Loptr Laegjarn: The Sword Of Flame Shining Brighter Than The Sun (太陽を越えて輝け、炎の剣ロプトル・レーギャルン, Taiyō o Koete Kagayake, HonōnokenRoputoru Rēgyarun?) is Surtr's Noble Phantasm, a Divine Construct forged by the Planet that equals the Holy Spear, Rhongomyniad. It's a sword that tears off the Texture known as the Age of Gods from the planet's surface.[1] It carries a massive amount of magical energy which projects a heat of over 4 million degrees Celsius, which is impossible on Earth.[2] Furthermore it possesses the preferential right against all life, as such the sword is able to destroy any living creature with a form, even Gods from the Age of Gods.[1] Servants are some of the only beings that have some resistance to the Sword, as they are not proper Life and are merely Ether in the form of past individuals.[2]


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