Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg (キシュア・ゼルレッチ・シュバインオーグ, Kishua Zerurecchi Shubain'ōgu?, originally romanized as Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg) is one of the founders of the Clock Tower and the Magician of the Second Magic. He holds the title of Wizard Marshal in the Mage's Association.[3][1] He is known for defeating the Crimson Moon in battle.

Within Tsukihime worlds, he was turned into a Dead Apostle by Crimson Moon and became recognized as the fourth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. Within Fate worlds, he did not become a Dead Apostle, but found immortality through other means.[4]



Known by numerous nicknames, including Zelretch the Wizard Marshal (魔道元帥ゼルレッチ, Madō Gensui Zerurecchi?), Zelretch of the Jewels (宝石のゼルレッチ, Hōseki no Zerurecchi?), Old Man of the Jewels (宝石翁, Hōseki Okina?), Kaleidoscope (万華鏡(カレイドスコープ), Mangekyō (Kareidosukōpu)?) and Solo: The One and Only (名が“唯一(ソロ)?),[5] Zelretch's origins and details as to how he reached the Second Magic are unknown.

In 300 AD,[6] he defeated Brunestud of the Crimson Moon, the King of Vampires, simply because of his dislike for Brunestud.[7] He rallied the mages of the world and led them into battle.[4] When the Crimson Moon attempted to drop a mirror image of the moon on the Earth, Zelretch used the Second Magic and Jeweled Sword Zelretch to create a virtually limitless Ether Cannon to fight back.[8][9]

In 500 AD,[6] he was one of the founding members of the Clock Tower.[10][11] The Department of Mineralogy "Kischur" is named after him.

Old mage families teach their children his name, while young families have heard that the great Magician who led the World of Magecraft into battle long ago is still alive.[4] When visiting the Mage's Association, he is known to simply take pupils on a whim, but as his tutelage, while comprehensive, frequently traumatizes or cripples the most promising of students, there has yet to be a successor from any of the family lines that follow his teachings. The idea of becoming “a pupil of Zelretch”, the "pupil of a Magician", is synonymous to being turned into a complete wreck, but those that are accepted as the "pupil of a magus" turn out to be fine. When he does appear, the department heads worry over having to send their most promising students in order to force him to leave, but at the same time worry that they will be unwilling or incapable of continuing their careers.[1]

Tsukihime Worlds[]

Zelretch's first encounter with Arcueid Brunestud.

In Tsukihime worlds Zelretch had his blood sucked during his battle with Brunestud the Crimson Moon, resulting in the Wizard Marshal being turned into a vampire classified as one of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. While he emerged victorious, or it could possibly be said it ended in a draw, he paid a heavy price. He became extremely weakened because of the battle, aging him severely and causing his powers to diminish.

Despite his status as a vampire, Zelretch still remains an ally of humanity and the nearly extinct race of True Ancestors. He was one of the Magicians who would be summoned to witness the births of princes and princesses like in ages past, and one such event was the coming of age ceremony of Arcueid Brunestud eight hundred years before Tsukihime. Along with his friend Caubac Alcatraz, they appeared before her and Zelretch, having "sent away" the King of the Moon, was very intrigued by her. He smiled and said "This is why life is interesting" upon seeing her. She also took an interest in him due to it being her first time seeing a smiling face.

He told her that she will sleep until she becomes an adult, and she asked him why he was smiling, because no one at the castle ever smiles. He said that people smile when they enjoy their own lives, which she did not understand due to her unique upbringing. When asked what is enjoyable and when she will understand, he replied that it was a fifty-fifty shot that she would come to that realization, and that due to her long life, she would have many opportunities. Understanding is something gained by chance, like walking alongside the road and tripping over a rock, and once something is understood, it is no longer anything special. She did not and could not understand, but he said to her that "One day you will notice that life is fun just being awake."[12]

Fate Worlds[]

In Fate worlds, Zelretch did not become a vampire during his battle with Brunestud the Crimson Moon. He found immortality through other means.[4]

Nagato Tohsaka is considered to be one of the rare talented pupils that returned without a scratch, but the nature of their relationship was strange. Zelretch met him while both of them were on a journey, and he decided to teach Nagato something as payment for picking up the hotel bill. He couldn't even be called "pupil of a magus" because, from Zelretch's perspective, Nagato was only a follower whom he looked out for every now and then. Their level of relationship was distant, something like that of a supervising teacher who is observing the students doing experiments from afar.[13]

Despite their strange relationship, Zelretch entrusted the design of the Jewel Sword to Nagato and the Tohsaka family. Though there were other candidates to whom he could have given them, such as the brilliant Einzberns and Makiris, they were fundamentally evil. Nagato, while mediocre, was good at heart, so he concluded that "this House will probably never accomplish anything great, but at least they will never stray from the righteous path." He then gave the design to Nagato and told him "alright, it will be a struggle, but work towards this goal". He never expected that only six generations would be needed to produce a result.[14]

He helped oversee the formation of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War system two hundred years ago with Zouken Makiri, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, and Nagato.[15] Nagato allowed his property, Fuyuki City, to be used as the battleground, Zouken proposed the system of "Masters" and "Servants", and Justeaze developed the Heaven's Feel system, offered the homunculi vessels for the Grail, and became the core of the Greater Grail.[16]



He is known as a complicated and weird individual with a personality where he becomes angered with those who are evil and laughs at do-gooders. He has a demeanor that can be called "old, but not out."

He is surprisingly meddlesome in worldly affairs, and he is known to be a troublesome figure who frequently sparks conflicts. He acts as a surrogate grandfather to Arcueid Brunestud, and is both admired and disliked by the Mage's Association due to his tendency to cripple his proteges.


Fate/stay night[]

Heaven's Feel[]

Zelretch appears before Rin Tohsaka at the Clock Tower after she manages to recreate his Jeweled Sword with the assistance of Shirou Emiya during the Heaven's Feel route, complimenting her accomplishment by taking her as a protege and having the charges against her nullified. He had expected the least out of Nagato's unremarkable bloodline, ruminating on the progression of the Tohsaka family in just six generations. In the True End, he uses his influence in the Clock Tower to get Rin acquitted of opening and closing the gate of the Greater Grail.[17]

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]

Zelretch is the creator of Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire. He gives them to Rin and Luvia so they can retrieve the Class Cards.

Fate/strange Fake[]

Zelretch in his Observation Room.

Possibly many years prior to the story of Fate/strange Fake, Zelretch killed one of the bodies of Francesca Prelati. Although she continued living in another body, this death was still one of her most memorable.[18]

Zelretch is concerned about the False Holy Grail War of Snowfield, fearing that it will lead to the premature awakening of the "Spider", due to a wish of one of the Masters. Zelretch is shown discussing with Caubac Alcatraz about what timeline Zelretch should observe, as his observation will make that timeline the real one, based on the person who will intervene in the War and hopefully prevent its danger. They eventually decide on Ayaka Sajyou to be their observer.[19]

It is also stated, that after learning of the birth and exceptional nature of Flat Escardos, Zelretch noted that he has achieved the 1,800-year long dream of the Escardos Family, that even their descendants had forgotten. This was also noted by Van-Fem, in the exact same words no less.[20]

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]

In Mario Gallo Bestino's Arcade Mode, he contacts Aoko Aozaki to inform her that Mario striking a deal with Roa to obtain his research into immortality poses some potential threat to humanity, prompting Aoko to intervene in Souya to prevent this from happening.[21]

Other appearances[]

Zelretch in Carnival Phantasm.

Zelretch makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.

Zelretch makes cameos in Fate/Grand Order as Craft Essence cards. He appears as the illustration cover for Kaleidoscope (カレイドスコープ, Kareidosukōpu?) and Wizard Marshal (魔道元帥?).


Zelretch has complete mastery of the Second Magic, which allowed him to defeat Crimson Moon in one on one combat due to Crimson Moon having no knowledge of Magic, and allowed him to stop the "Moon Fall", during which Crimson Moon dropped a mirror image of the Moon towards earth, with pure force. The encounter caused a heavy toll to be taken on his body, known for his strong and tough physique, which aged him considerably and diminished his powers to the point where he can no longer use that level of magic extensively He mainly uses what is left of his abilities to travel between parallel worlds. Along with being a Magic user, he is also at the pinnacle of magi, earning his title as a Wizard Marshal.[3][1]

Dead Apostle Ancestor[]

Within Tsukihime Worlds, Zelretch is a Rank IX Ancestor Dead Apostle due to having been bitten by Crimson Moon during their battle, possessing one of the Idea Blood, granting him a yet undisclosed Principle. He has gained immortality through becoming a Dead Apostle.

Second Magic[]

Neco-Arc is suggested by Aoko Aozaki to have been brought from another world by Zelretch in Melty Blood Act Cadenza.


Apart from his Mystic Codes, Zelretch is capable of using his Second Magic in other ways. The full abilities of his Magic are yet to be revealed, but it does give him the ability to observe and travel through different worlds and even timelines. He is capable of observing the different worlds he sees, being able to see their eventual outcomes. Due to his Magic, the mere fact of Zelretch observing a single possibility among many will instantly make that possibility the only real one.[22] This causes him to choose the worlds he observes with great consideration, only intervening when absolutely necessary.

Mystic Codes[]

Zelretch has a number of Mystic Codes that utilize the Second Magic.

Jeweled Sword Zelretch[]

Zelretch's main weapon is the Mystic Code, the Jewel Sword Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg (宝石剣キシュア・ゼルレッチ・シュバインオーグ, Hōseki-ken Kishua Zerurecchi Shubain'ōgu?), more commonly referred to as Jeweled Sword Zelretch (宝石剣ゼルレッチ, Hōseki-ken Zerurecchi?), the Jewel Sword (宝石剣, Hōseki-ken?), and Zelretch. It is a ritual dagger with a jeweled blade, an alien technology embodying general knowledge from a far future, beyond the reach of modern man. Shirou cannot tell the magical theory that constructed it even with all of Archer's knowledge. Zelretch carries the original, and he has left blueprints of the sword with the Tohsaka family as a sort of long-term homework that he expects will take many generations. Like normal Mystic Codes, it is only able to be used by him and those of his lineage. It is the tool with which he pushed back the mirror image of the moon by utilizing it to create a virtually limitless Ether Cannon unleashed through a Magic Square, a special magic circle.[9][8]

The sword is capable of the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, allowing the user to draw in potentially infinite magical energy. The kaleidoscope-like jewel blade creates a small opening to the same area in another parallel world, though any further interference is impossible, and it draws in all of the magical energy from that space. Magical energy channeled into the blade can be fired off in a blinding stream of light. Also, as a jewel, the sword can also be detonated as a one-shot explosive. The sword is created during Heaven's Feel by using the blueprints, Emiya Shirou's Projection, and Illyasviel von Einzbern's inherited memories from Justeaze of Zelretch's original sword. The sword is inferior to the original, and using it causes Rin's muscles to be damaged. Due to this, Tohsaka Rin is better able to grasp the blueprint and theory, generations ahead of when Zelretch expected, though it will take decades and numerous resources to reproduce it.


Main article: Kaleidostick

The Kaleidostick is a sentient wand that hates its creator. The Kaleidostick, Ruby, is capable of forming a contract with its wielder, allowing it to use an ability known as Prism Trance to "download" and transfer knowledge from an alternate version of its user into its current wielder.[23]

Treasure Chest[]

Zelretch's Treasure Chest

Zelretch's Treasure Chest, granted to the Tohsaka House, is a "magical chest" that has a spacial distortion inside of it made by applying the Second Magic. The dimensions fluctuate and bend according to the contents, allowing most items to fit into it, and one hour inside is equivalent to one day outside. She keeps the Kaleidostick and the Jewel Sword's blueprints in it.[24] Also, while trapped in the chest, Shirou and Rin managed to call three years into a parallel world's future using a cellphone, having a confused discussion with that future's Luviagelita and Rin.[25]


Main article: Mr. Cellphone

Other creations[]

Observation room[]

Zelretch performs the observation of parallel worlds inside a spherical room, said to be a "completed world." It is jet black in appearance, dotted with points of light resembling stars. As he dictates the characteristics of an observed world, these points of light rapidly rotate with the turning of the pages of the book he utilizes. This room is hard to enter, Zelretch possessing a count of those with the ability, such as Caubac Alcatraz.[19]

Within the center of the room floats a wooden chair upon which he sits, said to "imbue the space around it with a conspicuous gravity" simply through existing. The chair's appearance is described as "extravagant" with its wood possessing a "refined hue," but not repulsively ornamental like that owned by the elite. The very significance of the chair in the space is such that an unrefined person would be "consumed by the weight of the chair’s existence and hidden from surrounding view."[19]

From the chair, he utilizes a hovering book that, while the size and thickness of a standard encyclopedia, flips through tens of thousands of pages in an instant at his beckoning. It inscribes and erases pages in real time, filled with information on different worlds and the specifications, down to the very individual characteristics of a person.[19]


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    One of the only five True Magicians in the world. Zelretch served as the witness during the creation of the Greater Grail. He is an old man with many nicknames. He has been referred to as “Wizard Marshall”, “(Zelretch ) Of the Jewel”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Old Man Time” and many other names. The 5 phenomenon that cannot be achieved through sorcery or science are called “True Magic”, and those individuals who can invoke these are called “True Magicians”. Zelretch once fought the existence known as “Crimson Moon”. Although emerging victorious (draw?), he paid a heavy price. As a result of this engagement, he became severely aged, and his powers diminished. And it was also at that time, he was bitten by the Crimson Moon and turned into a vampire. His name was entered into the list of “The 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors”, which documents powerful vampires.
    The Magic which Zelretch wields is something called “The Second Magic”, and through this Magic he can freely stroll through many parallel worlds. He is a complicated and weird guy with a personality that “rages at evil and laughs at good”. He is a powerful existence who is surprisingly meddlesome in worldly affairs, and frequently sparks conflicts. A troublesome figure indeed.
    In the Association, becoming “a pupil of Zelretch” is synonymous to being turned into a complete wreck. Tohsaka Nagato is one of the few rare talented ones that returned without a scratch after becoming the pupil of Zelretch.
    Not only a True Magician, but also the pinnacle of magi, this is the “Wizard Marshall” Zelretch. His physique is strong and tough. His demeanour can certainly be called “old but not out”.

    遠坂 永人
    聖杯戦争設計当初の遠坂当主.ゼルレッチに師事したで魔術師,聖杯により根源へと至ることを夢 見ていた. 当時の日本では禁じられていたキリスト教の信者でもある。

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    Q: Are the three routes of "Fate/stay night" parallel worlds existing at the same time? I was curious since I was how it would look to Zelretch.

    Q: Are the three routes of "Fate/stay night" parallel worlds existing at the same time? I was curious since I was how it would look to Zelretch.

    A: They're parallel... sort of. But if Zelretch was observing, it'd become true, and my feelings on the matter is that I'd rather two routes disappear if one was true.
    If all of these became possible at the same time, the other routes would become meaningless.

    Q:「Fate/stay night」の3ルートで、同時に存在する並行世界なのでしょうか?ゼルレッチが見ていたら、こんな感じに見えるのかと思いましたので。


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