Lostbelt King (異聞帯の王?) is a term for those who rule the seven Lostbelts brought forth by the Alien God during Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.


The King of each Lostbelt is a major figure in the history of the Lostbelt. Each has existed in the world of the Lostbelt since the point of divergence until modern day. They are the core of the Lostbelt and possess a certain Authority over it. The status of Lostbelt King can be usurped by someone else of authority.

Known KingsEdit

# Name Lostbelt Divergence
1Ivan the TerribleRussian Lostbelt1570 AD
1Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaRussian LostbeltN/A
2Scáthach-SkaðiNorse Lostbelt (Norway)1000 BC
2SurtrNorse Lostbelt (Norway)1000 BC
3Qin Shi HuangChinese Lostbelt2010 BC
4God ArjunaIndian Lostbelt11900 DV
5ZeusAtlantic Lostbelt12000 BC
6???English Lostbelt500 AD
7???South American Lostbelt???? BC


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