The London Singularity is the Fourth Singularity (第四特異点?) of the seven visited during the Grand Order to solve the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. Located in London, A.D. 1888, its Humanity Foundation Value was A-.

The events of Chaldea's visit to this Singularity are covered in the fourth chapter of Observer on Timeless Temple; London: The Death World in the City of Demonic Fog (死界魔霧都市 ロンドン, Shi-kai ma Kiri Toshi?), alternatively The Knight of Londinium (ロンディニウムの騎士, Rondiniumu no Kishi?)


FGO London
Commanded by Solomon, Makiri Zolgen, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, and Charles Babbage join together to destroy the era regardless of their lamentations towards the incineration of humanity.[1] They proceeded to invade the Clock Tower through its entrance in the British Museum, which was destroyed in the process, and kill all of the mages there to remove any opposition.[2] After his group created a chamber deeper underground, Babbage constructed a massive steam engine dubbed Angrboda, which uses the Holy Grail as its power source.[3] Angrboda then released a magical fog, referred to as Demonic Fog, on to the city's populace over the past three nights. Any person that breathed in the fog would have magical energy drained with various degrees of effectiveness depending on the fog's thickness and their predisposition. While gas masks protected those in the thinnest parts of the fog, though such equipment is rendered useless in the thickest fog as it drains a person's magical energy unto death. An estimated amount of several hundred thousand died as a result of the Demonic Fog cause people to stay indoors. This also left entire areas to be abandoned; the east end be nearly gone by the time of Chaldea's arrival. As well, over the past three days, the streets were soon flooded by a myriad of monstrosities.[4] Helter Skelters, one of the dangerous forces that roam the streets, were created from Babbage's Noble Phantasm, Dimension of Steam.[3] Furthermore, London became isolated from the rest of Britain due to the government being hindered, resulting in a dwindling supply of food and water.[4] In addition due to the fog being powered by the Holy Grail, several Servants began materializing from it.[5]

The Singularity also created distortions that resulted in individuals who should be dead to appear in the era as living beings, such as Henry Jekyll and Frankenstein.[3] The distorted persons will also have their memories distorted to believe they're still alive.[6] Jekyll would go on to form an information network with collaborators from all over London, Victor Frankenstein being a member, in an effort to save London.[4] He soon met Mordred, who had materialized from the fog, and the two formed a partnership, with her doing the field work, to save London.[4]


Misty London

London covered in mist.

Upon arriving in the era, Ritsuka and Mash find London covered in a thick magical fog harmful to non-magical organisms. They discover all the city’s residents have locked themselves indoors to shelter against the fog. The pair begin their search for the Holy Grail, believingt its removal will dispel the fog. However, they’re confronted by a girl asking them if they’re friend or foe since they can breathe in the fog. They don’t answer though, as they’re unsure if she is a Servant or not since the fog is distorting Romani Archaman‘s instruments. Finding them to be non-hostile, the girl warns the pair to move on if they value their lives, and leaves. Figuring she may know more about the situation than they do, Ritsuka and Mash chase after her. Along the way they encounter automatons and homunculi, discovering none have broken into any buildings. [7] After destroying a mechanical golem, Mash examines it when Jack the Ripper ambushes the pair. Jack notices they’re unhindered by the magical fog and her own fog, and attacks them but they repel her. After Jack escapes, Mash sends Romani pictures of the mechanical golem that she took earlier. While Romani analyzes the pictures, the girl from earlier interjects to inform him the mechanical golem is called a Helter Skelter. She admits she was watching the pair and concludes they’re not enemies. Mash asks her for information on London’s circumstance. The girl agrees to talk and introduces herself as Mordred.[8]

Mordred brings the pair into her acquaintance’s apartment. The owner introduces himself as Henry Jekyll, and details how he and Mordred partnered to stop the fog. After Mash tells him and Mordred about the incineration of humanity, Jekyll reveals how the fog has descended upon London for the past three nights. He explains people die, depending on their predisposition, within an hour of inhaling the fog. He estimates causalities are now in the hundred thousands. He states several areas have been abandoned, with the east end being nearly gone. Calling the fog, Demonic Fog, Jekyll details for the past three days automatons, homunculi, Helter Skelters, and Jack the Ripper have been roaming the streets committing atrocities. He reveals the Demonic Fog has isolated London from the rest of Britain, and warns the city will fall once food and water depletes. He agrees to help Ritsuka and Mash, and sends them and Mordred to protect one of his collaborators, Victor Frankenstein.[4]

Frankenstein Mansion

Victor Frankenstein's mansion

The group eventually reaches Victor’s mansion. However, they find someone else there, and Mordred deduces he killed Victor. He admits he killed Victor for refusing to join his group’s cause. He reveals his True Name to be Mephistopheles and fights the group. After killing Mephistopheles, the group enter the mansion and find a note in its library detailing a plot called Project Demonic Fog. The project’s leaders are "P", "B", and "M", who Victor suspected to be Heroic Spirits. Mordred then shows a girl she found in a coffin in the backroom earlier with a note attached. The note reads the girl is an artificial human created by Victor’s grandfather, who shares his namesake. The group realize she is Frankenstein’s Monster. After she’s revealed still be alive, the group return to Jekyll’s department with her.[4]

Back at the apartment, Jekyll informs the group that Frankenstein isn’t a Heroic Spirit and still alive like she said. He then tells them a large book has been entering buildings and attacking civilians in Soho. Naming it Magical Tome, he asks the group to deal with it.[9]

Leaving Frankenstein behind, the group travel to Soho. Along the way, Mordred fights Ritsuka and Mash to train the latter. Afterwards, the group receives a transmission from Jekyll revealing the victims of the Magical Tome go into an endless slumber. He tells them to go to an antique bookshop where they’ll meet another of his informants. Arriving at the bookshop, the group meet with Jekyll’s informant, a young boy. He details nearly half of Soho’s residents were sent into an endless slumber by the Magical Tome, which is on 2nd floor. Deciding it to be too dangerous to fight indoors, the group lure it outside. Their attacks are useless though, which the boy, revealing himself as Hans Christian Andersen, attributes to its reality marble. He reveals the tome is a stray Servant placing people into a dream in search for a Master whose psyche it can take form from. Andersen names the tome Nursery Rhyme, who changes into a young girl named Alice. After defeating her, the group return to Jekyll’s apartment now joined by Andersen.[9]

After Jekyll tells them Jack is attacking Scotland Yard, the group rush over there. They eventually the police station where they encounter Jack and a Caster, whose revealed to be one of one of leaders of Project Demonic Fog: "P".  He confirms Mordred’s suspicions that Jack massacred the entire station, and admits it was under his orders so he could receive a magically sealed item from the station. He then orders Jack to kill the group, but they kill her instead. "P" then teleports back to his compatriots before the group can interrogate him.[10]

Returning to the apartment, the group learn from Andersen that Servants are materializing from the Demonic Fog. Such Servants being Andersen, Nursery Rhyme, Mordred, Mephistopheles, and Jack. Romani refutes it is impossible for Servants to manifest without the Grail’s influence. In response, Anderson the fog was created through the power of the Grail. Mordred then goes on a patrol, with Ritsuka and Mash following.[5]

As they patrol the streets, the group eventually encounter William Shakespeare who recently materialized from the fog. "P" then arrives, planning to procure Shakespeare for his group. Confirming Romani’s suspicions, he admits his group have been procuring the Servants who materialized from the fog and manipulated them into expanding the fog. He reveals his True Name is Paracelsus von Hohenheim and fights the group. After killing Paracelsus, the group return to Jekyll’s apartment joined by Shakespeare.[5]

After an early morning patrol, the group report to Jekyll about the mass production of Helter Skelters. He suspects Project Demonic Fog is increasing their efforts to procure more Servants from the fog following Paracelsus’s death. Ritsuka then tells Anderson about the Singularities. Romani reveals Project Demonic Fog‘s awareness and influence only extends to streets covered in the Demonic Fog. Mordred says they need to disable the Helter Skelters. Andersen decides he wants to retrieve data from the Clock Tower to prove his theory about the Holy Grail War. Mordred and Jekyll however reveal the Tower’s entrance, the British Museum, was destroyed by Project Demonic Fog to remove any opposition. Agreeing with Andersen’s request, the group leave for the Museum ruins, now joined by him, Jekyll, and Shakespeare.[2]

Museum Ruins

Ruins of the British Museum

Arriving at the Museum, the group dig through its rubble to find the underground entrance to the Clock Tower. Romani detects magical energy from underground when magic tomes emerge and attack the group. After destroying the books, Jekyll theorizes they were once grimoires brought to life by the Demonic Fog. The group then head underground and confirm the mages are dead, suspecting the culprit is still around. They soon come across a warded door to library. Andersen and Jekyll investigate inside while the others guard the door. The spells on the books prevent Jekyll and Andersen from taking them outside though, so the other must defend them until they find the data Andersen is after. As the others continue to defend against enemies, Jekyll transform into Hyde to fight with them. Andersen eventually finds the data he was after, so the group return to the apartment.[11]

Back at the apartment, Andersen reveals the Holy Grail War’s Servant summoning ritual was adapted from one that summoned seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to fight a powerful enemy. He suspects that someone predicted the group’s coming and placed the information about the ritual for them to find. Suddenly, the apartment is attacked by a group of Helter Skelters. After driving them off, Romani informs the group that the robots were created from a Noble Phantasm. He also reveals they are controlled remotely by the Servant who summoned them, meaning they’ll disappear if the Servant is killed. As the group ponders about the Servant’s location, Frankenstein reveals that she knows where they are.[12]

Frankenstein leads the group to the Houses of Parliament, where they’re attacked by a group of Helter Skelters commanded by a large one. Mordred protects Frankenstein while Ritsuka and Mash fight the Helter Skelters. With the destruction of the large one, the other Helter Skelters suddenly showdown. Mash then takes pictures of the large Helter Skelter as requested by Romani. She notices the manufacturer’s name on it, which absent from the others, that reads “Charles Babbage, AD 1888”.[3]

The next morning, Jekyll tells the group that Charles Babbage is alive despite Chaldea’s historical records saying he should be dead now. Romani attributes this to the distortions created by the Singularity resulting in events changing. Thus, the dead still live and don’t exist as Heroic Spirits, such as Jekyll and Frankenstein. Jekyll reveals the Helter Skelters that were completely shut downed have all been reactivated. The group leave to defeat the one controlling the Helter Skelters.[3]

The group follow Frankenstein’s lead again, but they soon suspect she’s misleading them this time. She admits she doesn’t believe Babbage is building the Helter Skelters to hurt others. Mordred convinces her to lead them to him, saying his actions now contradict her belief in his good nature. Following Frankenstein, the group soon encounter Babbage, who reveals himself to be both “B“ of the Project Demonic Fog and a Servant that emerged from the Demonic Fog. Babbage laments the Incineration of Humanity, and begins to surrender when Frankestein talks to him. He suddenly goes berserk though because of M using the Grail, and attacks the group. After he is defeated, Babbage tells the group to head deep underground, where they’ll find the source of Demonic Fog: his Massive Steam Engine, powered by the Holy Grail, Angrboda. After Babbage disappears, the group return Frankenstein to Jekyll’s apartment before heading underground.[3]

Angrboda Chamber

Angrboda's chamber

Traveling deep underground, the group eventually reach the chamber holding Angrboda. There they encounter Makiri Zolgen, the first leader of Project Demonic Fog. Makiri reveals Demonic Fog was created to destroy all of England, as commanded by his king. He continues a Heroic Spirit able fully activate the Demonic Fog will soon materialize from the fog. Proclaiming his king’s wish to remove world’s ugliness, Makiri incarnates himself into Barbatos and attacks the group. After Barbatos is defeated, Makiri attempts to summon a Servant, but Mordred kills him before he can finish the incantation. However, serving as both the summoning circle and the remaining incantation, the Demonic Fog completes the ritual.[1] The Servant announces himself to be Nikola Tesla, and heads for the surface while the group lie unconscious from the massive burst of Magical Energy from his summoning. After they wake up, Romani warns Tesla is heading to a spot on surface to fully activate the Demonic Fog so it spread across England to destroy the era. He further explains Makiri’s extra line for Madness Enhancement during the summoning made Tesla automatically perform the task he was summoned for. After defeating the homunculi that ambushed them, the group soon catch up to Tesla. He reveals the activated fog absorbs magical energy without limit, preventing the group from reaching him. Mordred disperses the fog when it absorbs her Clarent Blood Arthur. The group use this opportunity to fight Tesla, but the fog soon returns. Before continuing to the surface, Tesla tells the group he is heading to where the fog is thickest, the skies above Buckingham Palace. He explains a lightning strike from him will fully activate the fog, and implores they stop him before he does. He soon arrives at the surface, and creates a stairway to sky when Sakata Kintoki and Tamamo-no-Mae confront him.​​​​​[13]
Perkūnas Ladder

Stairway created by Nikola Tesla

The group rush back to the surface and meet Kintoki and Tamamo, who recently fought Tesla. Kintoki tells them he dispersed the fog surrounding Tesla. The group then run up Tesla’s stairway to kill him. After killing Tesla, they prepare to return underground to remove the Grail from Angrboda. However, they’re interrupted when Artoria Alter suddenly materializes from the fog, absorbing it as she materializes. After the group kills Artoria Alter, they return to Angrboda ‘s chamber to remove the Grail with Andersen, Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo joining.[6] 

In Angrboda’s chamber, Romani warns the group of a strange distortion similar to a Rayshift there. A mysterious figure then manifests from the distortion and expresses his disappointment in Gilles de Rais, Romulus, Jason, and Tesla for their failures. He reveals himself as the one behind the Incineration of Humanity and his name is Solomon. Accused of being a mere Servant, Solomon explains he manifested under his own power to destroy humanity. He reveals the ring of light that Ritsuka and Mash have been seeing in the skies of the Singularities is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis . Out of his interest in Mash, he summons only four of the Demon Gods and attacks the group. The group kill one of the Demon Gods, however, Solomon kills Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo. Mash implores Romani to rayshift them home, but he replies that Solomon’s presence makes that impossible. Solomon declares he outranks all Servants regardless of their ranks as Heroic Spirits. He then tries to kill Mordred, but Andersen blocks his attack. Andersen explains the original Heroic Spirit summoning system created by the Counter Force summons them as Grand Servants to protect humanity from a destructive threat born from humanity. Solomon confirms the summoning system used in the Holy Grail War is a degraded version of the original. He then declares he is the Grand Caster and kills Andersen. He confesses he only came to the Singularity on a whim and prepares to leaves. He proclaims Chaldea isn’t a threat to him unless they destroy seven Singularities. He then calls humans worthless for living despite their inevitable deaths and leaves. The group then retrieve the Grail and return to the surface. After saying their goodbyes to Mordred, Ritsuka and Mash return to Chaldea.[6]

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Atalanta Interlude II: London Child (ロンドン・チャイルド?) Interlude
Mordred Interlude I: King of Kings (キング・オブ・キングス?) Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 5) Interlude




Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber Mordred Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin (Living Hero) Henry Jekyll & Hyde Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Jack the Ripper Project Demonic Fog
Berserker (Living Hero) Frankenstein Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Nursery Rhyme None
Caster Mephistopheles Project Demonic Fog
Caster Paracelsus Project Demonic Fog
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster William Shakespeare Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Charles Babbage Project Demonic Fog
Archer Nikola Tesla Makiri Zolgen
Berserker Sakata Kintoki None
Caster Tamamo no Mae None
Lancer King Arthur (Alter) None
Grand Caster Solomon None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Magus Makiri Zolgen Project Demonic Fog
Demon God Barbatos Solomon

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