Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant of Kirschtaria Wodime appearing in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.



Lancer's True Name is Caenis (カイニス, Kainisu?), the name of Caeneus (カイネウス, Kaineusu?) before she wished to become a man.[1] A warrior and tyrant found within Greek mythology. As a member of the Argonauts, Caenis went on many an adventure with the crew. Though once a woman, Caenis later became a man…. it has been said.

In the past Caenis was beyond a doubt a true woman, beauty renowned, and praised as one of the most beautiful maidens in Thessaly. At one point after turning down numerous courters, Caenis received the love of the sea god Poseidon (Neptune) and also lost the chastity once held. Satisfied, the sea god said, "I will grant all of your wishes" to which Caenis replied, "Please make me no longer a woman so that I will never have to go through an experience like this ever again" and Caenis became an invincible man, the legend says.

It cannot be said for sure that Caenis actually became a man due to some tales left behind. After death in one story, is said to have become a bird with golden wings and disappeared into the skies, but there is also a tale that the corpse of a woman was left behind. Either way, the subsequent Caenis/Caeneus became a mighty warrior and showed the world a powerful tyrant that could rule the lands.

At the end of life, Caenis turned into a magnificent bird with golden wings. In Caenis’ current appearance that same tale has intertwined into a Noble Phantasm, however, there is a chance of the special trait of being able to change appearance at will going out of control. This tale may be the source of why Caenis’ appeared in a female’s body and also why Caenis’ body has animal characteristics.


Although she currently has the physique of a woman with a more masculine face, different characters refer to her with both types of gender pronouns. Kirschtaria and Kadoc Zemlupus use male pronouns, while Ophelia Phamrsolone uses a male pronoun but corrects herself to a female one.

As Caenis’ ascension progresses further and further, the Noble Phantasm which consists of Poseidon’s protection and blessing becomes more and more present. From this Caenis becomes closer and closer to regaining the form held when once alive. In other words an unparalleled existence with a magnificent suit of armor that reminds us of Poseidon.

Furthermore, Caenis’ spirit origin was formed with a massive increase in power that was a result of Poseidon’s favor. Already at a point beyond what is a Heroic Spirit, Caenis has appeared as a Divine Spirit before us.


What I hate is the ocean. What I hate is God. Though holding enough anger to have aptitude as an Avenger, Caenis usually does not feel anger in such a way. When in a good mood, you can see a bright smile on Caenis' face and even if Caenis is not in a good mood, if you try to start a conversation, you'll get an answer while going along with any sort of idle banter. Having a sweet tooth, Caenis would definitely be beyond pleased if the subject were to come up!

However, once the anger found within has been set ablaze, it is beyond uncontrollable. Even becoming willing to kill Master, and at times entering a frenzy that rivals that of a Berserker.

The reason why Caenis, who hates, scorns, and loathes every deity, served obediently, wasn't only due to Wodime's exceptional charisma. Wodime told Caenis in detail the truth of his intention, "the reorganization of the Age of Gods".

Turning all the humans into gods and reorganizing the Age of Gods――― In short, the gods of olden times would all lose their way of being. Of course the ancient gods of Greece too, and the target of Caenis' fury, the sea god Poseidon as well!

"Sounds good, it's the best settlement!"

Caenis greatly supported Wodime. In that case I will display the protections and blessings of the sea god that are endowed in this body as a Noble Phantasm to their fullest!


Fate/Grand Order

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire

Caenis is a Servant under Kirschataria Wodime, implied to have earned her cooperation by defeating her. Kirischtaria sends her to observe the "Anastasia" Lostbelt, in case Kadoc is unable to handle the situation with Chaldea.[2]

Caenis later meets with Kadoc and Anastasia, provokingly questioning if Kadoc is able to handle the burden of raising the Lostbelt. Kadoc, however, is confident in his abilities, believing that he and Anastasia will be the victors in the end. Caenis is convinced by Kadoc's answer, promising to tell Kirischtaria that he is doing fine and also noting that the King of the Russian Lostbelt is truly a top-class monster on par with the chief deity under Kirschtaria. Caenis also asks about Chaldea, with Kadoc saying that they have appeared and he will deal with them. Caenis then leaves, presumably returning to Kirischtaria.[3]

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Flame Century


Caenis claims to be a Divine Spirit, rather than a Heroic Spirit, which is further confirmed by the Crypters. She is able to travel between Lostbelts. Her armaments are a large-tipped Spear and a Shield. In the Scandanavian Lostbelt, it is stated that she possesses Poseidon's Divine Authority after the latter's death. Her Noble Phantasms are Lapithai Caeneus and Poseidon Maelstrom.

Mad Enhancement: EX The hero of tyranny Caenis possesses a special Mad Enhancement in this manifestation. Usually possesses reason, but if the accumulation of anger exceeds a certain level, Caenis will become a storm of spears that makes any mutual understanding completely impossible. Rather than being on the level of being quite capable of killing the Master, there is a tendency to actively kill the Master and ending the manifestation.

Sea God's Essence: B The Heroic Spirit Caenis didn't originally have a Divine Core, but the sea god Poseidon gave that Saint Graph a special grace. As a rare exception, Caenis, who was summoned as a Servant, possesses a pseudo-Divine Core, and possesses a Spirit Origin not as a Heroic Spirit but as a Divine Spirit.

Affection of the Sea God: A The absolute defense brought with immortality. Conceptual defense. It would originally be a constantly active-type Noble Phantasm, but in this work it's manifested as a skill.


Creation and Conception

Azusa is the character designer for Lancer.


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