Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Parvati (パールヴァティー, Pāruvatī?), a Pseudo-Servant summoned into the body of Sakura Matou. The spouse of the supreme deity, Shiva, from Indian Mythology... but she is a gentle goddess without ties to war. She is a Divine Spirit, but this time, she has manifested by borrowing the body of a girl with a similar wavelength. Virtuous, calm, one who can handle all kinds of housework, she is the truly ideal and very much a wife-type heroine, but alas, her true character is―――?[2]

Parvati is the Goddess of Beauty and is known as the wife who loves, with blind devotion, her husband Shiva, the God of Destruction and Creation from Indian Mythology.[2][3] Parvati's influence as a god lacks presence, and often she is treated as the goddess who is Shiva's wife. However, there are accounts of Shiva's wife being spoken of as a "War Deity"; as either Durga or Kali. These goddesses and Parvati carry separate Saint Graphs, but their divine essence are seen as the same.[2]


While form is not that of Parvati herself, but a pseudo-Servant condition in which a human that has a wavelength close to her own was made into a vessel. Lancer takes the form of a young woman with violet hair and violet eyes, her clothing is a blue silk sari wraped opon her waist area and a blue blouse with short sleeves, both the blouse and sari have a unique golden silk style in them. She also wears a golden circlet that becomes more ornate in her second ascension.


One can say she is the Kouhai of Light. The Goddess who has taken in the "brighter" portion of the nature of the girl she has possessed. A gentle and tolerant character without being self-assertive. A talented woman who supports the master from the side virtuously... Her ideal-heroine power and specs are high, but because she chooses the steady, plain path rather than flamboyance, she gives off an impression of dull-wittedness.[2]

Furthermore, though she has a docile personality, she is not timid and has a strong inner self. A clump of willpower and grit that, in a sense, will not bend her heart no matter what kind of torture she receives. Because of this, she is extremely fearsome when she truly gets angry. This Parvati will not forget her resentment until she feels at ease.[2]

A Pseudo-Servant formed from only the Good-aspect of "the possessed girl". However, even though she is the brighter part, it is not as if there is no "evil trait". Just as if even in justice, there is muddiness, "the possessed girl" has a yandere-type of sense inside her... if handled poorly, it can turn her into something dangerous; such an aspect still slightly remains. That said, even if she is just a little angered, she will definitely not fall into evil. That is because she is of the "brighter alignment" that will not stray away from lawfulness even when she is distressed.[2]

As Parvati's Divinity "has no faults in herself", introvertedness and shyness disappear, and her sociability increases. She may get angry and pout, but once she properly thinks through matters as whether those are misunderstandings or differing views, she is a beautiful lady who will either properly apologize or forgive the others.[2]


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Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Parvati Trial Quest Edit

Parvati encounters Ritsuka while she is searching for something in Fuyuki City. Ritsuka goes to speak with her since she is the source of the odd reading that Leonardo da Vinci picked up. Parvati insists she isn't suspicious despite wandering the same spot for a while. She recognizes Ritsuka is a Master, and that they're communicating with Mash Kyrielight and Da Vinci across space and time. She is surprised Da Vinci was able to identify as a Divine Spirit, even with her weakened Spirit Origin. Since the others already met other Divine Spirits, and understand the concept of Pseudo-Servants, Paravati formally introduces herself. Mash asks her what happened to the owner of her vessel. Paravati is rather suspicious of the question, but understands she would ask the question if she was in Mash's position. She then reveals that she and the owner of her vessel merged, a feat that shocks Mash. Parvati continues that the current her is the combined good aspects of herself and her vessel, with the bad aspects removed through mutal consensus. The girl's past and memories were sealed when they merged, as no human can withstand the weight of a god's mind and memories. In exchange though, all of Parvati's preferences and decision-making were all entrusted to the girl's human nature. She explains her current state is similiar to a Magical Girl, meaning it's a temporary state she can't change back from. Even if she were able to do so, she would forget everything as soon as she did. Ritsuka asks her what she is doing in Fuyuki, to which she answers she is searching for something. She continues she thought she would find it since her vessel has a connection to the city. However, the problem is that her vessel is unfamiliar with this particular version of Fuyuki, so now she is lost. Ritsuka decides they'll help since they and the others have a connection with Fuyuk. After they introduce themselves, Da Vinci asks Parvati if she has any other clues. Parvati answers she doesn't, but she is instinctly knows it's nearby. Seeing they have no choice, the group search the area.

Later, Mash asks Parvati about the object is carrying, assuming it's a lance because of her class. Parvati explains she actually borrowed it from her husband, Shiva, and Da Vinci recognizes it is Trishula. Parvati explains that since she is only borrowing it, she can't use it as well as Shiva, so she customized it for easier use. She insists she will use Shiva's power in her own way, and that she won't summon any weird shadows. She then notices Hassan of the Cursed Arm, and immediately becomes suspicious of him. She asks him what he is doing, to which he replies that he is disposing of those who are empty, or those who lost their way. Parvati becomes even more suspicious even she sees he has a gang of delinquents following him. Believing them to be murderers, she decides to punish them all. Cursed Arm eventually surrenders, and tells his men to do the same. He then clarifies that he and his men were actually picking up discarded recyclables. He explains it's derived from his habit of collecting his thrown dirks after every battle. The delinquents joined him because they shared in his beliefs, and they began to turn for the better. Parvati is confused since Cursed Arm is suppose to be an assassin, truly evil man who, under the orders of a bug-smelling Master, killed both humans and Servants. Cursed Arm accepts he is a nominally an evil being, but as a Servant of Ritsuka, he will not attack indiscriminately. Parvati apologizes for her behavior, which Cursed Arm accepts. She warns her true fury is much worse than what the others saw, though they will never see it.

Inside a bamboo forest, Da Vinci wonders if the reason Parvati manifest is because of what she is searching for. Parvati replies that it's a bonus to her manifestation, for which there is legitimate reason. Da Vinci recommends contracting with Ritsuka since Parvati, as a Servant, needs a Master to accomplish her task. Jaguar Man and Illyasviel von Einzbern, who Parvati seems to recognize, then suddenly appear. They then test her resolve to see if she is ready to come to Chaldea. Afterwards, she insists to Jaguar Man that she will be happy at Chaldea while also making others happy. She also ensures she isn't as pure as Jaguar Man thinks she is, so she can fight if needed. After Jaguar Man and Illya both leave, Parvati feels like she is getting closer to what she's looking for.

Later, Ritsuka and Parvati encounter Medusa wearing a school uniform, which Parvati insists belong to her. She confirms it is what she was looking for, as it acts an anchor to maintain her existence. It should naturally be in possesion, but it was somewhere else for some reason when she manifested. She asks Medusa about her intentions, but Medusa says it was merely impulse to wear the uniform. She then reveals the uniform was bait to lure Parvati for the purpose of eliminating her. She explains that Parvati shouldn't need to fight if she is using her current vessel. Since Parvati just recently became a Servant, Medusa can strike her with a powerful spiritual attack to remove her from her vessel. This act may result in Parvati's existence as a Psuedo-Servant in being negated. After the ensuing fight, Parvati tells Medusa that despite being goddess, they have nothing in common since they're from different pantheons. She understands though that Medusa was merely concerned for her vessel. While understanding though, she will not stop the manifestation, for she still has a mission to accomplish. She also reveals her vessel shared her wish to save the world and protect those she loves, believing it is why she manifested in Fuyuki. Medusa accepts this, and gives the uniform back in apology. Paravati then begins to disappear, hoping to become Ritsuka's Servant, now that they have a connection. She also tells Medusa that she'll get along with the Servants at Chaldea. She then disappears thinking it would be wonderful they wore matching uniforms.

Other appearancesEdit

Passionlip, an Alter Ego, is a composite being created from part of BB being mixed with Parvati, Durga and Brynhildr.[3]


Parvati's Noble Phantasm is Trishula Shakti.

Parvati is able to manifest in the Rider Class, wherein she will borrow the sacred bull, Nandi, from Shiva. As it is rightfully a bull that governs over crops, harvests, etc., it boasts low offensive power unbefitting of Divine Beasts.[2]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takao Aotsuki is the character illustrator for Parvati.[2]


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