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An example of Keikenchi's visual style from Fate/GUDAGUDA Order.

Koha-Ace (コハエース?) is a parody manga by Keikenchi, licensed by TYPE-MOON and serialized in Comptiq since 2012, spanning seven arcs as of January 2019. It stars Kohaku and features characters from various TYPE-MOON series. It is drawn in a super deformed style, and it is a self-aware series that constantly breaks the fourth wall. The name of the series itself combines the names of Kohaku and TYPE-MOON Ace magazine.

Carnival Phantasm included segments based on the series, and it was the focus of the 2012 April Fools' Day joke. Several characters from Koha-Ace have been made into Servants in Fate/Grand Order.


Original charactersEdit

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