Loptr Laegjarn: Shine Brighter than the Sun O Sword of Flame (太陽を越えて輝け、炎の剣
, Taiyō o Koete Kagayake, Honōnoken
Roputoru Rēgyarun
?) is the Anti-World attack of Surtr's sword, Laevatein turned into a Noble Phantasm.[1] It's the flame of the end that signals the apocalypse. An Anti-Divine, Anti-Life, Anti-World special attack capable of reducing all of the Scandinavian World to cinders in a single blow.[1] [2] After increasing his strength by consuming Fenrir in the Norse Lostbelt, Surtr managed to destroy the Nine Realms that made up the Scandinavian world and set the planet aflame using his Sword.[2]


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