« What are you saying!? I told you I wouldn’t use that Noble Phantasm, have you forgotten!? I will die here! I will crumble away in death with regret! But that is the fate of the defeated! Darnic! I will never even consider using that and turn into an unsightly existence! Never, never! I’m, not, a vampire… I’m, not…! »

(Lancer of Black)
Legend of Dracula: The Succession of Blood (鮮血の伝承
, Senketsu no Denshō
Rejendo obu Dorakyuria
?) is an ability that reproduces the legend of Dracula, gained by Vlad III through the distortion of his heroic legend.[3] Its usage allows him to alter his aspect to become the blood-sucking vampire modeled after him, turning him from a Heroic Spirit into a literal monster. As a Lancer, his hatred of what the effect of the legend has had on him will make him refuse to use the Noble Phantasm even should it mean his death, requiring a Command Spell to force him to use it and the price of his Master's life as he makes them pay for the transgression. Darnic describes him in this state as a "creature pitifully burdened with infamy due to literary works."[4] When summoned as a Berserker, it is activated by default and he becomes "an avatar of calamity who uses his vampiric powers without mercy."[2][5]
  • The Nameless Vampire in the anime.
  • The Nameless Vampire in the manga.

Darnic describes it as a "certain-kill Noble Phantasm that, once activated, would allow him to easily tear apart Lancer of Red and kill even a Heroic Spirit with divine blood." Quite different from a Dead Apostle, Dracula, despite having only a hundred year old legend in terms of the concept of Mystery, has spread out to become a terror that drapes over the entire world. Rather than thinking of the hidden Dead Apostles when hearing of the word "vampire", people think of the "vampire Dracula" who was created using Vlad III as a base. It is a fictional legend of a vampire that possesses great fame worldwide except in Romania.[6]

Upon transforming, his normal Skills and Noble Phantasms are sealed, causing his personal spear to vanish like dust as his "aspect as a hero is extinguished." He gains blood-red eyes, displaying a great amount of cruelty, but loses his normal look of intelligence. He gains fangs and claws, his normally aristocratic clothes become torn, and his flesh and blood take the form of shadows with mass. It boosts all of his attributes, grants a "black cloak that melts into the night" able to produce stakes within his body similar to Kazikli Bey to stab his enemies, grants the capacity to shape shift into mist and assorted animals, grants the ability to turn others, even Servants, into vampire comrades through blood-sucking, and, being of a similar nature to Dead Apostles, grants the Curse of Restoration and the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment.[2] Though his thought processes are weakened, equivalent to the effect of Mad Enhancement, if one looks at his overall abilities, his strength is greater in this form than Vlad III as a sovereign.[6] While displaying the ability to fight against a coordinated assault of six powerful Servants enhanced by a Command Spell order for a time before his regeneration starts to give out under their attacks, he possesses the weaknesses of Dead Apostles: daylight and holy symbols. He will become weaker during the day, and he has a weakness to holy implements like Ruler's Luminosité Eternelle, Black Keys that would normally do little damage to a regular Servant, and Baptism Rites.

His physical strength becomes such that he can easily overpower other Servants to a surprising degree and throw any of his mass-produced spears with such force that they casually surpass the speed of sound and match the power of a Noble Phantasm. His movement speed is compared to teleportation, allowing him to quickly move around the battlefield to target the long-range Archers even while battling three close-combat Servants and ten golems. His healing happens at such a rate that he is healed faster than he can be damaged, allowing him to easily counter strong attacks simply by allowing them to hit and letting his regeneration quickly repair the damage. He can prioritize certain aspects of his regeneration so as to allow himself to move even under constant assault. Within this state, physical attacks that would normally hurt and kill a Servant no longer affect him, allowing him to remove projectiles from his body without a single drop of blood leaking out and take strikes to the heart that would destroy his spiritual core without issue. He can use his transformation ability to become a giant dog to attack enemies and easily dodge attacks and quickly remove projectiles as a flock of bats or mist, negating all physical damage while in these forms; however, targeting the bats with magecraft or using flames on the mist can still damage him.[6]

Ruler describes him as the greatest threat to the Holy Grail War in this state. It is unknown if it is an intrinsic property of the Noble Phantasm or the result of having Darnic's soul imposed upon his own, but he eventually degrades to the point of being a "nameless creature" that is no longer a Heroic Spirit or a Servant. He is unable to be bound by Command Spells due to being only a monster rather than a Servant, and even those commanding him to kill himself would be overwhelmed by Darnic's will. Reaching the Greater Grail to use its power to fulfill Darnic's wish of propagating himself and being released into Romania could allow him to turn it into a hell within a single day. The vampire's very "concept" is something that mixes, joins, and fuses history and legend together. Should it also adopt Vlad III's power and fame, it would become a "Grand Guignol" that slaughters the people of the country, the Night of Wallachia.


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