Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily (ジャンヌ・ダルク・オルタ・サンタ・リリィ, Jan'nu Daruku Oruta Santa Riryi?), taking form after Joan Alter drank Gilgamesh's Potion of youth to become "Joan of Arc Alter Lily" and then gaining the title of "Santa" while aiming to become "Santa Joan of Arc."[1]

It goes without saying that Jeanne d’Arc is a tragic holy woman, but her period of activity was just some extremely short two years. Jeanne Alter is Jeanne d’Arc blackened form that originally did not exist, but as the child form of such “girl that does not exist”, there are no records of Jeanne Alter Santa Lily having existed anywhere on the time axis.[1]



« I’m completely different from my adult self! Ahem! »


If pressed to say, her personality is actually closer to the original Jeanne. In other words, she is too serious, inflexible and acts rashly at times. She may resort to illegal measures when push comes to shove and, even if there is no need for that, she will not hesitate to use illegal measures if they prove themselves to be more efficient. And so forth.[1]

Her divergent point from the original Jeanne is probably the fact how, upon getting into a panic, she gets all flustered and starts crying in the end, throwing her surroundings into a chaos. Apparently, she herself feels ashamed by looking at the peevishness of the adult Jeanne Alter.[1]

« It seems like she is still embarrassed about becoming a Servant herself and doesn’t know how to deal with her Master. Good grief, she really cannot be helped! »


or so Jeanne Alter Santa Lily says. But similarly, the way how she wants to be spoiled by the Master and yet does not know how to depend on him shows that she is indeed Jeanne Alter before growing to adulthood.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

The Second Generation is Alter-chan ~2016 Christmas~Edit

Jeanne Alter meets Gilles de Raise late at night to talk about Christmas. Frustrated at Santa Alter, she tells Gilles that she'll steal her sack, and give out presents before Santa Alter can. This act, she believes, will make both the children and Santa Alter cry. Gilles points out to her that stealing Santa Alter's sack will prove difficult since neither of them have Presence Concealment. In response, Jeanne Alter reveals Child-Gil gave her an invisibility potion. While under the potion's effects, she'll steal Santa Alter's sack, and then spend the night delivering the presents. Thus, as the children happily open their presents tomorrow, she'll take pleasure in Santa Alter's lamentations. Believing her plan to be flawless, Jeanne Alter prepares to drink the potion. She is caution about drinking it though, explaining she asked Child-Gil over his adult self as precaution. Yet despite of her fears, she proceeds to drink the potion. Gilles points that she isn't invisible though, thus Jeanne Alter believes Child-Gil tricked her. But, just as she prepares to steal the real invisibility potion, she suddenly transformed into a child, revealing the potion to be the Potion of Youth. This child version calls her adult self's plan to turn invisible mean, but nonetheless decides to carry her desire to be Santa out of respect for that desire. Introducing herself as Jeanne Alter Lily, she announces she was born to become the next Santa. After she calls her adult self dumb for her invisibility plan, Gilles asks her if she has a plan. Alter Lily answers she doesn't need a plan instead she will just convince Santa Alter that she's the better Santa. She then goes into Santa Alter's room to do what she set out to do, but she is immediately and violently ousted. Hearing the commotion, Jeanne d'Arc sees Alter Lily, and demands an explanation from Gilles. After she gets an explanation, Jeanne takes Alter Lily to Ritsuka's room.

In Ritsuka's room, Jeanne explains the situation to Ritsuka, and Alter Lily introduces herself as Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily, Lancer class Servant. She then tries and fails several times to say her name faster at Ritsuka's request, but stops when Jeanne points out Ritsuka was teasing her. After Child-Gil apologizes for giving her the wrong potion, Alter Lily criticizes him for his carelessness. She also calls her adult self a good-for-nothing, blaming her bad attitude on Jeanne spoiling her. Santa Alter then enters the room, requesting to speak with Ritsuka and Jeanne, and tells Mash to play with Alter Lily. Alter Lily tries to demand Santa Alter's sack for her, but Santa Altera's threat make her stop. As Santa Alter speaks with Ritsuka and Jeanne, Mash asks Alter Lily why she wants to be Santa Claus. She answers that it's because she would be the best Santa ever, believing she can deliver the proper and ideal presents to everyone. She criticizes Santa Alter for giving worthless presents when Mash recalls EMIYA's blank expression at getting Black Keys last Christmas. Knowing about last Christmas thanks to her adult self's memories, Alter Lily proclaims she can give better presents that everyone will love. When Santa Alter returns from talking with Ritsuka and Jeanne, Alter Lily gets scared of her and hides behind Ritsuka. Santa Alter prepares to give Alter Lily her sack, having decided she can be Santa this year. But before that, She tests Alter Lily's worth in being Santa in the combat simulator. Passing Santa Alter's test, Alter Lily is given her sack, then proceeds to leave with Ritsuka to deliver presents.

Flying through the sky in Llamrei II, Alter Lily criticizes "The Gift of the Magi", saying it's moral lesson falls flat since the couples' gifts for each other are rendered useless in end. Later, she reads the first request is from Jing Ke, who last year requested a sharp dagger but instead got an "elegant older gentleman". Believing she has the best present for her, Alter Lily and Ritsuka fly down to Jing Ke's cave hideout. Entering the cave, Alter Lily disappointingly witnesses Jing Ke, Ushiwakamaru, and Mata Hari as they tease Tarasque. She announces herself when Saint Martha notices her and Ritsuka, and proceeds to scold all of them for getting drunk. She gets scared and hides when Jing Ke touches her in her drunken state. She gets even more scared when Ushiwakamaru threatens to burn everything to make her come out of hiding. She is then challenged by Martha to fight with her and the other girls, which she gladly accepts. After defeating them, Alter Lily gives the girls their presents, which are all detoxifiers. She scolds them again for getting drunk, saying it isn't something Servant should do. Thus, she tells them the medicine is so they keep to their duty as Servants, but warns it also means they'll take damage if they drink any alcohol. Martha asks her if she made the medicine, to which Alter Lily answers she had a Caster who wore white clothes make it despite not knowing him. As Jing Ke, Ushiwakamaru, and Mata Hari proceed to leave to kill this Caster, Alter Lily proceed to leave with Ritsuka and head to their next stop. She quickly grabbed however by Martha, who proceeds to ask her what she thinking when she chose those presents. Alter Lily answers that she wanted to give Jing Ke, Ushiwakamaru, and Mata Hari gifts that would be useful to them. Martha disagrees with that sentiment though, believing Christmas presents are more about bringing joy rather than being practical. Alter Lily highly disagrees with Martha though, believing a practical gift is better than one that brings joy. She then leaves with Ritsuka after Martha thanks her for the gift and wishes her good luck.

Next, Alter Lily and Ritsuka fly to Japan to deliver presents to the Servants there. Upon landing, she greets Fuuma Kotarou and introduces herself as Santa. In response to Kotarou's confusion at Santa being a child, she proclaims again she is Santa and not a child, pouting about everyone always treating like a child. She rejects Tawara Touta's offer of candy, stating that everything knows you're not supposed to take things from strangers. After rejecting Ritsuka's offer of candy, she gives Kotarou his present, a Japanese-English dictionary. She tells him that his Noble Phantasm's name has a lot of grammatical issues and things, so the dictionary is for translating it into proper English for a proper Noble Phantasm name. Touta calls her present terrible, but Alter Lily defends it, claiming its for Kotarou's own good. When Touta says a Christmas present should bring joy, Alter Lily claims a present ism't good if it isn't useful. She continues that if that isn't the case, then gift giving is just about bringing the giver joy. She states gifts that bring joy do not the world any better, believing Santa needs to give people useful gifts so they can improve. She then gets into a childish argument with Kotarou about what she just said, which escalates into her being challenged to fight with him and Touta. After he's defeated, Kotarou accepts Alter Lily's gift, but tells her he will not change his Noble Phantasm's name instead use it to learn a few words from the language of his forefathers. Alter Lily is disappointed in herself when she learns that Kotarou's Noble Phantasm has sentimental value to him. She is thanked for the dictionary though, and then leaves with Ritsuka. Later in the sky, she ponders if her gift to Kotarou was useful, and realizes being Santa is harder than she thought. Suddenly, a "mysterious" Servant introducing himself as Santa Island Mask boards Llamrei II. He tell Alter Lily to persevere in her role as Santa, saying its Santa's job to always get back up and always deliver smiles. Alter Lily decides to accept Santa Mask as her mentor to guide her into being a better Santa.

Alter Lily and Ritsuka arrive in a labyrinth, but they're lost thanks to her lack of direction. She presumably finds people nearby, assuming they're the ones who asked Santa for presents. She introduces herself and prepares to give them their present, but the so-called people turn out to be monsters. After killing the monsters, Alter Lily hears the voices of children calling for Santa. Shouting back in response, she is found by Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper. Assuring them that she's fine, Alter Lily asks them if they're the ones who asked Santa for presents. They confirm it, but they're confused since she isn't Santa Alter. Jack and Nursery Rhyme tell Alter Lily about how Santa Alter gave them lots of presents last Christmas. Alter Lily is then forced to fight them since Santa Alter taught Jack and Nursery Rhyme that they need to fight to earn their presents. She defeats them, and they explain to her that they don't get presents since lost, even though she has presents for them. Suddenly a rose Black Key crashes into the ground marking the arrival of Santa Mask. Santa Mask convinces Alter Lily to pretend to have lost to Jack and Nursery Rhyme. She proceeds to pretend to have been defeated by Jack and Nursery Rhyme, explaining that they're late victory is because they used Damage over time. Pretending to be too weak to move, she decides to give them their presents. Santa Mask appaulds Alter Lily for a job well done, though she feels guilty about lying. After Santa Mask leaves, Jack and Nursery Rhyme invite Alter Lily to their tea party. She thanks for the invitation, and tells them she'll give them their presents there. Arriving at the tea party, she deduces that neither EMIYA nor Asterios asked for any prsents. She asks Asterios if he wants anything for Christmas, but he answers he doesn't. Believing he doubts she's Santa since she's a child, Alter Lily tells him that she is indeed Santa, and demands to know what he wants. Asterios answers he wants fun days like today to last as possible, a wish Alter Lily realizes she cannot grant. Rejecting Asterios's offer of Food and EMIYA's attempt to talk about her, she gives Jack and Nursery Rhyme their presents. The present is a hermitage since Alter Lily believes that Jack and Nursery Rhyme need a quiet place to study instead of playing. She tries to explains why it would be good for them, but then decides it wouldn't be and runs away. As she runs, Alter Lily realizes practically is all she has, and that she has wish nor hope since hers is an impossible existence. Yet despite that she thought she could grant others' wishes instead of her own, which is why she wanted to be Santa. However, she believes she failed at being Santa, as she doesn't know what makes people happy. Alone in the middle of a snowfield, Alter Lily is eventually found by Ritsuka, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme. She feels dejected when they return their present to her, but they tell her that they want to see the sea. Santa Mask then appears and encourages her to grant Jack and Nursery Rhyme's request since she took back their gift. Alter Lily tells Jack and Nursery Rhyme to board Llamrei II so she can take them to the sea. Before she takes off though, she thanks Santa Mask and assures him she'll do her best.

As the group fly to their destination, they are suddenly pulled down by a Servant down below. Upon crash landing, they are confronted by Leonidas, who proclaims he cannot let Alter Lily grant Jack and Nursery Rhyme's wish to see the sea. Asked why by Alter Lily, he explains that it's by the order of a mastermind that he cannot let them pass. Alter Lily then fight him, claiming it is Santa's job to grant wishes. After he defeated, Leonidas tells Alter Lily that there is a group of Servants waiting up ahead, and warns her journey to the sea will not be easy. She asks him why he's trying to prevent Santa from granting a wish, but he just responds she'll have to ask the next Servant for details. After Leonidas disappears back to Chaldea, Alter Lily confirms everyone's condition when Santa Mask appears again. He asks her if she is still willing to continue her journey despite knowing she'll receive no reward for granting a wish. Hesitant at first, she answers she wants to grant Jack and Nursery Rhyme's wish, instead of forcing a present they don't want on then. Santa Mask tells her to proceed with caution, and it is up to Santa whether or not to grant a wish. After he leaves saying Santa may not be a saint, Alter Lily thinks about how she wanted to refute that. She wanted to say Santa Claus is a noble saint who grants everyone's wish, which why she chose to become Santa. However, she cannot help feeling what Santa Mask said may be true. She trembles with fear about what happens after Christmas, and wonders if she will still be allowed to exist. The group realizes they can't move the sleigh, so they decide to move forward without it.

Setting up camp in a forest, the group eat the feast EMIYA had prepared earlier. Later that night, Alter Lily talks to Ritsuka alone while Jack and Nursery Rhyme are sleeping. She asks why they're sleeping since they're Servants, and believing they're wasting needless magical energy, she asks Ritsuka if they're bothering them. Ritsuka answers they don't mind, but Alter Lily answers she feels it's more proper for a Servant to stay in spirit form during times of rest. Following that belief she prepares to enter spirit form, but before that, she asks Ritsuka if they've ever seen the sea. After they give their answers, Alter Lily wonders if it's good for Jack and Nursery Rhyme to get excited about seeing the sea. She continues she has no memory of the sea since her adult self never saw it. She then asks what's the point of going to the sea during the winter since they can only watch it, instead of in the summer when they can swim in it. Ritsuka tells her that she'll probably like it.

The next morning, the group prepare to continue west to the sea when Mash detects two Servants. Hassan of the Cursed Arm then appears declaring he cannot let the group go to the sea. In response to Alter Lily asking for the reason, he answers it's because the real Santa is here. Alter Lily is suspicious of his answers though since it sounded like he thought of it when Ritsuka said there were other Santas. Dodging the accusation, Cursed Arm introduces the true Santa, Santam, who asks what is Santa. Alter Lily answers Santa is the granter of wishes, someone who brings joy by bringing gifts. Santam answers Santas are faceless watchmen who work in the shadows, and then unveils himself. Alter Lily, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme immediately realize Santam is just EMIYA wearing a mask; something that shocks him since they couldn't figure out Santa Mask's identity. Ignoring that, EMIYA tells Alter Lily he has come to correct her mistaken view of Santa. He tells her that she is no true Santa if she hesitates or runs from this journey. He challenges her to fight him if she truly believes herself to be Santa Clause. Alter Lily is filled with doubt abot being Santa, believing that perhaps EMIYA may be a better Santa than her. Yet despite her doubts, she decides to fight, declaring herself to be Santa since she was entrusted with Santa Alter's sack. After he is defeated, EMIYA tells Alter Lily to move forward, never forgetting she is a true Santa. After he departs telling her not to forget her duties, Alter Lily looks depressed but she tells Ritsuka she will be fine.

As the group get closer to the sea, Alter Lily wonders if she will still be able to be Santa or if she will disappear. She, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme are then carried by Ritsuka as they run from a horde of living dolls. Ritsuka trips over a pebble however, so the group are forced to fight the dolls. After the dolls are destroyed, Santa Mask appears and betrays Alter Lily, claiming he led her into his trap. Wanting to take Santa's sack as his own, he explains the first rule of Santaing is that Santas must be aloof but fair. They grant wishes and give presents fairly, without bias and without self-interest. He says Alter Lily is lost, perplexed, and anguished yet she still continues. Alter Lily questions if it's bad to be lost and perplexed, to which Santa Mask said it is. Alter Lily then asks if self-interest is unnecessary, even the desire to grant wishes; Santa Mask says it is not needed for Santa. Jack asks Alter Lily if she come with her and Nursery Rhyme to the sea, as they both want her to come. Calling their wish nonsense, Santa Mask that demands the sack again, but Alter Lily refuses to give it to him. She declares she will not hand the sack to someone who insults children, and decides she must defeat Santa Mask. After defeating him, Alter Lily tells Santa Mask to step aside, which he does since he has seen her resolve as Santa. As she continues towards the sea, Alter Lily begins trembling from the feeling she kept having. Jack and Nursery Rhyme hold her hands, and the three continue ahead of Ritsuka. By dusk, the girls reach the shoreline, and upon seeing the sea, Alter Lily thinks probably failed as Santa. She begins to cry aloud, having now realized it was her that wanted to see the sea. She apologizes to Jack and Nursery Rhyme that they come to the sea to grant their wishes, but to grant hers. They tell her that it's fine, believing she did her best as any Santa could. She then listens to the waves with them. Afterwards, she runs to Ritsuka, who was watching from a distance, and tells them that she is Santa, even though she's young, immature, selfish, and helpless. Yet despite her flaws, she wants to do her help Ritsuka. She asks them if she can stay with them even past Christmas and beyond. Ritsuka accepts her, so Alter Lily thanks and hugs them.


Present of the Saint (聖者の贈り物?) is a Skill acquired by completely turning into Santa Claus. Enriching hearts by giving presents. Although inexperienced, maybe because her attitude of earnestly striving in everything was valued highly as a Santa, her Rank is quite something for a novice Santa Claus.[1]

Self-Reform (自己変革?) Originally, Servants are summoned on their golden age, but she was exceptionally summoned as an existence that “will grow up from now on”. Become evil if expected to be evil; become good if expected to be good. Her future might not be a bright one but, even still, the lamp of the saint may be bestowed if you expect it from her.[1]


Takashi Takeuchi is the character designer for Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily.[1]


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