The term Lily (リリィ, Riryi?) when used as an affix of a Heroic Spirit's True Name denotes them being summoned as a Servant with a younger aspect than normally observed. The term Larva (ラーヴァ, Rāva?) is used in a similar fashion.


Lily Servants can be summoned as such natrually or become Lily through the alteration of their Saint Graph.[1] The term is typically used in conjunction with the True Names of female Servants, but it has been used to describe male Servants as well.[2] Becoming younger than normal does not automatically make a Servant a Lily, such as in the case of Archer Heracles becoming Alcides.[3]

The term Larva is also used. This term seems to be used for powerful entities who are degraded into younger versions of themselves to be summoned as servants.

Known Lily and Larva Servants[]



Servants who are summoned in a younger form than normal but have not been referred to as Lily:


The term was first utilized for Artoria Pendragon Lily in Fate/unlimited codes for the Saber Lily costume of Artoria Pendragon. The term was later used in conjuction with Servant True Names in Fate/Grand Order with the implementation of Artoria Lily and Medea Lily.


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