A list of the several mysteries of Magecraft present in the Nasuverse.


AlchemyWP (錬金術, Renkinjutsu?) is one of the Thaumaturgical Systems, aiming at the study and manipulation of the flow of matter.[1] Circe states that alchemy is all about gaining control over bodies, life, and souls; with turning lead into gold being a happy by-product. As such, an alchemist can also double as a necromancer.[2] Alchemists, unlike other magi, do not practice rituals, but discover them.[3] Some even say that alchemy is the origin of chemistry,[4] which has some grounding: for example, the phosphorusWP that was used to make old matches was discovered from an old alchemical experiment involving evaporating urine.[5]

Alchemy can be divided into two types: the alchemy practiced at the Egyptian Atlas and the alchemy practiced at the western Clock Tower and the Prague Association.[1][3][6][7][8][9][10] While both subscribe to the idea that "everything flowsWP,"[6] they differ in goals and methods.

The alchemy adopted by the Clock Tower was developed after the initial influx of alchemy in the West during the Middle Ages,[1][10] most notably by Paracelsus von Hohenheim, who deeply influenced the development of alchemy as a Thaumaturgical Foundation and its engraving in the World.[11][12] This form of alchemy is sometimes called "modern alchemy".[7][8][9] It has for objective to turn base metals[1] like fool's goldWP or lead[3] into actual gold, and, following that metaphor, to transform the lowly human into a being capable of comparable to God.[13] It is thus concerned with the "transformation of matter": not just minerals, but states of matter like liquid or gas, or even a conceptual form that doesn’t exist in this world, it's all within the grasp of alchemy.[14] PhlogistonWP, Ether, and Galvanism are concepts falling under the domain of alchemy.[15] The alchemists of the Clock Tower created products like the homunculi of the Einzbern by this merging with western magecraft.[1] Finally, this form of alchemy includes spells like Transmutation and Flash Air.

The Thaumaturgy of the Einzbern family is based on this school and focuses mostly on the creation and use of matter.[16] Known applications of their Magecraft include coining of homunculus,[17] creation of the vessel for the Holy Grail,[18] and Transference of Consciousness spells.[19][20][21] As such, the magi of the Einzbern are not actually fit for direct combat, although that does not mean that they are weak.[22]

Atlas alchemy delves into the conversion of phenomena, applying it to the future. Their alchemy is an advancement of the metallurgy of ancient Egypt, the root of the discipline, and has not been influenced by western Magecraft like Clock Tower alchemy.[1] It is the progenitor of magecraft[1][7][8][9][23] due to its ties to the progenitor of Magecraft in Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis,[23] and is focused on investigating the true principles of the world.[8][9][23] The ultimate goal of the alchemists of Atlas is set closer to the original ideology, the "transformation of events",[1] and have no interest in the transmutation of Elements,[3] as they consider mere "transformation of matter" as nothing more than a primitive art far removed from their ideals.[1] This form of alchemy includes spells like Memory Partition and Thought Acceleration.

Flash Air[]

Main article: Displacement Magecraft

Memory Partition[]

Memory Partition (分割思考, Bunkatsu Shikō?) is an ability used by the superior alchemists of Atlas. Paired with Thought Acceleration, the very proof that one is an Atlas alchemist, it is the ability to partition their thoughts to form multiple independent thought processes. While normal people can only have a single "room" in their brain and focus on one thought, partitioning adds partitions to the one room to create multiple rooms. The prerequisite for the superior alchemists of Atlas is at least three rooms, while five is on the level of a genius. Sion Eltnam Atlasia can manage seven partitions, while a past Academy Director had achieved eight partitions.[3]

It is different than having multiple independent machines in their heads because, while there are multiple processes, they work toward one goal. They manage different problem sets, but work together to generate one overall solution. While machines can calculate on the same level, nothing else compares when used for problem solving. The limit of an average alchemist is one thought into multiple rooms, but superior alchemists can perform first−order tetrationWP of their thought into rooms. The rooms are synergistic, so four partitions allows for 256 thought processes. As they work towards one goal, it does not allow for 256 separate calculations. Sion uses it to calculate the opponents movements in battle, think out multiple separate ideas at once, and calculate data she gathers.[3] Latio Crudelis Hiram uses Memory Partition to control her bone golems.[24]

Due to her mentor being a student of Atlas, Misaya Ouji leads her mindless fairy Familiars while conducting multiple parallel cognitive processes.[25] Nemo, due to being the Servant of Sion Eltnam Sokaris, can also use Memory Partition. For him, it manifests each partition into different bodies, the Nemo Series.[26]

Thought Acceleration[]

Thought Acceleration (高速思考, Kōsoku Shikō?) is the main magecraft of Atlas alchemists. Fast thought is only a prerequisite to it, and it is truly the ability to multi−expansion diagrams. Thought Acceleration is the proof of an alchemist, while Memory Partition is a proof of their facilities.[3]


Transmutation is the field in which the Einzbern truly specialize in, to do things like manipulating the configuration of noble metals. Irisviel developed an application of this for combat-purposes use: to pass Magical Energy through metal-wires to shape the threads accordingly with her mental images. The precision of the shapes and the fluidity with which she can change between them serves as a statement on how the Einzbern Thaumaturgy excels in Alchemy.[22][27]

Black Magic[]

Black MagicWP (黒魔術, Kuro Majutsu?), also called Dark Arts, is one of Thaumaturgical Systems involving Witchcrafts, Metamorphism and western Curse Arts. Its practitioners include Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, Hyouma Sagara, Carl Lexarm, Francois Prelati, and Ritsuka Suse.

May Riddell Archelot uses Modern Black Magic (近代黒魔術, Kindai Kuro Majutsu?), the System derived from it.

Broom flight[]

Touko Travel's launching magic circle.

Flight utilizing brooms is a form of mystery that is currently supported by the Magic Foundation - Black Magic section all over the world. It acts as a transportation method utilizing Magical Energy as fuel. There are different methods, such as the Jet Method that achieves maximum air speed transiently, and the low-cost Ether Sail method. The current new method of using brooms as transportation, the Anchor Attraction Ascension method designed by Touko Aozaki, a patented process also called "Touko Travel", involves planting a magical anchor at the destination to allow the magus to be pulled towards it much like being pulled by a retracting elastic band.[28]

The broom is an item that enables hovering, and the source of propulsion varies depending on the magi. Female magi can easily achieve Magical Properties such as "foot not making contact with the ground" and "repelled by the earth" when employing a broom. Gravity can be reduced to about 1/6 of normal by using an ointment of witches to enhance the effect of "repelled by the earth." There is a trend in the current era among female magi to research new methods of flight, but none in recent years have brought forth any new innovation that could trump Touko's ridiculously sophisticated method of travel.[28]


WitchcraftWP (ウィッチクラフト, Wicchikurafuto?) is a term for Magecrafts used by Beryl Gut, Haruri Borzak, and the Sakagami family. In Fate/Apocrypha, it is regarded as a Thaumaturgical System different from Black Magic.

All Magecrafts in the prototype of Fate have the aspect of Black Magic and Witchcrafts' one is especially negative.[29] In Fate/Prototype, the refined version of the prototype mentioned above, Ayaka Sajyou shoots magical bullets using ravens' feathers that is a basic Witchcraft. Misaya Reiroukan, Hiroki Sajyou, and Master Reiroukan also use Black Magic.


Curse Arts[]

Curse Arts (呪術, Jujutsu?) is the common term given to the practices that one would expect from the traditional (and very clichéd) witches and shamans. Things that fall along the lines of potions, medicines, spirit exorcism and curses that use a material medium (such as a straw dollWP). They have a strong presence within the Japanese supernatural world. Users include Alice Kuonji, Mephistopheles, and Mochizuki Chiyome.

Tamamo-no-Mae specifically uses the DakinitenWP methods (ダキニ天法, Dakiniten Hō?).

It appears as a Servant Skill in Fate/Grand Order.

Cursed Boundary Layer[]

The Cursed Boundary Layer (呪層界, Jusōkai?) utilized by Sakura Matou makes a cursed shadow expand itself around her and uses it for teleporting herself, repairing physical damage, restraining and consuming others, tentacle attacks and generating her Shadow Giants. Created by the combination of her Hollow Element, the Magecraft of Matou line and Angra Mainyu's power.

In Fate/EXTRA, Caster explained that it was a world turned inside out with hatred only to kill a target and he could not get out of it unless removing the cause. She seems to use it, too. Archer said it was created with Magical Energy flowing backward and similar to Reality Marble but different.


The practice of establishing a GeisWP (強制(ギアス), Kyōsei(Giasu)?) is forming a curse over a target that imposes a mystical restriction over one's action with the consent of both parties. Rin describes it as something that cannot be used readily as it is one of the worst curses. The version she uses on Shirou Emiya forces him to not go against any of her commands for the duration of the Holy Grail War. The verses of the incantation travel through his nerves to become infused into his body and mind, and the binding of the spell, described as a "second heart", is placed right next to his heart. It is similar to a Command Spell used on a Servant, but it is not almighty in its applications. It cannot be used to command anything to do his own life, but it can be used to bind him at her own command. Once he plans on going against Rin's wishes of killing Sakura Matou, he finds that he cannot move his body at all to stop her. He is immediately freed upon Sakura's death, as there is no longer any reason to bind him.[30]

Geis: Oath (誓約(ゲッシュ), Seiyaku(Gesshu)?), also known as Geis: Holy Oath (聖誓(ゲッシュ), Seisei(Gesshu)?), is the one placed upon Cú Chulainn that forces him to yield in battle against an Ulster-born adversary wielding Caladbolg.

One even more merciless version of a geis is a Self-Geis Scroll (セルフギアス・スクロール, Serufu-Giasu Sukurōru?). Placing a written contract upon a scroll of vellum that would appear as only meaningless figures and well-made patterns to those who are not magi, it is a curse that directly binds the Magic Crest of the target. The signature of the declarer is signed in blood and infused with Magical Energy to show that the spell has been established and activated. The contract lists the target of the binding magecraft, an oath from the target, and the conditions to accept the contract. Once the conditions are fulfilled, the target will give up part of their free will, and the contract will be confirmed as an unbreakable curse. It forcibly uses the functions of the targets' Crests upon themselves to enforce the contract, and it is a power unable to be erased by any method in theory. Even if the caster's life is lost, the Crest would bind the soul of the dead man and not pass down to future generations. It is a very dangerous magecraft made for the treacherous society of magi where a contract involving offering a maximal concession that absolutely cannot be disobeyed is required.[31]

Flowing and Transferring of Power[]

Flowing and Transferring of Power (力の流動・転移, Chikara no Ryūdō・Ten'i?) spells are those that deal with the transference of energy or information from an object to another. Magical energy cannot be kept free-flowing outside of the body because it immediately disperses, so its only usage is normally to be used for spells before it disappears. Some can store their own magical energy, magical energy of others, and "other things" inside other objects, allowing them to be kept for later usage. For the Tohsaka family, jewels provide great storage efficiency for magical energy, while storing other things is more difficult.[32][33]

Jewel Magecraft[]

Zero Jewelcraft.gif

Jewel Magecraft (宝石魔術, Hōseki Majutsu?) is the type of thaumaturgy involving transferring magical energy into jewels to use as limited use Mystic Codes. Compared to other mediums, the most compatible storage space for the Tohsaka family is jewels. It is said that they are able to act as "prisons that stop flow", easily accumulating and storing the thoughts of their owners. Among the jewels of the world, there are those that have spent years under the ground having contact with the spirits of nature and have been stained with their power, allowing them to act as a simplified type of Magic Crest when filled with energy. The downside of the storage medium is that they break upon the release of the energy, so they must be replaced with each use. They can be very costly, requiring either a great, wealthy house like the Edelfelt family or to constantly be on the verge of running out of resources like the Tohsaka family.[33][34]

The relationship between magecraft and jewels dates back to Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, making it as old as human history itself, taking root in Gemcraft illusions. From the beginning, jewels were the symbol of royalty, and from the perspective of various forms of alchemy, they were used to preserve youth and health. AristotleWP's Book of Minerals is one example, but Stone also features as one of the four fundamental elements and one of the four fundamental natures in HildegardWP's Physica.[35]

Once Magical Energy is embedded into a jewel, it will be tinted by the mystical properties of the stone,[32] and the magus can then use that power whenever and in whatever way they find necessary. A specific example would be iolite, a stone said to "strengthen spiritual perception". Yvette L. Lehrman uses one as an Artificial Mystic Eye to see magical energy and detect leylines.[36] Within a few limits, is possible to modify the properties of a jewel so it can be used for different purposes, but as a consequence its efficiency will not be optimal.

By releasing all the energy of the jewel at once, it will produce the effect that is most tuned for at maximum power, but at the expenses of burning out the jewel to ashes. Depending of the amount of Magical Energy stored inside the jewel, it is possible to cast a greater magecraft-level spell instantly. The same rules apply if the magus decides to use the jewel as a single use explosive. It is possible to preserve the jewel by simply removing the power stored from inside of it and use that to strengthen a spell cast by normal means, but the overall effect will be decreased.

Known jewels shown used:


The Tohsaka family has an exclusive secret technique allowing for communication over long distances that has been passed down through the generations. Similar to phones and fax machines of the modern era, these communication devices have been in use long before their existence, and although the modern technology proves easier for the general populous to use, orthodox magi like Tokiomi Tohsaka believe their use is superior. It will not stop working in a power outage and remains undetectable nor able to be spied upon, something even which Kirei Kotomine, who finds the antiquated methods unreliable, finds useful.[51]

  • Pendulum: The method of communication similar to fax is a piece of experimental equipment similar to a "black pendulum", a common physics experimental equipment, that instead uses a Tohsaka heirloom jewel in the pendulum's bob that has ink flowing down the string to moisten the jewel. There is a rock paired with the jewel that can be given to another person, even on another continent, to place in front of a paper roller and used to start writing. The jewel will undulate in sync with it to cause the dripping ink to write perfect and errorless text on its own paper roller beneath it. The spy's report is able to be transmitted smoothly and accurately without issue even from the Clock Tower to Japan.[51]
  • Magical energy conductor (魔導器?): Similar to a phonograph with an old-style bell-type horn, it is a set of communication devices that allows for secretive, untraceable conversations. Differing from a phonograph, it has neither a turntable or a stylus beneath the horn, but rather a connection to a large jewel with a metal wire that resonates with the jewel of the other conductor through sympathetic vibrations to pass the vibrations of the air inside their horns to each other.[51]


ReincarnationWP (転生, Tensei, Tenshō?) is be reborn into another body while retaining characteristics of the past life, so far presented more along the same lines of Transference of Consciousness Magecraft, but in which the magus takes over the control of the body. Usually used when the target is still a baby, known examples are all imperfect since past traits are not fully retained. In this case what the magus is really doing is repeatedly recreating imperfect copies of himself, each copy potentially being far inferior and having no guarantee that the new child will have all the abilities as the original. To transfer one’s mind and soul completely onto a familiar with a soul and take control of its body also falls within the domains of Reincarnation Magecraft.[19] Michael Roa Valdamjong (Remake), attained this Magecraft after he was turned into a Dead Apostle by Arcueid Brunestud (Remake), using a Principle he stole from her.

Shared Perception[]

Shared Perception (共有知覚, Kyōyū Chikaku?) is a spell that allows a Magus to share the sensorial inputs (sight, hearing, etc.) of a creature that he has a pass of Magical Energy with (such as the one established in a contract between Master and Servant). Approval from the other party is a requirement. Uses include monitoring of target’s activities at distance and it is especially effective if said target is trained for scouting operations. Kirei Kotomine learned this from Tokiomi Tohsaka.

Transference of Consciousness[]

The Transference of Consciousness (意識の転移, Ishiki no Ten'i?) is to transmit one’s consciousness into another object to acquire information from a different perspective. Widely used by magi on their familiars or dolls to remotely control them at a distance and as well as to perform spiritual possession of inanimate objects. If the target has their own soul and personality, the body control will remain with them. If the magus' own body is disturbed, the spell will be immediately canceled and his consciousness will be forced back. Likewise, no matter how complete the transference is, once the body of the magus dies his consciousness will fade away with it. The Einzbern are particularly proficient with this Magecraft.[19]

Healing Magecraft[]

Healing Magecraft (治癒魔術, Chiyu Majutsu?) is the type of thaumaturgy involving recovering the flesh of injured people and of detoxification. The Einzberns' one is used not for the sake of helping people, but rather to lessen the great burden felt by a subject who received an organ that was tempered with magical power and help his body get used to the newly transplanted organ. Irisviel von Einzbern is proficient in this craft,[52] although she is also able to use simple healing spells by sending out her Magical Energy.[53][54] Kirei Kotomine uses a cursing technique to heal the physical body by treating the spiritual one as a Spiritual Doctor (霊媒医師, Reibai Ishi?).[55] Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald also utilizes healing magecraft, allowing him to quickly attend to Lancer's wound without being close or leaving any trace.[56] Kijyo Koyo is well versed in healing magecraft.[57]

Holy Church[]

The Holy Church (聖堂教会, Seidō Kyōkai?), a powerful faction that uses Holy Sacraments as their Thaumaturgical Theory, the most widespread and well stabilized in the world.[58][59]


SacramentsWP (秘蹟, Hiseki?) are the exclusive right of the Church, used to fight spiritual beings.[60] Black Keys are one of their many charms used against demons and vampires. Within the Church, it is considered taboo to use the terminology preferred by magi due to the organization's long-standing conflict with the Mage’s Association. Members of the Church thus refer to their magical energy as "prayer power"[61] and do not consider the Sacraments a type of magecraft, as the Church views magecraft to be a heretical art.[62] To the general public, the Church only teaches the Baptism Rites, and they are the only spells known by ordinary clergy such as Fernando Croze. Their martial forces such as the Executors, however, are taught various other spells under the banner of Sacraments.[63]

Other Sacraments of the Church include barriers that can harm vampires on contact, a rite to lighten the weight of an object used by Noel, spells of mass hypnosis that are spread through sacred incense and used to conceal vampire activity during a heretic hunt, methods of telepathic communication, and Sancraid Phahn's personal Bounded Field that can move with and protect its user. While the offensive techniques Ciel makes use of with her Black Keys, such as the Cremation Rite, Internment Rite, and Shadow Pinning, were considered heresies and taboo among Executors in the original Tsukihime continuity, they are referred to by her as standard Sacraments of the Church in Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-.

Baptism Sacrament[]

BaptismWP Sacrament (洗礼詠唱, Senrei Eishō?) or Purification Incantations. The sole mystery that is freely taught to all members of the Church. A simple ritual with an aria that falls on the Ten-Count category, it is capable of exorcising Daemons and sending Wraiths back to the world of the dead. Possess weak capacities of physical interference, but its power is overwhelming against spiritual bodies. It is ineffective against spirits on the level of Servants, though. Kirei Kotomine used this to disperse Zouken Matou's spiritual body.


Houjutsu (法術, Hōjutsu?) is used against demons in Japan. It is the Japanese equivalent to Fangshi.[64] The relation with Ommyoudou in Nasuverse is unknown.

In Japan, there is a very secretive organization of Houjutsushi. Currently none of the monks of Ryuudou Temple are Houjutsushi, but there were a small number of them in the past. Souren Araya, the Myourenji family, and the Yakou family are also practitioners of Houjutsu.

Edict of Binding[]

Edict of Binding (禁縛の勅, Kimbaku no Mikotonori?), a spell that restrains non-humans, it is completely useless against humans and hybrids of humans with other creatures. This flaw led to formation of Demon Hunter Organization in Japan that used different methods in fighting demon hybrids.[65]

Kongouyaku Shuku[]

Kongouyaku Shuku (金剛訳・粛, Kongōyaku・Shuku?), usually simply called Shuku (粛, Shuku?), one of the spells that Souren Araya uses on the Ogawa Apartment. Crushing of an area of space after chanting an aria of just one word followed by a clench of the fist. Touko Aozaki was surprised to find out about the existence of a Magecraft capable of spatial interference that could be so easily actualized.

Taizouyaku Ten[]

Taizouyaku Ten (胎蔵訳・転, Taizōyaku Ten?) or Womb Realm of Reason, is one of the spells of Souren Araya, its powers is unknown.


KabbalahWP (カバラ, Kabara?) is one of Thaumaturgical Systems, the Hebrew word for "Receiving". It is centered around the belief that coded messages were left in holy scriptures such as the bible, that contain "light" from the swirl of the root, and can grant those who decipher and use them power. Kabbalists use different systems to find mystical meanings in arrangements of letters and numbers. They use those techniques to recreate miracles such as Golems, or other magical phenomenons.


Golemancy is the practice of creating golems, meaning "embryo" or "moulded being", a practice compared to being an attempt to "reproduce the secret mystery of how God created the human Adam." They have been produced since ancient times, such as through the Kabbalistic techniques of Solomon ibn Gabirol. Compared to those of old, the newer ones cannot hold up in quality. Though there may be at least one person in modern times capable of making golems comparable to a Servant, even the prodigy Roche Frain Yggdmillennia is nowhere near that level. The quality of Solomon's are such that the average magi could not make one of his quality in a year's time, and even one with the same quality materials would only be on the level of easily destroying one or two experienced magi. Solomon's can withstand hits from Servants, while a modern magi would never reach that level even with an entire lifetime of work. As with other practices that increase in power and mystery with time, older materials are best suited to creating golems. Old parchment has great mystery behind it, allowing it to breath life into strong golems.

Material Transmutation[]

Material Transmutation involves spells that interfere with the properties of an object. These include Reinforcement and Gradation Air Magecraft.

Gradation Air[]

Main article: Projection Magecraft


Alteration (変化, Henka?) is the intermediary step between Reinforcement and Projection, to give an object a property or effect that it originally didn’t have.


Reinforcement (強化, Kyōka?, also translated as Strengthening) is the most difficult Magecraft with the purpose of pushing a basis to the utmost limit. It is the foundation of all Magecraft that enhance the existence of the target by pouring Magical Energy, but as no clear expression of how much it can be enhanced is defined, almighty reinforcements are rare. It is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete, in case of failure the target will receive it as a poison. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure to fill openings with Magical Energy. Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or in the case of a living creature, physical strength and durability. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. As living things will resist invasion of Magical Energy, reinforcing someone else is the hardest.

A more advanced technique often used by Archer EMIYA in conjunction with Reinforcement, called Alteration, makes use of the Magical Energy put into an object via Reinforcement or Structural Analysis to change its structure. By putting this in application, Shirou Emiya is able to create a bow out of the branch of a tree, repair a soccer ball, or change the shape of an object.[66]

Mental Interference[]

Spells that cause some sort of effect on the target’s mind.

Memory Manipulation[]

Memory Manipulation (記憶操作, Kioku Sōsa?), an alteration of the mind’s records to make a person forget about a certain event, effectiveness is limited by the number of deviations between what the target remembers and what the people around them remember. A magus that has been discovered by normal people is expected to at least cast this on his witnesses. Waver Velvet used this spell to make Glen and Martha Mackenzie believe him to be their grandson for a long duration of time.[67]


Command, bends the target's will to the caster's. The subjugation lasts for success levels in rounds, but during that time the subject will do anything the caster wants as long as it does not contradict his basic nature. It can be cast and recast as necessary. Touko Aozaki used this spell on a criminal to learn what crime he had committed in the third Kara No Kyoukai film.[68]


NecromancyWP (死霊魔術(ネクロマンシー), Shiryō Majutsu(Nekuromanshī)?) is one of Thaumaturgical Systems and a practice born through the manipulation of corpses. Performing feats like raising simple zombies or giving birth to cobbled monsters, they are magi who preside over death. Their craft requires a large amount of dead bodies, and rather than steal from graveyards or morgues, most acquire their wares from the battlefield. Flocking to war, those most proficient in their craft are said to have a fate of taking the greatest joys in gathering resources from the wakes of revolutions, coup d'etats, or any massive destruction resulting in genocide. As there has never been an end to war since ancient times, they have never been far from danger, experimenting with their own lives on the line and sometimes having to battle their own rampaging creations. Considered to be irrational by other magi, they are some of the few who gladly charge into the battlefields of the world.[69]

Necromancy falls under the magecraft systems of both communicating with the dead and curses among the departments within the Mage’s Association, and the term specifies all magecraft styles that primarily use and process corpses. Even after the soul has vanished, a magus’ body continues to have extremely potent magical properties, so the corpses of magi are more useful than regular corpses. Besides magi, corpses of things like beasts with magical properties are also highly valued by necromancers. For instance, a Phantasmal Species can be made into a suitably strong Mystic Code. Kairi Sisgou processes pieces of corpses such as these for every use he could. For example, he used things like monkey hands, owl eyes, and the hearts of magi.[70]

They are most attuned with areas "drenched by the deaths of human beings", choosing them for rituals and workshops.[69] Skilled in working with bodies, they have a number of skills. Kairi Sisigou is noted to be an abnormality who uses body parts as weapons themselves, using cursed fingers as bullets and turning magi hearts into grenades.[70]

The act of calling someone down with necromancy is the summoning of the "residual thoughts" of the dead,[71] of which psychoscopy, a type of summoning magecraft that allows one to play back the thoughts or "residual memories" of what once existed in a place, is an example. Emotions will at times leave their colour on material objects, and there is nothing they cling onto better than a dead body. The thoughts left behind in a corpse form a never-ending loop of the moment immediately before death; over time, these thoughts and emotions disappear, but the more violent the death, the more powerful those remaining senses become, occasionally staining even the inorganic objects around them, such as furniture or the building itself. It is the base mechanism behind a haunting. Psychoscopy allows a magus to attune on some level with the circumstances of when the thoughts had been left in that place. A skillful magus is capable of maintaining a balance between synchronizing with the event and blocking their own sensations.[72] However, not all who have died are able to be called down. The "residual thoughts" can be disturbed: Hishiri Adashino compares erasing remnants and "residual thoughts" to the action of wiping away fingerprints in a criminal investigation. To be able to erase all traces of a spirit, one would have to be a fellow necromancer.[71]


OnmyoudouWP (陰陽道, Ommyō Dō?) is one of Thaumaturgical Systems that is predominant in Japan and a variant of the Chinese school of Thaumaturgy that uses the concept of yin and yang as foundation. According to Lord El-melloi II Case Files, it is derived from Feng ShuiWP.[45] A system that excels at divination, curses and the like, its most famous practitioner was Abe-no-Seimei. Cornelius Alba says that a Japanese organization that uses this System has few connection with the Mage's Association, so the Association has difficulties to work in Japan. In Fate/Apocrypha, some members of the Yggdmillennias are studying it. Other practitioners of this Thaumaturgical System include Ashiya Douman, Murasaki Shikibu, and Kiichi Hougen.


ShikigamiWP (式神, Shikigami?), a symbol of power for the Onmyouji, are beings that are at the disposal of the practitioner similarly to the Western familiars. Creatures that share a spiritual connection with its master after receiving a part of their master, their powers are limited to a single-purpose curse and once the contract has been formed they will remain for as long as their master’s power does not run out.

As an aside, Shikigami Operation (式神行使, Shikigami Kōshi?) is Akiha Tohno's unique ability.[73]


RuneWP (ルーン, Rūn?) Magecraft is one of the Thaumaturgical Systems that originated in Scandinavia during the Age of Gods, and are symbols that, once inscribed, automatically realize mysteries accordingly with the meaning that they represent. Composed of only straight lines and possessing mechanics similar to the Magic Crests,[74] the usage of modern runes is unpopular within the Mage's Association. It is possible to affect a target with a Rune inscribed at distance, but the rate of success is low with a target that possesses Magic Circuits due to the effect of Resistance, in this case, the Rune must be inscribed directly onto the body. If used in combinations, it is possible to create Bounded Fields with them. The precise meaning of each rune varies depending on the magus.[75]

The characteristic feature of Rune Magecraft was these symbols. While it takes time to engrave them in the first place, once they were done, they could be released as a Single-Action spell by simply passing magical energy through them. The time lag between activating the spell and its completion was vanishingly small.[76]

There are three types of runes: Primordial Runes created by Odin himself and used by Scathach, Brynhildr, Cú Chulainn and Sigurd, old Runes referenced by Scathach, and Modern Runes that are mere imitations of the above.[77] Touko Aozaki possesses three replicas of Primordial Runes.[78]

Ansuz (アンサズ, Ansazu?)
Ansuz is generally used for "Combustion",[75] but normally the rune that represents flame is kaunaz. Ansuz is only chosen out of respect to a Mystery, as this rune sometimes symbolizes "words", and sometimes symbolizes god itself, meaning it can take any form depending on the caster's interpretation of god. If they imagine a god of thunder, it becomes thunder. If they imagine a god of fire, it becomes fire.[79] The maximum effect of Ansuz is actually "to make known".[75] It is used by Touko Aozaki, who inscribes this Rune with the flame of her cigarette to make said flames spread over the target. She once used it at distance against a Wraith-possessed corpse, but it was ineffective.[75] In the Unlimited Blade Works route, the one that Cú Chulainn used was able to completely burn down the Einzbern Castle.[80] By employing the "ansuz" rune, Caster Cú is able to perform powerful heat・flame attacks, his specialty.[81]
Ath nGabla (アトゴウラ, Ato Gōra?)
A spell for death-matches; a curse of one-on-one combat amongst the Knights of the Red Branch. Once it is cast by inscribing Algiz, Nauthiz, Ansuz and Inguz in successive order, the caster becomes forbidden from retreating and the target cannot refuse combat.[82] The name means "Ford of the Forked Branch" in Old Irish and is called "Shoal of Four Branches" in Fate/unlimited codes.
Berkano (ベルカナ, Berukana?)
Used by Cú Chulainn for tracking purposes. It uses stones as material components.[80]
Ehwaz (エワズ, Ewazu?)
A Rune of hardening that Bazett Fraga McRemitz inscribed on her gloves, giving them a hardness well in excess of tungsten steel. Combined with her fighting style, the final effect is powerful enough to crush a human head with a punch. Ehwaz is also a very popular choices as a fire-type rune.[75]
Gandr (ガンド, Gando?)
A simple curse originating from Scandinavia, which decreases the physical health of the target. Because the curse properly said is released from the caster’s index finger and the target must be within the field of vision to be aimed at, it is dubbed Gandr Shot. A Gandr with so much Magical Energy concentrated into it that it becomes capable of physical interference is called Finn Shot.[83] Rin Tohsaka's Finn Shot has roughly the destructive power of a pistol bullet and while a single hit is not enough to kill someone, it is still capable of knocking out a normal person. The Edelfelt are among the best Gandr-users in the world. Though not using any Rune letter, it is of Rune Magecraft.[84]
The Aoko Puppet is equipped with mystic eyes capable of rapidly firing Gandr/Finn Shots that could ricochet off mirrors. At full strength, the Finn shots could stop a defenseless person's heart in one hit.[85] Erice Utsumi uses an upgraded type of Gandr called Freischütz.[86]
Kano (カノ, Kano?)
Used by Cú Chulainn to set fire to the Einzbern' castle in the TV anime version of the Unlimited Blade Works route. Its shape is same as Kenaz's, although their name are different.[87]
Kenaz (ケーナズ, Kēnazu?)
Used by Bazett to enhance her sight.[88]
Sowilo (ソウェル, Soweru?)
The Rune of fire. Touko could use can use its meaning of "Sun" to unleash unique effects, with its power being capable of rapidly scattering the lingering shadows and darkness of one's magecraft, like the morning sun melting the night's frost, or stealing the attribute of Night itself from a particular place to make Alice Kuonji incapable of using her Ploy Kickshaw.[76]

Unknown Runes[]

Besides the ones mentioned above, the following unnamed Runes are also known to exist:

  • A Rune that can erase memories, limitations of its use are the same as Memory Manipulation Magecraft limitations. Bazett inscribes it using a special talon and can do it so efficiently that use in the middle of combat is possible. A similar rune exists in one of Alice Kuonji's books in her library.
  • Speed enhancing Rune that Bazett inscribes with the heel of her shoes.
  • In Fate/unlimited codes, Bazett has a super known as "Red Branch/High Lance" which consists of a diving kick attack. She says "Ansuz-Eihwaz" prior to performing the attack, activating the runes on her foot. Ansuz is likely used to either unlock or increase the magical power while Eihwaz is used similarly to the above use on her gloves to harden them.
  • A Primordial Death Rune was created by Odin and is used by Surtr[89] and Skadi. It makes one's death an absolute certainty so long as it is applied to a being of flesh and blood; beings of Ether such as Heroic Spirits are not affected to the same degree.[90]
  • A Healing Rune used by Bazett in the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA manga.
  • A Rune of Resurrection used by Bazett in the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA manga. It resurrects Bazett after suffering mortal wounds as soon set conditions are met, in her case as soon as her heart stops, while simultaneously healing her of those injuries. It is described by Rin as being Noble Phantasm-class magic.[91]

Spiritual Evocation[]

Spiritual Evocation (降霊術, Kōrei Jutsu?) is one of Thaumaturgical Systems that allows one to summon beings or perform spiritual possession.[92] It includes "invocation", the technique of attracting higher spirituality into one's own self,[93] and "evocation", the technique of invoking spirituality on the outside of the self.[94] Some Spiritual Evocations can use a part of Heroic Spirits to make miracles happen.[95][96][97][98] Heroic Spirit Summoning to create a Servant is a hybrid of both, but many magi tend to treat Servants as under "Evocation."[99] It can also allow one to reacquire past knowledge and abilities by performing spiritual possession.[100] Two versions of the same person on the same time axis can have similar effects, such as with Shirou Emiya absorbing his future self's memories and skills by just having contact with him.[101] Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, Merem Solomon, Fernando Li, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia and Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia use this Magecraft.

Sibyl Magecraft[]

When becoming a vessel for a soul in attempt to revive that soul artificially, it is called SibylWP Magecraft (巫女の魔術, Miko no Majutsu?). Many Sibyls who have a high affinity to astral bodies, sometimes connect to the memories and consciousness of such bodies without being fully aware of it.[98] Gray is a user of this magecraft.


Beast Magecraft[]

Svin Glascheit using Beast Magecraft.

Beast Magecraft (獣性魔術?, also translated as Bestial Magecraft) is the name given to the field of magecraft that utilizes one's bestial nature.[102] Beast magecraft was the sort of magecraft that changed the user. It wasn’t just the magic circuits that were altered, but the things that connected them as well, like nerves, muscles, or bones. What modern medicine could not transplant could also be affected, like skin, or even parts of the brain.[103]

While this magecraft eats at the minds of those of the Glascheit family, many other forms of it are more mild. For example, enhancing one's sense of smell to be like that of a dog, enhancing one’s legs to run as fast as a horse, or enhancing one's eyes to see in the dark like a cat.[102]

Magecraft that borrows the abilities of animals exists all over the world.[104] Possession by a fox or a dog god, famous in Japan, are also examples of this magecraft.[102]

Elemental Magecraft[]


Formalcraft (魔術形式(フォーマルクラフト), Majutsu Keishiki(Fōmarukurafuto)?) is a method to do Magecrafts using Mana instead of Od. A caster makes contact with mysteries through processes established in ancient times such as sacrificing a chicken, or praying in a magic circle all night. Since Magical Energy comes from somewhere other than the caster, and they only need to perform the ritual(s), it is popular among Magi who lack power because of weak bloodlines. Knowledge is a strong requirement.[106]

Another Formalcraft (元素変換(フォーマルクラフト), Genso Henkan(Fōmarukurafuto)?) allows for the conversion of Elements. A positive Magecraft. One of its users, Ayaka Sajyou called it "thaumaturgy for dummies." Elsa Saijou is good at it with Wind Element.

Papilio Magia[]

Papilio Magia: Butterfly Magecraft (蝶魔術(パピリオ・マギア), Chō Majutsu(Papirio Magia)?) is the unique magecraft of the Caesarmund family, a spell designed to mimic the metamorphic process of a butterfly. Its premise is the inherent Mystery in the process of a butterfly changing to an effectively entirely different mode of life between the larval, pupal, and mature stages of its development. As Orlocke himself described it, it is “the manipulation of the gap between what is certain and what is uncertain,” interference in the act of transformation itself being the core of this strain of magecraft. Through this spell, Orlocke was able to gradually transfer his crest and his consciousness into a homunculus body he had prepared which made from his own blood and semen. By the time of the Adra Castle incident, he had already transferred ninety percent of his being into the new body.[107]

It can also be used to infect the Magic Circuits of others with a Command Spell, as demontrated with Verner giving one of the Command Spell to the other members of the El-Melloi Classroom (with the exception of Yvette) while he holds the other two completely. As he is making the Command Spell invade the Magic Circuits of other people, the feedback he would receive from a betrayal would kill him.[108]

Spatial Transportation[]

Spatial Transportation (空間転移, Kūkan Ten'i?) is magecraft in the realm of Magic.[109][110][111] Differing from Pure Spatial Transference (純粋な空間転移, Junsuina Kūkan Ten'i?), something requiring the use of Magic, it can be performed by anyone with enough skill. Although in the modern day teleportation is in the domain of Magic and as such impossible for normal magi to do, Ziz is a mage from the Wandering Sea and therefore from a different era, so it's just magecraft to him.[111] It is nearly impossible to accomplish it in the present, either requiring crystallized miracles like Command Spells, knowledge from the Age of Gods, or other special circumstances. Caster requires the use of her Temple to utilize it, but she can also use it in areas of Fuyuki. Souren Araya can use it within Hounouden Rokujyuyonshou of the Ogawa Apartment due to it being like a part of his body.[109] The enforced transference performed by Caster can be warded by Saber's high Magic Resistance.

The Spatial Transportation of Servants (サーヴァントの空間転移, Sāvanto no Kūkan Ten'i?), also called Forced Summoning, is something utilized by Masters to summon their Servants to different areas with Command Spells. Even if the distance is far, they will traverse great distances in an instant after the Command is issued. They can either arrive directly at the side of their Master, or they can be sent to another location. Doing this requires the consent of both the Master and Servant to achieve something unprecedented that overturns the normal methods of Magecraft to reach the same level as Magic.[109][112] The ability of Enkidu to bind divine beings is able to render such transportation ineffective. It is possible a barrier like that around the grounds of the Ryuudou Temple can keep the summons from working.[113]

When enforced transference is used on Shirou Emiya, the area around him begins to distort like a mirage, and the destination area slowly distorts the current area as it comes into view. His existence is pulled out of the third dimension, travels through many other dimensions, and it is dropped back into the original dimension. Servants are stripped of all recognition of the surrounding space and sent into the midst of a 'transfer' that does not have an existence or direction. Reaching a speed that nears the destruction of the laws of cause and effect, they overcome the distance of space in a "moment" of a few milliseconds at a speed close to that of light, completing the instantaneous movement between two different points in space.

Time Manipulation[]

Time Manipulation (時間操作, Jikan Sōsa?) is the result of the Emiya family spending generations researching and seeking the magecraft that controls time. It is the ability to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the "flow of time" in the outside world. It is classified as greater magecraft in the form of a Bounded Field that can be regarded as a type of Reality Marble in a way, but still not something extraordinarily difficult to utilize like other time related magecraft or something on the level of the True Magic that is unable to be replicated. It allows for "time adjustment" that can only stagnate the time which has passed and accelerate time in the future rather than something more advanced like "time modification", which has the ability to reverse cause and effect and change the past. It is generally used with large scale rituals that require a large amount of Magical Energy and planning in order to activate it. Kiritsugu Emiya didn't continue this research due to it not being useful in combat, and instead took the knowledge left by his predecessors to create Innate Time Control. It limits the Bounded Field to his own body, so that it can be used at any time without expending large amounts of Magical Energy or requiring a ritual.[114][115] The Mage's Association has the majority of the Emiya family's Magic Crest, and the rest remained with Kiritsugu until his death due to not passing it on to Shirou Emiya.[116]

Unnamed Spells[]

Unnamed Spells known to exist include:

  • Under duress, Sakura Matou can cast a spell using the Matou "absorption" nature magecraft, and it shoots like a spear, stabbing and entangling the part hit to drain the person of energy.[117]
  • A spell is cast on Zouken Matou's body and the Worms that form it. The spell causes deterioration of any strange body that harms it, dissolving it in a matter of moments.[118]
  • When summoned as Beryl's Servant in the British Lostbelt, Morgan le Fay used a technique similar to Rayshift to send her knowledge and memories to her Lostbelt counterpart 2000 years ago in exchange for her life. Thanks to this, Tonelico survived the fall of Orkney in the "first" Fairy Calendar. She then averted the Great Calamity, withered Seyfert, and established the Queen's Calendar.[119]


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    Sealing Designation Enforcers
    If you receive a “sealing designation”, you will be confined and even your magic research will be gone, not to mention your freedom. Thus, the person given that designation will of course desperately resist that and won’t stop fighting. To forcefully retrieve magi who were qualified enough to be given a sealing designation, the Association dispatches “Enforcers.” There are around 30 of them total, and Bazett is one of them.

    Lords, consuming their time in power struggles
    In the Magic Association, no rather, the Clock Tower, there are a number of families that hold sway. They are called Lords and are the objects of fear. There are three major families of Lords and about 20 families of relatives. These families are well-known even in normal society. The history of one family is at shortest 500 years and the longest is over 2000 years. They have been plotting and plotting since a staggeringly long past.

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    *What is an alchemist?
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    • Source:Novel "Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus"
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    • Height:170cm
    • Weight:40kg
    • Armament: Mace

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    • STR: C
    • CON: B
    • AGI: D
    • MGI: D
    • LCK: B
    • Noble Phantasm: C


    • Scream of the False Lifeform (Scream of Terror)

    The Servant is capable of emitting an immense scream, temporarily robbing enemies and allies alike of their ability to think and respond; those who do not expect it or are incapable of the mental resilience to withstand it may temporarily lose their ability to breathe. The effectiveness of the skill is increased with activation of Mad Enhancement. Incidentally, in Berserk Mode, the Servant expresses approval with the phrase "Yaaa," and disapproval with the phrase "Uiii," but it is impossible to discern anything but madness.

    • Galvanism

    Unrestricted conversion and accumulation of magical energy and bio-electric energy. Thaumaturgical attacks involving no material existence -- wind manipulation, energy bullets, beam attacks -- are converted to electricity and rendered without effect, discharged into the environment. Absorbed electricity may be used to implement rapid self-repair and physical attribute reinforcement. Like PhlogistonWP and Ether, the concept of Galvinism, which explains organic activity as a bio-electric process, falls under the domain of Alchemy.

    Noble Phantasm

    • Bridal Chest: A Maiden's Chastity Strength: Medium

    A large mace used by the Servant as a striking weapon, which gives off discharges electricity with the appearance of tree branches. In reality, the Servant's reactor core / heart is contained within the large spherical bulb, and the fin on the opposite end remotely transfers energy to the Servant's main body. With high efficiency, the implement continuously gathers energy wasted by the Servant or present in her surroundings, and is constantly manifested outside of combat to power her. If exposed to a high-magical energy environment -- for example, in the midst of combat -- the function of Galvinism and the Bridal Chest combine to qualify the Noble Phantasm as a "Type II Perpetual Motion Engine."

    • Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion Strength: Large

    Use of the Bridal Chest in a suicide move -- the fin of the mace is planted into the ground, and the reactor's limiters are completely released, discharging all gathered electricity into the surrounding environment as an area of effect attack with target homing; momentarily giving the Noble Phantasm in the silhouette of a towering tree. May be implemented from the Servant's own body rather than the Bridal Chest if the enemy force is a single opponent within short range. Use of this technique results in permanent deactivation, but there is a low probability that a second Frankenstein's Monster will be materialized in the wake of the attack. However, in death, it would be impossible for the Servant to witness the results of her actions.


    • クラス:バーサーカー
    • 出典:小説『Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus』
    • 地域:欧米を中心とした、全世界
    • 属性:混沌・中庸
    • 性別:女
    • 身長:170cm台
    • 体重:40kg台
    • 武装:メイス.




    • 筋力:C
    • 耐久:B
    • 敏捷:D
    • 魔力:D
    • 幸運:B
    • 宝具:C


    • 虚ろなる生者の嘆き


    • ガルバニズム



    • 乙女の貞節 - 威力:中


    • 磔刑の雷樹 - 威力:大

    敵が単体かつ近距離であれば"乙女の貞節"がなくとも発動可能。 放電後、使用者は完全に活動を停止する。つまり"死"である。この雷撃は、低い確率で第二のフランケンシュタインの怪物を生む可能性がある。もっとも、死亡する彼女はその結果を見ることができない。

  16. [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - Theory of Magic - Magecraft: Family lineage of Magus, p.046

    Family lineage of Magus
    Great magic families

    Family name or Representative
    Tohsaka Conversion -
    Makiri Absorption -
    Einzbern Flow and transfer of power Magic attribute that Einzbern magi are skilled in. They are specialized at the transmutation and creation of materials, that is, alchemy, using this attribute, and are highly skilled in the production of homunculi. Illya often uses magic, using the attribute of transferring, to move the consciousness of others to something else.
    Edelfelt Conversion Family from Finland. Like Tohsaka, prefer jewels magic, which uses the attribute of conversion.
    Barthomeloi Almighty Old line even in the Magic Association. One of the families of the rulers, the Lords. Embodiments of perfectionism and aristrocracy.
    Milyonecalion Prosperity One of the top magi in the magic world, known also by the name "Giver of All Sealing Designations" (or other way around?). Details are unknown.
    Jewel Killer Halting One of the remarkable magi in history, affiliated with the Sea of Estray, the mysterious prototype of the Magic Association.
    Hermes Silis Atlasia Future Magus from one of the divisions of the Magic Association, the Atlas Institute, the association for the magi and alchemists of Egypt.
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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm - Section 14: Hidden Research [T]

    You are Master Gudao, and she is Mash Kyrielight.
    Over there is Xuanzang Sanzang, a Servant. And you are Tawara Touta, a Servant.
    And you… Oh? What a surprise. You’ve befriended a knight of the Round Table.

    A pleasure to meet you, Sir Bedivere. I mustn’t forget to extend my friendship to a fellow Englishman.

    1.How do you know my name!?
    2.How do you know everyone’s true names!?

    Elementary, my friends.

    (There’s his signature line! He’s the real Mr. Holmes!)

    We’ve already made contact, through an exchange of information before you came here today.


    You safely recovered the intelligence that I left at the Magic Association in London, right?
    All I did was organize the documents, but I believe I did you a valuable service.
    I picked out only the information you needed, and arranged it in a manner that was easy to understand.
    At that point, you’d already accepted me as a collaborator aiding you from the shadows.

    1.Come to think of it…
    2.Andersen did say something…

    Yes, Andersen mentioned that someone had already organized everything before he started his research!
    So it was all thanks to Mr. Holmes!

    Yes. If I had made it too easy, Makiri would have found out.
    I arranged it so that only a truly wise man would come to realize its meaning, in his pursuit of truth.
    You needed to know that information. Not as observers, but as the investigators of this murder mystery.

    1.Murder mystery?

    Indeed, a murder mystery. A case on a scale unlike any I have encountered. “The Exhaustive Slaughter of Humanity by the Incineration of the Human Order.”
    Truly, a case of mythic proportions. Is it any surprise that I would appear on the scene?

    …Um, Gudao, Lady Mash, I’m sorry to interrupt when you’re so excited, but…
    Who is he? Holmes… I remember no knight by that name…

    How tragic.
    It’s true that I was never knighted as a “Sir,” but the man who recorded my exploits received that honor.

    ? The man who passed on your feats was a knight? Erm… my lady?

    Yes, Sir Bedivere. Mr. Holmes is the world’s most famous detective.
    Your class is… Caster, probably? You’re the genuine father of all detectives.
    Ahh, if only comms were up and running, the Doctor would be overjoyed!
    I can barely contain my own excitement! Sherlock Holmes was real!
    In other words, Sir Conan Doyle’s novels were Dr. Watson’s memoirs!

    Heh. Our humble attempts to earn a living were worth it after all, if they brought this angelic child such joy.
    But Miss Kyrielight, my true self is nothing like the man you imagine me to be. Sadly, that story will have to wait for another day.
    Right now, I cannot accept you as a client, Mr. Gudao.

    Oh… Really?
    Mr. Holmes just gave us his opinion without sugarcoating it at all… it really is him…

    Hahahahaha! What an avid reader! You know me so well!

    …Hm. There are many things I wish to help you with, but there are priorities to follow.
    I have been charged by Sir Babbage to uncover a mystery.
    He only left behind a slight shred of his intellect, but even that fragment was like a galaxy of brilliant genius.
    Until this case is concluded, I cannot join Chaldea.
    That is, however, not a critical problem. I shall leave the battle to your heroes.
    I am a detective. I have no interest in justice or glory. I merely solve mysteries. It is my duty to do so.

    (H-He’s exactly how I imagined him!)

    1.You’re saying that you just got here before us?
    2.What could the mystery be…?

    [1] Holmes:
    Exactly! I opened the trap door to invite you in!

    [2] Holmes:
    I’m going to give you a lecture on just that. We’ve a long road ahead, after all.

    You’re saying that you’re on Gudao’s side, but you can’t join us?

    Yes. My friends, you have come to this academy in search of knowledge.
    The Old Man of the Mountain probably impressed on you the need to know everything, correct?
    Thus, you must go to the center of the academy. I also have business there.
    The core lies a distant 500 meters below the surface. These tunnels were deliberately designed to resemble an underground labyrinth.
    I will lead the way to the core. You’ll clear the traps with your bodies.
    I’m sure this will be a rewarding collaboration. Now, let us make haste. Infinite knowledge awaits us!

    We’ve come to work together with Master Holmes… Are you sure about this, Gudao?
    1.Let’s trust the detective.
    2.We share a common goal.

    Foh. Foh, fooh!

    I see. I was never good at dealing with his type. He gives off the same odor as Merlin…

    Master, mana signatures detected! Something’s coming!
    This is the same as London — autonomous familiars!

    So the defense systems are still active after all! I was right to wait for your arrival!
    My existence is currently unstable, so I cannot engage in combat. I have high hopes for your performance!


    In any case, what precisely is the Academy at Atlas?
    A good question, Mister Gudao.
    That which is so called bases itself in the other Atlas Mountains (もう一つのアトラス山, mou hitotsu no Atorasu-san?), situated in Egypt -- an academy for Alchemists.
    It is referred to also by the appellation of "The Giant's Pit" (巨人の穴倉, Kyojin no Anagura?, lit. "Giant's Pit-Cellar").
    One of the three primary branches of the Thaumaturgical Association --
    an institution that specializes in aggregation (蓄積, chikuseki?, lit. "accumulation") and appraisal (計測, keisoku?, lit. "measurement").
    Diverging from the modern practice of Alchemy (現代錬金術, Gendai Renkinjutsu?, lit. "modern Alchemy") that has since the medieval period entered the vogue,
    they are an organization that conducts inquiry (解明, kaimei?, lit. "elucidation") into the basis of Magecraft (魔術の祖, Majutsu no So?, lit. "the forefathers / origins of Magecraft") and the Laws of the World (世界の理, Sekai no Kotowari?, lit. "the principles / rationalities of the World").
    Though they are indeed Magi, I've heard that they're predominantly academics possessed of scant Thaumaturgical Circuits (魔術回路の乏しい, Majutsu-Kairo no Toboshii?, lit. "a destitution of Magecraft Circuits").
    As an inevitable consequence, within the course of their study of Mysteries, they came to rely not upon Mana, but upon a great variety of instruments.
    Said instruments evolved in form so as to closely resemble those technologies employed in scientific inquiry.
    Pseudo-Spiritrons (疑似霊子, Gishi-Reishi?, lit. "pseudo- spirit particles") ...
    Making use of the soul as a quantifiable (観測可能な, kansoku-kanou-na?, lit. "capable of being observed") energy,
    they were able to coin (創造, souzou?, lit. "create / fabricate") Homunculi -- organisms possessed of Thaumaturgical Circuits.

    1.It’s really dangerous, got it.
    2.Why’s it called the Titan’s Pit?

    [1] Holmes:
    A simple understanding! Very good!

    [2] Holmes:
    Hm. In Greek mythology, remember that titan who held up the world? His name was Atlas.
    Perhaps they inherited his duty.
    The Atlas Academy has always been in the Atlas mountains. I’ve heard that its naming was just a simple decision.
    The alchemists of the Atlas Academy are descended from the goddess Isis, the ancestor of magi in Egyptian mythology.
    Its appearance in this Egypt may be thanks to that connection.

    They hid themselves underground in their study of magic… no wonder I’ve never heard of this school.
    But I see no students. Is the Atlas Academy destroyed?

    …No. According to my investigations, the Atlas Academy has operated from before the Common Era into the year 2016.
    The fact that we haven’t seen anyone is probably…
    No, let us avoid conjecture. All will be clear once we reach the core.
    An underground academy full of mysteries. Laboratories built with unknown technologies…
    It may be the ideal shelter. Or perhaps, it is little more than a mass grave.
    Let us pursue the truth with hope in our hearts.

    The construction of this place is rather convoluted. It’s more like a labyrinth than an academy.
    There have only been forks with two paths as we’ve descended, but turn back and you find yourself at yet another fork.
    It feels intended to confuse the traveler. Almost as if…

    Indeed, it is designed to confuse anyone trying to get out. One can enter, but leaving is no trivial feat.

    It’s the opposite of what you’d imagine as a defense against looters. I wonder why it’s built this way.

    They feared people leaving more than they cared about visitors.
    The Atlas Academy is an assembly of geniuses. They each have their own independent workshops, within which they conduct their research.
    There are no taboos in this place. No penalties to prevent the creation of the most unethical of weapons.
    There is only one rule here. That which is created here must never leave.
    That is the founding principle of the Atlas Academy. They have observed this rule for over two thousand years.

    If I were to name an exception, it would be the seven contracts created during the founding of the academy.
    The Atlas Academy is bound to cooperate with someone who possesses one of these contracts.
    I’m sure they posed no small source of headaches to the headmasters. They probably thought their predecessor created the contracts on a whim.
    As of the year 2000, four contracts had been recovered, but the locations of the remaining three were unknown.


    Oh, the automated defenses activated in the middle of our conversation! Take care of them quickly, would you?


    …Hm. Mister Gudao, do you care to hear my impressions of your battle command?


    [2] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha, too bad! It appears you don’t know me as well as Miss Kyrielight does!
    Sherlock Holmes never holds his tongue, never restrains himself, and never passes up a chance to annoy people!
    I merely offer my estimations!

    In other words, Mister Gudao, I’m frankly astonished.
    The might of your collective combat ability is breathtaking, of course, but this is merely secondary to a greater factor.
    I might say that the root of your strength comes from the form of your contract.
    Never before has there been a Master connected to so many Servants.
    Even more extraordinary is the duration of your contracts.
    Originally, the summoning of Servants was meant to be a temporary measure, something created only for a given battlefield.
    An indefinite contract like yours should be impossible. And I expect that you, Master Gudao, have no secrets.
    In other words…

    1.In other words? (gulp)

    …By the way, Miss Kyrielight. I see that you still can’t make full use of your Noble Phantasm.
    Why is that? Is it intentional?
    1.Did you just change the subject!?
    2.Mash still doesn’t know her true name…

    [1] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha. Hahahahahahahahaha.

    …Yes, I still don’t know the identity of the Heroic Spirit that granted me power…

    That isn’t true. Its identity isn’t much of a problem. Your approach is merely incorrect.
    But worry not. The solution will come soon. There is no problem I cannot solve with data.
    …No, I apologize. I overspoke. There are still things you don’t know.
    We are still locked in fierce baritsu with an outstanding problem — the culprit behind the incineration of humanity. The true nature of the King of Magic.
    There is just no information about him at all.
    He’s left many traces throughout the ages, but none of these clues lead directly to King Solomon.
    If only there were someone who had met the King of Magic directly, we could perhaps parley with Solomon, or investigate him further, but I doubt there are any convenient witnesses to be found. All we can do is make guesses about him with the limited information we have.

    1.Um… We’ve seen the King of Magic.
    2.Well… We’re acquainted with the King of Magic.

    ! So you were the critical reference I needed! By all means, tell me everything!
    What did he look like? What did he sound like? What style of magic did he use? And above all…
    …Above all, I want to hear your direct impression of him.
    Incongruity. Yes, that’s the word. Anything you noticed off about him will be key.
    Please, try and remember. Any trifle is valuable, no matter how small. Did you notice anything strange about the King of Magic?

    1.I remember what he looked like, but…
    2.Come to think of it, something was…

    [1] Mash:
    I remember too, but I can’t match up my memories… My visual memory of him feels like it’s smothered in noise…

    [2] Holmes:
    Yes, something was…?
    1.There was one thing about his appearance…
    2.It felt like he wasn’t complete…

    Something incomplete… Something incomplete, eh? If someone meeting the King of Magic for the first time felt that, then…
    It must be something unintentional, so subtle as to make one think, “oh?” in unconscious confusion.

    Miss Kyrielight. Could I ask you to sketch the suspect?
    I want you to draw the King of Magic that you saw. Normally, even this minor act would trigger a punitive curse, but we are in the Atlas Academy. Its countermeasures against external curses are likely impervious. There is no danger to you.

    Understood. Drawing isn’t my specialty, but I’ll do my best to get his form down on paper.
    And… if you don’t mind, Mister Holmes, I’d like to offer my opinion as well.
    It isn’t the same incongruity that Senpai mentioned, but the King of Magic we encountered felt unstable in his words and actions. That’s what stood out to me.
    His moods swung from violent to calm, and there were times he was completely indifferent to us.
    To me, the changes all felt very sudden…

    Hm. Describe it in detail. What was your dialogue like?

    I see. Thank you, Miss Kyrielight.
    That information was truly beneficial. It was enough to give me a slight grasp on the true nature of the King of Magic.

    Y-You’re welcome. The honor was mine.

    From your encounter, I believe that the King of Magic’s personality resembles a kind of mirror.

    A mirror?

    Yes. A mirror that reflects those who stand before it. It reflects the personalities of the people talking to it.
    If a disorderly person is speaking, he becomes vulgar…
    And if an intelligent person speaks, he answers seriously.
    He answers savagery with cruelty, and calm with serenity.
    I doubt that he lacks a self. This isn’t also the same as having multiple personalities.
    It is likely that the King of Magic possesses multiple attributes. Or rather, an excessive number of them. That appears to be who he is.

    1.Oh, so when Mordred was violent…
    2.Oh, so when Andersen was a jackass…

    But he also said that he was indifferent to us, and that life had no meaning.
     I don’t think there was anybody there who was thinking that.

    There’s the rub. That is what I find frightening, Miss Kyrielight.
    “Indifference to humans” is one of the truths about the King of Magic.
    After all, he has already annihilated humanity. He is unlike the Lion King currently attempting to destroy this era.
    He’s already won. He showed himself because victory was in his grasp.
    Of course he would feel indifferent to us. He has already moved on to his next endeavor.
    For example, imagine that there is a desk here. On top of the desk is a plan titled “Human Order Incineration.”
    He has long since completed that work, and is sitting at the next desk.
    Normally, that would be the end of it. Humanity should not have the option to fight him.
    But a miracle happened. It goes without saying that I mean all of you at Chaldea.
    A slim, blank space on the now unoccupied desk.

    …You’re saying that the King of Magic is indifferent to us because the incineration of the human order is a task he already completed?

    Right. It would be more accurate to say that he is busy with his current work.
    I am afraid to learn what that new endeavor is.
    Listen, my friends. This is what we call a perfect crime.
    There was no one who could prevent it. We’ve been completely outplayed.
    A detective’s job begins after the crime has occurred… After victims appear.
    Even if we can shed light on the truth behind the crime, there is no way to reverse the deed.
    But you are different, Mister Gudao. You alone have the power to defy this rule.
    The King of Magic doesn’t believe that you can, and that is the sole weakness in his diabolical atrocity.

    Rejoice, my friends. We’re almost at the core. Many answers await us ahead.
    The Old Man of the Mountain sent you here for two reasons.
    The first concerns this singularity. You are here to acquire information on the Lion King’s goals and holy lance.
    The second has to do with all seven singularities. In short, it relates to one aspect of the mystery behind the incineration of the human order.
    I am prepared to help you answer both of these questions. But before that…

    1.Before that, we have to clear out these defenses, right?
    2.Right on time!

    No. I have a warning. Rather, a declaration.
    The greatest reason I have come to you now is because Chaldea’s eyes cannot reach this place.
    I will say this while I can. I do not trust Doctor Roman.


    So this is the core of Atlas… There’s a sky in this underground chamber, Master!

    A space large enough to contain a town… To think someone could build such a massive cavern underground…
    This indeed seems to be an academy. It contains all the things people need to live.
    I’m sure the students find it wholesome as well, even if that sky is man-made.

    Furthermore, those obelisks in the center are the Atlas Academy’s greatest storage media, the pseudo-spiritronic processor Trihermes.

    1.This is the… original?
    2.Now that you mention it, this construction…!

    [1] Holmes:
    That’s right. What you have in Chaldea is nothing more than a copy of this.
    It is photonic crystal, which has even been called Philosopher’s Stone. It is an out-of-place artifact impossible for current terrestrial science to create.

    [2] Mash:
    You’re right! It’s the same as the control room in Chaldea!
    Though… most of it is buried in sand…

    Now, I’ve already acquired access rights. Normally, one would ask the staff for assistance…
    But as you can see, we are in a completely unoccupied ruin. With apologies to its owners, we will have to use it ourselves.

    …Yes. I wonder why the staff is absent, though.
    The entrance is buried in sand, but the facility seems to be in working order-

    The reason is obvious — this is the Atlas Academy of 2016. It is from your era.

    The Atlas Academy of our time… Oh! Da Vinci mentioned that.
    She said there was another temporal aberration within the Egyptian territory, already removed from this time period.
    So this is what she meant!

    Indeed. The magi have been incinerated, but the academy itself remains.
    Now, then. Let us proceed to the main topic. All events are recorded in Trihermes.
    Though we, not being Atlas alchemists, may be unable to learn all of that information…
    Unadulterated truth… We should be able to find what we need if we look for the outcomes alone. We’ll see the outcomes of the mathematical operations, at least.

    1.What are you looking for?
    2.It isn’t nice to spy on people, you know.

    [1] Holmes:
    I’m ashamed to say that I need records which even I cannot recall. I seek the document of a certain, secret event.

    [2] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s not it at all. I’m interested in the honest truth!
    There’s not a speck of guilt on my conscience, nope! The truth excites me, not the ecology of private individuals!

    Now, Trihermes, bird that soars through the afterlife! Answer my query!
    I seek an incident that has been erased from all records. Show me the unabridged record of the Holy Grail War that took place in Japan, in the year 2004!

    The Holy Grail War!? You mean Singularity X?
    T-The Director did say that a ritual called the Holy Grail War took place in Singularity X, but…
    Do you mean that the truth of humanity’s incineration- That the spark was lit there!?

    No, it didn’t begin there. But it is an important factor.
    The Holy Grail War is a grand ritual in which Heroic Spirits are summoned and made to fight each other, after which the surviving Master and Servant obtain the Holy Grail.
    You know that much, Mister Gudao?
    Good. Now, it really did happen. And the final occurrence was in 2004, in the Japanese city Fuyuki.
    I investigated the records of this war, but despite my efforts, I learned nothing about its course or its conclusion.
    All I could find was data on the beginning of the Holy Grail War; nothing but a list of the seven magi that gathered to fight in the war.
    And, one of those individuals is known to you. Rather, his daughter, I should say.

    1.Could it be…
    2.Chaldea’s previous director…?

    That’s right. I speak of Olga-Marie Animusphere’s father, the late Director of Chaldea.
    He was a Lord of the Clock Tower who traveled to Japan in secret and fought in that blood-soaked ritual.
    His name is…

    …Hm. The results are back. It’s kind of sad that it doesn’t make any noise.
    But, I’m glad to see that they were within my estimates. Now, one of my questions has been answered.
    In 2004, the Holy Grail War took place in Japan. Its victor was Marisbilly Animusphere.
    Trihermes recorded that he killed six magi and obtained the omnipotent wishing machine known as the Holy Grail.

    He… obtained the Holy Grail?
    Before the human order was incinerated… before rei-shifting had been developed?

    Yes. The record goes on. Marisbilly brought an assistant with him to the war.
    In the year following the Holy Grail War, this person received a special invitation to join the staff of Chaldea.
    It was unheard of for someone to become the head of the medical facility at age 22. So much that I would hesitate to call him a normal human being.

    1.The head of the medical facility…

    Romani Archiman?
    The Doctor… knew the previous director before coming to Chaldea?

    Yes. What’s even stranger is that Romani Archiman’s history is completely unknown.
    No matter how deeply I looked, I could find no records on him before the Holy Grail War. If we used Hermes, we could probably dig something up, but we simply don’t have time to sift through personnel files on billions of individuals, which change every year.
    That is why I don’t trust Doctor Roman. Without a doubt, he is a human, and no magus, yet…
    He is hiding something. It is something extraordinary. Something close to the truth of all this.


    Umm… Can I ask something?
    I’m not trying to complain that I’m tired of keeping quiet all this time, but…
    You said that Marisbilly guy got the Holy Grail, right?
    What did he wish for?

    Unfortunately, Hermes has no record of his wish. It only shows the results.
    According to Hermes, Marisbilly flourished as a magus after the war.
    In the Clock Tower, Chaldea and the Animusphere family’s theories had heretofore been regarded as abstract and impractical.
    But, a string of successes reversed the Animusphere’s fortunes. The Heroic Spirit summoning system was established.
    Virtual experiments were conducted that allowed one to not only observe the future, but to interact with different time periods through rei-shifting.
    Around 2004, Chaldea, previously a mere astronomical observatory, was built into a research facility.

    Conventional reasoning would conclude that Marisbilly wished for prosperity.
    He had no reason to wish for the incineration of the human order. According to documents, his personality was “hard-working.”
    He had ordinary desires, ordinary envy, and he loved ordinary fortune. That’s the kind of man he was.
    In that case, he may have been manipulated by a third party, or perhaps he unintentionally trod on a land mine.

    A third party… Might that be Professor Lev?

    Lev Reynol was assigned to Chaldea in 1999, coinciding with the technology transfer for Observation Lens Shiva.
    He was a pawn of the King of Magic. There is no doubt about that.
    …This is the part that vexes me most, to be honest. Lev joined Chaldea with an agenda in mind.
    In that case, it would mean that there was a problem at Chaldea before the Holy Grail War in 2004.
    It’s possible that for Marisbilly, the 2004 Holy Grail War was just a career move which had nothing to do with incineration of humanity.
    If true, I hate to admit it, but… It brings up the question of Romani Archiman.
    We are left with an enigma whose activities are unknown, who is unrelated to the case, and who is a trivial nuisance that might as well not exist.

    What the heck!? That’s so sketchy!

    1.Sounds just like Roman!
    2.A mystery man that might as well not exist!

    Yes, how very like the Doctor!

    In my view, he may well be an important player in this case.
    Take caution in what you share with him going forward. He cannot be trusted until his secrets are revealed.
    At the minimum, Romani Archiman knew about the conclusion of the Holy Grail War, and kept that information from you.

    …Now, that’s all I wanted to know. It’s your turn now. But before that…
    While I was looking through records on Chaldea, I found an answer for Miss Kyrielight.
    I apologize for going off on a tangent, but do you mind?

    An answer for me…?
    Oh, do you mean what we talked about earlier? The true name of the Heroic Spirit that granted me powers?

    Indeed I do! I suspected the truth, but held back because I had no proof…
    But now I can tell you with confidence. Are you ready to hear it, Miss Kyrielight?

    Wait. Lady Mash needs to discover that herself. It is not for us to say-

    No! I will reveal it! Everybody’s figured it out already, anyway!
    Only a fool turns one’s back on the truth. Is Miss Kyrielight a fool?
    Absolutely not! Emphatically not, Sir Bedivere! What are you afraid of, in the first place!?
    So what if nothing changes once she knows her true name? So what if she can’t activate her Noble Phantasm after hearing its name?
    I declare that your misgivings are needless! After all…
    Mash Kyrielight’s spirit is already whole! Her fears will not change whether or not she has a Noble Phantasm!
    Therefore! Even if she cannot use her Noble Phantasm, she will never cease to rise to the occasion!
    She will be brave and fight to the end, for the one thing she believes in!


    [also speechless]

    …Pardon me. I lost myself in the moment. May I reveal his name now, Miss?
    The name of the Heroic Spirit who bequeathed to you a new destiny, and saved your life.

    …Master, do you mind?

    1.Go ahead.
    2.Too bad Roman isn’t here.

    …Yes. I would have liked for this moment to be a bit more special.

    Please tell me, Mister Holmes. My true name. The name of this shield.

    Very well. Then, I shall work my way to the truth, as a detective should.
    To begin with, how did Chaldea stabilize its Heroic Spirit summoning system?
    It was thanks to something which gathers Heroic Spirits.
    Once, there was a gathering of heroes. A ritual of oaths, called the Round Table.
    Chaldea processed that holy relic, used it as a summoning catalyst, and buried it within a compound body.
    Do you understand, Mister Gudao? The weapon she wields looks like a shield, yet it is not.
    The first Servant you contracted with would become the foundation upon which many Heroic Spirits would gather.

    1.I knew it, somehow.
    2.It’s totally a Round Shield.

    A clever pun, to be sure. I applaud Chaldea’s engineers for this feat.
    She holds the core around which the Round Table was built — the sacred Round Shield.

    Hear me, Miss Kyrielight.
    The second Heroic Spirit summoned in 2010 was Chaldea’s only successful Heroic Spirit fusion trial.
    He decried Chaldea’s brutal experiments, but remained in the world to keep his host alive. Then, after the bombing of Chaldea, he entrusted her with all he had.

    Your Heroic Spirit’s name is Galahad.

    He was a sacred knight of the Round Table, and the only knight to succeed in his quest for the Holy Grail.

    Galahad, of the Round Table…

    [Mash falls]

    2.Are you okay!?

    Y-Yes… My legs felt weak, so I sat down…
    But, I don’t feel pain, or surprise.
    I’m just… very happy.
    I finally know the name of the person who believed in me, and saved my life…
    I’m just… so, so happy right now.
    Have I done his name justice…?

    See, didn’t I tell you? That’s just the sort of girl she is.
    She would never forget her gratitude. Do you think her someone that would be disappointed in her savior?

    …Truly, you were right. Galahad chose well.
    Even in a different age, and among a different people, he would surely entrust his legacy to someone like himself.

    Well, I will leave the awakening of the Noble Phantasm to Mister Gudao.
    Hermes is in poor condition. I believe it only has one search remaining before it loses power.

    …I should apologize, as well.
    I succumbed to the temptation of making it run background searches on the number of unsolved cases left in the world…

    Mister Holmes!?


    Not to worry, it will function properly one more time. I am a man who never lets the truth escape.
    You need to know about the Lion King’s holy lance Rhongomyniad.
    Of course, I have heard of the artifact before, but this will be my first time learning of its nature.

    Hermes, show us its true value.
    …I see.

    (Senpai, I think it’s finished searching. Hermes sure is handy.)

    Foh. Foh.

    Sir Bedivere, how much do you know of the holy lance?

    Nothing in detail. The king had several other treasures aside from the holy sword.
    The holy lance Rhongomyniad was one of these. The knights of the Round Table never learned its particular details.
    However, Merlin did refer to it the “Tower of the End.”
    He called it a pillar of light far across the sea to the west of Britain. A tower that stands at the World’s End, beyond the horizon.

    A tower? But it’s a spear, right? Both of them are really long… so which one is it?

    That is beyond my ken… Master Holmes?

    There are two holy lances, Miss Sanzang.
    One is a gigantic tower that pierces this world. That is the essence of the holy lance, given form.
    We were told that “the holy lance stands tall.” It actually is a tower, but it is out of human reach.
    After all, it is at the World’s End. Thus, it is eternally distant.
    The Tower stands beyond the world of humans, always watching over it.

    Tawara Touta:
    Hm, a tower with a commanding view reserved for the gods and Buddha, you say?

    The other lance is in the hands of the Lion King. That one is like a shadow the Tower dropped onto the earth.
    It is like a personal weapon that allows one to wield the powers and Authority of the Tower.

    So the Tower is the main body, and the lance is its remote terminal?

    A satisfactory example, Miss Kyrielight.
    The Tower stands at the end of the world, and its administrator wields the lance.
    The question is, why does the Tower pierce the planet?
    There is a theory that our world — the human world — is nothing more than one of the textured layers that wrap the surface of the planet, like a carpet.
    To the planet, this is the consciousness of the intelligent lifeforms that reign supreme. In other words, our physical laws.
    The “carpet” that maintains the laws of physics is our world. It is stitched to the planet so that it does not peel away.
    This seems to be the phenomenon called the Tower of the End. It is also not limited to Britain.
    There are multiple such pillars located throughout the world. One is the holy lance in the hands of the Lion King.

    So that’s the meaning behind the Tower of the End. The king held such a terrifying relic for years…

    It’s like a pagoda that people offer their faith in the Buddha to, right? I get it!
    But what does that have to do with the Holy City? What’s the Lion King planning to do with the Tower?

    …It’s likely that the Lion King intends to use the holy lance as the Tower.
    The Lion King built the Holy City into a utopia, and gathered selected humans.
    Not merely pure humans, but humans that will perform correctly under any circumstance.
    According to Hermes’ calculations, the holy lance can absorb five hundred souls.
    The Holy City was built atop the Holy Land in a single night. You may think it an impossible feat, but the truth is simple.
    That city is the lance itself. The people brought to the city are meant to be stored within the lance.
    The Lion King claimed that the pure humans would be protected, but the truth is that they’ve been sealed within so that they cannot escape.

    Impossible! That city is Camelot. It differs in small ways, but it is the castle of the Round Table.
    It couldn’t possibly be used for such evil ends!

    No, Mister Holmes is right. That isn’t Camelot.
    It’s true that Camelot was a castle built by the fairies. It also appeared in a single night.
    But that… is different. I’ve felt something frightening since I first saw it…
    It’s the outer shell of the holy lance Rhongomyniad. It can’t be something that helps people.

    Then… what about the people in the city? Under the king’s protection, are they forced into a life of oppression?

    It is no matter of life or death. Everyone in the Holy City will be absorbed into the lance.
    The holy lance is similar to the Atlas Institute. It is a shelter, Sir Bedivere.
    Yet, it is no place to live. All within are processed as elements required for good humans.
    Eventually, the Holy City will converge into a single tower. Only a compressed hell awaits those within the tower.
    The people were not gathered to live in a utopia. They were collected as ideal samples of humanity.
    Samples to be overseen by the Lion King for eternity. An example of humanity’s value, to be displayed in a show window.

    No!!! This is too disgusting to be the work of humans!


    Tawara Touta:
    …I cannot judge whether the Lion King’s actions are good or evil. The king is protecting her own people. That is without doubt.

    Of course it’s wrong! What are you talking about, Touta!?

    Tawara Touta:
    Let me finish! The Holy City will go into the Tower.
    What happens next? It’s obvious. The Holy City will disappear, and so will the Lion King’s army.
    At the very least, the mountain people will no longer fight the Lion King. The Lion King will have shut herself away, along with her ideals.

    Oh… I get it. The fighting will end, then. For a while, at least.
    “I will protect only the people of my land.” The Lion King is following that policy all the way through…

    That would be optimal. I agree with Mister Tawara.
    …That is, if it only went as far as Hermes’ analysis.

    …There’s more to it, isn’t there? The Lion King’s Holy Selection has a deeper meaning to it.

    Yes. The Lion King will turn the Holy City into the Tower of the End. You all know the implications of that, I’m sure.
    The creation of the Tower will turn its surroundings into the World’s End.
    In exchange for creating a complete world known as the Tower, the world outside of the tower will disappear.
    The Lion King is not only protecting the people of her own country. She intends to discard everything aside from her people.

    And, that destruction has already begun.
    This singularity is an exception among exceptions because it is already a place that exists nowhere in the world.

    …Oh. There’s nothing beyond the desert because this era is already cut off from the rest of history…

    Correct, Miss Sanzang.
    The party who both created this singularity and is now attempting to destroy it has long since ceased to be the King of Magic.
    It is the godlike Lion King, going so far as to sacrifice a cornerstone of the Human Order in the quest to create an ideal city.


    Everyone, let us return to the surface. We cannot afford to delay.
    We must gain entrance to the Holy City before the lance is complete, and ascertain the Lion King’s intentions.

    I agree with Bedivere. Now we know why the skeleton boss sent us here.
     Let’s hurry and meet up with the other skeleton folks. We need to tell them what we learned.
    …Huh? But why didn’t the boss just tell everyone back then? It would have saved us a lot of time…

    Tawara Touta:
    Gudao needed to come here. Perhaps, to this desert, rather than this academy.
    You can’t always depend on the aid of others. Even the first Old Man of the Mountain can only do so much.
    Gudao still has something to accomplish in this land. That might be why we were really sent here.


    Tawara Touta:
    Hm? What’s so funny, detective?

    Sorry. Was I laughing?
    If so, it’s because your words were so full of implication. I couldn’t contain myself.

    [later. alarms in the tunnels]

    Wait, there’s more of them on the way back!?

    Of course. And this time, they won’t compare to what we’ve faced before.
    Exit is not permitted at Atlas Academy. I said that, remember?
    This will be our final battle in this lost underworld. Fight as wildly as you please!


    Senpai, I can see light at the end of the tunnel! It’s sunlight!

    Our return was swift. It’s all thanks to Master Holmes.

    Elementary, my friends. One cannot rely solely on visual memory when entering the labyrinth.
    One must draw a concrete mental map while traversing the premises.

    1.Impressive, detective!
    2.Thanks, Holmes.

    Hm. I’m glad I was of help in the end. And this is where we part ways, my friends.

    So… you can’t trust Chaldea after all?

    Hrm. Chaldea does have its mysteries, but I am after a different quarry.
    Its name is Phantom-
    Ah, well, this isn’t really the time. I shall take my leave here, Mister Gudao.

    First, let me leave you with a problem to think about. It is the simplest question concerning the incineration of the Human Order.
    I’ve been thinking. Why did it originate in the year 2016?


    Hasn’t anyone else considered the question? The King of Magic incinerated human history itself.
    That’s just it. If he had done it at the start of the Common Era, the world should have ended without you ever being born.
    But he began in 2016. The burning started in 2016, and traced its way into the past.
    It was a flame that sparked in your 2016, and burned from there into the past.
    Why did he do that? I considered the question, and came to one conclusion.

    There must be a reason why the King of Magic had to wait until 2016. Let us suppose, for argument’s sake, that he is located in 1000 B.C.E.
    About 3000 years of history must pass between 1000 B.C.E. and 2016 C.E. And, he needed to burn all of this.
    Do you understand? The King of Magic didn’t destroy merely because he wanted to.
    There was a need to destroy. The conclusion may be the same, but we cannot ignore this distinction.

    1.It isn’t because he hates humanity?
    2.Come to think of it, “indifference” means…

    Right. Hostility cannot exist alongside indifference.
    …However, this is where my contemplations become troubling. I mean my suspicions about the possible reasons, of course.
     One hypothesis, which I mentioned, is that there is some significance in the length of time between 2016 and the distant past.
    …Another, is that there is something beyond 2016 which even King Solomon could not see.

    Solomon possesses clairvoyance that allows him to peer in to the future.
     If there is something beyond that date which even he couldn’t see…
    1.…Maybe the future never existed to begin with?
    2.What if doesn’t exist because he destroyed it?

    [1] Holmes:
    I arrived at the same conclusion. I pray that we’re wrong.

    [2] Holmes:
    Yes, that is the simplest answer. I hope that’s the case.

    Well, my friends, I shall take my leave here! The next time we meet, let me think…
    Let it be in a bustling city, rather than a wasteland! I look forward to working together again in a city worthy of London!

    第14節 秘匿の研究


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    Azaka once said, she was more of an intimidating empress rather than a cute princess.
    She led the mindless familiars while conducted multiple parallel cognitive processes, demonstrating characteristics found in Alchemists.
    This was probably because the magus who acted as her mentor was a student of Atlas.
    Although she clashed with Azaka like water and oil, their secret desires were very similar.

    礼園女学院の生徒で、黒桐鮮花《こくとうあざか 》の先輩にあたる。
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    Q: In Overlooking View, Touko mentioned "even I can't fly without a broom", please tell us about the details of the magecraft involved in flying with a broom.

    A: Basically it is a transportation method involving using magical energy as fuel. Within it, there is the Jet Method, which achieves maximum air speed transiently. There is also the low-cost Ether Sail method. The current new method of transportation involves planting a magical anchor at the destination, and the magus will be pulled toward it, like being pulled by a retracting elastic band. This is the Anchor Attraction Ascension method designed by Touko Aozaki (Patented, commonly referred to as "Touko Travel").
    ... Although Touko was only half-serious there, broom is still a Mystery that is supported by "Magic Foundation - Black Magic" over the entire world. Female magi can easily achieve magical properties such as "foot not making contact with the ground" and "repelled by the earth" when employing a broom. Furthermore, gravity can be reduced to about 1/6 of normal by using an ointment of witchs' which enhances the effect of "repelled by the earth" mentioned previously.
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    In the present day, the most widespread and most powerful Magical Foundation is the “Teachings of God,” used by the Holy Church.
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    •Executors,‌ ‌purgers‌ ‌of‌ ‌heretics‌
    Executioners‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church.‌ ‌Pure,‌ ‌armed‌ ‌agents‌ ‌that‌ ‌carry‌ ‌out‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church’s‌ ‌denunciation‌ ‌of‌ ‌“heresies‌ ‌outside‌ ‌the‌ ‌doctrine‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Holy‌ ‌Church,”‌ ‌be‌ ‌they‌ ‌bloodsuckers,‌ ‌monsters,‌ ‌or‌ ‌magi.‌ ‌
    Although‌ ‌they‌ ‌do‌ ‌work‌ ‌with‌ ‌other‌ ‌parts‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church,‌ ‌the‌ ‌task‌ ‌of‌ ‌Executors‌ ‌is‌ ‌not‌ ‌the‌ ‌purification‌ ‌of‌ ‌demons‌ ‌via‌ ‌exorcism,‌ ‌but‌ ‌rather‌ ‌execution‌ ‌—‌ ‌the‌ ‌direct‌ ‌destruction‌ ‌of‌ ‌demons.‌
    While‌ ‌the‌ ‌Executors‌ ‌have‌ ‌no‌ ‌doubt‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church‌ ‌or‌ ‌God,‌ ‌the‌ ‌values‌ ‌and‌ ‌morals‌ ‌of‌ ‌many‌ ‌agents‌ ‌deviate‌ ‌from‌ ‌the‌ ‌norm.‌

    Kotomine‌ ‌Kirei‌ ‌is‌ ‌also‌ ‌an‌ ‌Executor‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Holy‌ ‌Church,‌ ‌and‌ ‌was‌ ‌affiliated‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌Assembly‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Eighth‌ ‌Sacrament.‌ ‌His‌ ‌combat‌ ‌strength,‌ ‌which‌ ‌combines‌ ‌bājíquán‌ ‌and‌ ‌magic,‌ ‌is‌ ‌superhuman.‌

    •Magic‌ ‌and‌ ‌baptismal‌ ‌rites‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Holy‌ ‌Church‌
    Magic‌ ‌is‌ ‌viewed‌ ‌by‌ ‌the‌ ‌followers‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌heretical‌ ‌art‌ ‌that‌ ‌should‌ ‌never‌ ‌be‌ ‌studied.‌ ‌However,‌ ‌it‌ ‌is‌ ‌permitted‌ ‌to‌ ‌learn‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church’s‌ ‌form‌ ‌of‌ ‌magic:‌ ‌“miracles.”‌ ‌These‌ ‌have‌ ‌been‌ ‌codified‌ ‌into‌ ‌simple‌ ‌rituals‌ ‌called‌ ‌baptismal‌ ‌rites.‌
    These‌ ‌rituals‌ ‌use‌ ‌the‌ ‌global‌ ‌foundation‌ ‌that‌ ‌is‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church’s‌ ‌doctrine,‌ ‌so‌ ‌they‌ ‌can‌ ‌be‌ ‌activated‌ ‌regardless‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌caster’s‌ ‌physical‌ ‌location.‌ ‌Unlike‌ ‌other‌ ‌magics‌ ‌that‌ ‌use‌ ‌mystic‌ ‌energy‌ ‌to‌ ‌smash‌ ‌stones,‌ ‌baptismal‌ ‌rites‌ ‌have‌ ‌no‌ ‌power‌ ‌of‌ ‌physical‌ ‌interference.‌ ‌However,‌ ‌they‌ ‌exert‌ ‌tremendous‌ ‌power‌ ‌against‌ ‌spiritual‌ ‌bodies.‌ ‌
    A‌ ‌spiritual‌ ‌body‌ ‌that‌ ‌receives‌ ‌a‌ ‌rite‌ ‌of‌ ‌baptism‌ ‌is‌ ‌immediately‌ ‌compelled‌ ‌to‌ ‌sublimate‌ ‌by‌ ‌the‌ ‌word‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Lord,‌ ‌and‌ ‌returns‌ ‌to‌ ‌where‌ ‌it‌ ‌belongs.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌so-called‌ ‌exorcism,‌ ‌the‌ ‌purification‌ ‌of‌ ‌demons.‌ ‌

    Kýrie,‌ ‌eléison:‌ ‌When‌ ‌this‌ ‌holy‌ ‌seal‌ ‌bears‌ ‌the‌ ‌sacred‌ ‌scripture‌ ‌“Lord,‌ ‌have‌ ‌mercy,”‌ ‌it‌ ‌radiates‌ ‌the‌ ‌light‌ ‌of‌ ‌God.‌ ‌Wayward‌ souls‌ ‌are‌ ‌purified‌ ‌by‌ ‌its‌ ‌guiding‌ ‌light,‌ ‌and‌ ‌sent‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌place‌ ‌where‌ ‌they‌ ‌belong.‌ ‌

    •Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament
    The remains and blood of saints, the nails that crucified Christ, the 30 silver coins of Judas, and other items with the holy attribute are call holy relics, and the special agency for collecting and managing these holy relics scattered across the globe is called the "Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament".
    "Sacraments" refers to the seven graces that God bestows in the Catholic faith: Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing. The "Eighth Sacrament" refers to the "Grace that doesn't Exist" in the rightful faith. Put into other words, this can also be said to be "power separated from the faith". In other words, the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament is a group of special clerics who do not fear being involved in heretical power such as magery, and are trained for retrieving the hidden relics.

    •Burial Agency
    An‌ ‌armed‌ ‌organization‌ ‌composed‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Church’s‌ ‌most‌ ‌powerful‌ ‌members.‌ ‌In‌ ‌addition‌ ‌to‌ ‌its‌ ‌immense‌ ‌fighting‌ ‌strength,‌ ‌the‌ ‌Burial‌ ‌Agency‌ ‌has‌ ‌the‌ ‌authority‌ ‌to‌ ‌summarily‌ ‌purge‌ ‌someone‌ ‌judged‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌a‌ ‌heretic,‌ ‌even‌ ‌if‌ ‌they‌ ‌carry‌ ‌a‌ ‌rank‌ ‌as‌ ‌high‌ ‌as‌ ‌archbishop.‌ ‌
    The‌ ‌quality‌ ‌that‌ ‌the‌ ‌Burial‌ ‌Agency‌ ‌seeks‌ ‌in‌ ‌its‌ ‌members‌ ‌is‌ ‌the‌ ‌ability‌ ‌to‌ ‌kill‌ ‌heretics‌ ‌with‌ ‌certainty;‌ ‌faith‌ ‌and‌ ‌personality‌ ‌are‌ ‌secondary‌ ‌and‌ ‌tertiary‌ ‌considerations.‌ ‌Unsurprisingly,‌ ‌its‌ ‌agents‌ ‌are‌ ‌full‌ ‌of‌ ‌character‌ ‌flaws.‌ ‌They‌ ‌are‌ ‌also‌ ‌powerful‌ ‌enough‌ ‌to‌ ‌match‌ ‌Servants‌ ‌in‌ ‌battle,‌ ‌despite‌ ‌having‌ ‌merely‌ ‌human‌ ‌bodies.‌
    The‌ ‌Burial‌ ‌Agency’s‌ ‌greatest‌ ‌foes‌ ‌are‌ ‌vampires,‌ ‌particularly‌ ‌the‌ ‌most‌ ‌ancient‌ ‌and‌ ‌powerful‌ ‌Twenty-Seven‌ ‌Dead‌ ‌Apostle‌ ‌Ancestors.‌ ‌Oddly‌ ‌enough,‌ ‌the‌ ‌agency’s‌ ‌policy‌ ‌to‌ ‌seek‌ ‌strength‌ ‌above‌ ‌all‌ ‌has‌ ‌led‌ ‌it‌ ‌to‌ ‌employ‌ ‌one‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Twenty-Seven‌ ‌Ancestors‌ ‌in‌ ‌its‌ ‌ranks.‌

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    Reinforcement [Magecraft]
    An elementary spell that was extremely difficult to master.
    Even though elevating the target's existence through the infusion of mana was the basis of all magecraft, due to the high degree of freedom and lack of concrete protocols, there were very few users who could reinforce everything.
    Shirou of course was only a half-baked user who could only reinforce weapon-related objects.
    Since Reinforcement enhanced the target's meaning of existence, knives would become sharper, food would become more nutritious, and maids would become more moe.
    It was impossible to reinforce something that was exceedingly vague.
    By the way, it was difficult to infuse another living being with one's mana, thus Reinforcement of another human was a spell of highest difficulty.

    魔力を通し、対象の存在を高める全ての魔術の基本なのだが、その自由度の高さからか明確な実行形式が定まっておらず、オールマイティーな“強化”使いは少なし 。
    存在意義を特化させるので、ナイフなら切れ味が増 し、食材なら栄養度、メイドなら萌度が增す。

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    Necromancy magecraft [Others]
    Necromancy magecraft. The style of magecraft that Shishigou Kairi uses.
    Necromancy falls under the magecraft systems of both communicating with the dead and curses among the departments within the Association of Magi, and the term specifies all magecraft styles that primarily use and process corpses. Even after the soul has vanished, a magus’ body continues to have extremely potent magical properties, so the corpses of magi are more useful than regular corpses. Besides magi, corpses of things like beasts with magical properties are also highly valued by necromancers. For instance, a Phantasmal Species can be made into a suitably strong Mystic Code. Shishigou Kairi processes pieces of corpses such as these for every use he could. For example, he used things like monkey hands, owl eyes, and the hearts of magi.
    Shishigou Kairi’s Mystic Codes were very high quality, and most of all were easy to use since the Mystic Codes that he made from corpses lacked negative factors such as “regret” and “malice” attached to them (while these increase a Mystic Code’s power, it proportionally raises the possibility of it going berserk). And those who should have fallen into ruin ended up becoming the subject of conversation among magi again—that includes the story of how Shishigou Kairi’s Magic Crest was turned poisonous, though.


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    Q: After Touko cast her spell on the corpse, she mentioned something about the “ᚨ (Ansuz)” being too weak. What’s an Ansuz?

    Q: After Touko cast her spell on the corpse, she mentioned something about the “ᚨ (Ansuz)” being too weak. What’s an Ansuz? <Dango>

    Takeuchi: Oh, that. Just Google it!
    Nasu: Though the precise meaning of each rune varies depending on the magus, Ansuz is generally used for “Combustion”. …Well, that’s the rule in Kara no Kyōkai, anyway. The maximum effect of Ansuz is actually “to make known”. Aside from that, according to Miwa Kiyomune-sensei, Dagaz and Ehwaz are also very popular choices as fire-type runes!
    Takeuchi: You should Google Miwa Kiyomune-sensei, too!

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    Cú Chulainn - Caster

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Mata
    Voice Actor: Nobutoshi Canna

    Strength: E
    Endurance: D
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Rune Magic A
    Protection from Arrows A
    Disengage C

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation B
    Divinity B

    Noble Phantasm
    Wickerman: Cage of Scorching Flames
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army

    A brave warrior from Celtic, Ulster mythology.
    A member of the Knights of the Red Branch and the strongest warrior in Ulster, at the same time that he is a hero that employs the magic spear received from the leader of the underworld Scáthach, he is also said to be a practitioner of runes - the magecraft of Northern Europe that was inherited from his mentor.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 185cm・70kg
    Source: Celtic mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male
    When a Caster, he does not put on any metallic equipment.

    Level 2 Bond
    Having manifested as a Caster, he underwent a sudden change from when manifesting as a Lancer and now torments his opponents as a user of diverse magecrafts.
    Has powerful heat・flame attacks as his specialty. Apparently, the "ansuz" rune is being employed in this.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Rune Magic: A

    Possession of the Magic Crest of Northern Europe - the runes. By making proper use of this, powerful and varied effects are mastered.
    However, simultaneously employing multiple effects (joint use) is inadvisable.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Cage of Scorching Flames"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Army
    A giant composed by countless tree branches makes his appearance. Said giant wears flames on his body and applies intense heat・flames damage by rushing on the target.

    Level 5 Bond
    The cage on the torso of the giant that appeared as a Noble Phantasm is empty, hence the giant rages while seeking the offerings to the gods.
    This is not a secret art of the runes, but a Noble Phantasm of the Celtic druids, given to the Child of Light who manifested as a "Celt magus" that manipulates sweltering heat.

    Having manifested as a Caster, he apparently has imposed upon himself the role as one who guides.
    Not as a true druid, but as a temporary one--
    So long they continue together, he shall illuminate the path that the Master walks on.

    クー・フーリン - キャスター



    ルーン魔術 A
    矢避けの加護 A
    仕切り直し C

    陣地作成 B
    神性 B



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性



    ランク:B  種別:対軍宝具



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    Gandr [Magecraft]
    A curse with Scandinavian origins.
    The caster delivered the curse by pointing an index finger at the target and damaging his constitution.
    Since Gandr targeted victims in the caster's field of vision, it was also called Gandr Shot.
    Gandr was the origin of the perception that pointing at people was impolite or a form of cursing.
    Since Rin's Gandr Shot was particularly violent, it could be considered on the level of Finn Shot.
    Or, Finn Gatling Gun.

    ガンド 【魔術】
    凛のガンドはもはや暴力なので、フィンの一撃レベ ルのもの。つーかフィンのガトリング。

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    These are the heroes, the heroic spirits.
    And of course, since they are beyond human, they cannot be controlled by humans.
    A magus usually borrows their power only to mimic them.
    They can't summon the heroic spirits themselves.

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    "Ordinary 'Magecrafts using ghosts' such as Spiritual Evocation and Trance Mediumship can only ask Heroic Spirits for a part of their abilities to make miracles happen, right?
    But the Holy Grail brings a whole Heroic Spirit and makes him a familiar.
    So he accompany you in spirit form, but if need be, you can give him form to make him fight."

    「降霊術とか口寄せとか、そういう一般的な“霊を扱う魔術”は英( か れ)霊( ら)の力の一部を借り受けて奇蹟を起こすでしょ。

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    "Among magi, there are even those who attempted to let personalities of past lives possess their bodies in order to utilize their skills. These are the attempts to transcend time and inherit skills that one possessed before he was born."

    魔術師の中にはね、前世の人格を自己に愚依させてその能力を行使する輩もいる。自分が生まれる前の自分の能 力を、時代を超えて引き継ごうという試みだ。

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    "―――I guess it's a miscalculation.
    I've heard of magic that lets you acquire skills from the past by possessing yourself with a previous self... It seems your skills improve the more you fight me."

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    Bestial Magecraft [Magecraft]
    The name given to the field of magecraft that utilizes one’s bestial nature.
    While this magecraft eats at the minds of those of the Glascheit family, many other forms of it are more mild. For example, enhancing one’s sense of smell to be like that of a dog, enhancing one’s legs to run as fast as a horse, or enhancing one’s eyes to see in the dark like a cat.
    Possession by a fox or a dog god, famous in Japan, are also examples of this magecraft.


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    Svin Glascheit [Person]
    One half of the El-Melloi Classroom’s legendary duo.
    His elemental affinity is Fire, but it’s been somewhat changed. His specialty in magecraft is Regression.
    Many believed that if it were not for Flat, he would be an entirely ordinary person, but with Gray’s arrival that illusion was put to rest. The incident that made the El-Melloi Classroom aware that their title of legendary pair extended to their weirdness was one month before the Adra incident.
    Magecraft that borrows the abilities of animals exists all over the world, but the Glascheit family’s strain of magecraft is rather eccentric. It functions not by drawing out a powerful bestial nature, but by transforming oneself wholesale into an animal. Nerves, muscles, bones, and even the cerebrum are rebuilt in a process rivaling the theoretically extinct werewolves.
    Speaking from the conclusion, rather than a magus, it would be more accurate to describe Svin Glascheit as a vessel for magecraft. That was why he became so captivated by Gray, who was similarly created to be a vessel for a past hero.
    This is, in a certain sense, similar to Karabo, who was constantly being overtaken by the memories of others due to his Mystic Eyes. Having managed to overcome this unique facet of his nature, if Svin had come to meet Karabo at some point, perhaps he could have given him some advice.
    Within the story, Svin acquired the rank of Pride. This is not just an acknowledgement of his personal abilities, but Svin himself, who was the crystallization of the Glascheit family’s research, was also taken into consideration. On top of that, having achieved the rank in his teens is a feat rarely seen in the Clock Tower, so it was understandable for El-Melloi II to be struck by such deep feelings on that occasion.


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    Butterfly Magecraft(Papilio Magia) [Magecraft]
    In this work, the magecraft used by Orlocke Caesermund.
    Its premise is the inherent Mystery in the process of a butterfly changing to an effectively entirely different mode of life between the larval, pupal, and mature stages of its development.
    As Orlocke himself described it, it is “the manipulation of the gap between what is certain and what is uncertain,” interference in the act of transformation itself being the core of this strain of magecraft. That was why he was able to transplant his memory and personality into a homunculus made from his own blood and semen.
    Having caught the eye of the master of the Castle of Separation Geryon Ashbourne, he enlisted Orlocke’s help, and was able to create a method for transplanting Magic Crests into others. …though as the story describes, it was far from complete, and came with heavy side effects (though those side effects were Geryon’s goal from the start).

    剥離城のかつての主人ゲリュオン・アッシュボーンはその特性に目をつけて、オルロックに協力させることで、魔術刻印を他者に移植する方法を見出した。……とはいえ、本編の通り、これはけして完成はせず、多大な副作用(ゲリュオンからすればこちらが目的) を伴うものだったのだが。

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    Effects on the Level of True Magic
    Although generally speaking “there are five True Magics”, this number does not reflect “effects that rival True Magics”. There are several examples in the story. Many Mystic Codes and creatures that exist in the world are also “shaped through True Magic”. Finally, there are those without definite shapes, but only exist “in motion”.
    A representative example of this last category is Assassin Kojiro Sasaki’s secret sword technique “Tsubame Gaeshi”. It is an ultimate technique which consists of the blade absolutely, simultaneously tracing separate paths and severing the target. In thaumaturgy, this is called “Multidimensional Refraction Phenomenon – Kischua Zelretch”, in other words, a limited application of the Second Magic “Operation of Parallel Worlds”.
    In addition, reality marbles, the sorcery that overwrites reality with the caster’s internal landscape, is also thought to be a skill that approaches the miracle of True Magic. Although temporary, there are not too many magi who are able to execute this World-altering grand sorcery.

    •Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia
    The matching “scabbard” of the holy sword Excalibur. The wielder does not age, and injuries will also quickly heal.
    After invoking its true name, Avalon dissipates as tiny particles into the air, and shields the wielder from all interference. No damage can be done to the wielder when a state of absolute defence is initiated. Even interference from the parallel world based on the Second Magic will be blocked. An “absolute defence” that can even repel the assault of True Magic, it is a True Magic in itself. No one can harm the tranquil King that stands in the land of Avalon.
    When Avalon was unleashed, not even the King of Heroes could harm Sabre.

    •Caster’s Sorcery (limited to Ryudo Temple)
    In the ancient era, sorcery is synonymous to True Magic, thus magi are Magicians. The true identity of the Caster in the Fifth War is Medea. She is one of these sorceresses that lived in the Age of Gods. Therefore, the sorceries which she executes have powers that approach the realm of True Magic. No matter how large-scale the sorcery is, she can use ‘High Speed Divine Language” to cast it in one step. Her skills even transcend the strongest magi of the current era, exceeding the Magicians. Although Medea is not a Magician, no one can argue that she is “a magus that is infinitely close to the Magicians”.

    •Phantasmal Species (Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank, and Divine Beasts)
    The creatures told in the myths and legends around the world. Dragons, Fairies, and Ghosts etc. are such examples. The Pegasus mounted by Rider is a member of the Phantasmal Species.
    Phantasmal Species embody mysteries simply by existing, thus they transcend normal sorceries. Those Phantasmal Species that have survived for millennia are thought to be equal to True Magic, even observing one can be said to be a miracle.

    •The Spatial Transportation of Servants
    Spatial Transportation is a sorcery in the realm of True Magic. Not used normally, but Masters can use command spells to realise it to a limited extend. This is called Forced Summoning. Although the distance may be quite far, after the command is issued, the Servant will traverse great distances and arrive at the side of the Master in haste.

    •Zelretch’s Treasure Chest
    The heirloom of the Tohsaka House, and now it is a mystery chest that Rin favours. It was made by Zelretch.
    It looks like a “genuine treasure chest” from the outside, but it is really a “magical chest” that was made by applying the Second Magic. By bending space, most items can be fit into it. Possibly due to the effect of the Second Magic, the rate of temporal passage inside the chest is different from that of the outside. One hour inside equals to one day outside.

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    On the other hand, a Command Seal activated not as an absolute command bending the will of the Servant, but with the consent of both parties, would not only enforce the Servant's actions, but also become a way to support and amplify them. In this case, similar to how Kiritsugu's Saber achieved Spatial Relocation, the Command Seals could at times make possible unprecedented things that overturned the normal methods of Magecraft, things on the same level as 'Magic'.

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    Innate Time Control [Magecraft]
    Kiritsugu’s self-taught time-manipulation magecraft in which he creates a reality marble inside his body in order to manipulate time inside his body. It is Kiritsugu’s personal method of utilizing the Emiya family’s magecraft. He adapted the technique to make it suitable for combat. Time manipulation is typically a large scale thaumaturgical ritual, but by limiting the effects to within his own body, he can use it efficiently in small intervals. By accelerating or decelerating time within his body, he can perform actions otherwise impossible, however it takes a severe toll on his body.


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