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Leysritt (リーゼリット, Rīzeritto?) is a Homunculus created by the Einzbern family to serve as a maid, bodyguard, and caregiver for Illyasviel.



Leysritt is a Homunculus created by the Einzbern family, she was amongst failures in the creation of the Holy Grail. Originally she was meant to be scrapped, but she was given a new life as Illya's maid and bodyguard.[1][2] She was designed with the intention of sacrificing her life to become the Dress of Heaven.[1]

As a homunculus, Leysritt's sole function is to protect Illya and she possesses superior combat efficiency. However, to maximize her combat abilities, her basic efficiency as a homunculus was sacrificed and she lacks a complete sense of self, resulting in a thin ego.[1]


Despite her appearance, she is only about two years old. While dressed in her maid uniform, Leysritt appears almost identical to Sella; in casual clothing, she is revealed to have short pale hair. Liz has one of the biggest sets of breasts in Fate.[2]


Regardless of her thin ego, she developed a sense of reason due to her alignment with Illyasviel. As a result, Leysritt often says what she thinks without any consideration and this gets her often into a verbal conflict with Sella.

She and Illya are actually very close friends and should Illya die, Leysritt would die as well. In contrast to Sella, she possesses a casual personality but has difficulty expressing her emotions and comes across as robotic at times. However, she appears to enjoy teasing Sella and also takes a liking to Shirou because his presence makes Illya happy.


Fate/stay nightEdit

As Illya travels to Fuyuki city for the Fifth Holy Grail War, she brings along her two maids Leyritt and Sella.

Leysritt would protect Illya as a bodyguard in the war. Leysritt and Sella role is to provide care for Illya when Illya absorbs all servants. Sella would help Illya to wear the Dress of Heaven when Leysritt sacrifice her life to become the dress.[3]

Unlimited Blade WorksEdit

Leysritt death in UBW route

Leysritt's death

On Day 8, Leysritt was in trouble buying cakes at the shopping district as having only francs. If Shirou was there, he exchanged her francs for yens, so she was able to get cakes and thanked him.

Her role is expanded in the anime adaption. Leysritt states that Berserker's God Hand noble phantasm needs three days in order to restore one life.

Rin Tohsaka and Shirou Emiya journeys to the Einzbern territory to seek an alliance. Sella and Illyasviel argue about Illya's inention of letting the intruders in; Leysritt calls Sella stubborn for not understanding Illya's true intentions, and Illya orders them both to "capture" them. Leysritt and Sella finds another intruder, Shinji Matou, in the castle's rooftop garden. Leysritt thrusts her halberd towards Shinji as she counted down from 10, giving him 10 seconds to flee or die. They were shortly interrupted by Gilgamesh, who complimented them as finely made homunculi. Leysritt could tell Gilgamesh was incredibly strong; Sella understood and tells her to get away. Upon learning that Shinji was a master, they decided that they had to stay and fight in order to protect Illya. Leysritt turns hostile towards him and made an attempt to attack, calling him Illya's enemy when he mentions her as "the grail's vessel." She charges towards Gilgamesh but loses her right arm, dropping her halberd, when Gilgamesh shoots at it with one of his treasury's weapons. She was then impaled to death with several swords.

Fate/hollow ataraxiaEdit

She is still Illya's maid. She casually shows up to the mall.[4]

Fate/unlimited codesEdit

Leysritt is a playable character in the PS2 and PSP edition of Fate/unlimited codes, to unlock her requires to complete the Arcade mode with any character who has Berserker as their final opponent or alternately, complete Arcade mode five times. She is given the title Maid of Heaven's Feel (天の杯の侍女, Ten no Hai no Jijo?).

  • Opening
  • Ending

In her Arcade story mode, Berserker was defeated by Dark Sakura and Saber Alter. Leysritt tries to protect Illya from Sakura and Saber, but Illya was already contaminated by Sakura's "All the World’s Evil" magical energy.[5] Illya, in her weakened state, tells her to escape with Sella. However, in order to save Illya, Leysritt decides to fight in Berserker's place and confront Sakura and Saber alone.[5]

She encounters Luviagelita Edelfelt who was surprised to see a beautiful and strong homonculus capable of matching a Servant. When Leysritt wins, she says that Luvia can't beat her without lucha libre.[6]

Eventually she reached where Sakura and Saber Alter were located and she caught up with Saber. Saber senses that Leysritt has tuned Illyasviel's life force into her body, drawing off the Magic Circuits of the Grail vessel in order to make herself strong enough to face even Servants in combat. After the fight, she confronts Sakura. Sakura was surprised to see Leysritt was capable of defeating Saber and regrets not converting her to her biddings. Leysritt tries to convince Sakura that Shirou would be sad to see her like this and believes Heaven's Feel should not be completed. Sakura detects Leysritt's wavelength and realizes that she is the Holy Grail's shell and has tapped those abilities using Illya's energy to power herself.

After defeating Sakura, she stopps the evil taint that clings to the Greater Grail and saved both Sakura and Illya's life by cutting their ties to the Grail. She intends to head back to the Einzbern Castle, but before she can, her body gives out on her, as she has reached her limit and overstrained herself from having had Illya's immense prana pour through her. She breaks down before she can return, saddened that she will not be able to see Illya once last time, but ultimately happy that she was able to save her.[5]

One month later, Illya activated a new homunculus, the same model as Leysritt. She fuses the old soul of Leysritt into a new body in order to resurrect her, but the process is imperfect and as a result, she has lost all previous memories. But her personality remains intact, and her soul commands her to treat Illya with courtesy, innately recognizing the latter. Illya treated the new model like the previous Leysritt and told her to call her Illya, even though Leysritt explains that she is a different version, embarrassed with her limited vocabulary. However, Illya was still happy to meet her again and hugs her. Leysritt fells a reflexive urge to return it and admits that, overall, she was happy to be with her again.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAEdit

She and Sella are guardians of Illya and Shirou in place of their parents working aboard.

Carnival PhantasmEdit

She appears in Berserker's First Errand episode 5 where she was worried about Berserker shopping alone so she followed him until she encounters Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh tries to attack Berserker until Berserker's axe-sword crushes him and in the end; Sella drags her back. She appears briefly in the last episode of Carnival Phantasm where she was staring at Hisui.

Capsule ServantEdit

Shirou celebloomers end

Shirou's ending in Celebloomers ending.

Leysritt and Sella both appear in Shirou's route. They travelled to Fuyuki with Illya, Liz was told to phone the Japanese government about Illya's arrival before they left but they replied back saying “we ain’t no soba restaurant!”. Liz tells Illya to wear a happi when they got off a plane. Illya quickly corrects Liz to call herself as the mysterious Capsaba champion Celebloomers. Celebloomers was surprise to learn Liz to be knowledgeable about Japan. They encounter both Shirou and Shinji Matou, Shinji tells Shirou about Celebloomers being the Capsaba champ who uses the orthodox financial-power style, famous for annihilating her opponents with a deck put together by using money.

After Shirou beats Celebloomers, Shinji lectures Celebloomers about Capsaba is a battle of bonds where Servants communicate with your hearts. Celebloomers orders Liz to get rid of Shinji from her sight. Liz tells Shirou that by collecting all the Saber editions from limited-time Servant draws, there’s apparently a rare chance of drawing Galactica Saber Final Edition.

Other appearancesEdit

Leysritt makes an appearance in Fate/Grand Order as a Craft Essence card. She and Sella appears as the illustration cover for Heaven's Banquet (天の晩餐, Ten no Bansan?).


  • Riesenarm
  • Riesengeschrei drehen
  • Drei um rauf

Leysritt is skilled in combat, particularly with halberds, and she is able to sacrifice her life to manifest the Dress of Heaven. Her physical strength is able to match that of a Servant; she is notably on par with Rider, the strongest female Servant in terms of physical strength.

Leysritt's primary weapon is a large halberd made of Rhenium, far rarer and more valuable than the tungsten steel used in the armor plating of tanks. Its density is about three times that of iron, making it too heavy to be swung around in melee combat by humans. For anyone other than Leysritt, an Einzbern homunculus that doesn't suffer from fatigue and has muscle power on the level of Servants, ranked as B- at nearly the same level as Rider with Shinji her Master using Monstrous Strength, it would be better to fight with bare hands instead of using it.[7] It was forged as an "attacking defensive" item with an emphasis on toughness instead of sharpness that allows for it to sustain heavy damage in order to defeat the opponent. It seems like it was designed after the antiques that decorate castles, but it makes use of the latest Einzbern technology and various thaumaturgical characteristics. In Fate/unlimited codes, she reveals her halberd's name is Riesenarm(Giant's arm).

It is an easy to handle weapon due to its wide variety of applications, such as thrusting, slashing, and striking. Its performance is greatly inferior compared to lances, swords, and axes respectively. It is suited for pulling down the stance of an enemy and then primarily leading into a turn over after creating a situation to pull off a finishing blow. It may also be suited to dragging enemies off mounts depending on the shape of the blade.


Ryuji Higurashi thinks girl wielding with a large weapon is a very good concept. He explains that it was thanks to Takashi Takeuchi that Leysritt was an extra playable character in Fate/Unlimited Codes. He was told by Takeuchi that her ending "If Liz comes out, Illya also has to be drawn".[5]

Creation and ConceptionEdit

In early drafts, the caretaker of Illya was a tuxedo-wearing German man; someone akin to the wonderful man who nagged at Shirou and Rin incessantly. Leysritt made her appearance because some artistic director insisted on it and made a huge scene about it.[2]



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