Lancer Purgatorio (ランサー・プルガトリオ, Ransā Purugatorio?) is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Houzouin Inshun (宝蔵院胤舜, Hōzōin Inshun?). It can be a spear to thrust, a naginata to cleave, a sickle to slash; in any case, it never fails to hit the target—such is the famous cruciform spear of the Houzouin. Houzouin Inshun is the second generation master of the Houzouin-ryuu spearmanship, and a man whose skill is extolled as reaching the gods and buddhas.[1][2]

Houzouin Inshun was born as Mitsuda Gennosuke (満田源之助?). As the successor of the Houzouin, he received lectures in the ways of monks and spearmen from In'ei, founder of the Houzouin-ryuu spearmanship. At the time, the Houzouin spear was already widely known thanks to In'ei. That is because the one who improved the base spear that until then was served only for thrusting - bringing forth the ground-breaking cruciform spear that could slice, sweep and knock, in addition to thrust - was this In'ei.[1][2]

However, In'ei abandoned the spear. “It is not proper for one who serves Buddha to learn spearmanship.” “If you intend to serve Buddha, you should abandon the spear.” He died at the age of 87, while leaving such words for his successor, Inshun.[1][2]

However, Inshun did not give up on spearmanship. A member of the Houzouin should walk on both the path of Buddha and the path of the spear—like this, he revived the Houzouin-ryuu spearmanship.[1][2]


Hozoin is a young, very athletic man, who has trained his body into peak condition for spearmanship.

He first appears wearing a Hakama that conceals almost everything of his body, grayish dark blue in the torso and dull brown for the limbs, with rather long, extended sleeves. A white clothe is wrapped around his shoulders and head, showing only his dark blue, close to purplish eyes. He wears a headband with three pieces of metal sewn into it. For footwear, Hozoin uses wooden sandals. Hozoin's weapon is a spear he holds with both hands, has a black shaft, a strip of white cloth tied around it, a portion made out of black metal at the top with short, wide spikes as a part of it, and a white blade split into three tips, though the middle one is much larger than the others.

In his second Ascension, his clothing goes from brown to bright purple, and the sleeves aren't as long as before, only reaching his elbows now, revealing a black undershirt. Hozoin no longer wears the white cloth and headband, revealing his face and the fact that he does not possess hair at all, in addition to an X-shaped scar on his forehead. He now wears white socks, fingerless gloves with guards, fit for athleticism, and a large, white bead necklace.

In his third Ascension, the purple of his outfit turns yellow. His gloves and undershirt are replaced by arm guards, and his socks are swapped out for knee high footwear while still wearing his sandals. His belt goes from black to bright red, and wears a rope on his back, of the same colour of his belt. His bead necklace increases in length, and the centremost bead now has a yellow tuft of hair attached to it. Finally, Hozoin has added a piece of clothing to his head, with an ornament with a kanji written on it.


I don’t need alcohol. For my mowing down becomes dull. I don’t need meat. My thrusting becomes blunt.[2] Hozoin Inshun has a very pious character and sees his martial arts abilities as a means of reaching enlightenment, seeing both his role as a warrior and a monk central to his identity. While this makes him very eager, spirited and competitive, he also takes his duties protecting others seriously. His religiousity and conscience also makes him dislike unnecessary violence.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit


Jumonji Yari

Jumonji Yari

Houzouin Inshun is the strongest jumonji spear wielder who ever lived and the man who reinstated the Houzouin-style Soujutsu after Lord In'ei passed on. A single thrust of his spear is able to obliterate numerous evil spirits and the power difference between them and him is so great that Miyamoto Musashi said they may very well have been kittens. Just from the way he "mowed them down", Mushashi considered the possibility of him being the powerful warrior she had been hearing about.[3] Inshun also boasts an incredible divine aura. His Magical Energy is even on par with that of Saber of Empireo, who was empowered by the Curse of Annihilation.[4]

Appart of his amazing raw power, his skill with a spear is also extremely high, and it even allowed him to step into the realm of the gods an the Buddha himself. “Unparalleled with the spear” doesn’t come close to doing justice and it would be even an insult to call him “the greatest of all time.” Every thrust of his spear, every sweep, every strike, every slash, would be ultimate finishing blows for any other fighter. Watching him fight up close gave Mushashi chills. She also claimed not only that it was so beautiful she could hardly believe it but that no one, at any point in Japan's history has ever wielded a spear with such absolute perfection. She considered that she had a great way to go in comparison.[3]

Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance (D+ Rank): Invalidates exercise of magecraft by one step (Single-Action). Magic Resistance on the level of an amulet that repels magical energy. Only for effects of Japanese sorcery, Magic Resistance is slightly boosted.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Knowledge of the Sowa (B Rank): A special ability that prevents the reduction of accuracy regardless of how many times the same technique has been used on the same foe. In other words, the ability to “render one’s attacks unreadable to the enemy”. In Hōzōin's case, it becomes impossible to see through his attacks.[1]
Seeking the Truth of Martial Arts (B Rank): A skill granted to those who purely, wholeheartedly refine their martial arts, ignoring social position, prestige, riches and women. So long Houzouin Inshun holds on to the cruciform spear, his combat abilities improve and resistance to mental attacks will be acquired to some extent.[1][2]
Blocking and Attacking As One (B + Rank): One of the skills that is conferred to those who ignore status, renown, and women, and wholeheartedly polished martial arts. As long as Hōzōin Inshun has the Cruciform Spear, his combat ability increases, and he gains some degree of resistance against mental attacks.[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

His Noble Phantasm is Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Forms, a Noble Phantasm that sublimated the cruciform spear’s martial arts that Houzouin Inshun mastered. It indicates the 11 unofficial techniques that Inshun established, which contrast with the 15 official techniques that his predecessor In'ei established. These techniques allow him to cope with any and all enemies. It is also able to cancel out disadvantage derived from fighting against opponents that he is seeing for the first time, or even against those whose weapon is too much strange.[1][2]

Its power is strong enough to deflect Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell's Noble Phantasm and even though she hadn't invoked its True Name, it was made very clear that any ordinary’s Heroic Spirit’s core would have been run through by her strike, and that he shouldn't have been able to block even a single drop. It was also able to completely destroy Saber Empireo's heart, however, due to having the ability to regenerate granted by the Curse of Annihilation, Inshun was ultimately defeated. Had Saber Empireo had the body of a Heroic Spirit, Houzouin would have won.[4]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit

Lancer of PurgatorioEdit

Lancer of Purgatorio is a modified version of Hōzōin Inshun appearing in the Shimosa Singularity, who after being defeated by Saber of Empireo was turned into a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster by Caster of Limbo's Curse of Annihilation. In this form, his defense became impenetrable and his movements as quick as lighting. Despite his power having been greatly increased, he still doesn't compare to Muramasa's, who was fast enough to dodge Purgatorio's spear, and counter at the same time with his Blade-Testing Art, blowing up his entire upper body apart in the process. However, in this state, Inshun also gained immortality, allowing him to survive decapitation and even Muramasa's attack.[5]

Purgatorio is also able to cast a spell similar to a Reality Marble of a field of corpses where the loser's soul will be consumed. When Mushashi, in her mind's eye, faced him in a no-holds-barred duel 32 times, he defeated her in 31. In order to defeat him, Mushsahi needed the aid of the will of the heavens, the laws of this world, Fujimaru's help, and a final decisive factor: a final trump card, Senji Muramasa's finest katana, Myoujingiri Muramasa. With this special sword, Mushashi was able to reach his spirit core in the ether, destroying him in the process.[5]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Matsuryu is the character illustrator for Houzouin Inshun.[2]


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