Little Red Riding Hood (赤ずきん, Akazukin?) is a resident of Fuyuki City who died in a family suicide in Semina Apartments, whose death has become a ghost story involving "Mr. A", Ayaka Sajyou.



As told by Ayako Mitsuzuri, Little Red Riding Hood, only referred to as "*# XX" in the ghost story, was a three-year-old girl who moved into Semina Apartments with her parents a month before their family suicide. She was abused, wearing a red hood to hide the bruises on her face as instructed by her father, and unable to raise her arm above her shoulders due to him neglecting to care for a bone fracture. Her abused mother later killed her father, stabbed her, and then killed herself. It is said in the ghost story that she escaped from the scene and was never found, but the only confirmed fact is that a family suicide did take place.




Fate/hollow ataraxiaEdit

The story is told as a ghost story by Ayako Mitsuzuri with an unknown amount of embellishment.

Fate/strange FakeEdit

Fsf Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood in the Fate/strange Fake manga

Ayaka Sajyou is revealed to be the name of the person who experienced the incident of the Little Red Riding Hood. Ayaka occasionally sees her for moments and she is hinted to have escaped from her to America. Even then, the Little Red Riding Hood still appear at points, although seemingly only seen by Ayaka and not interacting with anything. It is unknown if she is actually real or just Ayaka's vision.



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