This is a list of minor characters appearing in the many series of TYPE-MOON.


Characters in DDD.

Arou Yujumochi[]

Arou Yujumochi (由寿餅 アロウ, Yujumochi Arou?) is a D-level patient with Agonist Disorder at Origa Memorial Hospital. His disorder is Amentia Nightmare (アメンチア・ナイトメア?).

Browser Crasher[]

Browser Crasher: Crush Screen (画面潰し(ブラクラ)?) is a person with Agonist Disorder. His real name is unknown. His disorder is VIDEO DRUG: Visual Crusher.

Hamuru Kotou[]

Hamuru Kotou (胡島 はむる, Kotou Hamuru?) is a D-level patient with Agonist Disorder at Origa Memorial Hospital. His Disorder is called Sea Turtle Style (ウミガメの味?). He is unable to digest solid matter, so he must liquefy everything to eat. Kanata Ishizue fights him, remarking, "Overwhelming victory; Sorry, but poisonous abilities aren't effective on me."


Kunui (貫井?), nicknamed Dr. Roman (ドクターロマン?) and Doc (ドク?), is a doctor at Origa Memorial Hospital.

Marine Origa[]

Marine Origa (檻我 鞠音, Origa Marine?) is the only known E-level patient with Agonist Disorder at Origa Memorial Hospital. Deceased in their room, it is unknown if their last name had any connection to the hospital. Their Disorder was called Fuck-slut Dreamy Siesta (夢見がちファッキン泥棒猫シエスタ?), but details are unknown. Kanata Ishizue's commentary was "Unearned win; Lies already dead inside a special hospital room. I had already lost interest anyway."

Meruka Kuramitsu[]

Meruka Kuramitsu (倉密メルカ, Kuramitsu Meruka?) is a D-level patient with Agonist Disorder at Origa Memorial Hospital. His Disorder is called Klein Cube Cleanness: Inescapable Brain Pitfall (出口なき脳髄陥穽(クラインキューブクラインネス)?), the ability to invade the consciousness of others. He is an "advocate of defeat." He previously encountered Mato Tohma and her Desert Eagles. After being placed in Ward D, Kanata Ishizue fought him, stating “At the end, he took refuge inside me, although I could not strike him, there was nowhere to escape.” He has the same name as the nickname used by Mitsuru Kamekura in Kara no Kyoukai, but there is no connection between the stories or characters.

Yutaka Nirabishi[]

Yutaka Nirabishi (韮菱 豊, Nirabishi Yutaka?) is a C-level patient with Agonist Disorder at Origa Memorial Hospital. His disorder is called Marble Fumble Market: Grocery Store Assaulter (注文が襲う雑貨店(マーブルファンブルマーケット)?). He is killed by Kanata Ishizue in an "overwhelming victory" for her. She notes, "Strangely professed himself to be a former charismatic salesperson. Really likes to divulge people's weaknesses and traumas."

Fate (Original characters)[]

Original characters in the Fate series, including Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Zero, Fate/EXTRA, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/strange Fake, Fate/Grand Order, and other related stories.


5-10 you NPC.png

Class 5-10-kun (5-10君?), also called Gou Tou-kun (ごー・とう君?), is a NPC found in the Moon Holy Grail War of the Fate/EXTRA series. Based on Gai Gotou, he is found on the first floor of the Old School building in front of the caretaker's office in which Jinako Carigiri resides. He is an "ordinary student NPC" who is good at imitating others, or "imitation is his life." He is able to completely take on the role of any character from movies he has watched, changing lines, behaviors, and mannerisms from chapter to chapter in Fate/EXTRA CCC.[1]

Andre Will Chris[]

Andre Will Chris is a Master-candidate participating in the Moon Holy Grail War preliminaries in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. Only their name is shown, so it is unknown if they died in the preliminaries or managed to qualify.



Anne (アンヌ?) is the late wife of Dan Blackmore. Upon her death, Dan sought to use the Holy Grail to bring her back to life, although he claimed he was partaking in the Moon Holy Grail War solely on the Queen's orders. Dan was defeated by Hakuno Kishinami, at which point he realized his wish was inherently selfish and was content with dying so he could reunite with Anne. She was fond of gardening.[2]

Anses Growchester[]

Anses Growchester (アンセス・グローチェスター?) is the Principal Professor of the Department of Zoology of the Clock Tower. They signed the warrant for Gurdoa Davenant in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[3]



Bay-Bay (ベイベイ?) is a security guard for Alter Ego Lambda at Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens casino in Dazzling Las Vegas. Working with Jasom, he is a mercenary hired to keep fans from directly interacting with Lambda. They have been abused due to her sadistic tendancies, scared of her punishment for going out of line in their security practices.[4]


Brishisan (ブリシサン, Burishisan?) was a disciple of Solomon. They are described by Raum as being the one to "guard" the Clock Tower's Department of Lore, which is named after Brishisan and controlled by the Brishisan family in the modern day.[5]



Cerumo (セルモ?) is a Yaga who is part of the resistance against Ivan the Terrible in Fate/Grand Order. He reports to their leader, Atalanta Alter, about a the status of an allied local village that is now abandoned due to their alliance with the resistance drawing attention from the Oprichniki. Having come from a similar village, he is hopeful that their revolution can dispatch Ivan so that his child will be able to live in a more peaceful world.[6]

Chishiki Mame[]

Chishiki Mame

Chishiki Mame (間目 智識, Mame Chishiki?, localized as "Sharon Tipps") is the Librarian NPC of the Moon Cell.[7]


Chris (クリス?) is the head of the Clock Tower Singapore Branch.[8]

Clan Calatin Axe-wielder[]


The unnamed man is a member of Clan Calatin, a group of magi police officers, participating in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. He wields an axe Noble Phantasm provided through False Caster's Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine.

Clan Calatin Bow-wielder[]

The unnamed woman is a member of Clan Calatin, a group of magi police officers, participating in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. She wields a bow Noble Phantasm provided through False Caster's Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine.

Clan Calatin Naginata-wielder[]

The unnamed man is a member of Clan Calatin, a group of magi police officers, participating in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. He wields a Naginata Noble Phantasm provided through False Caster's Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine.

Clan Calatin Spear-wielder[]


The unnamed woman is a member of Clan Calatin, a group of magi police officers, participating in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. She wields a spear Noble Phantasm provided through False Caster's Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine. It is destroyed by Jester Karture.


Brother Degras (僧侶デグラ?) is an individual who once fought Bazdilot Cordelion, burning most of Bazdillot's Magic Circuits.[9]

Evelyn McIntyre[]

Report in which Evelyn McIntyre's name is mentionned.

Evelyn McIntyre is a magus of the Clock Tower who is part of the Policies Department. McIntyre investigated the death of James Cavendish seven years before Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[10]


Filia (フィリア?) is an inhabitant of Heracles Island in the Atlantic Lostbelt. She is the mother of Timi.[11] Along with the other residents of the island, she is killed by Artemis.[12]

Gesell Tolman[]

Gesell Tolman (ゲセルツ・トールマン?) is an independent magus, part of an excavation team inside the Spiritual Tomb of Albion with Kurou Adashino, Asheara Mystras, Jorek Kurdice, and Calugh Ithred. His elemental affinity is Fire and he specializes in Alchemy. Working as an excavator alongside Kurou, his job was to create alchemical concoctions to dissolve the rock, causing the minerals to float to the surface.[13] He and his teammates became students of Doctor Heartless in the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory after exiting the labyrinth.[14] After graduation from the department, he returned to being a freelance potion maker.[15]

Golden Fuyuki-kun[]

Golden Fuyuki-kun (ごーるでん冬木くん, Gōruden Fuyuki-kun?) is a parody version of Gilgamesh featured in the TMitter 2010 April Fools' Day joke. He is a mascot character that scares children.



GS-02, Black SAKURA, is the nautical battle model in the GS series created by Doctor Tokiomi in Capsule Servant.



GS-03, BB SAKURA, is the aerial battle model in the GS series created by Doctor Tokiomi in Capsule Servant.

Hermes Siris Atlasia[]

Hermes Siris Atlasia (ヘルメス・シリス・アトラシア?) is a magus affiliated with Atlas. His magical attribute is Future.[16]


Holly (ホリイ?) is a member of Seraphix, a division of Chaldea Security Organization. During the incident where Kiara takes over, he was one of the last four survivors with Arnold Beckman, Mable Macintosh, and Torapain. He took to injecting himself with morphine, eventually taking too much and shutting himself inside a locker for a week. After the defeat of Kiara, BB makes the event an imaginary numbers phenomenon, so it is if "nothing had happened" and all staff besides Kiara are saved.[17]

Ikuyo Ariina[]

Ikuyo Ariina

Ikuyo Ariina (有稲 幾夜, Ariina Ikuyo?, localized as "Arina Savant") is the Manager NPC of the Moon Cell.[7]

James Cavendish[]

James Cavendish is a man who was murdered seven years before Lord El-Melloi II Case Files by Karabo Frampton under the manipulation of Doctor Heartless for the purpose of stealing Cavendish's Mystic Eyes. The abilities of his eyes are unknown other than cut off quotes from the report of his death saying, "I can see things that aren't-" and "-can see places other than this one right-".[10] He was killed through Karabo's Mystic Eyes severing his head, and his head was taken from the scene.



Jasom (ジェイソム?) is a security guard for Alter Ego Lambda at Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens casino in Dazzling Las Vegas. Working with Bay-Bay, he is a mercenary hired to keep fans from directly interacting with Lambda. They have been abused due to her sadistic tendancies, scared of her punishment for going out of line in their security practices.[4]

Jewel Killer[]

Jewel Killer (宝石殺し?) is a magus affiliated with the Wandering Sea. He is considered one of history's most remarkable magi. His magical attribute is Halting.[16]

Jorek Kurdice[]

Jorek Kurdice (ジョレク・クルダイス?) is a magus of the Clock Tower. He is the little brother of Calugh Ithred, adopted by the childless Kurdic family for being a talented Survivor of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.[14] He was part of an excavation team with his brother, Kurou Adashino, Asheara Mystras, and Gesell Tolman,[13] and, like the rest of the team, became a student of Doctor Heartless in the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory.[14] He was the mediator of the group, helping its members cooperate smoothly.[15]


Kaburagi (カブラギ?) is a merchant present in the Shinjuku sub-singularity. He sells magical items and creatures. Sherlock Holmes is a frequent customer during the singularity.


Kirishima (霧島?) is the Homurahara Academy student council vice president under Issei in Fate/hollow ataraxia, said to be the only suitable successor to the presidency. Shirou compares their relationship as student and teacher, but Issei says that he cannot back even a willing entry from her because it would go against the democratic process in him personally instilling a new president.[18] There is another vice president in Fate/school life, Tsunokuma. It is unknown if she replaced him, or if the story setting was changed after hollow ataraxia.

Kouji Yamazaki[]

Kouji Yamazaki (山崎コウジ, Yamazaki Kouji?) is a Master-candidate participating in the Moon Holy Grail War preliminaries in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. Only their name is shown, so it is unknown if they died in the preliminaries or managed to qualify.


Krishna (クリシュナ, Kurishuna?) is the dorm supervisor of Gray's dorm at the Clock Tower.[19] Gray describes him as someone who is obsessed with helping people, and comments that he is good at cooking.[20] He is not to be confused with Krishna from Hindu mythology.


Lana (ラナ?) is an orphan child in Singapore. Rin Tohsaka gathers Lana and other orphaned children into a pirate crew.[21]


Laura (ラウラ?) is an inhabitant of Village 23 in the Norse Lostbelt. She is a friend of Gelda who is sick as of the time of the arrival of Chaldea Security Organization. Gelda risks her life to find herbs to cure her illness, believing that Laura would be unable to survive the night without them.[22] She recently had a child.[23]


Magalo (マガロ?) is a member of the organization Der Familie (ダー・ファミリア?). During a fight with Bazdilot Cordelion, Magalo gouged out one of Bazdilot's lungs.[9]

Magician of the Fourth Magic[]

The Magician of the Fourth Magic (第四魔法の魔法使い?) is the original discoverer of the Fourth Magic. They are a magician who has disappeared, but is still considered to be alive.[24] Details about their True Magic are unknown, but the other magicians agree it exists and say, "it is there for sure." Not even they know the name of the magician.[24]


MeliaeWP is a minor Greek Goddess. In the Atlantic Lostbelt, her Authority was absorbed by Zeus.

Michael and Bridget[]

Michael (マイケル?) and Bridget (ブリジット?) are the operators of the favored teahouse of Lord El-Melloi II near his residence in London. They believe him to be a normal college professor.[3]

Millieune Carillon[]

Millieune Carillon (ミリョネカリオン?) is one of the top magi in the world. Called the Giver of All Sealing Designations (封印指定総与?), his magical attribute is Prosperity. Other details are unknown.[16] He was the one responsible for the removal of Touko Aozaki's Sealing Designation, though his reasons for doing so are unknown.[25]



Mireille (ミレイユ?) is a pregnant French woman who lived during the 1400s. Within the Orleans Singularity of Fate/Grand Order -mortalis:stella- taking place in 1431 AD, she is one of the people who befriends Marie Antoinette who has manifested as a Servant.[26] She does not appear within Fate/Grand Order's story.

Nagato Tohsaka's daughter[]

Tohsaka (遠坂?), given name unknown, is the daughter of Nagato Tohsaka in the 1800s. While her father was one of the founders of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War and part of the Greater Holy Grail of Fuyuki's construction process, his daughter was more talented as a magus, ending up being more useful in the Greater Grail's construction process.[27]

Nameless Yggdmillennia Homunculus[]

The Nameless Yggdmillennia Homunculus is a homunculus created by Yggdmillennia during the Great Holy Grail War for the purpose of battle and upkeep of the castle. She is fatally wounded by the aftershock of Spartacus' final attack in the battle between the Red Faction and the Black Faction that ends with the theft of the Greater Grail by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Sieg comes upon her after contracting with Astolfo, hoping to save her before quickly realizing that she is beyond help. Her eyesight was lost from being hit by debris, she was impaled by a candle stand from the castle, and her legs were torn off by the blast. Her pain receptors are either non-functional, or she decides to overlook the sensation of pain, leading her to try to return to her duties.[28]

Sieg is unable to do anything for her besides hold her hand, promising to do her cleaning duties for her. Seemingly unaware of her situation, she says she will take a brief rest. As she dies, she thanks Sieg for returning for the homunculi and saving her. Sieg realizes she likely knew he was simply acting because he could do nothing for her, possibly even from the beginning.[28]

Nikos and Artemisia[]

Nikos (ニコス?) and Artemisia (アルテミシア?) are citizens of Olympus in the Atlantic Lostbelt. They are the parents of Macarios and Adele. Part of the Godbreakers Alliance, they were killed by the Dioscuri for their opposition against the gods.

Novum Chaldea staff members[]

After the destruction of Chaldea Security Organization, eight regular members survive on the Shadow Border and later become the primary staff of Novum Chaldea.[29]

Sylvia is shown to have survived in the initial departure from Chaldea, but her portrait has not been shown since.[31]

Octavia Leyland[]

Octavia Leyland (オクタヴィア・レイランド?) is the receptionist of the Norwich student dormitory at the Clock Tower. She processes the admissions of Rin Tohsaka and Luvia Edelfelt, but quickly gets involved in a quarrel between the two, panicking as they break the rules of the dormitory and even serving as commentator to their fighting moves. She recounts the incident as being "the worst in the dormitory's history".[32]

Sachi Oomizo[]

Sachi Oomizo (大溝サチ, Ōmizo Sachi?) is a Master-candidate participating in the Moon Holy Grail War preliminaries in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. Only their name is shown, so it is unknown if they died in the preliminaries or managed to qualify.


Sano (佐野?) is a homeless middle-aged man living in Tokyo in The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II. He befriends Akira Yakou and Bai Ruolong, and has hope that they can turn their lives around because they're still young, unlike him. Sano explains that society demands of people the self-restraint and endurance necessary to conform with what you don't want to, but Sano didn't have that so he ran away too many times and now he can't find a way out of this lifestyle even with his grad school degree.

At a festival, Sano tries to avoid one of the vendors, who is his father, but Bai Ruolong sets up a reunion between the two. Sano is attacked by a trio of yakuza loan sharks, and when he awakens in the hospital his father is at his bedside and says he has cleared his debt with the yakuza so Sano won't be attacked again.[33]

Shinji Matou's mother[]

The unnamed mother of Shinji Matou was the spouse of Byakuya Matou of the Matou family. Shinji mentions that she was a Carrier of some sort.[34] The trait was nothing special like the God's Holder Carriers, so Zouken simply referred to her as "the daughter of 'a random third-rate magus'."[35] Shinji, believing women are unneeded within the Matou household, thinks his mother became "useless" after giving birth. He believes he could find "what used to be his mother" in the worm pit in the basement of the household, but holds little regard for her due to his resentment for having been born with a lack of magical ability.[34]

Shirou Emiya's parents[]

Shirou's parents

The unnamed father and mother of Shirou Emiya died during the great fire at the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Sacrificing themselves to get Shirou out of the burning house, they perished shortly after.[36]

Silvelt Kotcheff[]

Silvelt Kotcheff is a magus. In the world of Fate/Apocrypha, he is a magus of Yggdmillennia. He is killed by Assassin of Black.[37] In the world of Fate/strange Fake, Yggdmillennia no longer exists as of the modern age. He appears during the True and False Holy Grail Wars as one of the many opportunistic magi in the city of Snowfield. He is captured by Flat Escardos and False Berserker while seemingly meaning to attack the two, and he is kept with several other magi with the same intentions, Avi Dikhail, Hyouma Sagara, Carl Lexarm, and members of the Zugzwang. When Berserker takes on the appearance of Assassin of Black by mistake, he and the other captives instinctively shudder in fear for reasons unknown, having been tortured and killed by her in the Apocrypha world.[38]

Sister Caren[]

Sister Caren (シスターカレン?) is an AI of the Moon Cell. She is set to become the replacement of Sakura Matou should Sakura be deleted. Despite being there to attend to the health of Masters, Sakura says Caren has a "problem in her algorithm" that makes it so she doesn't prioritize the lives of Masters, She believes "ordeals are more important than living", so Sakura thinks Hakuno Kishinami's survival rate would plummet to 3% as of the first week of the Moon Holy Grail War.[39][40] Based on Caren Hortensia, Fate/Requiem also introduces the Caren Series of AI and Caren Fujimura.


Tao (陶?) is a female magus belonging to the Spiral Manor Singapore Branch.[41]

Third Crusade Dead Apostle[]


The unnamed Dead Apostle who attacked during the Third Crusade was battled by Richard I, SaladinWP, and an unspecified Hassan-i-Sabbah. As with all the Crusades, Dead Apostles showed up each time to wreak havoc among both sides. Differing from the first two Crusades where the attacking Dead Apostles left after slaying many soldiers, the three leaders managed to destroy the Dead Apostle after teaming up together, but it was able to kill many of Richard's soldiers.[42][43]

Wolf's creator[]


The unnamed creator of the Wolf Master of the False Holy Grail War is a magus seeking to become a Master in the war until his supposed catalyst, the Wolf, gains Command Spells and escapes. He almost manages to retake the Command Spells until it summons Lancer, who lets the magus live. He is then subsequently killed by Faldeus Dioland.


The World is a parody personification of the World appearing in Capsule Servant. It is the boss of TOHSAKA.


Wryneck was a fairy in history of the British Lostbelt. He was a companion of Tonelico for thousands of years. He possessed the organs of the waste heat of the planet (星の排熱器官?), an authority he inherited from one of the Sub-Bells of the Beginning. Wryneck was killed by Vortigern 1000 years ago, and was replaced by his successor generation Woodwose.

Velber 01[]

Velber 01 (ヴェルバー01, Verubā 01?) is an Anti-Cell deployed by the Velber into Earth's Solar System in 12,000BC. It is the "Older Brother" of Velber 02. Its whereabouts are unknown.[44] As each Arks of the Stars contains the characteristics of a different planet predated by the Harvester Star, it is a completely different organism than Velber 02 all the way to its very manner of existence.[45]

Velber 03[]

Velber 03 (ヴェルバー03, Verubā 03?) is an Anti-Cell deployed by the Velber into in Earth's Solar System in 12,000BC. It is the "Younger Sister" of Velber 02. Its whereabouts are unknown.[44] As each Arks of the Stars contains the characteristics of a different planet predated by the Harvester Star, it is a completely different organism than Velber 02 all the way to its very manner of existence.[45]



Yashkia is a Yaga who is part of the resistance against Ivan the Terrible in Fate/Grand Order.


Yumina (ユミナ?) is a Witch and Magician whose existence is taught in the Clock Tower to magi who reach the Cause rank.[46][47] They were the founder of the Department of Botany at the Clock Tower and it is named after them, as the departments are all named after their founders.[48] The magecraft utilized by Alice Kuonji is also named Yumina,[49] and it is implied that Alice is Yumina's descendant.[50]


Zhdanov is a Yaga under the command of Beowulf in the Russian Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order.

Fate (Historical/mythological characters)[]

Historical, mythological or culture characters in the Fate series, including Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Zero, Fate/EXTRA, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/strange Fake, Fate/Grand Order, and other related stories.

Abraham Lincoln[]

Abraham LincolnWP (エイブラハム・リンカーン, Eiburahamu Rinkān?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber and Berserker classes when summoned as a Servant.[51]


AbzuWP was a Mesopotamian god. Along with Tiamat, he was manifested from the Sea of Dawn (黎明の海, Reimei no Umi?)—an Ocean of Void (無の海, Mu no Umi?) that lies below the Underworld of Ereshkigal, said to have once been under the administration of the god Enki.[52]


AeneasWP was the son of Aphrodite and prince Anchises of Troy. He is the ancestor of Rhea Silvia, the Great Mother of Rome.[53]


AeëtesWP was a demigod and brother to Pasiphae and Circe. He served as the King of Olchis and he was Medea's and Apsyrtus's father.


AgamemnonWP (アガメムノン?) was a king who commanded the Greek forces during the Trojan War. In Fate/Grand Order's Board Game Apocalypse event he is mentioned by Erice Utsumi as one of the Servants she defeated offscreen.


AgenorWP was a Phoenician King married to Telephassa. Some believe him to have fathered Europa, while other attribute that to his son Phoenix instead.


AgniWP is the Indian God of Flames. He gave Arjuna the Noble Phantasm Agni Gandiva, which also grants Arjuna's body the skill Mana Burst (Flame).


Aias from the manga

Aias (アイアス, Aiasu?, Ajax) is the hero who fought alongside with Achilles in the Trojan WarWP. There were two heroes who shared the name Aias; Aias the GreatWP (大アイアスWP, Dai Aiasu?) and Aias the LesserWP (小アイアスWP, Shō Aiasu?), both of whom met disgraceful fates. Aias the Great's shield is the famed Rho Aias.[54] Rho Aias was capable of stopping the javelin of the great hero of Troy, Hector.[55]


AlcmeneWP was queen of Mycenae and mother of Heracles and Iphicles. She was also Perseus's granddaughter.


AnchisesWP was a Prince of Troy and one of Aphrodite's lovers. The two of them had a son named Aeneas, an ancestor of Rhea Silvia, the Great Mother of Rome and the emperors such as Caligula.[53]

Ann Putnam[]


Ann PutnamWP (アン・パットナム?) is a figure involved in the Salem Witch Trials. She, along with the various other citizens, were created by Raum in the Salem Singularity as fakes to help in the process to transform Abigail Williams into a Foreigner. She is the daughter of Thomas Putnam.


ApsyrtusWP was son of King Aeetes and Medea's brother. After being brainwashed by Aphrodite, Medea killed him to rescue Jason.


AriadneWP is the daughter of King Minos and Pasiphae, the half-sister of Asterios, a niece of Circe, and cousin of Medea. She fell in love with the handsome Theseus at first sight. Theseus, with the cooperation of Ariadne to acquire an escape from the impossible-to-escape Labyrinth, it resulted in him realizing the defeat of Asterios.

Theseus claims to still love Ariadne, even after - presumably - abandoning her. He says that that as a man, he could accept and respect her choice to not bear him an heir; but as a king, he had to solve the problem.

Akuji no Takamaru[]


Akuji no Takamaru (悪路の高丸?, lit. "Takamaru of the Evil Path"), also known as King Akuji (悪路王?), is an Oni who lived during the Heian PeriodWP. He was slain by Suzuka Gozen and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro. Gozen describes him as a "bit too full of himself."[56] He is an Anti-Hero Heroic Spirit.[57]


Ame-no-UzumeWP (天宇受賣命, Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto?) is a penpal of Tamamo-no-Mae and a cooking student of Beni-enma.[58]


AnatWP was one of the Earth Mother Goddesses that inherited the power over all creation from the Goddess of Çatalhöyük's Potnia Theron in 6,000 BC.


AnchinWP (安珍?) was a handsome monk who was the love interest of Kiyohime in the "Kiyohime Legend." Having fallen in love with him at first sight, she visited him late at night after he requested lodging on his journey to a temple in Kumano. He bluntly rejected her, but promised to visit her on his return. He later broke his promise out of fear for her, running away before their promised meeting. This act drove Kiyohime to despair, transforming her into a dragon who pursued him to a temple. She burned him to death while he hid inside a bell. Summoned as a Servant, Kiyohime treats her Master as the reincarnation of Anchin, loving them while also weary of any lies they may tell her.[59] Anchin was featured in a brief scenario written by Nasu in his blog, describing how he draws the attention of various female Servants of Chaldea during Fate/Grand Order. Despite their attention, he ignores Kiyohime and the rest, instead focusing his attention on Sasaki Kojirou.[60]


AnuWP, formerly known as the Greatest Summerian god An, is the King of the Gods in Mesopotamian Mythology. His daughter Inanna, "The Mistress of Heaven" is said to have once ruled the heavens in the god An's place.[61] Anu created Enkidu with the help of Aruru.[62]


Argos (アルゴス?) is a large, atonomus machine guarding the lower levels of Olympus in the Atlantic Lostbelt.[63][64] It is destroyed by the Servants helping the Godbreaker Alliance before the arrival of Chaldea Security Organization.[65]

Arthur Conan Doyle[]

Sir Arthur Conan DoyleWP is an author known for writing the Sherlock Holmes novels in the late 19th and early 20th century. As Holmes appears as a Heroic Spirit, he himself leaves it up for debate if he is a literary creation of Doyle, if he actually existed and Doyle crafted the stories from the biographies of John H. Watson, or if it is a mixture of both.[66] Doyle was a supporter of the Society for Psychical ResearchWP (SPR), to which Helena Blavatsky was opposed, but she does not hate him.[67]


AruruWP was the Mesopotamian goddess of creation. She created Enkidu alongside Anu.


AshtartWP, also known as Astarte, is an ancient Divine Spirit closely related to Ishtar. She was among the Earth Mothers that inherited the power over all creation from the Goddess of Çatalhöyük's Potnia Theron in 6,000 BC.

For the Avenger/Saber in the Servant Universe see Ashtart (Servant Universe).


Sir BalinWP (ベイリン卿?) is a knight of Camelot who served under King Arthur. He was a wielder of Longinus. Manipulated by Klingsor, Balin confronted King Pellam and brought downWP the castle CorbenicWP upon him. After their battle Klingsor stole Longinus.[68]

When Percival re-completed the spear after Klingsor's defeat, Balin and Galahad placed two seals on it, similar in function to the Restraints of the Round Table upon King Arthur's weapons.[69]

Baobhan Sith[]

Baobhan SithWP (バーヴァン・シー, Bāvan Shī?) is a female fairy told of in Scottish legends from Proper Human History. The word itself means "fairy woman". It is said she appears at night to drain people's lifeforce and kill them. She has a liking for blood and is weak to sunlight. Many fairies have both "benefit" and "harm", but the Baobhan Sith is an evil fairy that only does "harm". They say she looks like a beautiful human woman, but her feet hidden under her long skirt alone is that of a fairy folk with her heels being the "hooves of a deer".[70]


BarghestWP (バーゲスト, Bāgesuto?) is a mythological monster in the Northern parts of England in the Proper Human History. It appears in the form of a chained dog with burning horns and eyes. In the cities, it is also a Fairy that informs of death and is said to appear when someone dies. When a person with an important role in the city dies, it will bring many subordinates (dogs) with it and march through the streets. Outside the cities, it transforms from a sprite that announces death to a fairy that brings death and will roam the plateaus. It is said to eat travellers it meets. In the legends about the fairy folk passed down throughout England, it is thought to be a kind of Black Dog.[71]


BishamontenWP is a Japanese Divine Spirit. Nagao Kagetora is said to be their avatar.


BrahmaWP is the Indian Chief God of creation. Saraswati was born from the creation deity Brahma, but he took a passionate liking to her due to her overwhelming beauty and desired her as his consort. She could not bear his advances, and desperately ran for her life, making her a goddess who is timid when faced with love.[72]

Karna calls upon his name in the use of his Brahmastra Noble Phantasm.[73]


BritannicusWP (ブリタンニクス?) was the step-brother of Nero Claudius, and brother to her wife Claudia Octavia. He was poisonned on her orders to consolidate her power.[74]



CaligorantWP (カリゴランテ?) was a giant fought by Astolfo of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. He weilded Vulcano Caligorante, a net made able to capture gods. Due to the usage of La Black Luna, Astolfo's horn, Caligorant panicked and entraped himself in his own net. The net was taken by Astolfo as one of his many Noble Phantasms.[75]

Cao Cao[]

Cao CaoWP (曹操, Sō Sō?) was a figure in the Romance of the Three KingdomsWP. Red Hare, commenting on Cao Cao and Guan Yu, only states, "Neigh!"[76]

Captain Kidd[]

Captain KiddWP is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber class when summoned as a Servant.[77] His ghost appears in the Interlude "Seize Captain Kidd's Treasure".

Charles VII[]

Charles VII in -turas réalta-

Charles VIIWP (シャルル7世, Sharuru 7-sei?) was the king of France who Jeanne d'Arc helped to get crowned during the Hundred Years' War. Eighteen years after Jeanne was burnt at the stake by the English, Charles ordered a retrial for her where he testified for her innocence, honesty, and bravery on the battlefield. Jeanne Alter wonders if Charles held the trial to ease his guilty conscience for not doing more to help Jeanne during her captivity, or if he was hoping to save her posthumously.

According to Mephistopheles in Jeanne's third Fate/Grand Order interlude, if Jeanne had not been executed at the stake then Charles likely would have had her assassinated.

He is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Berserker class when summoned as a Servant.[78]

The ghost of Charles VII is fought in Jeanne Alter's interlude in Fate/Grand Order.

Charlie Chaplin[]

Charlie ChaplinWP (チャーリー・チャップリン, Chārī Chappurin?) is an English actor known as the King of Comedy (喜劇王, Kigeki-Ō?). During the False Holy Grail War, Sigma hides the true identity of his Servant Watcher by claiming it to be Charlie Chaplin manifested as a Lancer.


ChernobogWP (チェルノボーグ?) is an evil god of Slavic mythology. He is one of the Divine Spirits that form the Alter Ego Ashiya Douman.



ChrysaorWP (クリューサーオール, Kuryūsāōru?) is the child of Medusa and Poseidon in Greek mythology, born after Perseus beheaded Gorgon Medusa. Chrysaor is said to be the son of Medusa and brother of Pegasus, but the Pegasus was actually a gift from Poseidon to Medusa. Chrysaor is shown being born from the remains of the Gorgon, looking to be similar in appearance to Medusa.

Claudia Octavia[]


Claudia OctaviaWP (クラウディア・オクタウィア?) was the wife of Nero Claudius. She died through suicide.[74]


CoronisWP was a woman with whom Apollo got romantically involved with later getting pregnant by the god. However, after learning of her infidelity from a crow (which was said to be a lie in some versions), he killed Coronis and turned the crow’s white feathers black in a fit of rage. Apollo regretted killing Coronis. When she was laid on her funeral pyre, he rescued the child (Asclepius) inside her belly and entrusted him to Chiron, the wise centaur, to raise him.

Count Fersen[]

Count FersenWP was a contemporary of Marie Antoinette. Along with Charles-Henri Sanson and Maximilien Robespierre, Mozart insults them in his profile due to their connection to Marie, but the words are such that cannot be written.


CybeleWP was one of the Earth Mother Goddesses that inherited the power over all creation from the Goddess of Çatalhöyük's Potnia Theron in 6,000 BC.



DeianiraWP (デイアネイラ?) was Heracles' third wife. Before she committed suicide, she told Heracles, "You've done nothing wrong. So please, don't curse the world. Don't hate your own blood. You're strong, so I'm sure you can do it."[79]

Demon King of the Fourth Heaven[]

The Demon King of the Fourth Heaven is a Japanese figure father of Suzuka Gozen. Due to being his daughter, Suzuka receives A rank Divinity.

Dong Bai[]

Dong BaiWP (董 白, Tō Haku?) is a Heroic Spirit mentioned in the "game" version of Fate/strange Fake as a Servant able to be summoned by the Player.[80]



Dracae is a fairy that would drag men into her river for the purposes of crossbreeding with them. In the case of women, they were taken as wet nurses for the children she bore.[81]

In the English Lostbelt, she is a Fairy Dreadlord, a great fairy once known as the Holy Grail of Water. She used her special trait to "summon the treasures one desired" to lure men into the river[82] for the same purposes as her Proper Human History counterpart. But because humans in the Lostbelt are incapable of breeding, Dracae's desire was ultimately meaningless and the men she lured died.[81]

Edward, the Black Prince[]

Edward, the Black PrinceWP (エドワード黒太子, Edowādo Kurotaishi?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber and Archer classes when summoned as a Servant.[78]

E. Fran[]

E. Fran, also called Eve, is a duplicate of Frankenstein's Monster created by Victor Frankenstein upon his manifestation as a spirit. Although she is told she will become the true Eve he was seeking to create, she is actually simply a vessel for him to inhabit. Her main goal is to be praised by him, seeking out to defeat her "older sister", but she is killed by him and taken over after her defeat.


Euryale was one of the many lovers of Poseidon, and Super Orion's mother. She is not the same person as the Gorgon Euryale.



EurystheusWP (エウリュステウス?) was the king who imposed the Twelve Labors upon Heracles. Described as a "tyrant, a picture of cowardice," Eurystheus, too afraid to even stand, exclaimed to Heracles, "I understand! I'll praise you! On my honor as king, I'll praise you! S-so don't come any closer, monster!"[79]

Fuuma Kotarou (First Generation)[]

Fuuma KotarouWP (風魔 小太郎WP, Fūma Kotarō?) is the first generation of the Fuuma ninja clan and ancestor of the fifth generation Fuuma Kotarou. Kashin Koji created the puppet Kato Danzo, and in collaboration, Fuuma Kotarou's techniques were implanted into her. He can thus be referred to as one of her two "parents."[83]

Gān Jiàng[]

Gān JiàngWP (干将, Kanshō?) is the famed blacksmith of Kanshou and Bakuya.

George Washington[]

George WashingtonWP (ジョージ・ワシントン, Jōji Washinton?) is the first President of the United States. He is mentioned in the E Pluribus Unum Singularity as having been killed by Medb's forces.[84] It is unknown if she is referring to the still living Washington or a Servant manifestation. Although, considering that George Washington was alive during 1783, the date of the singularity, the former is more likely the case.


GlaucusWP was a Greek Sea Divine Spirit. Glaucus sought a love advice from Circe, she grew jealous after being rejected by Glaucus once they had an illicit affair and ended up turning his beloved maiden Scylla into a monster. Said Scylla would later devour six of Odysseus' subordinates.

Glaucus of Crete[]

Glaucus of CreteWP was a son of King Minos. He was resurrected by Asclepius

Goddess of Çatalhöyük[]

The Goddess of ÇatalhöyükWP (チャタル・ヒュユクの女神, Chataru Hyuyuku no Megami?) is an ancient forgotten goddess from which the power of all creation, the Authority Potnia Theron used by the Earth Mother Goddess, originated approximately 8000 years ago. BB utilizes the forgotten primordial Earth Mother Goddess’s data.[85]



GraniWP (グラニ?) is the horse possessed by Sigurd. He debuted in Fate/Grand Order's FGO 5th Anniversary "under the same sky" campaign.[86]

Guan Yu[]

Guan YuWP (関羽, Kan U?) was a figure in the Romance of the Three KingdomsWP. Red Hare, commenting on Guan Yu and Cao Cao, only states, "Neigh!"[76]

Hassan of Shadow-Peeling[]

Hassan of Shadow-Peeling (影剥のハサン, Kagehaku no Hasan?) is one of the nineteen individuals to take up the title of Hassan-i-Sabbah. They appear in the Camelot Singularity as an Assassin-class Servant, dying against the Knights of the Lion King before the arrival of Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Hassan of the Quaking Pipe[]

Hassan of the Quaking Pipe (震管のハサン, Shinkan no Hasan?) is one of the nineteen individuals to take up the title of Hassan-i-Sabbah. They appear in the Camelot Singularity as an Assassin-class Servant, dying against the Knights of the Lion King before the arrival of Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Hassan of the Shining Star[]

Hassan of the Shining Star (輝く星のハサン, Kagayaku Hoshi no Hasan?) is one of the nineteen individuals to take up the title of Hassan-i-Sabbah. They were one of the candidates to be featured as the Assassin-class Servant of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.


HathorWP is an Egyptian Divine Spirit, the Goddess of the Sky and Love. Ozymandias claims Nefertari to be her manifestation.

Helen of Troy[]

Helen of TroyWP was a Priestess of the Moon Goddess and the most beautiful woman in the world at the time, even as beautiful as Aphrodite. King Menelaus of Sparta married her for the purpose of reaching ElysiumWP after death. Thanks to winning Aphrodite's favor, Paris and her fell in love at first sight. Since Helen's union with Melenaus wasn't fruit of love but convenience, Paris felt justified to take her with him to Troy and help her leave her husband. This would give birth to the Trojan War.


HeliosWP was a Greek Sun Divine Spirit and father to the demigods Aeetes, Pasiphae, and Circe.

Heracles' son[]


The unnamed son of Heracles was one of the children of Heracles and Megara. He was slain in Heracles' rage that was afflicted by Hera, only able to utter "Fath-" as Heracles tossed him into flames while believing him to be an enemy solider.


HermesWP is a Greek Divine Spirit. He lended the hero Perseus with Harpe so that he could slain the Gorgon Medusa. Because Perseus returned Harpe to Hermes once the task was completed, it can be considered an “Anti-Medusa” weapon.[87] Odysseus was said to have Hermes's protection.


HippolytusWP (ヒッポリュトス, Hipporyutosu?) is the son of Theseus and Penthesilea's younger sister. He was a successful case of resurrection from death using Asclepius' Resurrection Fraught Hades. Towards Hippolytus, Asclepius remarks, "One of my very few successful cases. About your mother, you… no, nevermind."[88]


HorusWP is an Egyptian Divine Spirit, the God of the Sky. He is also the father of Nitocris.


Hoshikuma-doujiWP (星熊童子?) is an oni active during the Heian periodWP. He serves Ibaraki-douji and Shuten-douji. He appears as an enemy in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt.

Hound of the Baskervilles[]

Hound of the BaskervillesWP (バスカヴィル家の犬?) is a demonic hound involved in one of the cases of Sherlock Holmes. It is one of the cases where details were obfuscated in the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, removing references to Magecraft and the Mage's Association. The true nature of the Hound is close to the Black Dog fairies, but Holmes briefly hints at a greater connection between the Hound and the King of Storms of the Wild Hunt.[89]

Huginn and Muninn[]


Huginn and MuninnWP (フギンとムニン, Fugin to Munin?), meaning "Thought" and "Memory", are the familiars of Odin. They are Divine Beasts said to fly around the world every morning. Within the Norse Lostbelt, they subtly guide Chaldea through Odin's will. In Fate:Lost Einherjar they are flying in the sky above modern Scandinavia.


IasusWP was the King of ArcadiaWP and father of Atalanta. He abandoned Atalanta on the mountains immediately after she was born.


IgraineWP (イグレイン, Igurein?) was the mother of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay.

Initially she was the wife of the Duke of CornwallWP at Tintagel CastleWP, with whom she had Morgan. She later had Artoria with King Uther Pendragon as part of Merlin's prophecy; Merlin helped Uther make Igraine fall in love with him. She would go on to marry Uther, making her daughters Morgan and Artoria, until this point only half-sisters, into official sisters.[90][91] At least, that is what the legend says. However the truth is that Morgan was not born until after Igraine and Uther were married, and she is the true blood daughter of Uther as well.[92]

There was no love between Igraine and Uther, it was simply that Igraine was the ideal woman to give birth to Artoria. Her blood would bind together Uther's blood and the dragon's essence.[93] When Igraine had Artoria she was impregnated with the very concept of the red dragonWP that protects Britain, which caused Artoria to be born with a dragon Magic Core inside of her. This was part of Uther's plan to defeat his brother Vortigern.[94]

Ionioi Hetairoi soldiers[]

Iskandar's Ionioi Hetairoi summons tens of thousands of soldiers. Within Fate/Zero Drama CD illustrations and anime adaptation, Mithrenes, Eumenes, Ptolemy, and four other soldiers are shown with unique designs. Four are featured as the household employees in the parody work Sensha Otoko, given parody names Long Hair (ロン毛, Ron-ke?) (Eumenes), Bright Forehead (デコ朗, Deko-rō?), Central-Parting Hair (中分け, Chūwake?), and Erect Member (盛り雄, Sakari Yū?, (Ptolemy).


IphiclesWP (イーピクレース?) is the daughter of Alcmene and twin sister of Heracles.[95]


ItzpapalotlWP (イツパパロトル?) is an Aztec Goddess. She was one of the Divine Spirits that form the Alter Ego Ashiya Douman.

Izumi Shikibu[]

Izumi ShikibuWP (和泉式部?) is a Japanese poet, known as one of the Medieval 36 Immortal Poets and 36 Immortal Lady PoetsWP. Known as being a "young playgirl," there are numerous stories of her "fun affairs." Fujiwara no Michinaga referred to her as "The Floating Lady" due to her inability to remain with a single lover. From the The Diary of Lady MurasakiWP, Murasaki Shikibu wrote, "Izumi Shikibu writes with grace and ease and with a flashing wit, but her behaviour is improper indeed."[96]


JacobWP (ヤコブ, Yakobu?) is a figure in Abrahamic religions. He is the originator of the Jacob's Limbs practiced by Moses and Martha.

John Hawkins[]

John HawkinsWP (ジョン・ホーキンス, Jon Hōkinsu?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Rider and Berserker classes when summoned as a Servant.[77]



JörmungandrWP (ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando?) is the World Serpent of Norse Mythology. During Ragnarök, it battled Thor for the final time. Thor ended its life by crushing its brain, but Thor was poisoned by its venom and died after taking only nine steps.


Princess KaguyaWP (かぐや姫, Kaguya Hime?) is the adopted daughter of Taketori no Okina and a penpal of Tamamo-no-Mae.


KaliWP (カーリー?) is a goddess of war and destruction in Indian mythology. Kali, Durga, and Parvati are each at times referred as Shiva's wives. While they possess unique Saint Graphs, they are all considered to share the same Divine Core.[97]

Kashin Koji[]

Kashin Koji (果心居士?) is an "extraordinary black magician" who served the Fuuma ninja clan under the first generation Fuuma Kotarou. Known as a "cold-blooded man," he was the manufacturer of Katou Danzou. She was imbued with Kotarou's techniques. They both can be called her "parents."[83]

Katsu Kaishu[]

Katsu KaishuWP (勝 海舟?) is a Japanese Bakamastsu periodWP figure. He was the unofficial master of Sakamoto Ryoma, having genitally visited Katsu with the intention of killing him. Ryouma became his disciple after Katsu's words earned Ryouma's admiration and devotion.[98]

King Lear[]

King Lear Sprite.png

King LearWP (リア王, Ria Ō?) is a Phantom monster created through Baal forcing Shakespeare to mass produce creatures from Phantoms with First Folio in the Shinjuku Singularity. It is a mass produced series of Spriggan monsters with tremendous strentgh.

Koga Saburo[]

Kōga SaburōWP (甲賀三郎?) is the ancestor of Mochizuki Chiyome and a Japanese figure who Shuten-douji greatly dislikes.

Detailed in the Suwa EngiWP, Orochi placed a curse on Kouga Saburou after Saburou committed the crime of trespassing on Mount IbukiWP and destroying a serpent's nest, passed down in the Kouga-Mochizuki bloodline.[99][100] Allowing one to temporarily act as a divided spirit of Orochi to curse enemies to death, it was inherited by Chiyome despite not even being of Saburou's main bloodline.[99][100]

Krishna (Avatar of Vishnu)[]

KrishnaWP (クリシュナ, Kurishuna?) is an Indian hero and one of the many avatars of Vishnu. In fact, his connection to the Indian god was stronger than even that of Rama. He was Arjuna's closest friend and the one responsible for cursing Ashwatthama after he attempted to killed a pregnant woman.


KuberaWP is an Indian Divine Spirit, the Lord of Wealth of the Semi-Divine Yaksha's. In the Indian Lostbelt, Arjuna Alter merged him with Nezha to create a local Lōkapāla.


LaikaWP (ライカ, Raika?), a Soviet dog launched into space aboard Sputnik 2WP, was referred to in the parody Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, as one of the initial choices presented to Kane Himuro by the Counter Force as to who she should host as a Pseudo-Servant, all of which were rejected. Himuro was quite dismayed at the idea, given that Laika never returned to Earth, and the Counter Force's suggestion of her having the Skill Pioneer of the Stars at EX rank didn't change her mind in the slightest.[101]

Lewis Carroll[]

Charles Dodgson (チャールズ・ラトウィッジ・ドジソン, Chāruzu Ratowijji Dojison?), who goes by the pen name Lewis CarrollWP (ルイス・キャロル, Ruisu Kyaroru?), is an English writer from the late 19th century best known for his nursery rhyme stories, including Alice in WonderlandWP. Alice in Wonderland began as a series of basic rhymes told to the daughters of a family friend while rowing down the River Thames. Such nursery rhymes from various authors formed the foundation for the Heroic Spirit Nursery Rhyme, and many of its abilities stem from Carroll's works.[102] Carroll was a supporter of Britain's Society for Psychical ResearchWP (SPR), and Helena Blavatsky met him during her lifetime. She holds ill will towards him due to his affiliation, and she also has mixed feelings towards Nursery Rhyme due to her connection to Alice in Wonderland.[67]


LokiWP is the god of mischief in Norse Mythology.


LughWP (ルー, ?) is a Divine Spirit of Celtic mythology and the father of Cú Chulainn. He possesses the Noble Phantasms Brionac[103] and Fragarach.[104] He was raised by Manannán mac Lir, who was the one to give him Fragarach.[105]


MacbethWP (マクベス, Makubesu?) is a Heroic Spirit and historical figure who Shakespeare used as the basis as a characterWP for an eponymous playWP. In Fate/Apocrypha, Jean Rum intended to summon a character of Shakespeare, Macbeth being a favorite, but got the author instead.[106] In the Shinjuku Singularity, Shakespeare is forced to create monsters based on Phantoms of his creation. The Phantom of Macbeth speaks in confusing lines and possesses the ability to revive. Mash believes fine tuning the Macbeth Phantom would have been difficult due to the existence of the real Macbeth.[107]

Mary of Bethany[]

Mary of BethanyWP (ベタニアのマリア, Betania no Maria?) is Martha's sister, mentioned in Martha's profile. Martha says she does not wish to show Mary her self as a Ruler due to having returned to her melee combat origins.

Mercy Lewis[]


Mercy LewisWP (マーシー・ルイス?) is a figure involved in the Salem Witch Trials. She, along with the various other citizens, were created by Raum in the Salem Singularity as fakes to help in the process to transform Abigail Williams into a Foreigner.

Mary Walcott[]


Mary WalcottWP (メアリー・ウォルコット?) is a figure involved in the Salem Witch Trials. She, along with the various other citizens, were created by Raum in the Salem Singularity as fakes to help in the process to transform Abigail Williams into a Foreigner.

Maximilien Robespierre[]

Maximilien RobespierreWP (マクシミリアン・ロベスピエール?) was a contemporary of Chevalier d'Eon and Marie Antoinette. Along with Charles-Henri Sanson and Count Fersen, Mozart insults them in his profile due to their connection to Marie, but the words are such that cannot be written.

Due to the influence of the Holy Grail of the Orleans Singularity, his ghost manifested in Paris but was defeated by Chevalier d'Eon along with Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight.[108]

Mehmed II[]

Mehmed II in the Fate/Apocrypha anime.

Mehmed IIWP (メフメト二世WP, Mefumeto Nisei?) was an OttomanWP sultan who was considered to be a military genius after conquering ConstantinopleWP, leading to the death of Constantine XI and the end of the Byzantine Empire.

In 1453 Mehmed sought to claim Constantinople. He dispatched messengers to seek capitulation, but Constantine XI rejected them outright, and so commenced the hopeless defense of the siege. Mehmed's army of 100,000 soldiers besieged the city and fought Constantine's 7,000 soldiers for two months before breaking through the walls and taking Constantinople.[109]

In 1462 Mehmed led a force of 150,000 soldiers to invade Romania. Vlad III and his force of only 10,000 soldiers managed to repel the invasion with guerilla warfare and scorched-earth tactics. Due to Vlad's tactics of impaling invaders on stakes for prominent display to his enemies, his soldiers' morale sank and he was forced to withdraw. According to Mehmed II's records, he muttered at that moment, "I fear no human. But, the devil(Dracul) is different."[110][111]


MelusineWP (メリュジーヌ, Meryujīnu?) is a Fairy from French Folktales, also called Melisande. The heroine from a story about a "human–animal marriage", which often became a theme of folklores since ancient times. A half-human, half-fairy beauty possessing the lower body of a snake and dragon wings. A fairy born from a human father and a fairy mother. Originally a beautiful young girl, but due to committing the sin of imprisoning her father on a cavern, she received a curse that "turned her lower body into that of a snake only on Saturdays". Supposedly, the curse became more powerful after she was seen by her lover when her lower body had turned into that of a snake, causing Melusine herself to become a repulsive snake.[112] She is one of the components of the Alter Ego Violet.


MenelausWP was King of Sparta and one of the major figures in the Trojan War. He married Helen for the purpose of reaching ElysiumWP after death. This is because Helen was a Priestess of the Moon Goddess, and it was a condition to marry her in order to reach Elysium. Because their union wasn't a result of love but convenience, Menelaus often abused of her. This is why Paris felt justified when he took Helen to Troy with him, giving birth to the Trojan Conflict.


The MorríganWP is a Celtic Divine Spirit, the Goddess of Death and Destruction. She appeared before Cú Chulainn to offer her protection. He declined and she was insulted, so she transformed into many animals to go after his life. He was able to repel every attack, and he even went as far as treating the wounded Morrígan. She came to admire that nobility from the bottom of her heart, deciding to support him without his knowledge. She did not want to destroy his pride, so she decided not to help him when he was in his greatest perils and simply observed the way of a hero.

Minamoto no Mitsunaka[]

Minamoto no MitsunakaWP (源満仲?) is a Heian periodWP historical Japanese figure. He is the father of Minamoto-no-Raikou, who was raised in secret until she was fifteen due to her status as an oni child. She was forced to live in the role of a man, acting as a military commander.[113]

While remembering her life, Raikou recounts various contradictory conversations with her father. In one, she is ordered to raise her two younger brothers, Minamoto no Yorikuni and Minamoto no Yoriie, as her children. In another, she is ordered to have ten children with ten men, cutting them each down after. In another, she is ordered to have ten children with Sakata Kintoki, then cut him down after. In another, she is told not to have children. While it is unknown which is true, each recollection comes with the reinforcement that she is living as a man and will never be a mother.[114]


Minamoto no TameyoshiWP is a Heian periodWP historical Japanese figure. Historically, Minamoto-no-Tametomo was born in 1139 to Tameyoshi and a prostitute. He was renowned for his military prowess from an early age, and his skill in archery exceeded even his ancestors. However, perhaps due to this, he had a falling out with his brothers and Tameyoshi banished him to KyūshūWP.[115]

When he Tametomo did not respond to the summons of the Imperial Court, Tameyoshi was dismissed from his position of police and judicial chief. For his father's sake, Tametomo led his forces to Kyoto and ended up getting dragged into the Hōgen rebellionWP, joining with his father on the Emperor's side. However their side lost; Tameyoshi was executed and Tametomo was exiled to Izu ŌshimaWP.[115]

Minamoto no Tsunemoto[]

Minamoto no TsunemotoWP (源経基?) is a Heian periodWP historical Japanese figure. An Imperial Prince, grandson of Emperor Seiwa, he was the father of Minamoto no Mitsunaka and grandfather of Minamoto no Raikou. The beautiful koto player Koyo caught Tsunemoto's attention, and the two had an affair. Koyo was later accused of putting a deadly curse on the shogun's wife, but because she was carrying Tsunemoto's child she was banished instead of executed.[116] Koyo comments that Raikou resembles her grandfather.[117]


Minamoto-no-YoritomoWP (源頼朝?) is a Heian periodWP historical Japanese figure. He was the elder brother of Ushiwakamaru, who adored him and would do anything for his approval.

During the Genpei WarWP against the Taira clanWP, once his cousin Minamoto-no-Yoshinaka secured Kyoto and became Shogun, Yoritomo ordered him killed. Ushiwakamaru was the one to carry it out.[118][119]

After the Taira clan were eventually defeated, Yoritomo turned his attention to his sister. Ushiwakamaru was inhuman; she did not understand love and did not fear battle, and Yoritomo worried that eventually she would turn her fangs toward her allies. A beast such as her was an obstacle in the way of the era that Yoritomo wanted to create, and so he decided to have her killed. The rumors said that Yoritomo killed Ushiwakamaru at the end of a power struggle. The truth was that Ushiwakamaru consented to it, behaving as her brother's enemy and dying in battle in accordance to his wishes. Even so her subordinates persuaded her to flee to Oshu, but Yoritomo saw her only as an inhuman monster, and pursued and killed her.[120]


MinosWP was the son of Europa, king of Crete and husband to Pasiphae. Minos was exchanging promises with the Sea God Poseidon to sacrifice a bull presented from the latter, but in some year, while he still has the valuable Bull of the Gods for instance that should have been sacrificed originally, Minos had sacrificed a different bull instead. Poseidon, who had his promise trampled underneath Minos’ foot, placed a curse on Pasiphaë, the wife of the King, having induced her so that she will bear a sexual desire towards bulls. And like that, so was born Asterios, his name meaning “The One Who Rules the Stars”, but because he possesses the body of a man with the head of a bull, he was given the name “Minotauros”, which means ‘The Bull of King Minos’. Minos was at a complete loss because of the Queen’s scandal, so he ordered the famous artisan Daedalus to construct “a place where one can never get out from”————namely, the Labyrinth.

Because of the King’s command, it became a usual custom to offer seven boys and girls each as a sacrifice to Asterios. Understandably, he cannot offer the people of his own country, so King Minos demanded from Athens, the state that he invaded, to offer sacrifices for his compensation.

On the occasion of the sacrificial group being elected the third time around, Theseus, the Hero of Athens, came forward personally for the sake of defeating Asterios. Ariadne, King Minos’ daughter, fell in love with the handsome Theseus at first sight. Theseus, with Ariadne’s cooperation in securing an escape route from the impossible-to-escape Labyrinth, succeeded in realizing Asterios’ defeat.

Moby Dick[]

Moby DickWP (モビー‧ディック, Mobī Dikku?) is a Divine Beast, said to be among the most famous of that classification. Its level of power is great enough to call it "more super weaponish" than a living being.[121] There is an Enemy Program with the same name.

Mò Yé[]

Mò YéWP (莫耶, Bakuya?) is the wife of Gan Jiang. She sacrificed herself to in order to complete Kanshou and Bakuya.

N. Amagi[]

N.Amagi is Master-candidate participating in the Moon Holy Grail War preliminaries in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. He is the captain of the chess club. As candidates must kill another to qualify, he participates in a chess match with Leonardo B. Harwey that ends in his death. HAKUNO Kishinami insists on taking Amagi to the infirmary, taking another body to free up a bed for Amagi.[122]

New Nessie[]

New NessieWP, whose carcass was speculated to be that of a sea cryptid, was referred to in the parody Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, as one of the initial choices presented to Kane Himuro by the Counter Force as to who she should host as a Pseudo-Servant, all of which were rejected.[101]


OlympiasWP (オリュンピアス?) was the mother of Iskandar. When Iskandar was a child, it was Olympias' influence that led to him to indulge in the tales of legendary heroes and come to believe that his father was Zeus.[123] Olympias is regarded as Iskandar's natural enemy.[124] She worshiped the god DionysusWP.

Olympias required both a companion for her son who would defend and never betray the King of Conquerors, and a magus who protect the king from any incoming curse. She orchestrated the birth of Hephaestion for the former and his sister for the latter.[125] She raised the nameless sister to be Iskandar's magical body double who would protect him from curses, and taught her magecraft derived from the goddess Hecate.[126][127]

As Dionysus is a god of alcohol, and alcohol is closely tied to dreams, Olympias is able to look into others' dreams with her magecraft. According to Hephaestion's sister, Olympias would charge "a price that could topple a nation" for someone to have her do so.[128]


Onra (温羅?) is an Oni Anti-Hero Heroic Spirit. He is mentioned by Shuten-douji, pondering that she has not seen the likes of him, Otakemaru, or Akuji no Takamaru summoned as Servants.[57]



Orillo is a figure in the Orlando FuriosoWP who was fought by Astolfo.[129]


OtreraWP was a priestess of Artemis. Together with Ares she gave birth to Hippolyta and Penthesilea.[130]


PasiphaëWP was a demigoddess and sister to Aeetes and Circe. She was married to the King of Crete, Minos. After being influenced by Poseidon, she had sex with a bull, later giving birth to Asterios.


PatroclusWP was a close friend of Achilles. During the Trojan War he was killed by Hector. As a result, Achilles challenged and killed Hector in a one-on-one duel and dragged his corpse with his chariot in a burst of rage.[131]


PeleusWP (ペレウス, Pereusu?) was a mythological Greek hero who was mentioned in Fate/Apocrypha as the father of Achilles and husband of Thetis. When Thetis tried to make her son immortal by bathing him in holy flames, Peleus opposed it, saying "Then that would destroy Achilles as a human", and thus one part of Achilles was preserved as human.[111]


King Pellam (ペラム王?), also known as the Fisher KingWP (漁夫王?), was the king of the Grail Castle CorbenicWP in Arthurian Britain.[68][69]

King Pellam was enchanted by Kundry's magical kiss. Kundry's master Klingsor used his magecraft to manipulate Sir Balin into fighting Pellam, in which Balin destroyed Pellam's castle with the Holy Spear.[68][69]


PenelopeWP (ペーネロペー?) is the wife of Odysseus. Circe's response to her is "……Gah……Kh……Gigghgh……Nyunyuu……. (lying on a room’s corner in a fetal position and trembling)."[132]

Penthesilea's younger sister[]

An unnamedWP Amazon warrior daughter of Ares and Otrera, and the younger sister of Hippolyta and Penthesilea. She was forcefully kidnaped by Theseus and made into his wife. Together they had Hippolytus, and Theseus left her short after.

Peter the Cruel[]

Peter IWP (ペドロ1世, Pedoro 1-sei?), also known as Peter the Cruel, is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Caster class when summoned as a Servant.[78]


PhilyraWP was a goddess who copulated with Kronos, giving birth to Chiron.[133]


PhoenixWP, son of the Phoenician King Agenor and Telephassa, is believed by some to have been Europa's father.

Queen Victoria[]

Queen VictoriaWP (ヴィクトリア女王, Vikutoria Joō?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber and Caster classes when summoned as a Servant.[134]


RavanaWP is an Indian Demon King who could enslave even the gods due to a power he acquired by deceiving the great god Brahma. He was responssible for Sita's kidnapping, and he was defeated by Rama's Brahmastra.


RaWP is an Egyptian Divine Spirit, the Sun God. Ozymandias is both his son and incarnation.

Red Knight[]

The Red KnightWP, also known as Sir Ironside, is a figure appearing in Arthurian Myth, and the former wielder of the Noble Phantasm Red Sword. His roots can be traced back to its Fire Emblem, which is said to depict the ungovernable nature of chaos itself; a long-lost connection to the Roman God Robigus. He was defeated by Gareth in the siege to recover Lioness.[135] According to Merlin, the Red Knight is the embodiment of the Demon of Calamity itself, but is only one of countless calamities that threaten Britain.[136]


RemusWP is a son of Mars and Rhea Silvia, and Romulus's younger brother. The Noble Phantasm Moles Necessrie‎‎ is a recreation of the event in which Romulus killed Remus.


RheaWP is a Titan and the wife of Kronos. There is a theory that says the reason Chiron was born a centaur is that when Rhea discovered his husband and Philyra copulating, Philyra turned into a stallion in order to run away.[133]

Rhea Silvia[]

Rhea SilviaWP was the decendent of Aeneas, one of Aphrodite's sons.[53] She is described as a beautiful princess that gave birth alongside Ares to the founders of Rome; Romulus and Remus.


RinaldoWP is a elder brother of Bradamante and the one of Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. He owns the magic sword Froberge and known far and wide as a brilliant swordsman.

Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton[]

Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of LyttonWP (ロバート・ブルワー=リットン、リットンの第1伯爵?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Berserker class when summoned as a Servant.[134]

Robert E. Lee[]

Robert E. LeeWP (ロバート・E・リー, Robāto E Rī?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Ruler and Avenger classes when summoned as a Servant.[51]


RobigusWP is a Roman God. The Red Knight’s roots can be traced back to its Fire Emblem, which is said to depict the ungovernable nature of chaos itself; a long-lost connection to Robigus.[135]

Romeo and Juliet[]

Romeo and Juliet.png

Romeo and JulietWP (ロミオとジュリエット?) are a Phantom monster created through Baal forcing Shakespeare to mass produce creatures from Phantoms with First Folio in the Shinjuku Singularity. They are a combined monster that melt and absorb other humans, exclaiming that they are now as one so death cannot tear them appart.


ScipioWP (大スキピオ, Dai Sukipio?) is a Roman Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Rider class when summoned as a Servant.[137]


ScyllaWP (スキュレー, Sukyurā?) is a Heroic Spirit mentioned in the "game" version of Fate/strange Fake as a Servant able to be summoned by the Player.[80] Scylla was once a prepossessing maiden that attracted a Sea God, Glaucus. This relationship had caused a jealous Circe to turn the winsome Scylla into a monster. The transformed Scylla had then devoured six of Odysseus's subordinates.


SigmundWP (シグムント, Shigumunto?) was the King of FrakklandWP and the original possessor of Gram, "The Sword of the Sun" that would shatter against Gungnir and be reforged by his son Sigurd from it's fragments into a demonic sword and wield it as his own in the Völsunga sagaWP of Norse mythology.[138][139] The incident of Gram "the sword of supremacy in the tree" from Northern Europe being pulled by him from the trunk of a mighty treeWP within the halls of King Völsung is a legend of a "sword of selection" originating with the sword Merodach.[140] itself was the model for Caliburn, the sword in the stone, possessed by King Arthur.[139][141]

Shinmen Munisai[]


Shinmen MunisaiWP (新免無二斎?) or Miyamoto Muninosuke was the father of Miyamoto Musashi, being a practitioner of martial arts, who served as an instructor of martial arts to the Shinmen HouseWP of lords of the Takayama Castle, and who received the name of Shinmen from his employer’s family. Shinmen Munisai built a dojo of JutteWP techniques in the Miyamoto village of the Yoshino district, and Musashi would later call himself “Miyamoto” due having this land as his hometown.

In Female Musashi's original world, Shinmen Munisai had abandoned Musashi because she was a girl. Though she was disowned, she built a hut in front of her father's house and lived there just to spite him.


SukunabikonaWP (少彦名神?) is a kami from Japanese mythology. He is enshrined at Kanda-myōjin in Akihabara. Legends say that Sukunabikona was a dwarf who came on a ship from across the sea, and helped Oonamuchi to build Japan. In his final moments he left to cross over to a paradise for the dead far across the sea called Tokoyo-no-Kuni.[142]

Sukunabikona's boat was Ame-no-Kagaminofune, which serves as the Noble Phantasm of Erice Utsumi in her swimsuit.


SuryaWP is the Indian god of the Sun, and the father of Karna, who inherited his father's Authority and radiance in the form of his armor Kavacha and Kundala, which is said to be nigh indestructible, even by the gods themselves.


Susanoo-no-MikotoWP is the younger brother of Amaterasu, a Japanese god representing the Moon. According to the Susanoo myth from the Kojiki and Nihon-shoki, it is said that Susanoo-no-Mikoto, who was exiled from Takamagahara, descended upon the province of Izumo, saved Kusanadahime who was offered as a sacrifice, and exterminated an enormous monster. That monster was Yamata-no-Orochi, a red-eyed demon with eight heads and eight tails───a gigantic snake that boasted of a length spanning eight valleys and peaks. Japan's greatest dragon of calamity. Susanoo-no-Mikoto defeated this large serpent (dragon) and obtained a divine sword from its tail. The sword's name is Kusanagi-no-Tachi. Also known as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and Tsumukari-no-Tachi. Later, it was offered to the Atsuta Shrine and designated as one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan.[143] He is implied to be one of the Divine Spirits that the Alien God used poured into Senji Muramasa.

Taketori no Okina[]


Taketori no OkinaWP (竹取の翁?) is the adoptive father of Princess Kaguya. The Nue utilizes his identity to manipulate Beni-enma in Fate/Grand Order.

Taira no Masakado[]

Taira no MasakadoWP (平将門?) was a man who lived in Japan's Heian period and hated the imperial court.[116] He was actually an immortal demon, and was killed by Tawara Touta.[144] After his death he became a kami, and is enshrined at Kanda-myōjin in Akihabara.[142]

Taro and Jiro[]

Taro and JiroWP, two huskies who survived for a year in Antarctica following an ill-fated expedition, were referred to in the parody Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, as one of the initial choices presented to Kane Himuro by the Counter Force as to who she should host as a Pseudo-Servant, all of which were rejected.[101] The two were also featured in a submission to Fate/school life's Servant design contest.[145]


TartarosWP was a Machine God and the abyss incarnate. Alongside Gaia, he fathered Typhon.


Takiyashahime (滝夜叉姫?) is a Japanese Heroic Spirit who studied under Beni-enma in cooking.[58]


TelephassaWP was a Phoenician Queen married to Agenor. She was the mother of Pheonix and Europa.


ThemisWP is a Greek Goddess and the second wife of Zeus. Together, they gave birth to Astraea.


ThetisWP is a Greek Sea Goddess. Together with Peleus she gave birth to Achilles.

Thomas Putnam[]


Thomas PutnamWP (トマス・パットナム?) is a figure involved in the Salem Witch Trials. He, along with the various other citizens, were created by Raum in the Salem Singularity as fakes to help in the process to transform Abigail Williams into a Foreigner. He is the father of Ann Putnam.


TitaniaWP (ティターニア?) is the wife of Oberon in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's DreamWP. She is a purely fictional character who Shakespeare invented.[146] Shakespeare's inspirations for her were Mab, Diana, and Titan.[147] Even though Titania is a fictional character who Shakespeare invented, Oberon is searching for her. Even if it's a pipedream, he wants to meet Titania, the only person who could love the eccentric King Oberon.[148]

As a composite of three fairies and deities, Titania would have the Divinity Skill.[147]

One of the components of Kingprotea is Titania (Titan) (ティターニア (ティターン)?). It is unknown if there is any relation, or if this is the Titan that inspired Shakespeare.


Torakuma-doujiWP (虎熊童子?) is an oni active during the Heian periodWP. He serves Ibaraki-douji and Shuten-douji. He appears as an enemy in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt.


Archbishop TurpinWP (テュルパン大司教?) is a member of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. Astolfo describes him as "super noble," once commenting upon Astolfo's crossdressing by saying, "Perhaps you were indeed once a woman." Charlemagne says that Turpin was stronger than himself, recalling the time he defeated one thousand foes even after being impaled by fours spears and having his skull fractured.[149]

Urabe no Suetake[]

Urabe no SuetakeWP (卜部季武?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Archer class when summoned as a Servant.[150] He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He was the master of Count of Count Cagliostro in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt


UranusWP was a Machine God and Gaia's husband. He was also the first god of the heavens in greek mythology, before Kronos and Zeus.[151]

Usui Sadamitsu[]

Usui SadamitsuWP (碓井貞光?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Lancer and Rider classes when summoned as a Servant.[150] He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He was the master of Helena Blavatsky in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt.


UtuWP was a Mesopotamian god, and the father of Huwawa.[38]


VarunaWP is an Indian Divine Spirit, the God of Water, Rain, and Medicine. In the Indian Lostbelt, Arjuna Alter merged him with Asclepius to create a local Lōkapāla.

Vasco da Gama[]

Vasco da GamaWP (ヴァスコ・ダ・ガマ?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Caster class when summoned as a Servant.[77]


VayuWP is an Indian Divine Spirit, the God of Winds. In the Indian Lostbelt, Arjuna Alter merged him with William Tell to create a local Lōkapāla.


VercingetorixWP (ウェルキンゲトリクス, Werukingetorikusu?) is a Gaulic hero said to have successfully resisted roman invasions until he was defeated by Gaius Julius Caesar. He appears as a vengeful ghost in Romulus Quirinus's interlude in Fate/Grand Order. He manifested when one of Chaldea's stored Holy Grails reacted to Romulus Quirinus' divine aura, forming a temporary Saint Graph out of hatred against Rome itself and empathy towards Boudica.


VishnuWP is one of the three great gods of Indian mythology. Rama is a reincarnation of Vishnu, although they are still separate entities. Vishnu often sent messages to Rama in life when he had doubts or was lost. Appearing once in his dreams during Fate/Grand Order. Rama is uncertain if the one in his dreams was actually the real Vishnu, as his personality was quite strange. The Vishnu in his dreams is angry that Rama has not used Vishnu Bhuja, a Noble Phantasm bearing his name, and gives Rama trials to overcome.

Wernher von Braun[]

Wernher von BraunWP (ヴェルナー・フォン・ブラウン?) is an engineer. Within the World of Fate/EX, the Western European Plutocracy forced the technological freeze after the discovery of the Moon Cell. Von Braun is said to have disappeared after the space program was frozen.[152]

William Wordsworth[]

William WordsworthWP is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Caster class when summoned as a Servant.[134]

Wong Fei-hung[]

Wong Fei-hungWP is a Chinese martial artist described as the "master standing at the highest peak." Li Shuwen often spends imagining fighting him, dreaming of a moment where he can kill him.

Wright Brothers[]

The Wright BrothersWP (ライト兄弟?) are Heroic Spirits who would qualify for the Rider class when summoned as a Servant.[51]


YmirWP (ユーミル?), the Primordial Giant (原初の巨人?), is the first and progenitor of all Giants in Norse Mythology[153] whose name has been nearly erased from the Proper Human History.[154] Ymir's body was used by Odin to create most of the world, runes being the only exception.[22] Giants also formed from Ymir's body, the Jötunn.[153] Skadi is a descendant of Ymir, allowing her some control over giants.[155] Surtr embodies the remnants of Ymir's wrath,[156] having mostly inherited the destructive side of Ymir that was never recorded in the legends of Proper Human History.[154][157]


Sir YwainWP (サー・ユーウェイン?) is a knight associated with the Knights of the Round Table, known for fighting alongside lions. When Lancer Artoria switches her Saint Graph to Ruler, she gains the Skill Knight of the Lion, which may be one that would belong to him as a Servant.[158]

Kara no Kyoukai[]

Characters in the novel and film series Kara no Kyoukai.



Akino (昭野?) (Voiced by Hiroshi Iida) is a member of the group to which Keita Minato belongs. They are a street gang that is responsible for the abuse and rape of Fujino Asagami. After Fujino awakes her Mystic Eyes, she sets about murdering each of the members. He is the fifth victim before Kouhei, Fujino questioning him on the location of Keita before killing him.



Akira (アキラ?) is the pet dog of Shizune Seo that she keeps at Reien Girl's Academy. He is introduced in the film adaptation of Oblivion Recorder.

Black Cat[]


The Black Cat (黒猫?) is a pet cat temporarily in the care of Mikiya Kokutou. Though it greatly likes him, he looks to find a new home for it due to being away constantly because of his work. When it stays with Shiki Ryougi, it ignores both her and Azaka Kokutou, simply standing around waiting for Mikya to return.



Chris (クリス?) is the childhood dog of Shizune Seo.


The unnamed doctor (voiced by Yuuichi Ishigami) is the physician who prepared the necessary medicine Hanefune Asakami needed to seal Fujino Asagami's Mystic Eyes. He was unaware of the side effect of removing her sense of pain when confronted by Mikiya Kokutou



Kouhei (康平?) (Voiced by Yūichi NakamuraWP) is one of the seven members of the group to which Keita Minato belongs. They are a street gang that is responsible for the abuse and rape of Fujino Asagami. After Fujino awakes her Mystic Eyes, she sets about murdering each of the members. While Mikiya Kokutou is attempting to track down Kouhei for information on Keita, Fujino finds and murders him before being confronted by Shiki Ryougi.



The unnamed Leader (リーダー?) (Voiced by Hiroki YasumotoWP) is the head of the group to which Keita Minato belongs. They are a street gang that is responsible for the abuse and rape of Fujino Asagami. He is the first to chronologically appear, abusing Fujino while she pleads for them to stop. After she regains her sense of pain after another member hits her with a baseball bat, she kills the leader with her reawakened Mystic Eyes as he attempts to stab her while raping her.

Mr. Kokutou[]


Mr. Kokutou is the father of Mikiya Kokutou and Azaka Kokutou.

Mrs. Kokutou[]


Mrs. Kokutou is the mother of Mikiya Kokutou and Azaka Kokutou.



The unnamed professor (voiced by Hiroshi IwasakiWP[159]) is a Japanese college professor who once taught Touko Aozaki. Familiar with the existence of psychic abilities, he explains them with an analogy using television channels.[160] Touko sends Mikiya Kokutou to see him with one of her business cards.[161][162]

Shouichi Takagi[]

Shouichi Takagi (高木彰一?) is a murder victim of Fujino Asagami. Unrelated to the gang Fujino Asagami, she twisted his head off while he was driving due to a barely conscious Fujino staggering into the path of his vehicle. He is not counted among the six murders that are later rumored to be connected to Fujino.

Uncle Kokutou[]


Uncle Kokutou is the brother of Mr. Kokutou and legal guardian of his niece, Azaka Kokutou. She requested that he adopt her so as to be away from her brother Mikiya due to her feelings towards him. He is an artist.

Yasunori Fujou[]

The Fujou family

Yasunori Fujou (巫条康紀?) is the father of Kirie Fujou. Along with his wife and son, they all die in an accident, leaving Kirie alone in the hospital. Souren Araya pretends to have been a friend of Yasunori in order to provide care for her and use her in his plan involving Shiki Ryougi.

Mahou Tsukai no Hako[]

Hiroko Yamauchi[]


Hiroko Yamauchi (山内溥子, Yamauchi Hiroko?) is a member of Class 1-A in Kamamisaki High School.

Kiyomi Kodama[]


Kiyomi Kodama (児玉清美, Kodama Kiyomi?) is a member of Class 1-A in Kamamisaki High School.



Momota (百田?) is the homeroom teacher of Chikagi Katsuragi and Hibiki Hibino in Kamamisaki High School.


Nonomiya (ノノミヤ?) is a teacher in Kamamisaki High School. He is familiar with Chikagi Katsuragi's sister Chidori Katsuragi.


Characters in the short story Notes.

Type Mars[]

Type Mars (タイプ・マーズ, Taipu Māzu?) is the Ultimate One of Mars (火星のアルテミット・ワン, Kasei no Arutemitto Wan?). It is not detailed in Notes.

Type Pluto[]

Type Pluto (タイプ・プルート, Taipu Purūto?) is the Ultimate One of Pluto (冥王星のアルテミット・ワン, Meiōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It was destroyed by the Six Sisters, who confronted Pluto to prevent it from entering the planet. The blood of Pluto covered the planet and became what is known as the "blood sky", the area above the ashen sea of clouds. It is believed that the clouds are a defensive membrane that the Six Sisters expanded, which has managed to keep the remaining two Aristotles, whose entry had been prevented, swimming like fish in the clouds.

Type Neptune[]

Type Neptune (タイプ・ネプチューン, Taipu Nepuchūn?) is the Ultimate One of Neptune (海王星のアルテミット・ワン, Kaiōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It has not been described. Along with Type Uranus, it destroyed the majority of the Leaves of Yggdrasil, the Type Venus monitoring base, during the Type Uranus and Type Neptune firing operation.

Type Uranus[]

Type Uranus (タイプ・ウラヌス, Taipu Uranusu?) is the Ultimate One of Uranus (天王星のアルテミット・ワン, Ten'ōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It has not been described. Along with Type Neptune, it destroyed the majority of the Leaves of Yggdrasil, the Type Venus monitoring base, during the Type Uranus and Type Neptune firing operation.


Characters in the visual novels Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, in the fighting game Melty Blood series, and other related side stories.

Akemi Yamase[]

Akemi Yamase (山瀬 明美, Yamase Akemi?) is the sister of Maiko Yamase that appears briefly in Kagetsu Tohya short story Daybreak, itself written from her sisters point of view.

Her presence in the final scene of Daybreak provides her sister the motivation to resist the hunger from chaos beasts in her inherited Reality Marble and gather them all inside her own body for Shiki to kill with his eyes.


Einnashe (アインナッシュ, Ainasshe?, also romanized as Ainnash) is the former seventh of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors before being slain by Arcueid Brunestud and being replaced by the Forest of Einnashe. He was a magus who transformed himself into a Dead Apostle. He was a specialist in hypnotism, able to use a Reality Marble which allowed for "memory remodeling", to manipulate the memories of everyone he encountered, including True Ancestor Arcueid Brunestud, with such precision to make them entirely forget his existence. The suggestions worked on the basis of "understanding", having told her "There is no Dead Apostle Einnashe", so Len's master was able to dive into Arcueid's subconscious to make the order impossible to recall, allowing the information on Einnashe to resurface. Arcueid killed Einnashe and his entire clan, and she carelessly left his body under a bloodsucking tree, which accidentally sucked the Dead Apostle's blood over time and transformed the entire forest into a Phantasmal Species, the second generation of the vampire Einnashe.[163]


Eins (アインス, Ainsu?) is an agent of the Church sent to follow Ciel in subduing the Forest of Einnashe. He is over fifty years old. Merem Solomon shows up instead, claiming that he ate Eins. He says to report back that Eins was killed by the forest because he had reached a proper age for retirement anyway.

Fumio Arima[]

Fumio Arima (有間 文臣, Arima Fumio?) is Miyako Arima's father. He and his wife, Keiko Arima, took care of Shiki Tohno during his time away from the Tohno family.

Keiko Arima[]

Keiko Arima

Keiko Arima (有間 啓子, Arima Keiko?) is Miyako Arima's mother. She and her husband, Fumio Arima, took care of Shiki Tohno during his time away from the Tohno family.



Lance (ランス, Ransu?) is a student of Camelot International School in Hana no Miyako, serving the student council president Artoria Pendragon. He is based on Lancelot.

Len's master[]

Len's master.jpg

The unnamed creator of Len was a magus active eight hundred years before the modern era. He created Len as a familiar from infusing the leftover thoughts of a deceased human girl into the body of a dead cat. He helped Arcueid Brunestud defeat Einnashe.

Lord Rozay-en[]

Lord Rozay-en (ロズィーアン卿?) is a Dead Apostle. His faction is one of the largest in the Dead Apostle society. He transformed at the same time as his daughters. Due to the inability for Dead Apostles to procreate, he is troubled over the lack of a grandchild.[164]



Mecha-Shiki (メカ志貴, Meka-Shiki?) is a parody character featured in a Drama CD involving Illyasviel von Einzbern and Ruby from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, Hisui, Mech-Hisui, Kohaku, and Akiha Tohno. Like Mech-Hisui, he is a creation of Kohaku. He is voiced by Kenji NojimaWP.

Narbareck (Ancestor)[]

Narbareck (ナルバレック, Narubarekku?) is the ancestor of Narbareck. She was the co-founder of the Agency along with Michael Roa Valdamjong, and each director since then has always been one of her descendants.[165] She knew of Roa's intentions to become a Dead Apostle in pursuit of his immortality, but said she would be unwilling to leave the Church and could not live with him. Despite the Burial Agency's goals of hunting heretics, she showed no plans to stop Roa's transformation, even going to say that she would tell her own child, "After around a hundred years, another newcomer Dead Apostle will appear. It is pointless to take notice of him, so ignore him." He then explained that would be unnecessary because the strongest True Ancestor sucking his blood would quickly turn him into the strongest Dead Apostle.[166] In Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- it is mentioned that she is a stigmaticWP.

Youichi Takada[]

Youichi Takada (高田 陽一, Takada Yōichi?) is a classmate of Shiki Tohno and Arihiko Inui. He is a "mysterious character" who occasionally shows up, described as "something you'd see in a manga." No details of his life are known, and he has a great personality. He rides a Honda Dream 50WP.[167]

Tsuki no Sango[]

Characters in the short story Tsuki no Sango.

Prince of Arishima[]

Prince of Arishima

The Prince of Arishima (アリシマの君, Arishima no Kimi?) is an unnamed suitor seeking marriage with the Storyteller Girl due to the island she inhabits being the "hope of humanity." As with the previous fifteen suitors, he is given an impossible task used to define her view of love, so he leaves angrily without even attempting it. Even more impossible than normal, she asks for a fish from the Moon that obviously does not exist, and it would involve taking the one-way journey to the Moon without a method of return. She justifies it in that him showing up on a full moon without any tact makes it his fault. He is more humble towards the rejection in the manga adaptation, understanding that she has her own circumstances. He envies the peacefulness of the island, wishing that the world could reflect it.


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    5-10 [NPC]
    Gou Tou-kun.
    Found on the first floor of the Old School Building
    An ordinary student NPC you find in front of the caretaker’s office where Jinako has holed herself up.
    He is good at imitating people... well maybe it’s better to say that imitation is his life. He has the rather odd ability to completely take up the role of characters from movies he has recently watched. This is why his lines, behavior, and mannerisms change from chapter to chapter. From chapter 5 onwards he disappears. The reason for this is explained by the NPC found in front of the school store.

    [TL Note: His name Gou Tou is a word play on the Japanese pronunciation of 5 and 10]


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    Edelfelt Conversion Family from Finland. Like Tohsaka, prefer jewels magic, which uses the attribute of conversion.
    Barthomeloi Almighty Old line even in the Magic Association. One of the families of the rulers, the Lords. Embodiments of perfectionism and aristrocracy.
    Milyonecalion Prosperity One of the top magi in the magic world, known also by the name "Giver of All Sealing Designations" (or other way around?). Details are unknown.
    Jewel Killer Halting One of the remarkable magi in history, affiliated with the Sea of Estray, the mysterious prototype of the Magic Association.
    Hermes Silis Atlasia Future Magus from one of the divisions of the Magic Association, the Atlas Institute, the association for the magi and alchemists of Egypt.
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    True Magic. This is a different mystery than magery. Magi call the events that are unachievable by magery and science in that age True Magic. If that event could be achieved by time and resources, then no matter the difficulty, that event will not be seen as True Magic.
    When the civilization of mankind was still young, all magery had been True Magic. But along with the advancement of science, the number of things that "could be done" by people had increased, and in exchange, True Magic diminished. The number of remaining "True Magics" in the modern era are extremely few, only 5. In "Fate/stay night", the achievement of one of these, the "Third True Magic", occupied the portion of the Grail War that could also be said to be its base.
    All magi strive to arrive at "True Magic". Even if they can't reach it, the next generation will. Even the next generation can't reach it, then the one after....and like that, thus was weaved the history of trial and error of magery.

    True Magic
    First True Magic One of the oldest True Magics but the details about it are unknown. What it involves appears to be common knowledge to some magi of privileged rank. The user of the First has already passed away, but it is said that the person that would be his heir is still alive, barely.
    Second True Magic The True Magic that observes the infinite parallel worlds and travels between alternative worlds. Its user is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. With this magic, this man was able to create a jewel sword to absorb mana from the other worlds and a box that could store an immense amount of objects.
    Third True Magic Materialization of the soul, in other words, the magic that realizes true immortality. When accomplished, the practitioner will acquire an unlimited source of magical energy due to the soul becoming analogous to a perpetual motion machine. This is the Magic of the Einzbern lineage, and the Holy Grail War was established to acquire this Magic.
    Fourth True Magic Like the First True Magic, the details about it are unknown. What it involves hasn't been heard of either. But, the currently existing wizards, when pointing out to the Fourth True Magic, they'll all say "it is there for sure", and will agree that it exists. Also, they don't know the name of the user either.
    Fifth True Magic The True Magic that the Traveling Magician Aozaki Aoko inherited from her grandfather. Its nickname is "Magic Blue." The user Aozaki Aoko is average as a magus but displays transcendence with destruction. Because of this trait, there is a rumor that "Magic Blue" is also a True Magic involving destruction.

    •The Five Magicians
    There are five True Magics left in the current age. Those who use them are called "Magicians". The user of the First Magic, the oldest True Magic, is said to be dead, so the ones that are "still alive" are four. Let's say that "what had been possible only by True Magic" then becomes achievable by developments in magery or scientific technology. True Magic will be lowered to a mere "craft". Many True Magics were lost from the world like that. Then, can the power of "True Magic" only fade out hereon? No. The arrival of magi at existing or as of yet uncharted new Magic can allow new True Magic to be born and the numbers to be increased. Needless to say, this is far more difficult than a camel passing through the eye of a needle and finding one speck of a jewel in a desert. However, it's not impossible. The existence of the Wizards is proof of that. Thus, magi strive for the heights of True Magic. Believing they will one day reach the stars in the skies with their own hands, they continue dedicating themselves to their studies daily.

    •Death of True Magic, Death of a Magician
    A Magician, just like a magus, has a long life. If one uses life-prolonging magic, it wouldn't be impossible to live a few hundred, a few thousand years either. But, the "end" will come for sure. Then, would the death of a Magician mean the death of the True Magic he uses? No, it would not. True Magic will be passed on to the inheritor of the next generation and will not disappear. If True Magic were to die, it would only be when it could be realized by normal means.

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    The Grand-class doll maker that has appeared in some form or other in a multitude of Type Moon works.
    In the Case Files timeline, her Sealing Designation was removed when she made her appearance. However, since a certain ending in Fate/stay night has her described as “Sealing Designated,” that will probably only last for a few more years…
    Between things like the special “box” she keeps inside for special occasions, to the crystal familiars she collects that fire beams like a certain little sister, in a story like Case Files where magi are the main attraction, her abilities become even more impressive.
    After being given entirely free reign in the Iselma incident, she began to follow the Heartless case entirely out of a sense of curiosity. In the middle of the incident, however, the Neutralist faction commissioned her for a formal investigation. In normal circumstances she would have simply refused the assignment, but at that time the compensation she was supposed to receive from Iselma had been reduced to ash (by her own hands). Oh, what a travesty, doll maker!
    Furthermore, due to circumstances, she already had experience visiting the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.
    From the start, though only for a short time, the reason for the removal of her Sealing Designation was because Millieune Carillon, head of Sealing Designations and the one responsible for removing her Designation, and her were…


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    The Tohsaka family head during the very first Holy Grail War, two hundred years ago.
    He took part in the ritual at the request of Makiri Zouken and Justeaze.
    Though traditionally the Tohsaka were a clan of secret Christians, one day a strange old man appeared out of nowhere and led them astray. Ever since then, they have devoted themselves to the world of sorcery.
    With their contacts in the Holy Church and favorable treatment from the Association as disciples of a magician, they are in an enviable position.
    It is due to their connections with both organizations that they were appointed the managers of Fuyuki.
    At any rate, Nagato viewed sorcery and martial arts as equal, and was attempting to reach the Root via a state of mushin (no-mind) when he was recruited by the Einzberns and Makiri.
    As you might expect from Rin's ancestor, he was prone to goofing up. Also, it seems that his daughter was the one with talent for sorcery, and ended up being far more useful in the construction of the Great Holy Grail than her father was.

    遠坂の先祖は隠れて国外宗教の信徒をやっていた人だが、フラリと現れたへンな爺さんにこっちの道に勧 誘され、以後魔術の世界に傾倒した。
    無の境地を経て根源に触れようとしていた所を、アインツベル ンとマキリに勧誘された。

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    Q: Shinji's mother is a "Carrier", what kind of pathogen is she carrying? Is she a "God's Holder"?

    Q: Shinji's mother is a "Carrier", what kind of pathogen is she carrying? Is she a "God's Holder"?

    A: No, nothing special of that sort. According to Zouken, she is the daughter of "a random third-rate magus".
    [Note: "Carriers" retain remnants of mysteries from the Age of Gods as pathogens like bacteria and viruses. The Fraga McRemitz lineage of course is an exceptionally powerful example, Shinji's mother unfortunately is of the bottom of the barrel.]

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    Hakuno: "I've never seen her, but she sounds like an outrageous AI."

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    These are artificial lifeforms created in order to allow the holy Grail War to proceed smoothly.
    They may seem the same as NPCs because they are manufactured beings, but High Level AI have firmly defined liberties and personalities, and they also are bestowed with a soul.
    Due to the high cost of manufacturing High Level AI, they are not reset even after a Holy Grail War has finished.
    They make an appearance filling standard character roles in each Holy Grail War.
    High Level AI include:
    Father Kotomine, whose duty is to supervise the Masters.
    Sakura, whose duty is to manage and maintain the Masters’ health.
    Disciplinary Chairperson, who keeps an eye out for bad conduct within the school.
    Ms. Taiga, who directs the schedule each day.
    The mysterious black panther Makiji.
    ...and more.

    The group of High Level AI also seems to include Sister Karen Caren, whose jurisdiction is carrying out the punishment of Masters, however she doesn’t seem to make an appearance in the Holy Grail War that the protagonist participated in.
    Also, the memories that the High Level AI have obtained are unable to be deleted by themselves. No matter how sad and depressing a memory may be they are forced to keep it with them forever, and of course submitting their memories to Moon Cell is the reason that they exist.


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    "Velber" is the name of the predatory Umbral Star, also known as the Harvest Star. Like a comet, it flies on a set orbit through space, passing through the Milky Way galaxy once every 14,000 Earth years.
    Its appearance resembles a crying eye.
    It destroys all intelligent civilizations in its path, and in doing so, it consumes all digital data within reach.
    The last time it passed through Earth's orbit, it annihilated virtually all sentient life on the planet, and plundered 80% of the Moon Cell's data.
    It is thought to be a product of the same alien civilization that created the Moon Cell, although its form and purpose are obviously very different.
    The true motive of the Umbral Star remains unclear, but during its previous attack on Earth, the Moon Cell did get a chance to analyze its structure.
    Within Velber is a central part that could be considered its core, surrounded by layers of armor made of numerous "Arks of the Stars," individual space vessels.
    If one considers the main body of Velber to be its central core, the surrounding portions are its self-made invasion weapons. Each layer of armor has its own distinct means of annihilating civilizations.
    Velber's form strikes an optimal balance between offense and defense, and it has utilized that balance to wage victorious war against all sentient life in its path for eons.
    The Ark of the Stars that carried the "White Titan" Altera to Earth was only one of three Arks that came to Earth in the previous cycle.
    The other two, the "Big Brother" and "Little Sister" of Altera, are not mentioned in this game.


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    The containers that the predatory Umbral Star drops upon the domain that has been targeted as an object for harvest.
    They are space vessels that lack the ability to navigate via spatial jumping, and are loaded with one fighting unit whose mission is to destroy civilization.
    Altera’s Ark of the Stars is numbered “Velber 02.”
    Each Ark has inherited the characteristics of a different alien civilization, so the contents of Velber 01 and Velber 03 are completely distinct organisms right down to their manner of existence.


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    Q: Looking at Case Files Information, it sounds like the First Magic was made later than Third Magic? (Also I seem to like you sleep all day?)

    Q: Looking at Case Files Information, it sounds like the First Magic was made later than Third Magic? (Also I seem to like you sleep all day?)

    Nasu: HOW YOUNG!! Instead of sleeping all day, I spend almost everyday just sleeping!!

    To return to the main topic, the situation is somewhat complicated. The Third Magic itself existed before the Common Era, but it disappeared alongside the End of the Gods (It cannot be recreated), and 1000 years later the one who recreated it was Juzteaze. The reason why the First is called the First is a very special reason to its special nature.
    Takeuchi: You know for awhile now, this corner have been asking us the Setting Information that we haven't revealed properly yet. How impressive.
    Nasu: This is probably the last time for this, so I decided to take all the question without resorting to just jokes, at least the ones I can right now.

    ロード・エルメロイII世の事件簿のマチリアルによると、第三魔法は紀元前100年ごろから伝わっていたようですが、第一魔法の使い手が誕生したのはAD第一魔法の方があとに成立したといたとでしょうか?? <たまに一日い>

    奈: 若いな!いいコトです!こっちはた。まにどころか毎日1日中眠いです。それはそれとして、ちょいここややこしいのですが、第三魔法そのものは西日以前らあったものの、神代の終わりと共に失(実現不可)になってしまいました。すこれを1000年たって再現可能状態にしたのがユスティーツァとなります。また、一魔法が「第一」と分類されるのは、その特性も関与しています。
    武: さっきから知らない設定がどんどん示されていく……このコーナーすげえ……
    奈: 最後だからか、みんな遊びのない質が多かったんだよ。こっちも最後だからできるだけ答えています。

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    Q: Is Zelretch's name that well known?

    Q: Is Zelretch's name that well known?

    Nasu: Old bloodlines teach their children his name, and even young families have heard that "in the Clock Tower the great magician who led the World of Magecraft into battle long ago is still alive". Those who rise to the rank of Cause may eventually hear of another Magician by the name of Yumina.
    Takeuchi: Is Zelretch still a vampire in Fate worlds?
    Nasu: No, but he's got something along the lines of immortality all the same.

    ? <>


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    Alice Kuonji

    • Birthday: September 30
    • Height: 152 cm
    • Weight: 42 Kg
    • Likes: Plain persons
    • Dislikes: Dishonourable persons
    • Day of Decisive Battle: Tower of London
    • Magecraft System: Yumina
    • Circuit Quality: A+
    • Circuit Quantity: A++
    • Circuit Composition: Abormal

    Nasu's comment: The last witch, heir to a system of Magecraft unlike any other within the fiction of Type Moon. To her, the distinction between Magecraft and Magic is almost meaningless. Even making a world is within her ability. But then again, what is a witch? Sadly, you won't get an answer until next time. She has a cool and collected demeanor, but her girlish creativity makes her the number 1 dreamer in this work. Her mother named her Alice after the character in the "Alice in wonderland" book. Both mother and daughter are fairy tale characters. The fact that she barely shows any skin and yet still looks so erotic is an example of the Koyama Magic. The mannequin aura in her casual clothes is very strange. The penguin costume is simply cheating. That too is an example of the Koyama Magic.

    Koyama's comment: It was easy to draw a cold and quiet beauty, but I found drawing the subtle differences in her expressions to be difficult. However Nasu-san's comment: "The inside of Alice is that of a child" solved that issue for me. From those early days to the character she is today, it is all connected. That was the biggest or second biggest paradigm shift during the production but ever since then she became dramatically easier to draw. Her school uniform is a slightly modified one from the Reien Academy which Touko also attended. And because I wanted to make use of Alice's slim body, I might have made it a little too tight.


    • 生日: 9月30日
    • 身長: 152cm
    • 体重: 42kg
    • 好きなもの: 飾りのないひと
    • 嫌いなもの: 敬いのないひと
    • 決戦の日: ロンドン塔
    • 魔術系統: ユミナ
    • 魔術回路 / 質: A+
    • 魔術回路 / 量: A++
    • 魔術回路 / 編成: 異質

    型月伝奇では反則的な魔術系統を持つ、最後の魔女。魔法と魔術の関係とかほとんどブチ壊し。本気でワールドメイキング可能な領域にいるが、 魔女ってなんなの?という話はまた次の機会に。クールな素振りだが、少女的空想力は作中NO・1の夢見る少女。アリスという名前は母親が「不 思議の国のアリス」からいただいたもの。親子そろってメルヘンである。露出度はほぼゼロなのに全体的にエロいのはまさにこやまマジック。私 服姿のマヌカンオーラは異常。ペンギン姿は卑怯。それもこやまマジックです。

    無口なクールビューティというのはイラストにはし易いですが、ゲームの表情差分を描こうと思うと難しい物でした。が、奈須さんの「有珠の中 身は子供のまま」という一言でそれは氷解しました。その生い立ちから現在のキャラクターまで一本に繋がった訳です。制作中1、2を争う大き なパラダイムシフトで、以降劇的に描き易くなりました。制服は橙子も通っていた礼園女学院のもので少しアレンジされてます。有珠のスリムな シルエットを活かすためとはいえ、ややピタピタにしすぎたかも。

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    1: My Lord, what precisely is the Abyss (深淵, Shinen?)?
    2: Is there actually something further down than the Underworld?

    There is. The World of Mesopotamia comprises of Heaven and Earth. That which here lies below the Earth known as the Underworld -- and deeper still there rests the Abyss.
    The Abyss is an Ocean of Void (無の海, Mu no Umi?). It is from those dark waters that the God Apsu and the Goddess Tiamat manifested, crafting the World of Mesopotamia.
    If it must be described, it is the Sea of Dawn (黎明の海, Reimei no Umi?), which existed before the creation of life.
    Being that the God Enki has at present vacated his posting as the Administrator of the Abyss, were one to plunge into it now, there would be no returning.

    It's the place where Lord Gilgamesh sought the Herb of Immortality (不老不死の霊草, Furou-Fushi no Reisou?), isn't it?

    1: 王、深淵とは?
    2: 冥界のさらに下があるのですか?



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    Aias [Person's name]
    A hero who fought alongside Achilles during the Trojan War. There is both an Aias the Great and an Aias the Lesser, but neither of them met a decent end. The shield of Aias the Great is the famous “Rho Aias: Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens”.


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    Rho Aias [Noble Phantasm]
    The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens.
    In Greek mythology, the shield used by the hero Aias during the Trojan War.
    It was a bronze shield covered by seven layers of ox hide, and the only thing that proved capable of stopping the javelin of the great hero of Troy, Hector. (Though it managed to penetrate six layers of ox hide, the seventh layer was unbroken.)
    Afterward, its fame spread, and its existence was eventually sublimed into a "conceptual armament" boasting absolute defensive power against thrown weapons.
    It is the only defensive armament Archer can use proficiently.
    The Rho Aias that protected Shirou's spellcasting during the finale of the Rin route was not something he projected himself, but was actually made by Archer who was watching the battle from a distance.

    ロー・アイアス 【宝具】

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  59. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Kiyohime (Berserker) Profile [T]

    Kiyohime - Berserker

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: BLACK
    Voice Actor: Risa Taneda

    Strength: E
    Endurance: E
    Agility: C
    Mana: E
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Personal Skills
    Shapeshift: C
    Stalking: B

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: EX

    Noble Phantasm
    Tenshin Kashou Zanmai
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Beloved, so missed, beloved, so missed, betrayed, so sad, so sad, sosadsosadsosad, sohatefulsohatefulsohatefulsohatefulhatehatehateha tehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehateha tehatehatehatehatehatehatehate -- so I burned him to death.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 158cm・41kg
    Source: "Kiyohime Legend"
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    A (self-styled) woman that lives for love.

    Level 2 Bond
    Introduced in the "Kiyohime Legend". She fell in love at first sight with the handsome monk Anchin, who requested for a single night's lodgings while on his way to a temple in Kumano. However, upon visiting Anchin late at night, Kiyohime was bluntly rejected. Nevertheless, Anchin promised to meet her again while on his way back from the temple in Kumano. However--

    Level 3 Bond
    Anchin broke his promise out of fear for Kiyohime and ended up running away without meeting her. Noticing that, Kiyohime felt into despair, grief and resentment over being betrayed, turned into a dragon and began to pursue him. Finally catching up at a temple, she burned Anchin to death while he was hiding inside a bell.

    Level 4 Bond
    There are no records of her having the blood of the Dragon Kind mixed in. There was only a persistent deep-rooted delusion towards the human she was deeply in love with.
    ...in other words, one could say that transforming into a dragon just with a "misconception" is an manifestation of her tenacity.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Tenshin Kashou Zanmai"
    Rank: EX  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm (self)
    A fire-breathing great serpent. That is, a turnover into a dragon. If she is summoned as a Servant, this will last for only 1 turn, but the force of the dragon's breath is tremendous.

    Since she seems to believe the Master is the reincarnation of Anchin, special care is required in managing her. If you lie to her even after being reminded that she does not want to be lied to, there is a chance she might come to take away your Command Spells. That aside, she is a fine bride with a good disposition and skillful in cooking.

    清姫 - バーサーカー



    変化 C
    ストーキング B

    狂化 EX


    愛しくて、恋しくて、愛しくて、恋しくて、裏切られて、悲 しくて、悲しくて、悲しくて悲しくて悲しくて、憎くて憎くて憎くて憎くて憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎憎――だから焼き殺しました。

    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性




    ランク:EX  種別:対人宝具(自身)


    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Kiyohime (Lancer) Profile [T]

    Kiyohime - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: BLACK
    Voice Actor: Risa Taneda

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: B
    Mana: E
    Luck: A+
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Pursuer of Love: A
    Bathtub Flip: A
    Pursuer of Love: A

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: EX
    Magic Resistance: D

    Noble Phantasm
    Doujou-ji Kane Hyakuhachi-shiki Karyu-nagi
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Burn, burn, burnburnburnburnburnburnburn--- alas, this is surely a passionate love! Vexa! Tion! (1)
    ...as you can see, this is Miss Kiyohime on a strange high tension. Hey you! Don't go saying that her tension being strange is an everyday occurrence.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 158cm・41kg
    Source: "Kiyohime Legend"
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    A woman that lives for love (in other words, the same as usual).

    Level 2 Bond
    Having been summoned as a Lancer this time around, she possesses a naginata. Her own testimony is: "Of course, as a maiden, I have a general understanding about martial arts. However, with the slender arms of a frail and helpless woman such as myself, it would not come to the point of being useful. Alas, how regretful." Still, while her competency with the naginata is indeed second-rate just as she herself stated, given her overflowing killing-intent and lack of mercy, there are rumors of how she would actually be peerless in the battlefield.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Pursuer of Love: A

    Stalking's power-up version. The summer heat makes Kiyohime's internal engine accelerate. Howling entrails, accelerating lungs, a breath in which the scent of nitro hangs; no matter in which place the other party is, she beings a super-high-high-speed pursuit.

    Level 4 Bond
    ...well, in other words, it is the same Kiyohime as usual; but how about losing yourself and praising her swimsuit since it is summer. Surely, this summer will pass away in the blink of an eye... under the nuance of being locked up somewhere by a Kiyohime that was overcame with emotion.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Doujou-ji Kane Hyakuhachi-shiki Karyu-nagi"
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1  Max Targets: 1
    Locking up the opponent in a bell, piercing him with a naginata and blowing him away by a hair's breadth. Despite being on the height of summer, it is top-class in regards to being sultry. Because of that, it has an extremely bad reputation among Servants who travel together with her.

    ...That being said, due also Kiyohime being born in ancient Japan, she has an exceedingly great reluctance towards swimsuits... in short, it seems this is extremely embarrassing for her.
    And yet, she is gallantly enduring it in order to please the Master. So, in order to also release her tension, you should surely praise that she looks good on a swimsuit.
    But please be advised, we will not concern ourselves at all with any accident that may arise at that occasion.

    清姫 - ランサー



    情熱の炎夏 A
    水浴転身 A
    恋の追跡者 A

    狂化 EX
    対魔力 D


    燃えて、燃えて、燃えて燃えて燃えて燃えて燃えて燃えて燃えて━━━━嗚呼、これこそまさに情熱の恋! わず! らい! ……という訳で、何だか妙なテンションの清姫さんである。ハイそこ、テンションがおかしいのはいつものことだとか言わない。

    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性




    ランク:A  種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1  最大補足:1人

    ……何だかんだで、清姫は古い日本で生まれたということもあり、 水着に対しては極めて強い抵抗感……要するに、滅茶苦茶恥ずかしいらしい。
    それでもマスターが喜ぶためとけなげに我慢しているので、 彼女の緊張を解くためにも、水着が似合っていることは是非褒めてあげよう。

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  66. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Sherlock Holmes (Ruler) Profile [T]

    Sherlock Holmes - Ruler

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Kotetsu Yamanaka
    Voice Actor: Takahiro Mizushima

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B+
    Mana: B
    Luck: A++
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Innate Discernment: A++
    Hypothetical Reasoning: A+
    Baritsu: B++

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: EX

    Noble Phantasm
    Elementary, My Dear: This is an Elementary Matter, My Friend
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-World Noble Phantasm

    The world’s sole and greatest consulting detective.
    The crystallization of the concept of detective; the representative of “those who reveal”.
    The protagonist of the stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in the 19th~20th Century, he is a detective who explains all enigmas and one of the ancestors of the “detectives” that appear on the many mystery novels of later years—--
    Or so it is assumed.
    But what is really the truth?

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 183cm・65kg
    Source: Sherlock Holmes Series
    Region: England, the whole world
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Male
    For argument’s sake, if he was really originated from the stories, then there is a possibility of not only Doyle’s novels but also its pastiches having been included... according to the Chaldea staff’s gossips.

    Level 2 Bond
    Thoughtful and yet dynamic. Bold and yet precise.
    And also a calm, level-headed man.
    No sort of enigma, crime and conspiracy can escape Holmes’ sight. Be that a fearsome murderer, an ancient curse, a monster of the dark night or a supranational secret society; he shall disclose them all--- and defeat them if necessary. By means of a sharp sword called truth.

    That way of being has already exceeded the realms of men, and is already the embodiment of a “wise one”, “one who reveals”.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Innate Discernment: A++

    The ability to perceive the true nature of things. His sharp eyes for observation will not overlook any sort of information. Although their principles are completely different, this can read into the future in a way that is similar to the future prediction of Clairvoyance.

    • Baritsu: B++

    Learned an Oriental martial arts that is extremely real combat-oriented.
    Other than employing striking techniques that combine this skill with boxing, Sherlock Holmes also have counters and grappling throws as his forte.
    If the conditions are right, he can even employ a special move that is in par with the release of True Name of a Noble Phantasm, but...

    Level 4 Bond
    "This is an Elementary Matter, My Friend"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-World
    Elementary, My Dear.
    The Noble Phantasm that Sherlock Holmes acquired upon manifesting as a Servant. His Origin - “Elucidation” - sublimated as a Noble Phantasm.
    Even if the enigma he faces is truly an existence that cannot be explained, clues and paths for reaching the truth will always “appear”.
    Even if there was a treasure chest whose key has been lost, said key will turn out to be “not lost”, and would certainly be possible to locate it somewhere in the world.
    (However, as expected, it will not suddenly appear in his hands. Either Holmes or his collaborators must find it, wherever it may be).

    Level 5 Bond
    Originally a constantly active-type of Noble Phantasm, but release of True Name is performed in “Fate/GO”.
    Upon release of True Name, an unidentified “sphere” appears, emitting a dazzling light on the surroundings. It weakens the enemy camp and strengthens the ally camp. Even an against an unbeatable opponent, Holmes will discover a path to defeat him.

    Also, its True Name is one of the famous words associated with Holmes, yet the first instance in which it was attributed to him was not on Doyle’s novels, but actually the stage play produced・scripted・starred by William Gillette. It has been said that Doyle praised the Holmes played by Gillete as “surpassing my novels”.
    Incidentally, the common assumption is that Gillete conceived it based on Holmes’ “elementary” remark towards Watson from Doyle’s short story - “The Adventure of the Crooked Man”.

    Heroic Spirit Holmes is the fake resemblance of Dr. Joseph Bell (his model), Doyle himself, and the world oldest detective, Vidocq---
    Not. He manifest as the protagonist of a novel series (or so we are lead to believe by his behavior).

    In the end, is the story of Sherlock Holmes a literary creation invented by Sir Doyle, or something written down by Dr. John H. Watson as a romantic tale about the real Holmes, or maybe even a blend between these two?
    At the very least, Holmes himself should know this. But he never speaks of it himself, and constantly evades the subject whenever it comes up.

    シャーロック・ホームズ - ルーラー



    天賦の見識 A++
    仮説推論 A+
    バリツ B++

    陣地作成 EX



    属性:中立・善  性別:男性





    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具/対界宝具





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  72. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - Meltlilith (Alter Ego) Matrix

    Class: Alter Ego
    Name: Meltlilith
    Master: BB
    Noble Phantasm: Saraswati Meltout (Benzaiten's Five String Biwa)
    Keyword: Crime ballet, composite divinity
    Strength: E, Endurance: C, Agility: A+, Magic: A, Luck: B
    Constitution of an Abuser: A, Melt Virus: EX, Riding: B


    01 - Saraswati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five String Biwa
    The Noble Phantasm that BB gave to this Alter Ego.
    Originally, it was not an Anti-Unit but an Anti-Group, Anti-World Noble Phantasm. It was not something to be used in combat or by a warrior, but rather something used on a civilization with an established culture.
    Meltlilith's honey sweetly melts not only the body but also the soul. This Noble Phantasm melts the community's good sense and morals to integrate it into a single unit resembling a colony.
    Trampling and absorbing that slimified body, heart, and society is its original ability.
    Its immense effectiveness against non-combatants oozes Meltlilith's nastiness.

    Its ingredient is one of the Seven Deities of Good Luck—equated with three Munakata goddesses, Ugajin, etc.—Benzaiten.
    This is the biwa of Benzaiten—who controls "things that flow", such as natural phenomena (among other things, water and wind), music and words, speech, poetry and prose—given form as a Noble Phantasm. The origin of Benzaiten is the river goddess of Hindu mythology, Saraswati. She was born from the god of creation Brahma, but she was unable to stand the passionate gaze of Brahma, who desired her as his consort due to her overwhelming beauty, and desperately ran from him; such account shows her to be a goddess who is timid when faced with love. Saraswati is a goddess who rules over the arts and academics, and after being worshipped as Benzaiten, she has gained authority over increase of wealth as well.

    02 - Crime Ballet
    Merely a battle style. The result of Meltlilith, who adores classical ballet, retuning herself: an arrangement of various offensive skills. She came to possess diverse powers by converting already completed stories/stages into skills.
    Those references are quite diverse. Below are explanations for them.
    "The Name of the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Having fallen into despair from her beloved Albrecht's betrayal, Giselle uses his sword in a frenzied dance, during which she dies. Women who die before marriage become ghosts known as wilis. Giselle becomes one of the wilis, who capture men and dance them to death, but...
    "Unforgivable Hilarion": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Hilarion, who deceived Giselle, is caught by the wilis and pays for this crime. He is not forgiven and without waiting for daybreak, they make him dance in ecstasy until he dies from exhaustion.
    "Farewell, Albrecht": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Albrecht is taken prisoner by the wilis, but due to one of the wilis saving him, he keeps his life. When Albrecht, who was spared from death by exhaustion, raises his face, the form of the girl he most loved disappears like an illusion.
    "The Siren Who Burns Entrails": From the classical ballet "The Prodigal Son." A country feudal lord's son, out of admiration for city life, runs away. There are many temptations lurking in the streets; the most extreme of which is the enchantress Siren, who corrupts men with her veteran wiles.

    However, the lineage of these skills is merely a smokescreen. Crime Ballet points out how Meltlilith has been cheating.
    To make herself invincible, Meltlilith overwrote a basic rule of the far side of the moon "loss of sense of time" into "loss of hit detection on Meltlilith".
    Meltlilith's act of selfishly giving herself such privilege, not by training herself but by altering the rules of the world, is an exemplary criminal act.

    03 - Composite Divinity
    Alter Egos are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits.
    BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.
    Meltlilith is made of three goddesses.
    The first is the pure virgin goddess Artemis of Greek mythology. Without fail, she shoots through, granting them disease and death, those who seek to attain magical energy behind ebb and flow of tides, in other words, linkage to the moon's movement.
    The second is the cruciform snake staff which originates from Leviathan, who appears in the Old Testament, or maybe Lotan from Ugaritic mythology. It is a being with the same origin as the staff that Moses used to split the Red Sea and, at the same time, a symbol of the sea split by that staff. Its owner is granted a transformative property like that of water, enabling them to adapt to any situation. Furthermore, they would be able to change their form freely and could even take the shape of the target of their envy.
    The third is the river goddess Saraswati of Hindu mythology. She holds the ability to control "things that flow", such as natural phenomena (among other things, water and wind), music and words, speech, poetry and prose. The timbre that flows from her can excite any emotion in the heart of the listener and, moreover, interfere with flow of electrons in a computer network.

    01 - 弁財天五弦琵琶(サラスヴァティー・メルトアウト)







    02 - クライム・バレエ









    03 - 複合神性




    二神目は旧約聖書に登場するレヴィアタン、あるいはウガリット神話のリタンに由来する、蛇十字 の杖。



    01 - Constitution of an Abuser [A]
    A skill that augments one's aggression in battle. It appears to be a positive skill, but the longer its owner stays in battle, the more their abusive disposition will grow, causing them to lose their usual composure. It's possible to say that this is just one step short of the skill that causes Berserkers to go insane.
    The more one attacks, the stronger one becomes, but on the other hand, one's defensive abilities drop. With the added disadvantage of unconsciously lowering one's chances of escape, it can be said that this is a skill that had bad compatibility with the usually composed Meltlilith.

    02 - Melt Virus [EX]
    A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation.
    A cheat skill that evolved from "Absorption". The highest grade of energy drain. Draining, copying, and scaling down are all possible.
    The drain process has two parts. First, the virus honey(poison) that is produced in Meltlilith's body is injected into the target and fuses parameters that will be stolen, "experience", "skill", "capacity", etc. After that, she absorbs, converts, and makes a part of herself the parameters that were liquefied by the virus.
    As long as it has a form, regardless of whether it is organic or inorganic matter, she can drain; however, things without shape... things like spiritual nature and skills can be fused but converting them into "her own things" is difficult, so it seems she can only use them as simple nutrients.
    For this reason, what Meltlilith mainly makes into "her own things" are primarily "experience" and "capacity".
    Utilizing this ability, Meltlilith plans to augment "her own transcription". She created a transfer-type of virus that would melt the entire content of an electronic body and transform it into herself... Meltlilith.

    03 - Riding [B]
    Riding ability. As long as it is an animal that exists in reality, even if it is a wild animal, she can ride it. Usually, knight-type Servants, such as Saber or Rider, would have this skill but...
    Why Meltlilith possesses this skill is something best left to the imagination.

    01 - 加虐待質 [A]


    02 - メルトウィルス [EX]




    03 - 騎乗 [B]



    01 - Neurological Disorder
    Neurological disorder: Humans possess five sense--sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch--and use those five sensors come to recognize the outside world and, as a result of that, they come to comprehend their own state of being.
    At their foundation, humans come in contact with the world through these passive senses. By unconsciously using the excellent sensors known as the five senses, they accept the ordinary. However, in the case that any of the five senses degrade, the consciousness must actively face toward the outside world. That which was passive becomes active.
    For example, someone who has lost their sight will deliberately specialize in their remaining four senses and will utilize them as even greater sensors. Ironically, they will come to function as someone whose perception is several times superior to that of a person who has all five senses.

    In regards to Meltlilith's five senses, her sense of touch has deteriorated. Especially her hands--she's almost completely lost sensation in her fingers, and for that reason, she has become proactive in her relationship with the outside world.
    It is thought that even her interest in causing others pains ultimately arose "because just by myself, I cannot feel the existence of other people."
    This is a digression, but because of the clumsiness of her fingers caused by this, despite her hobby of collecting figures, she cannot immerse herself in assembling garage kits. Currently accepting applications for a skilled assembler!

    02 - The End of Pleasure
    The end of pleasure: The ego born from BB's "service requirement" and "pleasure". The type of abnormally lovely girl who cannot help but stir up a desire to protect her in men—is what she was, but possibly due to the effect of her skill that continuously steals opponents' abilities, she currently possesses a belligerent personality.

    Although she tries to take in other people, she desires neither understanding nor sympathy from them because Meltlilith does not understand others' feelings.
    Meltlilith does not need others. She does not understand love or dreams. If she acquires "love(romance)" somehow, she would probably dedicate everything to serve its target.
    To the self-sufficient Meltlilith, the target's feelings are not worth considering. She would declare in her oppressive manner that her feelings are correct.
    With no intention of discussing together (Already, I love you so much that I don't feel the need), with no desire to touch each other (Already, that amount of pleasure is unsatisfactory), with no thought about telling them she wants them to love her (Already, such mutual understanding is unnecessary).
    Truly, a domineering Ego full of no's and not's. Beneath that condescending attitude and oppressive manner, there is not a speck of doubt or hesitation, only overly pure "feeling of love(romance)".

    Meltlilith has not noticed—what is truly at the foundation of herself, who is an incarnation of "self-pleasure".
    At Meltlilith's core is "devotion to the person she has fallen in love with".
    Repeatedly raising her level with draining, trying to control the Moon Cell—all were done to offer supreme pleasure to her loved one.
    Protecting her loved one → taking them into herself → living forever with them taken into herself (even if she is completely changed to the point where she doesn't understand herself). She has determined that to be the supreme love she will offer to her loved one.
    From Meltlilith's such perspective, even BB and Lip are nothing more than "foreign matter that think they want to be also saved".

    ... However, those feelings are far too closed. To her, who saw only her own feelings as definite, whose connection with the outside world was lacking, "falling in love with another" was itself a fatal defect(bug).

    01 - 神経障害








    02 - 快楽の果て











    恋人を庇護する→自分に取り込む→ 取り込んだ自分が(たとえ自分が分からなくなるほど変わり果てても)永遠に生き続ける。




  73. [v] Fate/complete material IV: Extra material - Fate/Apocrypha - Karna, p.300-301

    Karna, Son of the Sun God
    Karna, the invulnerable hero of the Indian epic Mahabharata. His personality is cold and unforgiving. Although conversing with him may give the impression that he is indecisive and somewhat boring, in reality he is always deep in thought and has a loyal heart. He gives an impression of being cold and cruel because he believes that most things and events are “normal”, and therefore he does not interfere. Due to this characteristic, he does not really have negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy. Because his behaviors target people’s “true nature that should not be put to words”, he is disliked by many.

    • Class: Lancer (Archer, Rider)
    • Source: The Maharabata
    • Region: India
    • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (more correctly Lawful Good)
    • Sex: Male
    • Height: 178cm
    • Weight: 65kg
    • Armament: Spear

    Illustrations: pako
    Creator: Nasu Kinoko

    Karna was born between a human mother Kunti and the Sun God Surya. As proof of being the son of Surya, he was given a golden armor that granted invulnerability. However, Kunti abandoned Karna and became the queen of King Kuru. Not knowing who his mother was, Karna grew up with a low social status. However, he soon made his existence known to the world by becoming the honored guest of the Royal House Kauravas, who were hostile to King Kuru. Karna participated in the wars around the borders and fought on an equal footing with Arjuna, son of Kunti and Thunder God Indra. Karna eventually fell in battle after being robbed of his golden armor by Indra, suffering many curses, and losing all of his allies. He died in the hands of his half-brother Arjuna. However, he did not hate anyone and accepted his death.


    • STR: B
    • CON: C
    • AGI: A
    • MGI: B
    • LCK: D
    • Noble Phantasm: EX


    • Discernment of the Poor: A

    Insight to see through the opponent's character and attribute. He will not be deceived by excuses and deceptions from words. It expresses the power to grasp the true nature of the opponent possessed by Karna, who was blessed with the opportunity to inquire about the life and value of the weak due to being someone without a single relative.

    • Magic Resistance: C

    Negates Magecraft with an aria of two verses or lower. Cannot defend against large-scale Magecraft such as High-Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals. However, when receiving the effect of the golden armor Noble Phantasm, it will not be limited to this.

    • Riding: A

    All vehicles and all beasts excepting those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be freely operated. His figure driving a war chariot and running across the battlefield is depicted in the Mahabharata. Its rank is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider Class.

    • Uncrowned Arms Mastership: N/A

    Arms competency that was not recognized by others due various reasons. To the opponents, the rank of his sword, spear, bow, Riding and Divinity appears to be one degree lower than what it actually is. If his true name is revealed, this effect will be terminated.

    • Mana Burst (Flames): A

    The power to put magical energy into weapons. In Karna's case, blazing flames become magical energy to dwell in the weapon used. This Skill is usually active and all the weapons that Karna grasps receive this effect.

    • Divinity: A

    As the son of the Sun Deity Surya and having united with Surya after death, Karna possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude. This Divine Spirit aptitude exhibits high defensive power in regards to sun deity-lineage's Heroic Spirits of Divinity B or lower.

    Noble Phantasm

    • Kavacha & Kundala: O Sun, Become Armor

    The golden armor and earring given by Karna's mother, Kunti, who felt fear in becoming an unmarried mother and prayed to Surya to protect her son. A powerful defensive-type Noble Phantasm that emits the radiance of the sun. Because it's light itself taken shape, it is difficult to destroy even to the gods. It is integrated with Karna's body.

    • Brahmastra: O Brahma, Wrap the Earth

    An Anti-Army, Anti-Country Noble Phantasm granted to Karna by Parashurama of the Brahmin. If his Class is Archer it will be a bow, while under other Classes it will manifest as a different projectile weapon. By calling upon the name of the god Brahma it will pursue the enemy and surely hit, but because of a curse it cannot be used on opponents of greater ability than himself.

    • Brahmastra Kundala: O Brahma, Curse Me

    Karna's hidden Noble Phantasm. His trump card. The projectile weapon Brahmastra is bestowed with the sweltering heat effect of Karna's attribute and then fired. The Brahmastra, which already had a wide effective range to begin with, has its effective range further widened and its power exceptionally raised. Its performance is to the point of being compared to nuclear weapons.

    • Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death

    An one-shot only spear of light that takes down even gods. A spear of mortality made out of lightning. When Indra snatched away the golden armor, since Karna's posture was much too noble, he thought that it had to be rewarded. Manifested by converting the golden armor, in exchange of a tremendous defensive power, a spear with a powerful "anti-god" performance is equipped.


    • クラス:ランサー(アーチャー、ライダー)
    • 出典:マハーバーラタ
    • 地域:インド
    • 属性:混沌・悪(正しくは秩序・善)
    • 性別:男
    • 身長:178cm
    • 体重:65kg
    • 武装:槍

    設定制作:奈須 きのこ



    • 筋力:B
    • 耐久:C
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:D
    • 宝具:EX


    • 貧者の見識:A


    • 対魔力:C


    • 騎乗:A


    • 無冠の武芸:-


    • 魔力放出(炎):A


    • 神性:A



    • 日輪よ、具足となれ (カヴァーチャ&クンダーラ)


    • 梵天よ、地を覆え(ブラフマーストラ)


    • 梵天よ、我を呪え(ブラフマーストラ・クンダーラ)

    隠されたカルナの宝具。奥の手。飛び道具のブラフマーストラに、カルナの属性である炎熱の効果を付与して発射する。もとより広い効果範囲を持つブラフマーストラの効果範囲をさらに広め、威力を格段に上昇させる。 その性能は核兵器に例えられるほど。

    • 日輪よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ)


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    Class: Moon Cancer
    Name: BB
    Master: None
    Noble Phantasm: Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    Keyword: Advanced Level AI, Khakkhara of Domination
    Strength: ★, Endurance: ★, Agility: ★, Magic: ★, Luck: ★
    Golden Grail: EX, Self-Modification: EX, Potnia Theron: EX


    01 - Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    An attack on the world by BB in control of the Moon Cell.
    Also called the spiritron imaginary pit.

    A World Purge through event rewriting that makes maximum use of the EX skill "Conception of All Animals"(Potnia Theron) BB has acquired.

    The goddess who is the mother of earth mother goddesses that created earth is, in other words, the 'root' that created all creation. This anti-world Noble Phantasm outputs that information through an ultra-precise 3D printer and crushes the present world with the world the user desires.

    The space eroded by BB becomes imaginary space and a curse that consumes reality. "CCC", as the name suggests, is a cursed pit that bores out reality.

    In addition to scattering all objects inside on an atomic level and reconstructing them, it is capable of overwriting and reprinting information in fields such as luck and coincidence. While theoretical, it is also thought possible to distort the time axis by interfering with gravitational fields and rewrite the law of cause and effect.

    When used in combat, BB's familiars, the shapeshifters, engulf the target and, after turning into a sphere, are wiped out of existence along with the target and the whole dimension.

    Normally, a structure in which sense of values can be shared cannot be created in the Far Side of the Moon, which is an imaginary space. What established BB's internal world as the Sakura Labyrinth was the power of this Noble Phantasm.

    02 - Advanced Level AI
    Artificial intelligences configured according to their programs.
    In this age, they are treated as things that "function as programs", but "do not exist as actual beings". In other words, things that "are" right in front of your eyes but "are not". They are merely mechanisms for smooth progression of human lives.

    The same applies in the SE.RA.PH. They are virtual lifeforms that are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed along with its conclusion.

    Humanoid virtual lifeforms at the SE.RA.PH include NPCs that perform single objectives, AIs who have been granted capabilities for self-judgement, and advanced level AIs who have been entrusted with capabilities for self-judgement and management of sections.

    Advanced level AIs are beings made to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation". As perfect reproductions of humans, they have been programmed with even souls, but the souls only "exist" and their contents are colorless.

    Virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH are reset with each round of the Holy Grail War. NPCs and AIs return to zero, but advanced level AIs retain just their personas while their records are reset—as if they never existed.

    When the Holy Grail War is over, the only one left alive is the Master standing at the top. This applies not only to the Masters but also to the virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH.

    It appears that BB, like Sakura, is an advanced level AI entrusted with management of Masters' health. However, as she is rampaging for reasons unknown, the methods of "managing the Masters" have become extreme.

    03 - Khakkhara of Domination
    The teacher's pointer that BB carries.
    A device that lets her make full use of her authority as an advanced level AI. Although limited to the Far Side of the Moon, this allows BB to modify the spiritron laws(game rules) within the SE.RA.PH.

    "Ten Crowns of Domination" worn by the Beast of Babylon converted into a teacher's pointer.
    This is the male principle corresponding to the female principle of the seven-headed beast, and its true nature is a phallus (erect rod).

    The symbol of the king of the world who was granted throne and authority by a great dragon and received the right to, for 42 months, spit out as many insolent words as desired and desecrate all things.

    The beast's heads were the seven hills of the Roman Empire... Capitolium, Palatium, Aventinus, Esquilinus, Caelius, Quirinalis, Viminalis. In other words, they meant the Roman Empire itself, and the ten horns symbolized the emperors... Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasianus, Titus, Galba, Otho, Vitellius.

    01 - C. C. C.(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)








    02 - 上級AI







    しかし原因不明の暴走により、『マスターを管理する』 方法が極端なものになってしまったようだ。

    03 - 支配の錫杖




    アウグストゥス、ティベリウス、カリグラ、クラウディウス、ネロ、ウェスパシアヌス、ティトゥス、ガルバ、 オト、ウィテリウス……を象徴している。


    01 - Golden Grail [EX]
    The golden grail that BB owns. Also called the Holy Grail.
    A negative grail that grants its owner's impudent and selfish wishes.

    The grail held by the great whore of Babylon who appears in the Revelation to John. Though it is a fake Holy Grail, it is for that reason that it has become a "genuine" Holy Grail that grants the desires of humans regardless of right or wrong.

    To the Christians who considered honorable poverty a virtue at that time, a grail molded from a symbol of wealth like gold no doubt had connotations of corrupt wealth, avarice, and vanity of trying to adorn oneself.

    As the grail held by the great whore of Babylon who personifies the Roman Empire, this grail clearly symbolizes treasures on earth, which is the inverse of the Christ's words "Do not store up treasures on earth."

    "I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns."

    According to the Book of Revelation, this is the description of the beast of destruction that appeared in the Holy City and the woman straddling that beast. A huge beast with sevens heads like a hydra appeared from the sea and landed at the Holy City. This beast and the woman, while two, are as one, and it is impossible to think of them separately.

    As the woman was said to give birth to all evil, those who were imprudent or greedy could not resist her allure and became corrupted by that grail.

    On a side note, the red Saber who calls herself the emperor was regarded the same as this beast and viewed as an enemy by the believers after her death.

    02 - Self-Modification [EX]
    A skill that allows restructuring of oneself.
    AIs made by the Moon Cell were given an absolute command: "You must not improve own function."

    However, BB, who escaped from that yoke due to her breakdown, began to expand her own functions. To boost her calculation power, she preyed upon/disassembled NPCs, AIs, and finally, Servants with black noise, then used as her own memory.

    Though they are like appendix building additions that do not heed self-collapse, as the result, BB has changed into a hyper level AI with enormous capacity.

    That condition resembles a city on reclaimed land that continues to build while submerging or Frankenstein's monster.

    03 - Potnia Theron [EX]
    Conception of All Animals(Potnia Theron).
    The authority of the goddesses that BB compiled and absorbed from the abyss of the mooncell.

    It embodies the power of all creation possessed by the mother goddesses—originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük) and branching to Tiamat and Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc.

    Many are depicted with mural crowns. This is because many of these goddesses were also guardian deities of cities.

    The symbols of this authority include holes opening the earth and the sky (caves and the moon), whirling tides and waterspouts of the sea, calderas of the volcanoes, etc., and from these, evils that bring all manners of death are birthed. However, after these evils have spread death, they promise certain good harvest and fertility. This authority is none other than the power of bringing death as well as giving life.

    The earth mother is worshipped by the people and protects them as a guardian deity, but at the same time, she is the very sacrifice that nurtures them with crops born from her body and beasts of the fields and the forests.

    The earth mother nurtures men with her flesh and blood, kills men as time passes to restores herself with her own nourishment, and once again nurtures men with her restored flesh and blood.

    This process is the cycle of the food chain, and this cycle of life and death can be said to be the true nature of the earth mother. With this authority, most of the goddesses gave birth to countless monsters and giants, posing threats to gods and men, or they gave birth to heroes, thus protecting people.

    As representative examples, Tiamat and Gaia became threats, while Hera is a mother of heroes.

    Those born on this earth cannot defy the authority of the mother goddess, as that would mean rebelling against the very system of life. However, when they leave this earth, head to space, and end the childhoood as intelligent lifeforms, they will have broken this authority.

    The wish of Çatalhöyük is the coming of that day.

    01 - 黄金の杯:[EX]









    02 - 自己改造:[EX]



    03 - 百獣母胎:[EX]

    約8000年前のすでに名の失われた女神(チャタル・ヒュユクの女神)より発し、 ティアマットやキュベレー、イシュタル、イナンナ、アナテ、アスタルテ、ガイア、ヘラ、アルテミス、アフロディーテ、デメテル、アテナなどに派生した、母なる女神の持つ万物を生み出す力の具現である。












    01 - Spiritron Imaginary Pit
    Spiritron Imaginary Pit(Cursed Cutting Crater).

    The official name of this stage.
    Formerly just an imaginary number space for storing malignant information, "this place" was established as a real number space in the present, past, and future by the fact that BB had reached the Moon Cell core. It was reconstructed by her hands into the “far side of the moon” where even Masters can exist.

    With the power of the primordial goddess at hand, BB succeeded in quantifying the "nothingness" before the birth of life. She transformed into the master of the imaginary number space where both time and space and ambiguous.

    Although the Moon Cell cannot be hacked no matter how much time is taken, BB took over it by placing herself in "unlimited time".

    02 - The remnants of peaceful days
    During the preliminaries, when Kiara liberated her free will, she was unable to control that status condition and went into overload.

    Since NPCs can only do routine work, they ignored self-destructing Sakura as something "non-existent", and since the Moon Cell's check only takes place at the end of the day in the preliminaries, Sakura was at risk of termination.

    Witnessing this condition, [Kishinami Hakuno] called out to her, "Are you okay."

    The observation that she "is here" by another let Sakura recover the unconscious on the verge of termination, and due to the nursing afterwards, she gained an ego that clearly "wanted to be here". Her self-termination was averted.

    What happened afterwards no longer need to be said.
    When the next day comes, everything will be erased by the Moon Cell. Wanting to continue this one day miracle, Sakura used her advanced AI privilege to repeat "the day she came to know [Kishinami Hakuno]" for 69 days.

    However, as days passed, Sakura became distressed by her self-contradiction as an AI and the facts surrounding [Kishinami Hakuno].

    "Masters participating in the Holy Grail War will all die except one. No, to begin with, [Kishinami Hakuno] is..."

    Sakura continued to be distressed by her selfish desire to continue the loop for eternity and her feelings for [Kishinami Hakuno]. In conclusion, she chose to seal the 69 days worth of memory... the "love" she acquired, so she could return to being a normal AI. AIs cannot delete records. Because of that, she moved the memory to a backup frame to reset herself.

    She believed that to be the most correct choice for [Kishinami Hakuno].

    But even if recollections of the mind are lost, memories recorded by the body live on. Though she should have forgotten everything and returned to being a normal AI, she was shaken by unidentified emotional values every time she talked with [Kishinami Hakuno].

    Meanwhile, the backup to whom the memories were transplanted couldn't tolerate herself like that, and she decided to act as BB the rebel who destroys the Moon Cell's system for a certain objective then made her move.

    The timing when she seized the Far Side of the Moon was "the Holy Grail War: the end of fifth round ~ before the start of the sixth round". The four who were not eliminated yet—[Kishinami Hakuno], Leo, Rin, and Rani—and the irregular, Jinako, were kidnapped to the Far Side in the middle of the Holy Grail War while they were still alive.

    Masters Matou Shinji, Gatou, and Julius were moved to the imaginary space "0.00001 seconds before" the moment the firewall terminated them after their defeat from the Holy Grail War, prolonging their instants of life.

    In either case, C. C. C. is a dream by BB. If the dreamer disappears, the world ought to return to the reality where nothing happened.

    On a yet another side note, everyday scenery of the prologue that [Kishinami Hakuno] saw in the nightmare was an artificial paradise modeled on the discarded 69 days.

    After pulling [Kishinami Hakuno] to the Far Side, BB placed the digital body in the old school building, put it in a deep sleep, and locked them in an unwaking dream.

    Normally, they would have lived peacefully in the looping everyday life, but the strong bond with their Servant or [Kishinami]'s will rejecting the peaceful everyday caused cracks in the artificial paradise, and [Kishinami Hakuno] came to notice the abnormality.

    To put [Kishinami Hakuno] in a deep sleep once more, BB reset the school building and tried to remake the dream, but [Kishinami Hakuno] escaped the reset as well and leaped into an even deeper part of the imaginary space.

    It was a bottom deeper than the bottom of Id. "Death of the collective unconscious" beneath the unconscious. What saved [Kishinami Hakuno] who leaped into a region even BB cannot reach was the voice of the Servant whose fate was shared with theirs.

    Thus, the contract was sealed, and [Kishinami Hakuno] woke up in the old school building left in the Far Side.

    01 - 霊子虚構陥穽
    霊子 虚構 陥穽(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)





    02 - 日々の名残













    彼女が月の裏側を掌握したタイミングは、現実時間で“聖杯戦争 五回戦終了~六回戦開始前”。









  86. Shirow Miwa Twitter
  87. [v] Fate/complete material II: Character material - Weapons: Harpe, p.135

    User: Gilgamesh
    A divine sword from Greek mythology. One of the Noble Phantasms owned by Gilgamesh. It has a special shape similar to a scythe, with the cutting edge on the inside of the blade. It also has the power to negate the “undying” attribute. The hero Perseus received the sword from Hermes, so that he could exterminate the snake-haired witch Medusa. The legend goes that Perseus approached Medusa – who would turn everybody that looked at her into stone – by using a mirrored shield, and then cut off her head with Harpe while she slept. Because Perseus returned Harpe to Hermes once the task was completed, it can be considered an “Anti-Medusa” weapon.

    ギリシャ神話に登场する神剣。ギルガメッシュが所蔵する宝具のひとつ。鎌のような特殊な形状をしていて、 内側に刃が付いている。また、この剣には不死属性を無効にする力があるといわれている。髪の毛が蛇となって いる魔女メデューサの退治に向かう英雄ペルセウスに、オリンポス十二神のヘルメスが与えた。ペルセウスは、 見たものすべてを石に変えてしまうメデューサに対して、鏡の盾を使って近づき、眠っているメデューサの首を ハルペーで切り落としたと言われている。その後ペルセウスはハルペーをヘルメスに返還したため、対メデュー サ専用武器と言える存在となっている。

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  102. [v] Fate/EXTRA - Nursery Rhyme (Caster) Matrix [T]

    Class: Caster
    Master: Alice
    True Name: Nursery Rhyme
    Noble Phantasm: Maxwell's Demon - Maiden's Empire: Queens Glass Game
    Keyword: Jabberwock, Nameless Forest
    Strength: E, Defense: E, Agility: E, Magic: E, Luck: E
    Transformation: A+, Metamorphosis: A, Area Creation: A


    01 - Maxwell's Demon - Maiden's Empire: Queens Glass Game
    "A story without end,
    A child-like finger returns to the first line,
    A tiny hand reaches out for the second volume,
    For as long as the reader denies reality."

    02 - Jabberwock
    "Names to be uncovered and places still unknown.
    Fire breathing dragons and cloud sprouting giants,
    and magicks that are monsters in the shadows.
    Maybe, just maybe, the words of adults are lies.
    The truth of it all is in Professor Dodgson's mind."

    03 - Nameless Forest
    "Ackroyd and Celluloid;
    Sadistic acrostic,
    No one is especially special here,
    Birds are birds and people are people,
    Entropy suits me to a tittle,
    In the end, your name is mine."

    01 - 永久機関・少女帝国(クイーンズ・グラスゲーム)

    02 - ジャバウォック

    03 - 名無しの森


    01 -Transformation [A+]
    "I will change, I have changed.
    I am you, while you are me.
    I'm going to change, I will have changed.
    I am you and you are me."

    02 - Metamorphosis [A]
    "This is the ability to merge one's own body with the body part of others. The higher the ranking of this skill, the further away one becomes from being considered as a true hero. But it do-do-doesn't matter doesn't matter that kind of stuff doesn't matter at all!
    Whatever you say needs to be done I will do as you order me to!"

    03 - Territory Creation [A]
    "The smallest door, the maddest tea party,
    The checkered board in the rainbow meadow,
    the riddles of the chatty twins,
    But my favorite of all can only be this one,
    The invitation to the nameless forest,
    where all can be forgotten!"





    01 - Character Background
    "A nursery rhyme is a children's refrain,
    Tom Thumb's charming picture book,
    The first glimpse of Mother Goose's awakening,
    The sorrowful me to the lonely you,
    Your final wish, let's make it true."

    02 - "Nursery Rhyme"
    Nursery Rhyme is not a hero in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a general term for any picture book that has managed to manifest itself into a corporeal existence.

    The genre itself, deeply loved by the children of England, came into being as a reaction to the half-voiced dreams of the young and eventually emerged as a Servant who came a champion of the innocent. It formed the foundation for perhaps the best known work from the author known as Lewis Carroll. His book "Alice in Wonderland" began as a series of simple rhymes told to the daughters of a family friend while rowing down the River Thames on a warm summer's day.

    The Servant Nursery Rhyme is actually a type of Reality Marble. It projects the true feelings of its Master and creates a pseudo-servant in a form imagined by the one who summoned it.

    01 - 人物背景:

    02 - 『ナーサリーライム』


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  110. [v] Fate/EXTRA - Vlad III (Lancer) Matrix [T]

    Class: Lancer
    Master: Lil'Ronnie
    True Name: Vlad III
    Noble Phantasm: Kazikli Bey: Fortress of Impalement
    Keyword: Vampie...?, Dracula
    Strength: B, Defense: A, Agility: E, Magic: A, Luck: D
    Divine Aegis: A+++, Marshal: A, Seraphic Monstrosity: A


    01 - Kazikli Bey: Fortress of Impalement
    This is this Servant's Noble Phantasm and is synonymous with the Servant himself, who in his previous life was known as Kazikli Voyvoda, or the Impaler Prince. The tortures and horrors released by the multitude of spears that his Noble Phantasm summons inflicts damage equivalent to the immorality and depravity found in the soul of the targeted opponent and can be seen as a form of divine punishment.

    During the time of his reign as monarch of Wallachia, Vlad instituted a number of somewhat oppressive and punitive policies aimed at the lower levels of the nobility whom Vlad felt had seriously undermined and destabilized his country with their excessive corruption and political maneuverings. In addition to laws designed to curtail their excesses, he also carried out an unprecedented number of impalings amongst the noble classes.

    While many believed he was simply trying to reduce the number of rivals and opponents to his rule, Vlad was shockingly ruthless in his approach to justice, targeting commoners and the upper-class with equal viciousness. His kingdom became a land of horrors, culminating with the 1459 impaling of an emissary from the Ottoman Empire, who survived on the stake for several days before finally succumbing.

    02 - Vampire...?
    A demon said to feed on blood.
    A being some claims to be of the undead, and painted as evil and ungodly by those whole hold to a religious view of the world. In addition to the need to feed on the blood of humans, creatures such as this also are seemly immortal and are able to control lesser demons.

    03 - Dracula
    Means "Son of the Dragon."
    His father was a member of the Order of the Dragon, an organization that originated during the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, and he took this name from his father's legacy.

    01 - 串刺城塞(カズィクル・ベイ)



    ……恐ろしい事に、この数に敵国人は含まれていない(・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・)

    02 - 吸血鬼……?

    03 - ドラキュラ


    Aegis of the Divine [A+++]
    An ability bestowed upon those who have sacrificed themselves for what they believe to be greater good. Although obstinately a form of divine protection, it does not necessarily mean that one has received the blessing of the gods. Instead, it is a manifestation of one's absolute faith and self-righteousness...

    However, the more powerful this ability becomes, the more detrimental the effect it has on a person's sanity and personality.

    Marshal [A]
    Gives one the strength and vitality to escape from even the most dire of situations. It also gives one the ability to successfully retreated to allied territory if defeated.

    Seraphic Monstrosity [A]
    Dracula. Once the name of a proud family worthy of honor and respect, it is now a name given to a monster whose past has been grossly distorted as a result of his actions in his mortal life. The influence of perception has transformed both his abilities and appearance.
    Also, this skill cannot be altered or removed.





    01 - Character Background
    Considered a heroic figure in Romanian history, he was seen as a noble warrior who rebuilt and maintained the kingdom of Wallachia as well as the shield of Christendom against the threat of the Ottoman Empire.

    The name Dracula was the most common appellate used when referring to Vlad III during his reign as King of Wallachia. Originally a duke appointed to his office under the auspices of the Eastern Roman Empire, he adopted many of the customs of that country's court, including signing all documents in the early Roman style. The name itself comes from his father's (Vlad II) enrollment into the Order of the Dragon, a monarchial chivalric order founded by Sigismund of Hungary, who later ascended to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. His father took the surname Dracul and Vlad III appended the "a", signifying that he was "the son of Dracul."

    The Order of the Dragon's primary purpose was to defend the Christian world from the increasing influence and might of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, a calling that Vlad III enthusiastically embraced. It is believed by some that he took the name Dracula not only in honor of his father, bus as also as an announcement of his intentions of safeguarding all of Christendom against the Turks as the "Son of the Dragon."

    In order to protect Wallachia from what he considered the ravaging Turkish hordes, he instituted a series of conscriptions and laws that almost destroyed the noble class and stability of his realm, as well as resorted to measures considered to be beyond monstrous even by the somewhat barbaric standards of the time. His cruelty and savagery was such that at one point he had over 20,000 captured enemy soldiers impaled in an effort to intimidate his foe. In the end he was betrayed by the nobles he had turned his back on and was assassinated at the age of 46 years old.

    02 - "Dracula"
    Known as one of the greatest monsters of modern history, the inevitable distortions and exaggerations of scholars throughout the centuries cannot wholly cover the well-documented horrors and atrocities committed by his direct commands. Although he is seen as a hero and savior by some, the lengths he went to preserve the independence of Wallachia and to repel the Turk will forever paint him as an incarnation of satanic evil on Earth.

    1462 AD
    This was the year in which he first used impaling not only as punishment, but also as a form of psychological warfare in order to slow down the advances of the Turkish invasion into the western kingdoms. With a force of just 10,000 troops, Vlad III made extensive use of what are now known as guerilla and scorched-earth tactics to harass and weaken the enemy forces, which at one points consisted of over 150,000 soldiers. At one point, he drove his forces into Carpathian Mountains after annihilating the Turkish forces surrounding the city of Bucharest.

    The scene that the main Turkish force encountered when they finally arrived to help the city was one of nightmares. Surrounding the entire city was a vast forest comprised entirely of impaled soldiers, some 20,000 in total. It is said that the lines of impaled Turks stretched for kilometers in every direction. The sight of their comrade's bodies impaled on stakes in combination with the overpowering stench of decay broke the morale and spirit of the Turkish army. Even Mehmed II , son of the Turkish Sultan and known as the conqueror, was shaken and ordered his forces to withdraw, saying the following:

    "I fear no man alive, but even I cannot hope to fight the devil."

    In the end, Vlad III rationalized his brutality and his lack of remorse gave him a battle vision far superior to those he faced. However, his actions made him a pariah amongst even his supporters and his life came to a tragic end due to betrayal.

    On an unrelated note, many military historians theorize that Vlad's actions against the Turks are the first time that guerilla warfare tactics made their appearance and that they were the reason for his many successes against a demonstratively superior force. If one is to have so much success defending something only to be repaid with treason and assassination, isn't it reasonable to assume that one would go insane from rage and disappointment?

    01 - 人物背景:




    02 - 『ドラキュラ』








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    Q: There's three ranks for magic beasts, but what's the most famous of the Divine Beasts, the greatest of those? Dragons are special beings with the alignments of the three types, but are there any currently existing dragons that can interfere with the real world in the world of Fate?

    A: Moby Dick and Typhon? Divine beasts like those are more super weaponish than living beings I suppose.



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    Height: 212cm
    Weight: 130kg
    Blood type: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Image color: Scarlet
    Talents: Pulling arguments out of his ass, leadership
    Things he likes: Adventure, novelty
    Things he hates: Idea of completion, benefits of what he already has
    Worst enemy: His mother

    Comment for Alexander
    Takeuchi: We are the King of Conquerors! Because he can be said to be the ultimate key person in F/Z, a lot of time and energy went into his design. He has a detailed and complex design, so he became a very difficult character to draw.
    Urobuchi: If 5th Rider is a racing car, then 4th Rider is a heavy tank, Which one would you choose to take a ride on?
    Takeuchi: Actually, the heavy tank-ness of the Gordius Wheel is cool. But it can't enter a sewer at all.
    Urobuchi: At one point, that Noble Phantasm was designed to have the ability to change its size at will by substituting its parts and transforming. Even then, though, the sewers would be too narrow.

    Takeuchi's comment
    Without the mantle, you get an extremely intimate feeling from him. The King of Conquerors in the style of commoners. [Takeuchi]

    Takeuchi's comment
    Rider: Bwahahaha Cast it all off!!
    Waver: Why even me...
    Maybe it would be better to put him in a loincloth. [Takeuchi]

    Takeuchi's comment
    Initial designs. I'm pretty pleased with the guy in the center with the three feelers. [Takeuchi]

    Takeuchi's comment

    Takeuchi's comment

    Comment for Alexander

    Takeuchi's comment

    Takeuchi's comment

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    Faker [Servant]
    An Extra class created by Heartless in order to summon imposters and body doubles.
    Within the story of Case Files, it refers to Iskandar’s body double, who ignores the Ionian Hetairoi. Her Personal Skill “He is Another Iskandar (Fake)” grants her some of Iskandar’s Personal Skills, as well as a distorted version of the Noble Phantasm Gordius Wheel, a sight that shook El-Melloi II to his core on their first meeting.
    Her true identity is that of Hephaestion’s younger twin sister, born at the behest of the King of Conquerer’s mother Olympias, to protect him for his entire life.
    Though it may be hard to imagine her as a body double for a man like Iskandar who was over two meters tall, her role as a body double was a magical one.
    As such, she had no name.
    After separating from Olympias, Iskandar tried to give her one numerous times. Since doing so would weaken the spells redirecting curses from him to her, however, she rejected each time. Not only that, but for the sake of protecting Iskandar from various forms of curses and magecraft, she developed numerous counter-intelligence schemes. That is why the descriptions left behind about Iskandar don’t match the appearance of the Servant Iskandar at all.
    The Class name of Faker is, in a way, the first name she ever received.
    As she didn’t leave behind any anecdotal stories in history, her status as a Servant is rather weak, but she still boasts a considerable and comprehensive combat ability. This results not just from having powerful skills or Noble Phantasms, but from the wide variety of physical and magical options available to her in combat, and her ability to keenly recognize which of those options is optimal for each situation.
    Just as she said during the story, “Being a warrior is a question of both body, mind, and spirit.” Her love of battle and the skills that saw her through numerous battlefields made it possible for her and Heartless to break through the Spiritual Tomb of Albion alone.
    Despite how much of a mismatched pair the two of them may seem, her partnership with Heartless is one she finds unexpectedly comfortable.
    Though it was never discussed in detail, the way Heartless’ life changed after being betrayed by his students and her unwillingness to forgive the betrayal she suffered in the Wars of the Diadochi demonstrated a clear unity of values betwen them.

    The Dionysus that Faker references normally corresponds to the god of wine Bacchus, but the magecraft she uses actually points to the maddened Zeus himself. In short, an omnipotent god gone mad. Abandoning reason and embracing infinite chaos is truly suitable as a source for magecraft.
    Of course, as one who serves the god of wine, nevermind Iskandar, she regularly drank all of his close friends and advisors under the table.
    In addition, the reason she rejects the summons of the Ionian Hetairoi comes from the following flow of events. “She is called by Iskandar” ⮕ “Immediately before being summoned, she is given the fundamental knowledge from the world about the Wars of the Diadochi” ⮕ “Before the summoning is completed, she rejects it.” A summoned Heroic Spirit, if not from the Holy Grail then from the World itself, receives knowledge about the present era. In the case of Ionian Hetairoi, it is the latter that provides the information.
    Were she to be summoned again as a Servant, as usual she would forget everything that happened during the course of these incidents. But what if she were summoned as part of the Army of the King? What if she were summoned in a Singularity that ignored the correct chronology of history, or by a system completely different than the one set up in Fuyuki?
    The answer will remain a mystery until such an event occurs.



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    Wheel of Demonic Heaven(Hecatic Wheel) [Noble Phantasm]
    Originally, the Noble Phantasm of Iskandar, Gordius Wheel.
    Due to the skill “He is Another Iskandar (Fake)” that Faker possesses, she has also gained this Noble Phantasm. However, while Iskandar’s chariot is pulled by a pair of divine bulls, hers is pulled by magically animated bone dragons.
    Compared to the original Gordius Wheel, it’s Rank and power have diminished considerably, but in exchange it is capable of many more things. One is the autopilot feature shown in Grand Roll. In addition, if Faker pours her own magical energy into it, it is capable of exhibiting a level of power similar to the original Gordius Wheel.
    The name “Hecatic” is derived from the goddess Hecate, from whom Faker’s lineage of magecraft from the Age of Gods finds its source. Though faint, there is some connection to the Caster of the Fifth Holy Grail War.


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    One of the Servants of the Black camp. His true name is Chiron. He is a centaur—a half-human-half-horse race, and he is a famous great sage in Greek myth.
     He has a calm and gentle personality, but though he treats his Master with respect, he won’t hold back on advice if it’s for the sake of his Master. He never scorns or despises others regardless of whether they are enemy or ally, and he is exceptionally calm among the intense and passionate heroes of Greek myth. He acted as the strategist of the Black camp and continued to support his camp day and night right until he took part in the final battle.
    Usually, centaurs are considered both as great huntsmen who effortlessly use bows and arrows while running with their horse legs and as savage monsters who would steal anything and everything. It seems Chiron alone is regarded as a “sage” that stands out as an exception among them.
    Chiron was born from Cronus, father of the head god Zeus, and Philyra, the goddess of a certain island. However, because Cronus had copulated with her while she was turned her into a horse, Chiron was born as a half-human-half-horse centaur. (There is also the theory that they were attacked by Cronus’ wife Rhea while they were in the middle of copulating and Philyra turned into a stallion in order to run away.) Balking at the idea of giving milk to a monster like Chiron, Philyra changed her form into that of a linden tree.
    Though he was never loved by his mother and father, Chiron became a sage that excelled in all forms of knowledge as he grew up. This is not necessarily unrelated to the fact that his mother’s name “Philyra” means linden tree. The leaves of linden trees can be used as restoratives, and the tree bark can be used in divination or as written boards.
    After becoming an adult, Chiron began to rear the “future heroes” who implored for his tutelage from all over Greece. Besides Heracles and Achilles, the heroes who received his teaching include those like Asclepius, who later became the god of medicine, and Castor, who was sublimated as the Gemini constellation. Jason, the leader of the Argonauts who enticed Medea, is also one of his students.
    On a certain day, someone shot a poison arrow at him while trying to stop a dispute between centaurs, and the poison continued to endlessly make him suffer due to his immortality, until he became the Sagittarius constellation by returning his immortality to the gods and finally received salvation. His wish for the Holy Grail while participating in the Holy Grail War is to regain his immortality. To him, it is the only gift he received from his parents.
    As a Servant, his stats have received a slight rank down due to giving up his immortality and transforming his legs into those of a human, but even then he boasts of specks high enough for him to be called a first-rate Servant—to an extremely abnormal extent in a certain sense. In the first place, it appears that he taught not only swordsmanship, archery and horse-riding, but also wrestling techniques, so he is relatively experienced in moving with human feet.
    With the combined effects of his skills, he can even utilize a pseudo-form of future sight, making him truly all-purpose in his abilities. If he has a weakness, it is that he lacks a decisive trump card. Against the brute force approach that throws away all wisdom or intelligence, his strong points fade away.
    He deeply loves how weak and insufficient humans struggle despite their insufficiency and still try to move forward, so even if he was summoned as part of the Red camp, he would have definitely rebelled against them with the resolve to die.
    Though if he were to describe it himself, he would merely answer, “This is my arrogance as a teacher, as embarrassing as it is”.
    In the novels, he was mainly focused on his fight with Achilles outside of his light skirmish with Mordred. After all, Chiron was the only one capable of harming Achilles. That battle was such a great joy to him that he even forgot his true nature as a Servant, but he stood back up as a Servant again at the moment of his death and accurately dealt a fatal wound to Achilles.


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    Demonic Sword, Sword of the Sun, Gram.
    A demonic sword of ruin and glory that Sigurd, the greatest hero of Northern Europe, possessed in the Volsunga Saga.
    It is the model of Caliburn in the legend of King Arthur. As Caliburn was a chosen sword in a stone, Gram was also a chosen sword in the mighty tree of the Volsunga king.
    The legend of Gram and its possessor Sigurd is a story filled with glory and ruin, as one would expect from a great hero.
    "Der Ring des Nibelungen", composed later in Middle Ages Germany, is the story of a knight equal to the legend of King Artnur, and the sword Gram changes its name and appears in it as Balmung.
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    北欧神話のひとつ「ヴォルスング·サガ」。その中で登場する英雄シグルドが所有していた魔剣がグラムであ る。木の幹に刺さった剣をシグルドの父シグムントが抜いたことがグラム誕生のキッカケとなるなど、後のカリ バーンの原型となった物語だと言われる。その後、父から剣の破片を受け継ぎ、シグルドが新たに打ち直したグ ラムは,竜をも殺す魔剣になったという。

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    Tawara Touta - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Voice Actor: Kenichi Suzumura

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: D
    Mana: C
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Personal Skills
    Protection from Divine Dragon: C
    Protection from Arrows: C
    Bale of Inexhaustibility: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C
    Independent Action: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Hachiman Prayer・Shooting Through A Great Demon
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A warrior from the mid-Heian period, Tawara Touta was revered as the founder of martial arts in the Kanto provinces.
    Later introducing himself as Fujiwara Hidesato, he suddenly won fame by shooting Taira Masakado. It has been told that he exterminated a great centipede - big enough to make seven and a half turns in a mountain - with a bow and arrow.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 183cm・98kg
    Source: Tale of Tawara Touta
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Male
    Despite being a Servant, he is picky about his meals.

    Level 2 Bond
    Tawara Touta was a brave soldier who performed many achievements while wielding the golden long sword handed down from his ancestor - Fujiwara Kamatari.
    A certain day, he was asked by the incarnation of a dragon god to exterminate the great centipede of Mt. Mikami. He spit on his arrow, offered a prayer to Hachiman* and splendidly exterminated the great centipede.

    Level 3 Bond
    After receiving a rice bag that never runs out of rice as thanks from the dragon gods, it has been told that Tawara Touta went through hundreds of oni-exterminations and finally shot Taira Masakado, who was an immortal demon.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Hachiman Prayer・Shooting Through A Great Demon"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Namu Hachiman Daibosatsu・Kono Ya ni Kago wo.
    Marksmanship by means of the five-man drawn*** strong bow that he favored in his youth. It has been specially given the divine protection of a dragon god that dwells in a lake.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Inexhaustible Sack: EX

    Delicious rice comes out more and more.


     *a Japanese war god

     **lit. "hail great bodhisattva Hachiman, your divine protection to this arrow"

     ***五人張り - no idea where this comes from

    俵藤太 - アーチャー



    龍神の加護 C
    矢避けの加護 C
    無尽俵 EX

    対魔力 C
    単独行動 B



    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放
    属性:中立・善  性別:男性

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを2にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを3にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放
    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放


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    The woman standing at the top of the Burial Agency.
    She's not the same Narbareck that was talking to Roa, but it just so happens that the administrator of the Burial Agency is always a member of the same family. The current Narbareck is a homicidal maniac, and has shut herself away in the Burial Agency's executive office.
    …Well, it's more like house arrest, really.
    She regularly bullies all the members of the Burial Agency when they return from missions, and in turn they basically all wish she would just drop dead.
    As the powerhouse whose job it is to reign in all the freaks in the Burial Agency, her infamy even reaches as far as the Association. Despite her young age, she is a monster that has already captured three of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.


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    Youichi Takada [Person]
    A mysterious character who shows up from time to time. Though he seems like something you'd see in a manga, surprisingly he actually exists in reality. Details about his life are unknown, but you couldn't ask for a better personality.
    The motorcycle he rides is a Honda Dream 50.

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Ernest Gravehill
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