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<small>Jet</small>=[[File:KoHjet.gif|frameless]] |-|
<small>Jet</small>=[[File:KoHjet.gif|frameless]] |-|
<small>Fate/Grand Order</small>=[[File:Knight of Honor FGO.gif|frameless]] |-|
<small>Fate/Grand Order</small>=[[File:Knight of Honor FGO.gif|frameless]] |-|
<small>Fate/Grand Order Arcade</small>=[[File:KnightOfOwnerFGOA.gif|frameless]] |-|
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<small>Fate/Extella Link</link>=[[File:KoO Extella.gif|frameless]] |-|

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Knight of Owner: A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands (騎士は徒手にて死せず
, Kishi wa Toshu nite Shisezu
Naito obu Ōnā
?) is an ability that is the embodiment of the incident where Lancelot was forced to fight Phelot unarmed and proved his fighting prowess by claiming victory with an elm branch. Rather than an overt weapon, it manifests as a "unique ability" retained by his body. Once Berserker grabs a hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon by his own recognition with his gauntlets and he recognizes that he wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of "becoming his Noble Phantasm." Even control of other Servants' Noble Phantasms will instantly go to him should he grab hold of them. It can only be activated for objects recognized as "this is a weapon", so he could use a steel chair if he happened to be skilled in wrestling. He couldn't utilize an aircraft carrier, as its role as weapon transportation is higher than that as a weapon, making it not count as such to him.[2] The ability is completely sealed along with For Someone's Glory once Arondight is drawn by Berserker.

The ability allows for something as worthless as a piece of scrap iron to be turned into a demonic spear or sword capable of damaging Servants and striking legendary weapons. He can make use of weaponry regardless of how it was created or its time of origin, allowing him to take control of anything from legendary weapons to modern weapons and machinery. Compared to Gilgamesh's numerous Noble Phantasms, his can be called endless. He also shows potential to corrupt more abstract weapons like Invisible Air, which is closer to magecraft than a true weapon. The ability soaks the affected items with Berserker's Magical Energy, muddled with bloodthirstiness and hatred, that permeates from his hands. They slowly change as they are tainted with his black color as dark lines invade the item and multiply like the veins on a leaf. The items, covered in a spiderweb pattern of black veins, look alien and repulsive compared to their normal forms.


Berserker grabbing Durandal from the Gate of Babylon to destroy a spear

The strength of the weapons is great enough that they can easily clash with Excalibur repeatedly despite normally being mundane objects that would be cut like butter by a Noble Phantasm, and modern weapons turned into Noble Phantasms will be greatly strengthened and have modified capabilities. He can give up the weapons at any time, returning them to their natural state, and immediately switch to another without any trouble. The weapons will stay under control for a brief moment after he lets go of his grip, allowing them to be used as deadly projectiles. When faced with a direct counter to his skill that can cut through magical energy circulation, like Gáe Dearg that can repel Berserker's magical energy and return the fake Noble Phantasms to nothing but bundles of iron, he shows the sense to cancel the ability and tear off an already affected part, and he can also pick up the remains of a cleaved weapon to once again utilize it.

He is able to naturally control any weapon that he wields as if it were an extension of his arm and a favorite weapon with which he specialized in and polished his skills with for many years. The items will be advanced to D Rank Noble Phantasms, and if he takes another Servant's Noble Phantasm of a superior rank, its quality will be maintained while under Berserker's control. The ability is a natural counter to Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon, which makes use of a large number of projectile Noble Phantasms. Berserker is able to freely catch and wield the weapons shot at him as if they were extensions of his arms, and use them to deflect volleys of weapons capable of completely destroying the surrounding area. He freely catches swords, halberds, battle axes, and exchanges them for more powerful weapons all while not receiving a single scratch.


Melee Weapons: Berserker is able to use a section of a destroyed iron street light pole as a weapon. Over two meters in length, he holds it with two hands like a quarterstaff and displays powerful attacks that push Saber back and match equally with Excalibur, one of the greatest of Noble Phantasms, despite its normally mundane nature. Though his attacks are as "rough as a beast", his natural skill allows for accurate and precise blows, even with something that is still just a twisted iron pole even with his magical energy coursing through it. After it is cleaved by Lancer, he picks the remaining half up and prepares to wield it like a longsword before the battle is halted. During his Interlude in Fate/Grand Order, he is able to use various logs frequently replenished by Mash and even makes use of a pair of disposable chopsticks.[3]

Firearms: Berserker uses two submachine guns (a rifle and submachine gun in the anime) given to him by Kirei Kotomine to great effect against Saber. Guns, while deadly to humans, are not a threat to Servants no matter their firing speed or the size of the caliber of the bullets. They are capable of evading them without difficulty, and some even have the skills necessary to deflect shots back with their weapons. Berserker, turning them into Noble Phantasms, makes them into fierce magecraft military equipment that turns the balance in power. Upgrading them to the category of Noble Phantasm shows a great difference in power between the weapon types of "sword" and "firearm", making it difficult to attack.

The bullets, soaked in his magical energy, are lethal to Servants, so even one hit would be able to spell the end for them. Bullets traveling faster than the speed of sound are unable to surpass the speed of a Servant's weapon, but their rate of fire leaves them only able to parry. The power of the bullets becomes unimaginably destructive compared to normal, allowing stray bullets to tear large holes in cement and concentrated fire to reduce a small truck into an unrecognizable mess of iron chips in a matter of moments. After taking the two hundred kilogram, six-barreled cylindrical rotary cannon from the F-15, it is accelerated by his magical energy to instantly begin firing. Due to the proximity, even Saber cannot anticipate for the initial velocity of the rounds or have enough time to escape all of the bullets.


Berserker's controlled missiles

F-15J Fighter Jet: Berserker takes control of Ougi's F-15J by standing on top of it and anchoring himself with the tassels on his armor, gripping it much like a dragon rider of legend. As the "most powerful fighter jet in the world" and the "epitome of modern science", the twenty-meter jet is corroded by his magical energy into a monstrous form. While Ougi is still in the cockpit, Berserker has full control of it and its armaments, which include four AIM-7F/M Sparrows, four AIM-9 Sidewinders, 940 rounds for the 20mm M61 Vulcan auto-cannon capable of firing 12,000 rounds per minute, and a flare dispenser designed to shoot out decoy heat sources to throw off heat-sensing weapons. It becomes capable of feats that far surpass its normal capabilities, and it moves much like a living creature, writhing and flapping its ailerons and letting off a monstrous roar from its twin turbofan engine surging with his magical energy, to perform maneuvers that are seemingly aerodynamically impossible.

Using it in a dogfight against Gilgamesh's Vimana, which surpasses the laws of physics, he performs stunts like an Immelmann turn, a full vertical descent, and skilled dodges against numerous tracking projectiles from the Gate of Babylon. It is capable of performing barrel rolls which produce intense G's that rupture Ougi's organs and instantly kill him. Every single round of the M61, which would normally be easy for a Servant to dodge and reflect, is now lethal, and their overwhelming numbers make it hard to fight against. The twenty-six pound Sparrow missiles, normally useless against Servants, are transformed into weapons of an entirely different caliber with annihilating might, and the electronic radar-guides in the missiles become magic weapons that control the front stabilizers to chase the subject of Berserker's hatred like hounds. The flare dispenser has been metamorphosed to launch numerous tracking incendiary weapons from its underside, letting off scattered, scorching fireballs capable of attacking enemies from behind and downing the Vimana as it runs into them.


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