Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Valkyrie (ワルキューレ, Warukyūre?). While referring to themselves collectively as "Valkyrie", the three who appear through the Ascension function are Valkyrie Thrúd (ワルキューレ・スルーズ?), Valkyrie Hild (ワルキューレ・ヒルド?), and Valkyrie Ortlinde (ワルキューレ・オルトリンデ?).[1]

Daughters of the Great God. Many of them were created by the highest existence in Nordic mythology, the Great God Odin. Dancing in the sky of countless battlefields, only those with courageous souls who lost their lives in battle were qualified to be taken to the golden Valhalla, the Palace of the Great God. The end of the Nordic era─── In the twilight of the gods, they were added to the ranks of the Great God's army to slaughter the Jötnar.[1]

They all exist as maidens of the Great God Odin, but they are all individually Valkyries. As their existence is close to being a divine spirit (demigod), they possess a high ranking Divinity skill.[1]

In the twilight of the gods, the Valkyries were numerous beings created by the Great God Odin for Ragnarök. As such, they behave and operate as some kind of automated machine. Dancing in the skies of the battlefield on a heavenly horse, only the valorous souls were chosen to be brought back from the dead to Valhalla. However, their turning point was the moment their eldest sister Brynhildr met with the hero Sigurd. They fell deeply in love with each other. And there, the number of Valkyries gradually declined.[1]

In the dawn of Ragnarök, the climactic war of the gods and the Jötnar, reports were already submitted to the Lord of the Clock Tower's Curse Department in the mid-1980s, noting it was "half of its original". Although temporary, it became a hot topic in the magical world.[1]

The individuals confirmed by the Chaldea Summoning System and the following Saint Graph Ascensions are the above three maidens. They are predicted to be individuals connected to the Star (or to the future). Because the true nature of their mana strength is almost equivalent to one another, all three of them share the same true name "Valkyrie". Truthfully, their true names should be Þrúðr, Hildr, and Ortlinde to be exact, but they firmly refused to be treated as "separate individuals".[1]

"There is no essential difference in us Valkyries." "That's right, we are all the same, as if we are rooted in everything." "Yeah. But elder sister Brynhildr is strange..."

She (they) talk like this. So, why were they summoned into a unique Saint Graph?[1]

Perhaps it was the encounter and parting in the Scandinavian Lostbelt that became the bonds for their Master. It should be noted that the girls summoned as Servants this time are the Heroic Spirits from the common history of men, thus they are different invididuals from the ones the Master met in the Scandinavian Lostbelt───"a completely different person" as it would be said. Only one group of the Shadow Border remembers the war maidens of the Scandinavian Lostbelt.[1]


The three Valkyries within the Norse Lostbelt are those who have existed since 1000BC into modern day 2018AD of the Lostbelt.


War maidens dressed in armor.



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame CenturyEdit

In the Norse Lostbelt, Valkyries Ortlinde, Hildr and Thrúd were the only survivors of the original Valkyries following the events of the Lostbelt's Ragnarok. They subsequently served under Scáthach-Skadi, the sole surviving god in Scandinavia after Surtr's rampage and subsequent Queen of the Lostbelt. Skadi was unable to produce any full-fledged Valkyries, but created mass-produced units dependent on her mana, with the originals acting as their command units. They would supervise the denizens of Skadi's domain, including servicing the human villages, up until the events surrounding the arrival of the Shadow Border and the survivors of Chaldea.[2]


The Valkyrie that is present in this form is a unique existence as a Servant. Specifically, they have a very unusual Saint Graph. Although mana capacity may increase with the Master's potential, like other Servants, there is no such thing as "changing to a more powerful form after Saint Graph Ascension". For Valkyrie's case, there is an upper limit of power for each individual. In accordance to the Chaldea Summoning System, when Valkyrie performs a Saint Graph Ascension, there's a high probability the current Valkyrie disappears, and "another Valkyrie more suitable for redefined mana capacity" will be resummoned in their place.[1]

The Valkyries' shields are made of divine iron, bestowed on them by Odin.[3]


The Valkyries' Class Skill is Magic Resistance (B), and they also possess Divinity (A). Their Personal Skills are Primordial Rune (—), Swan Mystic Code (白鳥礼装, Hakuchō Reisō?, alt. 'Cygnus Mystic Code') (A) and Fateweaver (運命の機織り, Unmei no Hataori?) (B).[1]

As their existence is close to being a Divine Spirit (demigod), the Valkyries possess high ranking Divinity.[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

The Valkyries' Noble Phantasms are Gungnir and Ragnarök Lífþrasir.[1]



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