Overcount 1999: Land of Steel (鋼の大地 [over count 1999], Hagane no Daichi?) is the state of the world of Notes. after the death of the planet.


The world works on a new calendar system. The events of notes take place roughly five years after the eighty third year of the new calendar.[1]

Before the Land of SteelEdit

As the planet was still dying, humans created the A-Ray, beings modified to be able to live in the Grain environment.

Great WarEdit

Babel's Tale: The Great War (大戦 [Babel's Tale], Taisen?) is the conflict between the A-Ray and the humans after the death of the planet. The Six Sisters lead the A-Ray in battle.

The battle is later interrupted by the arrival of the Ultimate One.

Cloud Sky and Blood SkyEdit

During the Great War, the Six Sisters put up a barrier of thick layers of clouds, Cloud Sky: The Sky, it's Dark (空が、昏い [Cloud Sky], Sora ga, Kurai?), as a shield that have hidden the sky since then. The sky itself was not gray, but just that it could be seen.[2][3]

During the battle with Type Pluto, the Six Sisters fought it to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. Type Pluto and the Six Sisters killed each other at the same time, causing Type Pluto's blood to cover the entire planet after the battle. Situated above the cloud sky, there is no longer blue, but a Blood Sky: The Sky, it's Red (空が、赤い [Blood Sky]], Sora ga, Akai?). The sky also prevents two of the Ultimate ones from entering the planet, leaving them floating about like fish swimming in the sea.[3] Ado Edem's Slash Emperor is capable of splitting the Blood Sky, showing the true state of the blue sky of the world.[4]

Bird DropEdit

The Bird Drop (鳥堕し?) is the mission to repel Type-Venus, performed on the eighty third year of the new calendar.


City of the World TreesEdit

The City of the World Trees (世界樹の街, Seikaiju no Machi?) is a city situated on the corpse of Type Venus after it is shot down in year 83. It is named after the two wings of Type Venus, called the World Trees (世界樹, Seikaiju?), that tower over the city and reach into the Cloud Sky.

Great RiftEdit

The Great Rift (大断層?) is a great crevice splitting the world in two. It was caused by the death struggles of Judge of the Six Sisters, who was killed by Ether Liners. The Witch Swift Umbrella was built within it.[4]


Westland (ウエストランド?) is the western continent of the world. It housed the artificial paradise where the last of the Last-Seed, the original humans unable to live in the atmosphere of the dead world, lived. The entire continent was besieged by Type Jupiter, destroying the paradise and leaving Gun God as the last original human.[5] The entire continent burned once Ado Edem cleaved Type Jupiter, causing a massive explosion.[6]

Witch Swift UmbrellaEdit

The Witch Swift Umbrella (魔女の大傘(ウィッチ・スウィフト・アンブレラ?) is a prison resembling a castle within the Great Rift. Its name originates from the composition of its scaffolding, looking similar to a large, upside down, open umbrella. The prison possesses many walls and layers of gates that are linked with thousands of chains. There is a throne room that can only be reached by passing through seventy eight "magic doors" that are unable to be destroyed by a normal Ether Liner that can fight on par with beings capable of output similar to nuclear bombs. One placed on the throne would require enough power to destroy the entire castle to even stand up from the throne.[4]


The Witch Swift Umbrella is the "original form" of the Millennium Castle Brunestud in Tsukihime.[4]


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