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An example of Keikenchi's visual style from Fate/GUDAGUDA Order.

Koha-Ace (コハエース?) is a parody manga by Keikenchi, licensed by TYPE-MOON and serialized in Comptiq since 2012, spanning seven arcs as of January 2019. It stars Kohaku and features characters from various TYPE-MOON series. It is drawn in a super deformed style, and it is a self-aware series that constantly breaks the fourth wall. The name of the series itself combines the names of Kohaku and TYPE-MOON Ace magazine.

Carnival Phantasm included segments based on the series, and it was the focus of the 2012 April Fools' Day joke. Several characters from Koha-Ace have been made into Servants in Fate/Grand Order.


Original charactersEdit


  • Fate/KOHA-ACE

Fate/KOHA-ACE, also known as Koha-Ace GO, is a story serialized in 2015 featuring the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story. It features Japanese Heroic Spirits that are referred to as Patriotic Heroes.

Masters and Servants

Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story MemoirsEdit

The Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story Memoirs is a prequel story set in the Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

Masters and Servants

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

The following Koha-Ace characters can be summoned in Fate/Grand Order.



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