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« I will show you the true path of Santa!"
"Sacred Night, a momentary and unstoppable lovely Miracle."
"La Grâce Fille Noël!..."
"ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ ShanShanShan♪ »

(Lancer Alter Santa Lily)

La Grâce Fille Noël: Sing Elegantly, About Said Holy Birth (優雅に歌え、かの聖誕をラ・グラスフィーユ・ノエル, Yūga ni Utae, Ka no Seitan oRa Gurasufīyu Noeru?) is the Noble Phantasm of Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily. In contrast with La Grondement Du Haine, it is a holy song Noble Phantasm invoked when Jeanne Alter Santa Lily gets in high spirits. A sermon (damage) to bad kids, presents (buffs) for the good kids. The presents that fall and pile up like snow are a great hit for the children who wait for Christmas, or something. Still, there is no need in particular for her to sing.[1]


The proper French grammar would be "La Gracieuse Fille de Noël".​


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