Louvre (ルヴァレ?), also known as Dead Apostle of the Lake (湖の死徒, Ko no Shito?),[1] is the successor appointed to the tenth position of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors after the death of Nrvnqsr Chaos. His son and daughter bear the same name, and Merem Solomon refers to them as triplets while noting disgust at the idea.[2]



Louvre was created by a True Ancestor, giving him a lineage that was ancient even among Dead Apostles.[1] He inhabited Norway for five hundred years, but he was at one point, several centuries before Prelude, pursued by Executors of the Church to a lake where he was subsequently destroyed. He miraculously survived somehow and became dedicated to enlarging his "coven" that he previously did not nurture.[1] He had two children, a son and daughter, as his successors over one hundred years before, who were both given his name.[2] He became the subordinate of Trhvmn Ortenrosse, the leader of the largest faction of Dead Apostles, and gained some notoriety.[1] After the death of Nrvnqsr Chaos, he was appointed the vacant spot of tenth Dead Apostle Ancestor.[2]


Louvre is a confident and cautious Dead Apostle. Though not ready to become an Ancestor in power, he believes in his strength and planning. He is completely confident that his lair boasts his untouchable indestructibility and everlasting prosperity, and he scoffs at the Rose Prophecy despite its supposed accuracy. He has fun even with the prospect of facing Barthomeloi Lorelei, planning to face her directly in battle with his preparations.[2]


Upon his appointment to the tenth spot of the Ancestors, Louvre holds a gathering for his relatives. He receives the Rose Prophecy that night, telling him that "--Tonight, Death will appear before thee." Though it is telling him to prepare a successor, he does not believe it is absolute. The gathering is interrupted by Barthomeloi Lorelei and Enhance three hours later. Barthomeloi enters the area with her battalion, while Enhance sneaks inside. Barthomeloi, entering the castle by herself, encounters and injures his daughter before she escapes, while Enhance encounters and injures his son. After the two encounter each other, the son also escapes, and after a brief battle, the two realize the true nature of their supposed targets as Louvre's children.[2]

Both children reach their father, who plans to use their combined might and his most powerful weapon to battle the threats. He is confident in their ability to achieve victory, but, while musing over the events and playing with his beard, he feels wind in the supposedly sealed room. While he initially reacts to the surprise attack, he finds himself cut in half. He feels the sense of being unable to heal like when he was human and the nostalgic sense of first becoming a Dead Apostle due to the cut location being completely "Dead". He sees a hole in the roof and the God of Death before perishing. His corpse, along with those of his children, are found by Barthomeloi and Enhance, with his mace having been taken.[2]

Merem Solomon later notes that Louvre is likely to be one of the Dead Apostles present at the Aylesbury Valesti due to his connection to Trhvmn Ortenrosse, but Gransurg Blackmore informs Merem of Louvre's death. Merem is glad because the idea of triplets disgusts him, but claims that he expected Louvre to last longer. Having expected him to put up a better fight, Merem says that he needs to revise his ratings.[2]


Louvre was made into a Dead Apostle as a form of amusement by the True Ancestor, to appreciate the "beauty" of mankind, so he was not given any exceptional powers.[1] While he is elevated to the position of Ancestor, he does not have their level of power. Despite his youth, he has power, displaying extreme agility against Satsujinki's surprise attack, that would not shame his title as a great noble, and his magecraft is among the supreme of the supreme. Even he accepts that it will take him at least two hundred years before he can be called an Ancestor, so he steals Magical Equipment and Conceptual Weapons from magi to make up the difference. His secret weapon, normally kept sealed, is a mace artifact he believes capable of matching Barthomeloi Lorelei and making Merem Solomon, a collector of artifacts, envious.[2]

Louvre’s castle.

Louvre's lair is an ancient, magical castle upon a lake hidden by multiple layers of Bounded Fields that act as invisible protection that fools even nature. Close to an alternate world like a home of fairies, the strong magecraft has allowed him to avoid the detection of countless armies of heretic hunters, though it is not as far advanced as the castles of other Ancestors. It is enshrouded in darkness and only shows itself to guests. It takes several years to find even for Barthomeloi Lorelei's skilled battalion. The walls of the castle should be indestructible normally, and he has a contingency plan for those assaulting the barrier, claiming that they would "fall into the pits of earth."[2]

In spreading his coven, he has personally taken the blood of five thousand sacrifices, and the total number of casualties resulting from the spread of his infection creating minions is several times that number. His successors, each bearing his name, are newborn Dead Apostles who have only recently acquired powers. Each is easily defeated, but they are able to escape even in their critical condition due to being over one hundred years old. Despite their different appearances, Barthomeloi recognizes them as the same Dead Apostle, and Merem Solomon refers to them and the father as triplets. Sharing blood, all three of them increase drastically in power should they fight together, multiplying their power instead of simply adding to it. Barthomeloi estimates their combined might to be somewhat close to her own strength, and it makes her more serious about the situation.[2]


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    Dead Apostle Louvre [Person's name • Dead Apostle]
    Dead Apostle of the Lake. Even among the Dead Apostles, his lineage was an ancient one. Because Louvre was created by the True Ancestor as a form of amusement, namely to appreciate the "beauty" of mankind, he did not possess any exceptional powers.
    A few centuries ago, he was pursued by the Executor of the Church to a lake and subsequently destroyed, but somehow he miraculously survived.
    Since then, he became dedicated in enlarging his "coven" which he previously did not care about. Currently he was the subordinate of White Wing, who led the largest faction of Dead Apostles.

    死徒ルヴァレ [人名/使徒]

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