Lucius Tiberius (ルキウス・ヒベリウス, Rukiusu Hiberiusu?) is a Roman leader who fought against King Arthur in the world of Fate/Prototype.



Lucius Tiberius was an emperor who ruled Rome during the time of King Arthur. He was called "Caesar", who was the strongest in the continent and carried the title of "Sword Emperor".


He has dark red hair, purple eyes and a build similar to King Arthur.


He has a violent personality shown through his ruthlessness, and his enjoyment of battle and blood-shed. He is also the epitome of arrogance due to his belief that having been born a king, he has the right to do anything he pleases and views his rule as being like a god on earth.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky SilverEdit

The battle between Lucius and Arthur is detailed in a flashback.


He has physical abilities comparable to a magical beast and he wields the demon sword, Florent. Said to be the finest sword, Florent is a brother sword to Clarent and symbolises someone’s rule over all of the people on the continent. The floral pattern of the fully blooming lily on his sword, grants him the divine protection of Flora the ancient goddess of flowers. However, Arthur questions him on this logic, asking that since a lily was in other words a flower that indicates birth and can also be an analogy for a sword, if Lucius was trying to turn the sword which symbolises life "into a blood-stained flower".[1]


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