Like a Soaring Dragon (天翔ける竜が如く, Amakakeru Ryū ga Gotoku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sakamoto Ryoma, an EX Rank Noble Phantasm that has both human (Oryou) and dragon forms. Even clad in her human form, her Mystery, monstrous attack power and strength is considerable, having comparable fighting power to a Servant. In her large black dragon form, brought out through the Noble Phantasm's True Name activation, she is clad in overwhelming Mystery, a level of Mystery that boasts that from the Age of Gods with overwhelming power. It is difficult to even wound her with normal attack methods. However, because her existence is incomplete, the dragon transformation is a one-time summon, a one-time limit. After being invoked, the World regards its imperfectness and therefore its existence cannot be maintained and is destroyed. Strictly, it is not a Dragon Kind but a mizuchi that is just one step behind a Dragon Kind. Something close to the strange mononoke.[1]

Oryuu was sealed in a certain mountain and when Ryoma saved her, she fell in love at first sight. Under the pretense of requital, she became Ryoma's stalker wife. It's possible she considerably and secretly helped him with his exploits after the Tokugawa fell. Or maybe not. By the way, because she was not beside him when he died, she could not save him. Overcome with grief, she vanished into the bottom of a hidden ocean and never climbed up to heaven as a dragon.[1]


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