Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Bradamante (ブラダマンテ, Buradamante?), one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. She is the cousin of Roland and Astolfo. After Astolfo fought through several battles with his lance Trap of Argalia, he entrusted it to Bradamante.[1] She is a purehearted shieldmaiden, and the Knight of the White Plume. A distant grandchild of Hector, the legendary hero of Troy. The knight Ruggiero, her lover, also numbers among Hector's descendants.

She was born a princess, of the union between the king's sister Aya and Duke Aymon of Clermont. Her brother was the knight Rinaldo, also a member of the Twelve Paladins and the bearer of the magical sword Froberge. Like her brother, she was known far and wide as a masterful warrior. It is said that when the tide turned against the army of Charlemagne during a battle against King Agramante, she took the rearguard, and fought a magnificent duel with the enemy commander, King Rodomonte of Algiers.

After a great many adventures, Bradamante fell in love with Ruggiero, knight and commander of an enemy nation. She endured a great number of trials so that their romance might finally blossom. No matter if he was snatched away by an evil magician, or if he was ensnared by the enchantress Alcina, or if a Greek prince sought her hand in marriage – she confronted any adversity head-on, and not once did she give in.

Now that Bradamante has manifested as a Servant, it seems that to her Ruggiero embodies her identity as a Heroic Spirit who eternally chases a distant light. As long as she continues to exist as the 'story' of Bradamante, Ruggiero will continue to be the 'hope' that she searches for endlessly but is fated never to grasp. Essentially, the two can never attain the happy ending they found in life; the story of a neverending search fundamentally defines her nature as a Heroic Spirit.

“Well, of course I feel a little sad! Just a little! But I'm a Paladin before anything else, so I'll do my very best to help return the world to how it was!”

That's admirable, Bradamante. I address you now directly to your heart.

“M-milord Merlin!”



As the image of an unyielding knight, she is formidable both physically and mentally. To the end of realizing her love, she will face down any challenge, from anywhere, as many times as it takes. She is a pure-hearted shieldmaiden, who holds fast to her belief in justice and always strives to do good even in the most dire of circumstances.

She has a distaste for magi, having suffered greatly at their hands in life. Merlin, however, is an exception; she is acquainted with the Grand Magician, having received his counsel through the sorceress Melissa during her adventures. To Bradamante, he is an object of veneration.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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Her Noble Phantasms are Bouclier de Atlante and Angelica Katai. If summoned as a Rider, she would also gain the usage of Hippogriff.


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