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|appearances=''[[Chibichuki!]]<br>[[Fate/Extra]] / [[Fate/Extra CCC|CCC]] / [[Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail|FoxTail]]''
|appearances=''[[Chibichuki!]]<br>[[Fate/Extra]] / [[Fate/Extra CCC|CCC]] / [[Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail|FoxTail]]''
|JPvoice={{WPlink|Romi Park}}
|JPvoice={{WPlink|Romi Park}}
|Engvoice = Laura Stahl
|type=[[Human]], [[Master]]
|type=[[Human]], [[Master]]

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Leonardo Bistario Harwey (レオナルド・ビスタリオ・ハーウェイ, Reonarudo Bisutario Hāwei?) is the Master of Saber in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra.



Leo is the heir to the Harwey family that owns the sixty percent of the wealth of the real world. He was conceived between the former Harwey head and Leo's biological mother Alicia (アリシア, Arishia?). Leo is the younger half brother of Julius B. Harwey who is unqualified to lead the Harwey family. When he was 3 years old, the Harwey family invested in him as he shows great potential. He undergone repeated surgery as a child, including a sound thaumaturgical process to burn knowledge directly into his brain. His mother spends less time with him as the Harwey shaping him to the ideal ruler. Julius was ordered to assassinate Alicia to help secure Leo's inheritance.

If the Holy Grail ends up in the hands of someone other than himself, the conflict that would have otherwise concluded in ten years would extend to twenty years. Even if a Master sent by the conglomerate emerges victorious, so long as the Holy Grail is "power on the national scale attained by an individual," it will become the kindling of conflict. In order to prevent that future, he himself went to the moon as a Master.[2]


His avatar is a 14-year-old student. In the Near side, Leo wears a custom Tsukumihara Academy uniform. His orange uniform makes him stand out amongst the students. In the Far side, he wears the standard black uniform. This symbolize the unification with the other students to escape the Far side.


Believing the Holy Grail to be potentially dangerous to humanity, Leo participates in the Holy Grail War to secure it. Confident in his abilities, he refers to his Servant Saber by his true name and does not make him hide his form around others. He doesn't concern himself with subtlety or tactics, instead letting something destined to be revealed happen without question. Victory is all but assured to him, as his superiority over others has been reinforced every day since he was born. Though he was raised to be a perfect ruler, he lacks normal human emotions, feeling despair for the first time only when he is defeated.

He is able to enthrall and enchant the entire class during the preliminaries with his regal bearing. He naturally seems better than those around him, as if he is naturally looking down upon them in his place as king. Like a prince, he has a natural charisma that draws people up to his level. His smile brings about the same sort of feeling as a warm and comforting sun rise, and his presence is inviting and inclusive. Any worries vanish and others begin to think of doing as he says, as if it is the only way.

Despite his overall kind disposition, just looking upon him brings about the Initial Protagonist's fight or flight instincts. Rather than kindness, he senses something malicious behind his appearance. The only ones to whom Leo does not address with honorifics are AIs and artificial lives of human make. His attitude towards Sakura Matou and Rani VIII can be taken as cold, but Leo is interacting with them in full earnest, with acknowledgement of their identities.[2]

« Humanity will only exhaust itself even if it continues to change with no answer in mind. To find a new path for change before the world completely stagnates will doubtless be my next task. »

(Leonardo Bistario Harwey)

Leo himself is more aware than anyone that he was desired as a ruler and raised to be a ruler. A king is not someone who comes from the human world, but one who is sent by the heavens to the earth. Those who are born thus are said to possess regality. Leo's regality is "thorough ideal." One can say he is a lord of a level unattainable by the average person; someone who has overcome the contradiction of having discarded human feelings while full of humaneness, for the purpose of realizing a totalitarian society where people of unequal skills can live in equality. Though he has had no freedom since birth, that he nevertheless has a calm personality is no doubt his innate nature.

If Hakuno represents change and offense. Then Leo is the character representing stagnation and defense. Leo possesses no self-interest and wishes for the world to stabilize under the watch of the Harweys. His goal in seeking the grail is not "greater power" but "certain stability." To Leo, what should be prioritized is humanity's continuation, not the reign of the Harweys. His ultimate goal in seeking the grail is a millennium of the next generation where people can live in safety. However Leo, who knows neither the negative emotions of the weak, of humans, nor defeat, at the same time does not know the emotion of fear, and is unable to even imagine the possibility of defeat. He will eventually come to know how distorted that is for a "human being." His way of accepting everything the way they are could not, even in his final moments, summon up the intrinsic essence of life, the vitality in the face of adversity.[2]



  • Leo and Saber

Leo is introduced during the preliminaries, where he proclaims that his name will be known to all the world in time. He is not affected by the brainwashing effect, so he mostly takes his time to scout potential opponents like Rin Tohsaka and casually enjoy his school life, such as flirting with Taiga Fujimura by stating he would like her to visit his country.

His introduction begins to shift the state of the world and starts to tear down its repetitive nature. As he is the distinguished son of the Harwey plutocratic family, in a sense the person who will eventually rule the world, his presence in the school is strange to others. He takes Shinji's female followers and, unlike Shinji, helps them without showing any condescension. When Shinji begins to chide him, he apologizes with dignity for upsetting him without any hostility or resentment.

Towards the end of the preliminaries, he flirts with Taiga again before leaving, calling her a remarkable person that reminds him of the beauty of youth. He mentions that found the school to be an interesting and enjoyable experience, as he had never been able to attend one.

During the first week of the Holy Grail War, Leo is first met by Hakuno in the hallway with other Masters by Hakuno. He expresses his satisfaction to meet Hakuno again, then he has Saber introduce himself, having already stated their True Name without concern. Leo and Saber then take their leave after the latter's introduction, telling Hakuno to fight with pride and honor. He is soon encountered again in the library, where explains the nature of the school, area, and colisseum as Reality Marbles within the Moon Cell. As well, Leo explains that Masters gain entrance into the war if they figure out the false school life within four days during the preliminaries.

Leo is briefly seen during the second week having a conservation with Dan Blackmore. During their talk Leo reveals that he knows Dan was sent to the Moon Cell to retrieve the Holy Grail by the Queen. However, Leo proclaims that the Holy Grail is rightfully his as the heir of Harway family. After the two part ways Leo stops to congratulate Hakuno on their first victory.

During the third week, Leo and Hakuno catch a glimpse of the cyber ghost of Twice H. Pieceman. Leo then explains that the environment of SERAPH can allow the data of people stored in it to evolve into Psuedo lifeforms, which are just harmless data. After Hakuno defeated Alice and Caster, Leo consoles them on their guilt. He continues to say that he will claim the Holy Grail to end the world's suffering and bring Equalibrium to humanity. After Rin chastises the Harways for their desire to rule over humanity, Leo claims that his family will bring about prosperity. Rin claims that the rule of the Harways wil only bring stagnation to humanity, to which Leo states that all who do not support his family are considered to be expendable.

Leo encounters Hakuno again in the library during the 5th round where he reveals that Julius, Hakuno's current opponent, is his brother. He further reveals Julius' role is to protect him as the heir of the Harway family. While Leo firmly believes in his brother's victory, he states that whether Julius wins or not doesn't matter as he would eventually kill him, viewing Julius' death as the foundation of his rule. After Hakuno defeats Julius, Leo congratulates them on their victory, now viewing them as a worthy opponent that he looks forward to facing in battle.

In the sixh round, Leo examining the lapel badge that Hakuno found in the arena, reveals it be an altered version of Julius' badge. He further explains that Hakuno's opponent must have used it to lure them to him, and that they used its ability to access restricted to avoid Hakuno.

Fate/Extra CCC

Like Rin and Rani, he fell into the Far Side upon the conclusion of the fifth week. Though his memories were sealed, even BB was unable to brainwash him, and he was trapped in the old school building.[2] Unlike most Master, Leo was able retain Gawain as his servant. In the majority of the game, he leads the student council to escape from the Far side of the moon.

After Hakuno Kishinami defeated Karna and Jinako Karigiri, Leo and Gawain took action in Chapter Bad End. Gawain created a fire wall to avoid BB directly interacting with Hakuno. There Gawain and Leo suffered a massive defeat, as Leo was breaking down, he used all his Command Spells to break his contract with Gawain thus BB wouldn't be able to absorb him. With his death, Hakuno leads the student council.


He is the strongest Master who participated in the Holy Grail War whose every parameter is maxed out. Rin is superior in terms of offensive codecasts and Rani in terms of pure computational ability. However, even if they challenge Leo together, he still has the higher chance of victory.[2] While Magus in the Fate/Extra universe do not possess the same abilities of their standard counterparts, Leo is noted for possessing several unnatural traits.

Firstly, he possesses an other worldly charisma, an air of superiority that causes others to gravitate towards him. This is likely a manifestation of the type of "Charisma" that great kings and leaders are known to have, especially amongst heroic spirits.

He was born with talents and was born with Magic Circuits. He was polished off by the Harweys' harsh yet careful education such as learning via sound magecraft.[2] This likely included other processes in order to give him traits befitting the Harwey heir.

  • bomb(32); - A codecast that inflicts damage and Stun against GUARD.
  • vanish_add(a); - A codecast that removes all status buffs.
  • Sword Camelot: Castle of the assembled brilliant Holy Sword (聖剣集う絢爛の城
    , Seiken Tsudou Kenran no Shiro
    Sōdo Kyamerotto
    ?) - A special type of codecast known as a "Finality: Settlement technique" (決着術式
    Kecchaku Jutsushiki
    ?). A secret spell that a renowned magus family passes down in its lineage. Sword Camelot is the secret codecast of the Harweys. It's a castle used so that two knights who value honor can determine who is the better of the two without the interference of interlopers. The wall of flame encircling their surroundings cannot be destroyed unless it is by the welder of a holy sword who is against the duel.[3] It can only be maintained for about three minutes.


Kinoko Nasu commented that he should have made Leo a crossdressing girl.[4]



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