, Kirie quietly withdraws as Shiki decides to retreat to have her prosthetic arm repaired by Touko Aozaki.

After causing the death of her seventh victim, she is finally confronted by Shiki for another battle on top of the Fujou Building. After Shiki destroys the apparition-like remnants of Kirie's victims, Kirie attempts to use her ability to possess and cause Shiki to commit suicide. Due to Shiki's detachment and affinity for death, Kirie's mental assault fails just as Shiki uses the ability of her new prosthetic arm to grasp and choke Kirie at a great distance, until deciding to let go of her as a means to taunt her into further attacking her. Growing furious, Kirie continues to curse Shiki to commit suicide using her auto-suggestive ability. Shiki suddenly drives her knife through Kirie's second body, causing her ghostly form to die. This results in her connection being damaged, allowing her original body to awaken in near-shock, though the severity of the separation was not sufficient enough to get killed by Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. She is quickly confronted in person by Touko, where the two admit their roles as enemies. After having a lengthy conversation with Touko. in which she is questioned by her, she decides to commit suicide believing that she has nothing to live for, all while desiring the same experience she felt when Shiki had killed her second body. After her death, Mikiya wakes up from his unconscious state with little to no awareness of the incident and his possession.

Kirie's final moments before committing suicide

Dying at the age of 27, Kirie's corpse is found at the site of the Fujou Building suicide spree where she was pronounced dead on-site in the morning with the implication that she committed suicide by jumping. The Fujou Building is revealed to be previously owned by her parents, though it has long been abandoned with the decision of its demolition having been delayed for many years. Despite the cause of her death being the same as the other high school students, the media rules out the possibility she was related to the same suicide spree due to her older age and lack of any seeming connection towards the victims. When Touko is asked by Azaka as to what she feels about the notion of suicide, Touko muses, "It's just that she was not able to fly today", referring to Kirie's inability to accept her bed-ridden fate.


The Fujou[5] family made a living by channeling beings such as wayward spirits and Gods. The itako of Mount Osore lost their sight due to looking into the realm of the dead, but Kirie's power blossoms as a result of losing her sight to illness.[2] Though this allows her the ability to view remotely from locations she fixated on while still able to see. In addition to her fragile health her ancestry grants her unnatural vitality, but this has only prolonged her life beyond what a normal human being should be able to survive, rather than allowing her to overcome her illness.

Kirie and her ghost victims

After accidentally developing her abilities in a state of complete control, Kirie is able to project her mind on a wide area all while being able to possess vessels (i.e. human bodies) and create auto-suggestive drives in their minds (e.g. commit suicide). Through her second body, Kirie's ability is amplified to the point in which she is able to channel herself and possess individuals on a wide and panoramic scale, enough for her to willingly choose her victims. This causes her victims' bodies to act lifeless, in which they are easily driven to death, thus creating the impression of a suicide. Kirie has enough control over her abilities to the point that she was able to prevent Mikiya's body from committing suicide despite seemingly possessing him the same way as her other victims.


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