Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix: Left Arm - Foundation of Heaven's Blessing (左腕・天恵基盤レフトハンド・キサナドゥマトリクス, Hidariude - Tenkei KibanRefuto Hando - Kisanadu Matorikusu?), also called Left Hand - Fault Tolerant: Left Arm - Degenerative Drive (左腕・縮退駆動レフトハンド・フォールトトレラント, Sawan - Shukutai KudōRefuto Hando - Fōruto Toreranto?) is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada's left arm that has the ability to reproduce his many miracles. His arms that have inspired hope for his believers to continue onto the road of hardships through him personally raising continuous miracles have transformed into Noble Phantasms that materializes his legend.[1][2] Similar to his right arm, it is a Noble Phantasm used upon himself.

It has the ability to connect to all Thaumaturgy Foundations (魔術基盤, Majutsu Kiban?), allowing him to effectively use any sort of Magecraft with its Almighty KeySkeleton Key (万能鍵スケルトンキー, Ban'nō KagiSukeruton Kī?).[1] By linking to the foundation of all forms of magecraft, these Noble Phantasms make it possible to use, to a certain degree, even Magecraft that the user shouldn’t know of as general knowledge. They are handy and convenient Noble Phantasms, but even if Shirou was summoned as a Caster, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against a first-rate magus like Medea. However, this modest blessing of being able to use any Magecraft without needing to master them is what allowed him to gain complete control of the Greater Grail.[2]

His left arm has an ability similar to the "Eye of the Mind (False)" Skill. By combining the two, the arms strengthens his Baptism Rite.[1][2]

The left arm allows for reinforcement and strengthening of his body. It has the effects of "eternal youth", allowing him to withstand over half a century without aging even while incarnated.


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