Liners: Human Species (人間種 [Liner], Ningenshu?) are the primary human race living in the Land of Steel. Ether Liners: Knights (騎士 [Ether Liner], Kishi?, Knights) are a special subset further affected by the harsh envoirnment of the Land of Steel.


Humanity created the A-Ray to help survive in the dying world being filled with Grain. After the death of the planet, the A-Ray and humans went to war. Humans fought to survive, while the A-Ray fought to rule. Humans were on the verge of defeat under the A-Ray lead by the Six Sisters, but the Liners and Ether Liners were created towards the end of the war. This act further killed the dead planet. The war ended with no victor due to the arrival of the Ultimate Ones that appeared to wipe out both sides.[1] The platform of the humans was broken completely by the attack, so they entered a ceasefire with the A-Ray. The grouped together as humanity until the defeat of the outside threat.[2]


Liners are the evolved form of the old humans created to adapt to the Land of Steel without changing their form. Compared to the old humans who cannot live outside without the support of machinery or medicine, they adapted to live in the environment with Grain. The regular Liners do not carry any abilities greater than a normal human. They seek to build a country to reconstruct the old civilization. They are technically considered one of the one hundred A-Ray species.[3]

All the Liners born into the world are affected by the Grain, and some receive an even stronger effect from the environment of the Land of Steel.[4] Babies born with a large amount of Grain within them shape the grain as if the grain is bone, and it emerges outside their body upon adulthood as a Knight Arm: Demonic Swords (魔剣 [knight arms], Maken?). The Knight Arms, being created from the unanalyzed Grain, are able to cause various effects with power strong enough to be considered a weapon. Few Liners shape Knight Arms, and those with a Knight Arm powerful enough to fight in the war are considered Ether Liners. Each Ether Liner only has a Single Knight Arm.[5] The Knights are an aggressive species that can fight the powerful A-Ray without any support of the weapons of the old world. There are currently seventy-eight enlisted Knights.[4]

Knight Arms are not a phenomenon limited to Liners. The Ultimate One Crimson Moon also possesses a Knight Arm known as "Real of the World".[6]

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