Laeticia (レティシア, Retishia?) is a French girl who is chosen by the Holy Grail as a match for the materialization of Ruler Jeanne d'Arc in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. After accepting the role, her personality is temporarily suppressed for most of the war.



Laeticia is a normal girl in France living in a student dormitory.


Laeticia is "ideally close" to Jeanne in appearance in acting as a possessed vessel. Her facial features and style are partly similar, so her appearance was changed slightly by the possession. She also has a slightly larger bust size than Jeanne.[1][2]


Laeticia is described as decent and honest, possessing a religious piety that surpasses many others. She accepted Ruler's request without question despite her normal life, being dragged into the Holy Grail War. While Ruler is in control of her body, she is able to witness Ruler's actions and communicate with her. It is much like "watching a movie inside a dream for her", the memories fading fast after Ruler departs from her. Despite not remembering, her prayers have gone from being vague to having taken on the direction of wishing that “those two may find happiness together.” She prays daily believing in small miracles such as that.[1]

While Jeanne initially believes Laeticia to be harboring feelings for Sieg, Laeticia was simply a witness to their relationship. She was the "final stronghold" for Jeanne not realizing her own feelings of love for Sieg.[1]




Laeticia becomes the vessel for the Ruler-class Servant, Jeanne d'Arc, a possession she wholly submits to out of faith. Laeticia remains mostly dormant as Jeanne carries out her duty as mediator for the Great Holy Grail War.

After Jeanne sacrifices herself through the use of her Noble Phantasm, La Pucelle, Laeticia regains full possession of her own body, but she is unconscious at the time of Jeanne's death.

When the Hanging Gardens of Babylon start to collapse, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia and Rider of Black carry her to safety on Hippogriff. Afterwards, she thanks them and bids them farewell before returning home.


Laeticia has no special abilities or Magic Circuits.[1]


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