Lady Kasuga (春日局, Kasuga no Tsubone?) is a historical Japanese figure appearing in the Fate/Grand Order Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth event.



Born under the name "Fuku Saitou," and bestowed by the court the name "Kasuga no Tsubone."

A famous heroine of the Japanese.

She is known as the Edo castle Ooku's princess, or the nanny of three generations of shoguns.


Lady Kasuga and Parvati are fused together, swapping between the appearance of Sakura Matou in a traditional kimono and Sakura Matou in Parvati's clothing depending on who is speaking.


Lady Kasuga is initially hostile towards the Master and their group but warms up to them once she realizes they are acquaintances of Parvati.

Mash describes her as powerful and energetic based on her voice.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Tokugawa's World-Changing LabyrinthEdit

Prior the Master's arrival, Lady Kasuga had fallen ill and on the verge of death. Parvati rescued her by fusing them together, allowing Lady Kasuga to co-exist in her Saint Graph. Lady Kasuga deemed this rescue as a sign that she is needed to fix the problem occurring in Edo castle.

When the Master first encountered her, the Master, Mash and Kiara mistook her for Parvati. Lady Kasuga promptly fixed the misunderstanding.

For a large portion of the singularity, Lady Kasuga guides and teaches the Master through the labyrinth.


When it comes to fighting, Lady Kasuga lets Parvati take control of their shared vessel to defeat the enemies.


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