The Knights of the Round TableWP (円卓の騎士WP, Entaku no Kishi?) of the English Lostbelt, commonly known as the Fairy Knights (妖精騎士, Yōsei Kishi?, Localized as Tam Lin), consist of fairies imbued with the aspect of the Knights of the Proper Human History. They serve the Lostbelt King Morgan.


The Knights destroyed and cut down the Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree, Seyfert at Morgan's command.


They were imbued with the essence (the Saint Graph) of Proper Human History's Knights of the Round Table through Morgan's ability to alter True Names, granting them their abilities and Noble Phantasms.[1] All of them are immune to the Mors curse thanks to their gifted Names, making them one of the few capable fighting Mors in the Lostbelt.

One of the ways to strip them of their Gifted Name is to reveal their True Name out loud. This works only if they know it before hand, as the Gifted Name seals away all memories of the True Name.


True Name Fairy Knight name Notes
Baobhan Sith‎‎ Fairy Knight Tristan
Barghest‎‎ Fairy Knight Gawain
Melusine Fairy Knight Lancelot


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