Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Sir Gareth (サー・ガレス, Sā Garesu?) is one of the thirteen Knights of the Round Table. She held the seventh seat. A young knight, historically regarded as male, whose older brothers are Gawain, Gaheris and Agravain.[1] She is one of the children born of King Lot and the Enchantress Morgana. This also makes Mordred, knight of treachery, her half-brother. Also known as Guerrehet or Beaumains (Beautiful Hands.)

Gareth was the newest addition to the round table, and a relatively inexperienced knight. She respected all her seniors, all the knights of the round table. She was especially attached to Sir Lancelot and often accompanied him. As an esquire, she underwent numerous trials, and after becoming a member of the Round Table, instead of aiding her eldest brother Gawain as Gaheris had before her, she chose a position similar to being Lancelot’s attendant. Gareth was well-loved as a person brimming with potential. She was highly praised not only by her siblings; the other knights would say, “She will be the greatest of knights someday,” and “She will one day become a true knight on par with her brothers”.

When Agravain hatched his plan to expose Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot of their infidelity, he approached Gareth to stand as a witness. “I will never speak anything against Sir Lancelot, who bestowed me my knighthood,” Gareth told him, and left in sorrow. The plan was sprung, and once Sir Lancelot was caught red-handed, the knight did retaliate, and Agravain ended up losing his life. Queen Guinevere was apprehended, and Gareth was ordered to stand witness at her execution. “Please understand I am not here of my own will,” Gareth flatly stated and attended unarmed and unarmored. This would be her downfall.

When Lancelot came to rescue the queen, he crushed Gareth’s unguarded, defenseless skull. A great many lost their lives in this series of events. Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth— what sorrow could Sir Gawain have felt upon losing his brothers? And thus, the Round Table did crack, and the glory of King Arthur and his knights would meet its end.



Gareth highly reveres Lancelot. She seems to normally have a sunny, friendly disposition, and as a result she does not deal well with the stress of the slaughter performed under the Lion King during the Camelot singularity of Fate Grand Order, only wishing to be punished. She had "mummy-like bags" under her eyes after helping to defeat the knights who opposed the Lion King, and although she has "lily-white fingers that are more beautiful than anyone's", they become unrecognizably blackened from constant washing after combat.[2]

Brave and faithful like a small puppy, a young knight of tragedy. Once she has grown attached to someone, she will never betray no matter what. Even if it means the death of her. She lives as she always has lived. Honoring chivalry, believing in justice and carrying it out. She is proud of the fact she was accepted by the Knight King, and even now she considers being selected as a member of the round table as the greatest honor of her life.

She still admires Sir Lancelot. The day everything ended. The day the knight moved to save Queen Guinevere. She would adore him even if her own form hadn’t so much as entered the knight’s eyes. She would adore him even if… he had known her, yet didn’t hesitate to kill her regardless.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


During the "Camelot" Singularity, the Lion King, an alternate version of Artoria, summons Gareth along with all of the other knights with the exceptions of Bedivere and Galahad. She claims to require their service in order to perform the "Holy Selection" that will help counteract Solomon's destruction of the world. She gives the knights a half-day to ponder over serving her or going against her, Gareth fully believing that Lancelot will choose to serve the Lion King. She decides to serve along with Lancelot, Gawain, Mordred, Tristan, and Agravain, and they are inevitably forced to fight their remaining comrades who disagree with the Lion King and wish to slay her.[2]

The knights serving under the Lion King emerge victorious, becoming the "Knights of the Lion King." The Lion King grants the knights "Gifts", Gareth's coming from a wish "avoid being defiled any further." Together, they march forward to fight the "False Crusaders" led by someone claiming to be Richard the Lionheart, although he is quite different than the real thing. Upon defeating the crusaders, only the "demonically strong" Servant calling himself "Richard" remains. Gawain believes that there is no way to defeat him without sacrifice. Gareth, whose heart had been shattered throughout their battles, killing her comrades, false knights, and the people of the Holy Land, charges forward, restraining "Richard" at the cost of skewering her own chest. Apologizing that she cannot bear with following that path they chose, she calls herself a fool and wishes to be punished. As the other knights hesitate, Agravain prepares himself, but Gawain ultimately slays "Richard" along with his sister.[2]


Along with the other knights, Gareth is considered to be a top-class Servant. Her cavalry lance has been granted multiple enhancements from Merlin, making it in a sense, a sort of Mystic Code.


Along with the other "Knights of the Lion King", Gareth received a "Gift" to aid her. Being granted Impurity, she wished to "avoid being defiled any further" after having slaughtered her comrades. The specifics of the Gift are unknown.[2]


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