Laevatein: The Sword Akin to the Sun of Calamity (災禍なる太陽が如き剣
, Saika naru Taiyō ga Gotoki Ken
?) is Surtr's Noble Phantasm, the syncretism of his Sword of Flame, Freyr's Sword of the Sun and Loki's weapon.[1]

It is a Divine Construct forged by the Planet that equals the Holy Spear, Rhongomyniad and the manifestation of multiple malignant Authorities.[2] A weapon meant to tear the Texture known as the Age of Gods from the planet's surface.[3] It carries a massive amount of magical energy which projects a heat exceeding 4 million degrees Celsius which is impossible on Earth.[4] Furthermore it has priority against life-forms, as such it is capable of destroying any living being with a form, even Gods from the Age of Gods.[3] With it Surtr was able to kill the Norse Gods, Loki and the other Kings of the Giants.[5] Servants are some of the only beings that have some resistance to the Sword, as they are not proper Life and are merely Ether in the form of past individuals.[4] Due to being a legendary sword it is covered with 9 seals and is being safeguarded by Surtr's wife Sinmara. When activated the sword is able to unleash an Anti-Divine, Anti-Life attack[1]


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