This is a list of artists and illustrators who worked on TYPE-MOON franchise.


I-IV is an illustrator.

Ain CrossEdit

Ain Cross (アインクロス?) is an illustrator.


AKIRA has previously collaborated with Hikaru Sakurai in Liar-soft's visual novel Shikkoku no Sharnoth: What a Beautiful Tomorrow (漆黒のシャルノス?). AKIRA was the character designer for Shikkoku no Sharnoth.

Akira IshidaEdit

Akira Ishida (石田あきら, Ishida Akira?) is a Japanese comic book artist and doujin artist. He is best known for his Oninagi and Maoyu manga series. He is currently working on the manga adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha.

Arco WadaEdit

Arco Wada (ワダアルコ, Wada Aruko?, Rco Wada & WADARCO) is a Japanese comic book artist and illustrator. In Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, she designed the unique "Mystery" armor.

She is the character artist for Fate/EXTRA. She was approached by Kazuya Niino (the producer of Fate/EXTRA), who asked her to work on a project with him. He had asked her if she liked Fate/stay night. When she answered “I love it,” he then asked her if she wanted to draw a red Saber.[1]


Azusa is an illustrator.


BLACK profile

BLACK is a graphics artist and illustrator in TYPE-MOON. He has worked from system graphic design, advanced management and illustrations.


B-suke (Bすけ?)


BunBun, also known as abec (アベシ, abeshi?) is the illustrator for the Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Black visual and light novel series as well as the Sword Art Online light novel series.

Chihiro AikuraEdit

Chihiro Aikura (逢倉 千尋, Aikura Chihiro?) is an illustrator.

Chinatsu KurahanaEdit

Chinatsu Kurahana (倉花千夏, Kurahana Chinatsu?) is an illustrator and character designer. She is currently a freelance illustrator and was a former employee at Nitro+CHiRAL. She is best known for her character design for Samurai Flamenco and Uta no Prince-sama.

Daisuke MoriyamaEdit

Daisuke Moriyama (森山大輔, Moriyama Daisuke?) is a Japanese comic book artist best known for creating the Chrono Crusade series and World Embryo.


danciao (だんちゃお?) is an illustrator.

Eri TakenashiEdit

Eri Takenashi (武梨 えり?) is an writer and actress known for being the mangaka behind the Kannagi series.


Ginka (ギンカ?) is an illustrator.

Hanabana TsubomiEdit

Hanabana Tsubomi (華々 つぼみ, Tsubomi Hanabana?) is an illustrator and Japanese comic book artist.

  • She is the Japanese comic book artist for Chibichuki!.
  • She has provided the illustration of Jasmine flower and Saber, called "I follow you (あなたについて行きます?)" in Fate/flower shower.


Hidari (?, lit. Left) is an illustrator.

Higashiguchi ChuuouEdit

Higashiguchi Chuuou (中央東口, Chūō Higashiguchi?) is an illustrator best known for his work on Saya no Uta.

Hirokazu KoyamaEdit

Hirokazu Koyama

Hirokazu Koyama (こやま ひろかず, Koyama Hirokazu?), is an illustrator at TYPE-MOON. He officially joined Type-Moon in 2002 as the chief graphic artist. He is given the nickname God Hand Koyama (ゴッドハンドこやま , Goddo hando Koyama?) in Fate/side side materiale.

Hiroshi HiroyamaEdit

Hiroshi Hiroyama (ひろやまひろし, Hiroyama Hiroshi?, KALMIA) Hiroshi previously drew Fate doujins under the pseudonym Kalmia.

Hirotaka MaedaEdit

Hirotaka Maeda (前田浩孝, Maeda Hirotaka?) is a character designer and illustrator.


Ryohei Huke (福家亮平, Fuke Ryōhei?, huke) is best known for his character design in Black★Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate.

Katsuya TeradaEdit

Katsuya Terada (寺田 克也, Terada Katsuya?) is an illustrator and character designer. Katsuya Terada is probably best known as the character-designer for the animated film Blood: The Last Vampire.


Keikenchi (経験値, Keiken-chi?) is a Japanese comic book artist.

Keitarou TakahashiEdit

Keitarou Takahashi (高橋慶太郎, Takahashi Keitarō?) is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. Keitarou is best known for the manga Jormungand.

Kisai TakayamaEdit

Kisai Takayama (高山 箕犀, Takayama Kisai?) is a Japanese comic book artist and illustrator. Kisai is best known for the character design in Amagami.


Kotetsu YamanakaEdit

Kotetsu Yamanaka (山中虎鉄, Yamanaka Kotetsu?, Cotetsu) is an illustrator.


Mata (また?)


Matsuryu (松竜, Matsu ryū?) is an illustrator.


Medori (雌烏?) is an illustrator.

Mineji SakamotoEdit

Mineji Sakamoto (坂本みねぢ, Sakamoto Mineji?) is an illustrator. Mineji has illustrated The Arms Dealer in a Dress and the Country of War Flowers (ドレスの武器商人と戦華の国, Doresu no buki shōnin to senka no kuni?) and Lord of Knights.


MORIYA is a former CG artist in TYPE-MOON.


Nakahara (中原?) is an illustrator.

Namaniku ATKEdit

Namaniku ATK (なまにくATK?) is an artist and Nitroplus's employee. He is also known as Yakiniku ATK (やきにくATK?) for fan artwork.

Neko SunatoriEdit

Neko profile

Neko Sunatori (砂取音幸, Sunatori Neko?) is a 3D Modeler, graphics support and program scripting assistant in TYPE-MOON.


Mochi Fukumaru (福丸もち, Fukumaru Mochi?), also known as Nekotawawa (ネコタワワ?) is an illustrator.


Ototsugu KonoeEdit

Ototsugu Konoe (近衛乙嗣, Konoe Ototsugu?) is an illustrator.


pako (ぱこ?) is an illustrator.


PFALZ has contributed many TYPE-MOON designs.


Raita Honjou (本庄雷太, Honjou Raita?, RAITA) is a doujin artist, illustrator and character designer.

Rei HiroeEdit

Rei Hiroe (広江礼威, Hiroe Rei?) is a Japanese comic book artist and he is best known for his Black Lagoon manga.

Rin KususagaEdit

Rin Kususaga (輪くすさが?), also known as Genji Asai (唖采弦二, Asai Genji?) is a professional game CG designer and illustrator.


Riyo (リヨ?), also known as Bernhardt Lyot the Third (ベルナール・リヨ3世, Berunaru Riyo Sansei?) or Lyot (リ ヨ, Riyo?) is a mangaka.


Robina (ろび~な?) is the Japanese comic book artist for Fate/EXTRA.

Rui KomatsuzakiEdit

Rui Komatsuzaki (小松崎類, Komatsuzaki Rui?) is the official illustrator for the Danganronpa series.


Ryota Hayatsu is a freelance illustrator and Japanese comic book artist. He is best known for the illustrations in Lord of Vermilion and illustrations for Atsushi Ōkubo's popular Soul Eater anime.

Ryuji HigurashiEdit

Ryuji Higurashi (日暮竜二, Higurashi Ryuji?) is an illustrator at Capcom, he is best known for his work on the Mega Man series.

Seijin TakenokoEdit

Seijin Takenoko (たけのこ星人, Takenoko Seijin?, lit. Bamboo shoot Alien) is a doujin artist and Japanese comic book artist.

Shidzuki MoriiEdit

Shidzuki Morii (森井しづき, Morii Shizuki?) is an illustrator, character designer and Japanese comic book artist. She is the art director for The Summer when the Cherry Blossoms Fell (葉桜が来た夏, Hazakuragakitanatsu?), published by Dengeki Bunko. She is a new character designer for Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku (メモリーズオフ ゆびきりの記憶, Memorīzuofu yubikiri no kioku?), that has not worked on any previous Memories Off game.

Shima DrillEdit

Shima Drill (しまどりる, Shima Doriru?) was the illustrator for Red Dragon.


Shimaudon (縞うどん, Shima Udon?) is a CG artist in TYPE-MOON.


Shimokoshi (下越?), also known as Simo-shi (simo氏, Shimo shi?) is a graphics artist and character designer in TYPE-MOON. As Simo-shi, Simo has previously worked as a graphics artist on several visual novels such as Shirotsume Souwa, Eisai Kyouiku and Cartagra.


Shinjirou (真じろう, Sinjiro?) is a Japanese comic book artist.


Shirabi (しらび, Shirabii?) is one of the illustrator for Fate/Grand Order.

Shirow MiwaEdit

Shirow Miwa (三輪士郎, Miwa Shirō?) is an illustrator and Japanese comic book artist. He is best known for his manga Dogs: Bullets & Carnage.

Shounen SasakiEdit

Shounen Sasaki (佐々木少年, Sasaki Shounen?) is a Japanese comic book artist.


Sumiei (すみ兵?) is a manga artist and illustrator.


syatey (サテー?)

  • syatey is the Japanese comic book artist for Fate/mahjong night.


TAa is Japanese comic book artist.


Taiki (タイキ?) is a graphic designer.

Takao AotsukiEdit

Takao Aotsuki profile

Takao Aotsuki (蒼月タカオ, Aotsuki Takao?) is a graphic designer in TYPE-MOON.

Takashi TakeuchiEdit

Main article: Takashi Takeuchi

Takeshi OkazakiEdit

Takeshi Okazaki (岡崎武士, Okazaki Takeshi?) is an illustrator, doujin artist and Japanese comic book artist. He is best known for his manga Let's☆Lagoon.

Taketo SanadaEdit

Taketo Sanada (真田茸人, Sanada Taketo?) is an illustrator.

Task OhnaEdit

Task Ohna (タスクオーナ, Tasukuouna?, aolabo) is a Japanese comic book artist and illustrator.

Tenkuu SphereEdit

Tenkuu Sphere (天空すふぃあ, Tenkū sufia?, lit. Sky Sphere, SHIN-KUU) is a Japanese comic book artist and illustrator.

Tomoya HarunoEdit

Tomoya Haruno (春野友矢, Haruno Tomoya?) is best known for his manga D-Frag!.

Yukio HiraiEdit

Yukio Hirai (ヒライユキオ, Hirai Yukio?) is an illustrator.

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  1. Fate/EXTRA Artist Arco Wada Talks Animal Ears

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