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« I will show you the true path of Santa!"
"Sacred Night, a momentary and unstoppable lovely Miracle."
"La Grâce Fille Noël!..."
"ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ »

(Lancer Alter Santa Lily)

La Grâce Fille Noël: Sing Elegantly, About Said Holy Birth (優雅に歌え、かの聖誕を
, Yūga ni Utae, Ka no Seitan o
Ra Gurasufīyu Noeru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily. In contrast with La Grondement Du Haine, it is a holy song Noble Phantasm invoked when Jeanne Alter Santa Lily gets in high spirits. A sermon (damage) to bad kids, presents (buffs) for the good kids. The presents that fall and pile up like snow are a great hit for the children who wait for Christmas, or something. Still, there is no need in particular for her to sing.[1]


The proper French grammar would be "La Gracieuse Fille de Noël".​


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