Leonidas IWP (レオニダス一世WP, Reonidasu Issei?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. He appears as a Berserker-class Servant in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, having been sold by his Master to Shinji Matou and made into a corrupted Berserker.



Leonidas I was the King of SpartaWP, the country that became the etymology of the term "Spartan discipline". Leonidas reigned as the king of Sparta, but because the state of Sparta itself has fundamentally changed into a land that produced "hot-blooded idiots", it seems like he had a difficult time administrating the nation. In order to hold back an invading Persian army of 100,000 soldiers, he stood up with merely 300 men in the famous Battle of ThermopylaeWP.[2]


Leonidas I is the half-brother of Cleomenes IWP, the king of Sparta. Originally, the succession of the throne should be given to Cleomenes’ children, but as they all passed away, Leonidas sat on the throne as the new king.[1]

However, unrest already drifted in the atmosphere of the outskirts of the city-state of Sparta. The most important thing of concern was the demand of “water and soil” made by the great king of the PersianWP Achaemenid EmpireWP, Xerxes IWP, transmitted to all city-states except for AthensWP and Sparta—it essentially meant a substantially complete surrender of the city-states by handing over all rights of their harvests as well as their territories to the Persians.[1]

Many city-states chose the path of servitude under the powerful Persian Empire, but the allied forces, centered around Athens and Sparta, chose to confront them. However, when Persia commenced their invasion, unfortunately at that moment, Sparta was holding the sacred Carneia festivalWP, overlapping with the Festival of ZeusWP held over the entirety of Greece, and the allied forces fell into a state of affairs where it was impossible to move their large armies.[1]

Will the descendants of Perseus be destroyed? Or will the king who descended from the bloodline of Heracles die?[1]

Leonidas understood the full extent of the prophet’s oracle delivered to him. “That is to say, if I escape with my life, Sparta will be destroyed.” Leonidas did not hesitate. He led 300 elite men and deployed a battle formation at the valley of ThermopylaeWP called the “Hot Gates”, battling all 100,000 members of the extolled Persian army over a span of three days. However, the rear of the Spartan army’s battle formation was attacked due to a betrayalWP, the forces annihilated except for merely one person, AristodemusWP, who withdrew from the army as a result of a blindness condition he suffered from. At that time, the Spartan soldiers opposed and snapped back at their enemies with their bare hands when they lost their weapons. While Leonidas’ spear did not reach Xerxes, due to the time gained from him and his hundreds of subordinates in these three days, the Greeks of the allied forces were able to get ready and prepare for battle, ending with them repelling the Persian army. It was neither a fluke or chance that only this king and no more than 300 of his men would save the Greek world.[1]

At the grave site of the 300 Spartan soldiers, the following words were carved by a poet named SimonidesWP.[1]

« Travelers, please let me convey what the Spartans wished for. They have defended their agreement, died a noble death here and departed for the afterlife. »





« This Is Sparta! »

(Leonidas I)

An intellimacho who leads the muscle-brained army corps of Sparta. Leonidas lamented that “there was no one who could take into consideration tactics properly except for myself.” Like an intellectual who joined a sports-minded company, he lives with his head hurting everyday. Nonetheless, because he is a man born and raised in Sparta, he too is also a meathead—such as exerting great effort and guts, even if for an instant. Thus, he cannot deny this label, preferring to fight like a barbarian. He believes that exerting effort and diligently studying and training is a shortcut to pulling oneself to victory, and that it is connected to the acquisition of a humane life. “You, train your muscles (yourself). In that case, you will be rewarded. However, ghosts are no good given that they have no muscles!!!!![1]

A king who properly grasps the status quo, his attitude borders on courtesy. Leonidas serves as a faithful Servant to his Master unless he or she takes up a greatly impolite attitude. Although his proposals are assertive, his hot-blooded tactics are questionable. However, when Sparta is spoken ill of, he will be livid.[1]

In the present, Leonidas has become an excellent military escort who will happily follow his Master. In order to save the world, he will continue to fight as his Master's shield. However, while he himself does not feel like admitting it, he is somewhat of a hot-blooded idiot so one must handle him properly.[2]


Although that person’s circumstances differed, Leonidas emphasizes with Hector as a person who fought a similar defensive battle. However, it is lonesome for Leonidas because Hector does not get on with training very much.[1]
Mash Kyrielight
Someone also known as a Servant who holds a shield similarly like himself, his spirit looks at her with a strange gaze of respect… “If I do not keep training, it appears that I will disappoint her!!!![1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Second Singularity: Septem[]

Leonidas is summoned by Lev Lainur Flauros, who sends him off to kill Nero Claudius. He eventually intercepts Ritsuka, Mash and Nero during their journey back to Rome from the Shaped Isle. Leonidas then goes to execute Lev’s orders, but he is killed in the confrontation.[3]

Event: The Garden of Order[]

Leondias is one of the Servants from Chaldea serving as a tenant in the Ogawa Apartment. Ritsuka,'s party eventually evict him. It is revealed he was trapped in his room due to his fear of ghosts.[4]

Christmas Event: The Second Generation is Alter-chan[]

Leonidas takes part in Ritsuka’s plan to help Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily. He bars her from letting Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper from seeing the sea, claiming it is the order of the mastermind. After he is defeated in the ensuing fight, Leonidas tells Alter Lily that there is a group of Servants waiting up ahead, and warns her journey to the sea will not be easy. She asks him why he’s trying to prevent Santa from granting a wish, but he just responds she’ll have to ask the next Servant for details. Afterwards Leonidas returns to Chaldea.

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

Leonidas is one of seven Heroic Spirits summoned by Gilgamesh to help defend Mesopotamia from the Demonic Beast onslaught from the north. He is in charge of training and commanding the soldiers in defending the Northern Wall. He, Ushiwakamaru, and Musashibou Benkei later meet and eat with Ritsuka, Mash, and Ana at the Chaldean Embassy in Uruk, alongside Merlin and Siduri. He explains how Gilgamesh foresaw Uruk's destruction, summoned seven Heroic Spirits after the era became a Singularity, and converted Uruk into a fortress city six months ago.[5]

During the month that Ritsuka and Mash are helping the Uruk’s citizens with their troubles, they take part in a mock battle with Leondias and a hundred of his trainees. After the battle, Leondias gives a lecture to the soldiers, which Mash quickly joins.

He, Ushiwakamaru, and Benkei meet Ritsuka's party again when Gilgamesh sends the latter to the Northern Wall in preparation for the Nippur rescue mission. Leonidas tells the group how he and the others lead Nippur's citizens to the Northern Wall every night. However, the Demonic Beasts began to patrol the outskirts of Nippur last night, likely due to being commanded by Girtablilu’s (the previous Demonic Beast commander) replacement. As they can’t delay the rescue mission, Leonidas decides to use a diversionary tactic. While Ushiwakamaru and Benkei’s unit head towards Nippur from the east to distract the Demonic Beasts, Ritsuka’s party will enter the city from the west. Once inside, the group will open the gate and lead the citizens out. Leonidas states they’ll launch their operation tomorrow evening.[6]

The next day, Leonidas goes over the rescue operation. There are 200 civilians left in Nippur, most of whom couldn’t previously be evacuated: women, the elderly, and the wounded. Leonidas understands though they won’t leave unless their safety is guaranteed. He and the group will protect and escort the guide, a former citizen of Nippur, to its western gate and persuade the guards to open it. Leonidas’ soldiers will then lead the citizens westward to the Northern Wall while the group slay any Demonic Beasts that Ushiwakamaru and Benkei fail to distract. However, he hasn’t heard from the messengers used to maintain contact with Nippur for the past few days. Therefore, he implores Ritsuka to withdraw immediately if they sense grave danger.[7]

Unfortunately, the operation is considered a failure when Kingu reveals they already took Nippur’s citizens to the Demonic Beasts’ lair to become materials for creating more Demonic Beasts. Leonidas arrives in time to defend from Ritsuka and Mash from Tiamat’s heat ray with Thermopylae Enomotia. However, he wasn’t able to avert its petrifying effects. He reveals Tiamat is Gorgon before he is completely turned into stone. Gorgon then shattered his petrified body.[7]

In the anime adaptation, Leonidas comes to the group’s aid when they near the Northern Wall. He emerges from its gates with an army of spartan soldiers he summoned. At his command, they throw their spears at Gorgon, but her hide proves too thick. He then gathers in a phalanx formation to activate Thermopylae Enomotia to block Gorgon’s Mystic Eyes of Petrification. He continues to block her attack to her surprise, to which he claims to be a descendant of Zeus. He also deduced she wasn’t Tiamat, as the former lacks any petrifying ability, and Gorgon recognizes Zeus’ name. He holds off long enough to initiate his Noble Phantasm’s counterattack, throwing his spear through Gorgon with enough force to leave a hole in her. He reveals her True Name to her disgust, proclaiming the people of Greece could never forget her. Nearly petrified by now, he declares that like his soul, the human world is immortal. He leaves everything to Ritsuka and Mash before he’s completely petrified. His petrified body then disappears.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Leonidas is amongst the "Babylonia" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar.[8]

Christmas Event: Merry Christmas from the Underworld[]

At Merlin's request, Leonidas arrives at the Abyss to hold off Nergal, so Ritsuka and Altera dive to its bottom and speak with Ereshkigal. He tells Ritsuka that they already have what they need: the Sands of the Underworld. Ritsuka then uses the sands' weight to sink themselves and Altera to the bottom of the Abyss.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

Leonidas is in charge of the convention staff, ensuring everyone can attend ServantFes safely. When Mysterious Heroine XX attacks the convention center five minutes before the convention starts, Leonidas has the attendees evacuate and he assists Ritsuka’s party in fighting XX. Getting tired and hungry, XX decides to destroy the convention center by detonating her armor. Hassan of the Cursed Arm then arrives, having heard the commotion. After learning XX is going to self-destruct, he immediately takes her a safe distance away from the center. He survives the explosion, though, thanks to his Protect against Wind Skill. Leonidas thanks him, saying the collateral damage was minimal. With one minute before ServantFes starts, he returns to his post. These events would repeat in all subsequent loops where XX attacks the convention center.


In his interlude Leonidas Boot Camp (レオニダス・ブートキャンプ, Reonidasu Būtokyanpu?), Leonidas takes Ritsuka to a mock battlefield in order to train them. Leonidas defeats several monsters summoned by Mash, but she accidentally summons a much stronger monster. While Mash wants Ritsuka to retreat immediately, Leonidas decides that it is a worthy opponent for training. After he defeats the monster, Leonidas decides to continue on to the last enemy prepared by Mash, even though she wants to cease training for today. However, Leonidas becomes nervous when the enemy happens to be a ghost due to his inexperience with spirits. But with Ritsuka's encouragement, he is able to defeat the ghost. Afterwards, he thanks Ritsuka for their help, and promises to protect them and bring them victory.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore[]

Leonidas as a corrupted Berserker

Leonidas is one of the three Berserkers under Shinji's control, along with Darius III and Fergus mac Róich. They were sent to eliminate Saber, but she tricked them into destroying the firewall that was holding them, allowing her and her master to escape. Shinji summoned them once again to stop Saber and her master from using the elevator to go where he was, but they managed to use it while Rin stayed to face the Berserkers. In the end, Rin managed to single-handedly defeat all three of them.


Rear Guard's Pride (殿(しんがり)の矜持, Tono no Kyōji?)

Leonidas wields a spear and shield. He excels in defensive battles, where after persevering through the enemy attacks, he would launch a fierce counterattack along with his Noble Phantasm's summoned Spartans.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance (C rank): Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of greater magecraft and Greater Rituals.

Personal Skills

Rear Guard's Pride (A rank): is a unique Skill that displays more power the more disadvantageous the situation (such as defensive battles, military withdrawals, etc.) . The power displayed in the Battle of Thermopylae turned into a technical Skill. In combination with his Noble Phantasm, even Anti-Army Noble Phantasms can be defended against.

Battle Continuation (A rank): is a Skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce mortality rate from injury. Leonidas doesn't know when to give up. Makes it possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.

Warrior's War Cry (B rank):  is a morale boosting Skill. Similar to the breathing techniques in karate, by way of this warcry, he carries out a moral coordination.

Noble Phantasm

Thermopylae Enomotia is the Noble Phantasm of Leonidas I. Thermopylae Enomotia is the re-enactment of the legendary 300 people that participated in the Battle of Thermopylae, which is accounted to the name known as Leonidas to the world.


Creation and Conception[]

Shimaudon is the character illustrator for Leonidas I.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for his character.[1]


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    Leonidas I - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Shimaudon
    Voice Actor: Shinichirō Miki

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: D
    Mana: C
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Dignity of the Rearguards A
    Battle Continuation A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance C

    Noble Phantasm
    Thermopylae Enomotia: Guardian of the Hot Gates
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    The king of Sparta, the country that became word root of the term spartan training. In order to hold back an invading Persian army of 100,000 soldiers, he stood up with merely 300 men - the famous Battle of Thermopylae.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 188cm・110kg
    Source: Historical fact (Battle of Thermopylae)
    Region: Sparta
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male

    Level 2 Bond

    • Dignity of the Rearguard: A

    The power displayed in the Battle of Thermopylae turned into a technical skill.
    A unique Skill that displays more power the more disadvantageous the situation (such as defensive battles and military withdrawals) is.

    Level 3 Bond
    Leonidas reigned as the king of Sparta, but because the state of Sparta itself has fundamentally changed into a soil that gives birth to "hot-blooded idiots", at any rate seems like he was severely troubled in his administration.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Noble Phantasm "Guardian of the Hot Gates" 1

    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    As it reproduces the Battle of Thermopylae that made Leonidas' name become known, first the legendary 300 men are summoned.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Noble Phantasm "Guardian of the Hot Gates" 2

    ...these 300 men that were summoned by the Noble Phantasm endure the enemy attacks together with Leonidas, and start to disappear at each 1 turn. For they believe that their allies will certainly make a counterattack in the meanwhile.

    In this work, Leonidas becomes a military escort that accompanies his Master with pleasure.
    In order to save the world, he continues to fight as your shield. However, while he himself does not feel like admitting it, he is somewhat of a hot-blooded idiot so one must handle him properly.

    レオニダス一世 - ランサー



    殿の矜持 A
    戦闘続行 A

    対魔力 C



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性

    ○殿(しんがり)の矜持 A


    ランク:B  種別:対軍宝具



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