Lancer of Eight Flowers (八華のランサー, Hakka no Ransā?) is the Lancer-class Servant summoned by Satsuki Yumizuka in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story Memoirs of Koha-Ace. She is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Nagao Kagetora (長尾景虎?), better known as Uesugi Kenshin (上杉謙信?). Praised as a peerless warrior in Japan when it comes to battles, the Sengoku Daimyo of Echigo later known as the God of War, Nagao Kagetora. A self-proclaimed avatar of Bishamonten who fought all their lives with righteousness, in the turmoil of the Warring States.

“One does not bear arms for personal gain. When you are in the right, all shall aid in your cause!”

Uniting the nation of Echigo plagued by continuous internal strife, and dispatched her army countless times after receiving aid from other nations. As such, innumerable battles unfolded between her and the likes of Takeda or Hōjō. Constantly standing at the forefront of the battlefield, she has lost not even a single clash in her career spanning more than 70 battles, leading her army with her overwhelming charisma and tactical genius.

Having changed names multiple times, she went variously as Nagao Kagetora, Uesugi Masatora, and finally took on the name of Uesugi Kenshin. The most famous name of all, Kenshin, is actually a Buddhist dharma name from his later life.

“Eh? The name Kenshin is more famous than Kagetora!?”

Kagetora was constantly troubled. On the battlefield, well, which would be better between a sword and a spear, which weapon would be the best … Guns? Can’t aim those so it’d be impossible. And then on a certain day, she encountered an inhuman figure of Bishamonten wielding eight swords, the “Eight-bladed Bishamonten”, and a revelation dawned upon her. And as such, she realized everything would be solved by simply bringing both sword and spear!

The next day, brandishing the eight weapons known as the armament of the eightfold blossom, was the figure of the God of War from Echigo, wreaking havoc energetically. Thus, the strongest invincible Warring States general “Full Armor Kagetora-chan” was born.



“Fortune to the heavens, Armour upon my chest, Feats from my steps!” As a self-proclaimed Avatar of Bishamonten, Kagetora has tried to protect people under the human rationality outlined as ‘righteousness’. Nonetheless, having been born with excessive strength as a person herself, Kagetora during her lifetime has never managed to comprehend the exceedingly frail entities known as humans.

Without understanding human emotions like sadness or anger in the slightest, Kagetora wears a smile as her only compromise with her surroundings. As the recipients of her unapproachable behavior and words, Kagetora's retainers fear her, yet that fear morphed and took form as fanatical faith. And as a result, an even more inhuman way of life, reminiscent of gods and buddhas, has been forced upon Kagetora.

To that Kagetora, the brief scenes of life and death interspersed among the lethal conflicts she took part in, were the only times she felt human at all.

After having lived her life so detached from the mundane, she attained her divine seat as the God of War, and was venerated accordingly. By now, there would be no way of ascertaining whether that had been her intention.

—— Bishamonten is here.




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Hideyoshi and Kagatora cameo

Hideyoshi and Kagatora makes cameo in type/Redline.

She and Toyotomi Hideyoshi makes a cameo from Tsukumo's perspective of Holy Grail War.[1]


Her primary weapon is a Long Spear with a blade tip reminiscent of a Seven-Branch Sword. She also wields seven other swords.

Fate is in Heaven: A: For Kenshin who believes in the protection of Bishamonten, it is possible to receive beneficial ‘rulings’ when undertaking various actions on the battlefield.

Armor is on the Chest: A: A defensive skill against projectile weapons. The anecdote during her life, in which she calmly sipped her wine right in front of her enemies with bullets flying everywhere, while dodging every single one of them, became a skill. With her strong sense of pride, a phenomenon similar to reality warping occurs, where as long as she couldn’t think of getting hit, bullets would never hit her, to the extent that their trajectories would curve to avoid her. However, if the shooting is done with enough aggression, to the point where she believes the possibility of her getting hit, the protection could be penetrated.

Accomplishment is in the Feet: A: The tactical intuition of Kagetora, praised as a peerless warrior within Japan. Having won all of the 70 plus battles she experienced in her life, Kagetora finds sieging castles somewhat troublesome.

“Argh, enough! Come out and fight!”


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