This is a list of characters based on official statistics. Those without at least one listed criteria are not included.

Name Gender Birthday Blood type Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
Akiha TohnoF922 9/22A160 cm45 kg735779
Akira SeoF107 1/17AB153 cm41 kg735982
AliceF1300 UnknownUnknown137 cm30 kgN/AN/AN/A
Alice KuonjiF930 9/301300 Unknown152 cm42 kgN/AN/AN/A
Alter Ego (Mecha Eli-chan)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown156 cm4000 kgN/AN/AN/A
Alter Ego (Mecha Eli-chan MkII)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown156 cm4000 kgN/AN/AN/A
AngelicaF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown174 cmN/A986294
Aoi TohsakaF0905 9/5O160 cm50 kg785782
Aoko AozakiF707 7/7A163 cm51 kg885684
Archer (Alcides)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown203 cm141 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Arash)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Arjuna)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown177 cm72 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Artemis)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown165 cm44 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Atalanta)F1300 UnknownUnknown166 cm57 kg785975
Archer (Billy the Kid)M1300 11/231300 Unknown158 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Chiron)M1300 UnknownUnknown179 cm81 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (David)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm62 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (EMIYA)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown187 cm78 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (EMIYA - No Name)M1250 LostUnknown187 cm78 kg978196
Archer (Euryale)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown134 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Ishtar)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown159 cm57 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Moriarty)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown175 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Nobunaga)F1300 6/231300 Unknown152 cm39 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Robin Hood)M1300 UnknownUnknown175 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Tawara Touta)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown183 cm98 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Tomoe)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown162 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
Archer (Tristan)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown186 cm78 kgN/AN/AN/A
Arcueid BrunestudF1225 12/25Unknown167 cm52 kg885585
Arihiko InuiM1024 10/24B174 cm62 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Carmilla)F1300 8/71300 Unknown168 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Chiyome)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown154 cm46 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Cleopatra)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm58 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Danzo)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown165 cm45 kg?N/AN/AN/A
Assassin (EMIYA)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown175 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Hassan - Cursed Arm)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown215 cm62 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Hassan - King)?UnknownUnknown220 cm??kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Hassan - Hundred)M1300 UnknownUnknown~~N/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Hassan - No Name)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown163 cm53 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Hassan - Serenity)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown161 cm42 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Izo)M1300 2/141300 Unknown174 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Jack the Ripper)F1300 UnknownUnknown134 cm33 kg694971
Assassin (Jekyll)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown175 cm60 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Jing Ke)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown159 cm48 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Kojiro)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown176 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Kotaro)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Li Shuwen)M1300 UnknownUnknown166 cm60 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Mata Hari)F1300 8/71300 Unknown165 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Osakabehime)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm51 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Phantom)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm80 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Sanson)M1300 2/151300 Unknown178 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Semiramis)F1300 UnknownUnknown167 cm51 kg895887
Assassin (Shuten-douji)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown145 cm46 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Stheno)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown134 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Wu Zetian)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown138 cm35 kgN/AN/AN/A
Assassin (Yan Qing)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Avenger (Angra Mainyu)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown167 cm58 kgN/AN/AN/A
Avenger (Edmond Dantès)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Avenger (Hessian Lobo)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown181 cm99 kgN/AN/AN/A
Avenger/Ruler (Joan Alter)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown159 cm44 kgN/AN/AN/A
Avenger (Medusa)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown172+??cm57+??kgN/AN/AN/A
Azaka KokutouF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bazett Fraga McRemitzF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown172 cm58 kg875583
BBF302 3/2O156 cm46 kg855687
Beast (Tiamat)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm~
74Mil. km²
Berserker (Arcueid)F1224 12/24Unknown167 cm53 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Asterios)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown298 cm150 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Beowulf)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown186 cm81 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Bunyan)F1300 Unknown1300 UnknownUncertainUncertainN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Caligula)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm80 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Chacha)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown138 cm34 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Darius III)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown345 cm280 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Eric Bloodaxe)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown195 cm115 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Frankenstein)F1100 11/??Unknown172 cm48 kg745371
Berserker (Heracles)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown253 cm311 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Hijikata)M1300 5/311300 Unknown187 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Ibaraki-douji)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown147 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Jack the Ripper)Varies1300 Unknown1300 UnknownVariableVariableN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Kintoki)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown190 cm88 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Kiyohime)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm41 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Lancelot)M1300 UnknownUnknown191 cm81 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Lü Bu)M1300 UnknownUnknown225 cm153 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Nagayoshi)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown194 cm93 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Nightingale)F1300 5/121300 Unknown165 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Nobunaga) F1300 6/231300 Unknown152 cm44 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Penthesilea)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Spartacus)M1300 UnknownUnknown221 cm165 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Tamamo Cat)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Vlad III)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown191 cm??kgN/AN/AN/A
Berserker (Yorimitsu)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown175 cm??kgN/AN/AN/A
Caren HortensiaF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown156 cm40 kg755477
Caster (Andersen)M1300 4/2Unknown146 cm39 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Avicebron)M1300 UnknownUnknown161 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Babbage)M1300 12/261300 Unknown250 cm500 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Circe)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown147 cm39 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Cú Chulainn)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm70 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Geronimo)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown174 cm76 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Gilles)M1300 UnknownUnknown196 cm70 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Helena Blavatsky)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown145 cm38 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Leonardo da Vinci)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Maxwell's Demon)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown176 cm70 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Medea)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown163 cm51 kg825784
Caster (Medea Lily)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown149 cm41 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Mephistopheles)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown188 cm78 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Merlin)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown178 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Mozart)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown180 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Nitocris)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown162 cm51 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Nursery Rhyme)F1300 UnknownUnknown137 cm30 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Paracelsus)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown183 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Prelati)Unknown1300 Unknown1300 Unknown152 cm38 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Queen of Sheba)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown173 cm59 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Scheherazade)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown168 cm58 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Shakespeare)M1300 UnknownUnknown180 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Tamamo)F1300 UnknownUnknown163 cm49 kg865784
Caster (Thomas Edison)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown182 cm88 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Xuanzang)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm48 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caster (Zhuge Liang)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown186 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Caules Forvedge YggdmillenniaM323 3/23A172 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Celenike Icecolle YggdmillenniaF1211 12/11AB168 cm53 kg865988
Chikagi KatsuragiF429 4/29A157 cm45 kg775478
Chloe von EinzbernF1300 7/201300 Unknown133 cm29 kgN/AN/AN/A
CielF503 5/3O165 cm52 kg855688
Dan BlackmoreM1108 11/8B166 cm73 kgN/AN/AN/A
Darnic Prestone YggdmillenniaM502 5/2O182 cm76 kgN/AN/AN/A
Eiri FumizukaM525 5/251300 Unknown191 cm79 kgN/AN/AN/A
Fiore Forvedge YggdmillenniaF712 7/12A162 cm47 kg845782
Foreigner (Abigail Williams)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown152 cm44 kgN/AN/AN/A
Foreigner (Hokusai)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown162 cm51 kgN/AN/AN/A
Fujino AsagamiF1300 5/201300 B157 cm48 kgN/AN/AN/A
GilgameshM1300 UnknownUnknown182 cm68 kg947393
Gordes Musik YggdmillenniaM101 1/1AB168 cm98 kgN/AN/AN/A
Hakuno KishinamiM1250 VariableVariable170 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Hakuno KishinamiF1250 VariableVariable160 cm45 kgN/AN/AN/A
Hanei MisawaF607 6/7O162 cm46 kg905987
Hibiki HibinoF907 9/7O154 cm44 kg795582
HisuiF312 3/12B156 cm43 kg765882
Housuke KinomiM830 8/301300 Unknown169 cm59 kgN/AN/AN/A
Ichiko InuiF1010 10/10A169 cm50 kg866785
Illyasviel von EinzbernF1300 11/201300 Unknown133 cm34 kg614762
Illyasviel von Einzbern (Prisma)F1300 7/201300 Unknown133 cm29 kgN/AN/AN/A
Irisviel von EinzbernF1300 2/11300 Unknown158 cm52 kg855684
Jinako CarigiriF1103 11/3B153 cm82 kg10987112
Julius B. HarweyM1300 UnknownA162 cm59 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kairi SisigouM414 4/14B182 cm97 kgN/AN/AN/A
KazuradropF412 4/12Unknown133 cm30 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kaede MakideraF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown163 cm49 kg725678
Kane HimuroF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown157 cm48 kg845685
Kariya MatouM322 3/22AB173 cm55 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kayneth El-Melloi ArchibaldM411 4/11B181 cm62 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kiara SessyoinF604 6/4A166 cm53 kg965886
KingproteaF401 4/1Unknown3000 cm+9999 ??kgN/AN/AN/A
Kirei KotomineM1228 12/28B193 cm82 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kirei Kotomine (4th War)M1228 12/28B185 cm82 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kirie FujouF1300 Unknown1300 A161 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kiritsugu EmiyaM1111 11/11AB175 cm67 kgN/AN/AN/A
Kojika KumariF1110 11/101300 Unknown149 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
KohakuF312 3/12B156 cm43 kg785880
Kouma KishimaM1300 UnknownA175 cm80 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Benkei)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown199 cm88 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Brynhildr)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown172 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Cú Chulainn)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown185 cm70 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Cú Chulainn - Extra)M1300 UnknownUnknown185 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Cú Chulainn - Proto)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown184 cm81 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Diarmuid)M1300 UnknownUnknown184 cm85 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Elizabeth)F517 5/17Unknown154 cm44 kg775680
Lancer (Enkidu)M1300 Unknown1300 UnknownVariableVariableN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Fionn)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown181 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Hector)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown190 cm82 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Hozoin)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown177 cm79 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Karna)M1300 UnknownUnknown178 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Karna - Extra)M1300 UnknownUnknown178 cm75 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Leonidas)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown188 cm110 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Joan Alter Lily)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown141 cm39 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (King Arthur ♀)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm?57 kg?N/AN/AN/A
Lancer Alter (King Arthur ♀)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm?57 kg?N/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Medusa)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown134 cm30 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Nezha)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown164 cm57 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Romulus)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown190 cm140 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Scáthach)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown168 cm55 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Vlad III)M1110 11/10Unknown191 cm86 kgN/AN/AN/A
Lancer (Vlad III - Extra)M1110 11/10Unknown191 cm90 kgN/AN/AN/A
LenF909 9/9Unknown132 cm33 kg634861
Leonardo B. HarweyM1224 12/24A155 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
LeysrittF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown163 cm52 kg925884
Lugh BeowulfM101 1/11300 Unknown134 cm35 kgN/AN/AN/A
May Riddell ArchelotF501 5/11300 Unknown162 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
MeltlilithF409 4/9O190 cm53 kg755580
Mikiya KokutouM1220 12/201300 Unknown173 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mr. CellphoneM627 6/271300 Unknown.01 210mm.01 130grams.01 150mm.01 150mm.01 150mm
Minori MitsuduriM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown175 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Miyako ArimaF504 5/4O131 cm35 kg604662
Miyu EdelfeltF720 7/20 1300 Unknown133 cm29 kgN/AN/AN/A
Monji GatouM331 3/31A190 cm83 kgN/AN/AN/A
NanakoF320 3/20Unknown145 cm38 kg675374
Night of WallachiaM530 5/30O180 cm67 kgN/AN/AN/A
Nrvnqsr ChaosM213 2/13Unknown188 cm84 kgN/AN/AN/A
Otoko HotaruzukaF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm56 kgN/AN/AN/A
PassionlipF410 4/10O156 cm1000 kg1606387
Rani VIIIF101 1/1A157 cm45 kg805881
Rider (Achilles)M1300 UnknownUnknown185 cm97 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Alexander)M1300 UnknownUnknown212 cm130 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Alexander - Child)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown151 cm40 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Anne Bonny)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown171 cm54 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Astolfo)M1300 UnknownUnknown164 cm56 kg715973
Rider (Boudica)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown174 cm62 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Columbus)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown180 cm84 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Drake)F1300 UnknownUnknown162 cm56 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Edward Teach)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown210 cm114 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Hippolyta)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown159 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Ivan the Terrible)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown531 cm2548 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Marie Antoinette)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm48 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Mary Read)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm46 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Medb)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown154 cm41 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Medusa)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown172 cm57 kg885684
Rider (Ozymandias)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown179 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Quetzalcoatl)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown181 cm64 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Ryoma)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown178 cm72 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Saint George)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown180 cm95 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Saint Martha)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown161 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rider (Ushiwakamaru)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown168 cm55 kgN/AN/AN/A
Reika RikudouF109 1/9B164 cm53 kg906289
Reikan RyuudouM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown189 cm90 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rin TohsakaF204 2/4O159 cm47 kg775780
Rin Tohsaka (Child)F204 2/4O124 cm29 kgN/AN/AN/A
Rin Tohsaka (Extra)F204 2/4O159 cm48 kg825780
Ritsuka SuseF1230 12/301300 Unknown161 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
Roche Frain YggdmillenniaM915 9/15O152 cm45 kgN/AN/AN/A
Ruler (Holmes)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown183 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Ruler (Joan)F1300 1/6Unknown159 cm44 kg855986
Run RuF1116 11/16O185 cm44 kgN/AN/AN/A
Ryuunosuke UryuuM131 1/31B174 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Attila)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown160 cm48 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Bedivere)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown187 cm88 kmN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Caesar)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown168 cm154 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Chevalier d'Eon)?1300 Unknown1300 Unknown157 cm45 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Fergus)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown184 cm90 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Gawain)M1300 UnknownUnknown180 cm78 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Gilles)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown186 cm91 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (King Arthur ♀)F1300 UnknownUnknown154 cm42 kg735376
Saber Alter (King Arthur ♀)F1300 UnknownUnknown154 cm42 kg735376
Saber Lily (King Arthur ♀)F1300 UnknownUnknown154 cm42 kg735376
Saber (King Arthur ♂)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown181 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Hideyoshi)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown150 cm42 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Lancelot)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown191 cm81 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Mordred)F1300 UnknownUnknown154 cm42 kg735376
Saber (Munenori)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown181 cm71 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Musashi)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown167 cm56 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Nero)F1215 12/15Unknown150 cm42 kg835682
Saber (Okita)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown158 cm45 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Rama)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown168 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Siegfried)M1300 Unknown1300 Unknown190 cm80 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saber (Suzuka)F1300 Unknown1300 Unknown164 cm51 kgN/AN/AN/A
Saver (Buddha)M1300 UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownN/AN/AN/A
Sakura MatouF320 3/2O156 cm46 kg855687
Sakura Matou (Child)F320 3/2O120 cm25 kgN/AN/AN/A
Sakura Matou (Extra)F320 3/2O156 cm46 kgN/AN/AN/A
Satsuki YumizukaF815 8/15A161 cm45 kg795982
SellaF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown163 cm49 kg755879
SiegM1300 UnknownUnknown165 cm53 kgN/AN/AN/A
Sion Eltnam AtlasiaF601 6/1O161 cm48 kg865583
ShielderF1300 7/251300 Unknown158 cm46 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shiki RyougiF217 2/171300 Unknown160 cm47 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shiki TohnoM1015 10/15AB169 cm57 kgN/AN/AN/A
SHIKI TohnoM929 9/29A178 cm65 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shinji MatouM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown167 cm57 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shinji Matou (Extra)M505 5/5B171 cm59 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shirou EmiyaM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown167 cm58 kgN/AN/AN/A
Shirou KotomineM1300 UnknownUnknown169 cm59 kgN/AN/AN/A
Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-RiF819 8/19O165 cm52 kg885684
Souichirou KuzukiM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown180 cm70 kgN/AN/AN/A
Sougen JinanM928 9/28AB165 cm55 kgN/AN/AN/A
Soujuurou ShizukiM412 4/121300 Unknown172 cm61 kgN/AN/AN/A
Souka TsukihimeF228 2/28B150 cm48 kg705576
Souren ArayaM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown183 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A
Sunao SugataF610 6/10B155 cm43 kg745376
Taiga FujimuraF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown165 cm53 kgN/AN/AN/A
Tokie JinanF402 4/2B164 cm49 kg825688
Tokiomi TohsakaM616 6/16O177 cm68 kgN/AN/AN/A
Touko AozakiF808 8/8O165 cm52 kgN/AN/AN/A
Tobimaru TsukijiM912 9/121300 Unknown177 cm63 kgN/AN/AN/A
Twice H. PiecemanM430 4/30A175 cm58 kgN/AN/AN/A
VioletF411 4/111300 Unknown182 cm64 kgN/AN/AN/A
Waver VelvetM1013 10/13B157 cm50 kgN/AN/AN/A
White LenF909 9/91300 Unknown132 cm33 kg634861
Yuika SuseF107 1/71300 Unknown158 cm49 kgN/AN/AN/A
Yukika SaegusaF1300 Unknown1300 Unknown155 cm39 kg755778
Zouken MatouM1300 Unknown1300 Unknown145 cm43 kgN/AN/AN/A



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