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« Executing the sentence."
"La Mort Espoir! »


La Mort Espoir (Death Hope): Death is Hope For Tomorrow (死は明日への希望なり
, Shi wa Asu e no Kibō nari
Ramōru Esupowāru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Charles-Henri Sanson.

The embodiment of the true execution tool, the guillotine. The likelihood of death is decided not by powers of resistance against curses or good fortune, but by whatever is possible to defeat fate with a strong heart.[1]It is a so-called Mental Interference-type Noble Phantasm. Heroes with anecdotes of being executed rather than dying in battle undergo a disadvantageous check.[2]

The guillotine manifests when the True Name is invoked within mid-range. One second later, the guillotine will fall. Here, the judgement is made. If the target fails the check, the guillotine falls without change and one is decapitated.[2]


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