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[[Category:Noble Phantasms]]
[[Category:Noble Phantasms]]
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[[Category:A rank Noble Phantasms]]
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Noble Phantasm
Luminosité Eternelle
Ruler Noble Phantasm
Japanese name: リュミノジテ・エテルネッル
Title: God is Here With Me
Japanese title: 我が神はここにありて
Transliteration: Waga Kami wa Koko ni Arite
Owner: Joan of Arc
Type: Barrier[1]
Rank: A[1]
Range: 1-10[1]
Maximum number of targets:  ???[1]
Luminosité Eternelle: God is Here With Me (我が神はここにありて
, Watashi ga Kami wa Koko ni Arite
Ryuminojite eterunerru
?) is the battle standard of Joan of Arc, the holy battle flag that she kept by her side all her life. It is her main weapon, kept in place of a sword on the battlefield, still potent enough to easily destroy Dragon Tooth Warriors, block strikes from enemy Servants, and pierce through obstacles with its tip. It had inspired and uplifted her soldiers who had believed a saint walked amongst them, said to have continually protected her as she ran ahead in battle as the vanguard. By planting it into the ground, tightly grasping it, and activating it as a Noble Phantasm, it converts her EX-rank Magic Resistance into protection against all harm both physical and spiritual. It brings about a light that completely isolates anyone within it and cuts them off from their surroundings, much like the divided water from the myth of Moses splitting the Red Sea. It is potent enough to isolate Ruler, Sieg, and Rider of Black from even the powerful final strike of Berserker of Red's Noble Phantasm, Crying Warmonger, that devastates the land and destroys half of Yggdmillennia's fortress without any harm coming to them. The downside to the ability is that the damage accumulates within the flag, causing it to begin to tear as she uses it.


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