Laḫmu (ラフム, Rafumu?) are a species of New Humanity (新しい人類, Atarashii Jinrui?) spawned as the children of Tiamat.


Within mythology, they are known as the first divinity birthed by Tiamat, their name meaning "mud".[1] The Laḫmu emerge upon the death of Gorgon being utilized to trigger the awakening of Tiamat in the Babylonia Singularity, numbering one hundred million upon her awakening and only increasing from there.[2] Ishtar and Romani Archaman equate them to the mythological Laḫmu and name them as such.[1]


Laḫmu are birthed from Tiamat's body and her Chaos Tide, even able to manifest from just a detached piece of her flesh.[3] Differing from the demonic beasts spawned by Gorgon and natural Sumerian monsters, they are beings that, according to researchers in the singularity, "do not exist within our world."[2] They are designed to be the "perfect humans," the next generation of beings to take the planet from the old humanity.[2] As they are part of her, they possess immunity to her Chaos Tide and her class of Beast II.[4]

Completely outside of the genealogical tree of all other species, they are created from the "Mud of Gods", sand and soil from the Age of Gods acting as the base of the Mesopotamian world. They reproduce asexually, lacking the male and female sexes.[1] Romani Archaman compares them to mass-produced Enkidus.[1] They are determined through analysis of their internal structure that they are in a larval state upon first emerging, so they possess the inherent ability to change.[1] Roman describes them as perfected beings that should have no need to fight for survival or attack others. They have all components necessary to survive within them, lacking the need to eat others for sustenance and possessing no digestive organs.[4]

Each is stronger than an Ugallu spawned by Gorgon.[2] They are unable to be pierced by the arrows and spears of Uruk's soldiers, and Ishtar describes their sturdiness as "diamond-hard."[1] They possess Magic Circuits of Age of Gods beings, so they emit a large amount of magical energy.[1] As they evolve over time, the power of their circuits also increase.[5] They are able to travel from the sea to Uruk in three hours.[1] Romani speculates they can trade information using their senses like other colonies of insects.[4] While those freshly emerged can only follow a simple order, they can quickly synchronize with the others to obtain their knowledge.[4] If captured, they melt away.[1] They can remake humans into their kind by tearing them apart and remaking them.[2] This allows them to increase their numbers as they fight.[1] Some, like Siduri, show some retention of their human personalities, Siduri refusing to attack Ritsuka Fujimaru and mistakenly praising Kingu as Enkidu.[4]

Ordered to learn as New Humans, to understand the concept of humans and how to be human, they begin to attack humans shortly after emerging. Despite not having any need to prey upon other creatures, they attack humans fervently simply because their conclusion of "becoming more like humans" is that killing humans is fun.[4] Upon first emerging, they ignore structures and crops, proceeding to only target humans.[2] They are described as being like solider ants, acting without intellect or individuality.[1] They tear apart humans inquisitively, laughing and saying it's fun.[1] As they learn, they kidnap humans and force them to fight to the death for their own amusement, killing the winner for fun.[4] They prioritize killing escaping humans over those attacking them.[4] They enjoy torturing and mocking Kingu for not being a true child of Tiamat.[4]

They speak a language depicted as being made up of random letters, numbers, and symbols.[1] Within the anime, the syllable order of their speech is changed.[6] They eventually attain human speech, speaking in a stunted manner.[4]



Bel LaḫmuEdit

Bel Laḫmu (ベル・ラフム, Beru Rafumu?) are an advanced form of Laḫmu beyond their larval stage. Developing wings, they are more specialized for flying.[4] They possess Magic Cores, emitting immense amounts of energy.[4] During the final battle, Tiamat creates eleven Bel Laḫmu that act as her direct familiars and "true children," each surpassing the power of a Demon God.[7] They are represented by the New Eleven Offspring in the anime adaptation.

New Eleven OffspringEdit

The New Eleven Offspring are eleven further evolved Laḫmu appearing in the Babylonia anime adaptation, replacing the stronger Bel Laḫmu appearing in the game. Said by Merlin to be a new form of Laḫmu, he states that their power is Divine Spirit class and matches that of Demon Gods.

They display great speed and durability, eventually overwhelming Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Merlin, Mash until the arrival of Gilgamesh. Displaying much more humanoid forms, they show the ability to morph their limbs into tentacles that can stretch and be manipulated over long distances. They can manifest more of these tentacles from any area on their body. They can unleash a barrage of purple-black magical projectiles that have enough power to destroy stone. They can fully regenerate from even small droplets, due to the mud that composes them. However, they are not immune to Tiamat's Nega-Genesis, fading away in the barrier.


The speech of the Laḫmu within the game can be translated using a Japanese keyboard.[8] Within the anime, it can be translated by shifting their syllables.[9]


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