Lugh Beowulf (ルゥ=ベオウルフ, Ru Beourufu?) is an antagonist in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

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Beo is an incarnated Elemental and Phantasmal Beast that has existed since long ago, but at some point "fell as a droplet in the werewolf village in the eighteenth century". He was brought to life through the folklore and tradition of the people from the werewolf village.

He was found in a cave by a group of werewolves and was well received by their village. Due to all werewolves having been descended from a single golden werewolf, they revered him because they believed that he would bring about a revival of their species that had been in  decline since their peak long ago. There had not been a single golden werewolf born since the beginning, so all of the kings among them had been silver. They gave him the name "Lugh" after a sun god so that he would bring about their revival. Upon finding out that Lugh doesn't age and has no gender, he became ostracized by the village because they discovered that he would not bring about their revival, and was not even a real werewolf in the first place.

They eventually sold him to Touko Aozaki because of this, and she gave him the name "Beowulf." She does not have a binding magecraft that could possibly restrain him, but he is attracted to her because she has a "good scent" and for her promise to "let him fight the greatest Mystery." They went on a number of exploits across Europe, and he remained undefeated throughout them. Some involved a train that collects Mystic Eyes, an ancient giant octopus living in the North Sea, the Bermuda triangle, which leads to another world, and an Elder Title Dead Apostle Ancestor.

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Mahou Tsukai no Yoru[edit | edit source]

He defeats both Aoko Aozaki and Alice Kuonji easily, but is unexpectedly defeated by Soujuurou Shizuki. He recognizes that Soujuurou has no sense of self, and that the reason he destroyed his heart was purely a reaction to his hurting the two magi. He is overcome by fear after believing that he would have been killed if he had killed one of the two, and becomes traumatized and imperfect.

After one year, it is revealed he fell in love with Soujuurou.

Chibichuki![edit | edit source]

In Chibichuki!, Enkidu befriends a lonely Beo while Gilgamesh becomes jealous.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

He was indirectly referenced in Kara no Kyoukai, Chapter 4: The Hollow Shrine. Touko mentioned that she was without a Familiar and in need of Shiki's services. This implied the contract between Touko and Beo had absolved. 

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Beo easily taking Aoko's powerful kick.

Beowulf is actually not a werewolf at all, but an Elemental. Because his current form is that of a golden werewolf, he is also classified as a Phantasmal Beast. He was not born in a normal sense, but was naturally produced by the World in a similar fashion as True Ancestors. As a creature that is sort of like a relative to Arcueid Brunestud, he is close to her in atmosphere. He is a three thousand year class Mystery who is a natural enemy to magi of the AD calendar, since no modern magecraft has comparable Mystery as him and therefore cannot damage him. He can be affected by pure magic power, but magecraft is completely negated.[1]

He doesn't age like regular werewolves and shares none of their normal desires. He has an astral body and materialized soul that doesn't require a body to remain stabilized, so he can change his shape to that of any creature on Earth. He doesn't have a specific gender, so in the unlikely event that he finds a mate, he can adjust his sex according to his partner. He displays several different wolf forms, the ability to absorb a fifty-ton impact by turning into a giant monkey, the ability to "blow up", and he can change his form to a sturdier or faster animal to handle bullets and rockets. He also has a high level of regeneration.

He is extremely resistant even while in human form, allowing him to easily take a kick to the neck from Aoko Aozaki that had enough power to break a tree in half. He is defeated by Soujuurou Shizuki even though he is far above humans. His defeat has less to do with Soujuurou's strength and more to do with his own inexperience. Having believed himself to be invincible due to having never lost, he is mentally traumatized after realizing that even he could be defeated and possibly killed. He is attacked by two blows, one that made his chest burst from the front, and another blow to the back that tore apart his heart. While he quickly regenerates, as he could never physically be defeated by such an attack, he finds that he cannot stand due to fear.

The contradictory nature of Soujuurou's existence scares him, causing both his pain and fear to go out of control for the first time in his life. Though his heart is fully recovered, the fear-induced phantom pain leaves him gasping and hugging his quivering body. The pain of defeat, the pain of his ruptured heart, and above all, the pain of knowing the incomprehensible leave him thinking "I could have been killed" over and over again, due to recognizing that he was hurt by Soujuurou purely as a reaction to his hurting Aoko and Alice. The only thing he can do is revert to his human form and shiver like a frightened child in his mother's lap.[2] Touko says he is not as useful after learning defeat because he is no longer perfect. He will lose his uniqueness in Mystery when faced with magic and will be at a disadvantage.

References[edit | edit source]

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    Natural enemy to magi of the AD calendar; if it's a pure magic power battle, attacks will still work, but when it's magecraft, it'll be completely negated. He's a creature that's sort of like a relative to Arcueid, so he's close to Arc in atmosphere.
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