Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Ereshkigal (エレシュキガル, Ereshukigaru?), the Goddess of the Underworld in Sumerian myth. She freely wields a spear-like cage; at times stabbing the enemy with it, at times imprisoning souls, at times summoning lightning, she is the fearsome ruler of the underworld. Having carried out her duties of administrating the underworld since birth, she is a goddess that disappeared along with the Age of Gods without ever knowing of the world above, or of freedom.[1]

In original Mesopotamian texts, she presided over the growth and decay of crops, bent the dragons and snakes to her will, and freely controlled the Garula familiars of the underworld. The 'Heavenly Mistress' Ishtar, and the Queen of the Great Below Ereshkigal held a rival relationship. Mythologically speaking, the goddess of the harvest Ishtar (Inanna) was the Great Earth Mother that represented human life while Ereshkigal, who represented human death, was the Terrible Earth Mother.[1]

In the tale of Ishtar's descent, Ishtar made a visit to the underworld only to be killed by Ereshkigal's hand. While she was revived afterward, the reason Ishtar went down to the underworld, and the reason Ereshkigal was so enraged, are never spoken of, and in Fate/Grand Order, they are treated as stemming from them being one and the same. Ereshkigal and Ishtar. Two gods of equivalent existence, or perhaps a divinity divided from what was once a single entity.[1]


This form is not that of the Goddess Ereshkigal, but that of a Pseudo-Servant where she has possessed the soul of a human with a similar wavelength to her's, Rin Tohsaka.[1]

Unlike Ishtar, Ereshkigal does not retain Rin's black hair. Instead, her hair is blonde, much like the Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Extra.


Though she claims that her role is merely to supervise humans, like the underworld goddess that she is... "... It's a problem if so many people are coming to the underworld... It's also a big issue creating cages to confine all these souls... I wonder if I can provide them a more comfortable place to be in..." In this way, it's hard to fully conceal her caring heart. She is truly a red angel of the underworld.[1]

« I have no interest in humans. Living things are simply sickening, after all. But if you say you must at all costs, I wouldn't mind going out with you with death as the end goal. »


A passive and introverted nature. Because of the high wisdom and pride she boasts, she sacrifices herself to the duties of the mistress of the underworld, bound by her own design to be the goddess of death and decline. Envying the beautiful, laughing at the unsightly, and killing so that which she desired never passes to the hand of another... or so was Ereshkigal, but due to her assimilation with the young girl she inhabits, she has gained an objective awareness that such things are 'not good' and 'embarrassing', her brutality disappearing to the depths. But as she is a frank person, once angered, that side will come to the surface, becoming the unfortunate goddess as terrifyingly as told in legends. The principles she act on belong to the goddess Ereshkigal, occasionally making her seem more level-headed and self-depreciating than the young girl serving as her vessel.[1]

She has the same theatrical elocution as Ishtar but occasionally breaks into the tone of an elegant lady. Like suddenly becoming honest, or emphasizing a 'My, oh my' when panicking, those courteous gestures are her 'base portion' coming out. While Ishtar was originally raised as a sheltered girl, the pampering and unbridled freedom afforded to her caused her to develop the speech of a woman of action. Meanwhile, as Ereshkigal diligently carried out her duties in the underworld, it is surmised that her choice of words became that of a 'sheltered (oblivious) young lady'.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Ereshkigal detests how she was hated and suffered as a social outcast from the Age of the Gods. "I want to try living as freely as Ishtar. I want to meet someone who accepts that I'm the mistress of the underworld, but doesn't let that status affect how they see me." She even held such a romantic notion. "I won't deny the fact that I'm a villain, but evil, as it is, has its uses for humanity. Why does everyone have to be so afraid of me!?" As she sulked so in her heart, she found the end of the Mesopotamian world before her eyes, participating in the three-goddess alliance and making an enemy of Uruk to save humans in her own way.[1]

Though she is initially a member of the Three Goddess Alliance opposed to Uruk, Ereshkigal takes part in the final battle against Tiamat, utilizing her Jurisdiction to weaken Tiamat and to reinforce the capabilities of the front-line combatants.[2]

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Ereshkigal is amongst the "Babylonia" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[3]

Merry Christmas from the UnderworldEdit

After the Babylonia Singularity's series of events, she sunk into the abyss, yet, after yet another series of events, affirmed her 'current self' choosing to cooperate with Chaldea in order to repair human civilization.[1]


When summoned together with Ishtar in Babylon, she is not a proper Servant, but rather considered another side of Ishtar, due to them being sister goddesses, that is summoned whenever Ishtar is summoned. She can take control of the body occasionally, but generally has no means of interacting with the world. She can take control of the underworld due to it being her domain.[4]

The spear in her hand is the blazing soul of Meslamtaea. A grace only granted in this materialized form, the light that warms the depths of the earth.[1]

She possesses the Class Skills Magic Resistance (D Rank), Territory Creation (A+ Rank) and Goddess' Divine Core (B Rank).

Hidden Great Crown: The crown of a goddess said to have been created from what she took from Ishtar. Of the heaven and earth, it allows her to make the various graces bestowed unto Ishtar her own, but those effects are made slightly darker (more gloomy).

Mana Burst (Cage): Ereshkigal is a diligent, earnest, and somewhat pessimistic goddess. On a regular basis, as long as she has the free time, she'll store up her mana in her spear cages to release in battle.

Protection of the Underworld: Offered as a pillar of the underworld she came to rule, Ereshkigal's authority. Until her rule comes to an end, she who controls the underworld is the underworld itself, as well as the queen protected by its bounds. Provides support to all allies as well as changing the effect of her Noble Phantasm.

Her Noble Phantasm is Kur Kigal Irkalla, an Anti-Mountain type Noble Phantasm. It is the same as Ishtar's An Gal Tā Kigal Shē, but instead of a shot from the great heavens to the great earth, it is the goddess of the underworld's punishment from the great below to the world above. 



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