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Luviagelita Edelfelt (ルヴィアゼリッタ・エーデルフェルト, Ruviazeritta Ēderuferuto?), or simply Luvia (ルヴィア, Ruvia?) as she is better known colloquially, is a character from Fate/hollow ataraxia.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Daughter of a distinguished lineage of magi, the Edelfelt, Luviagelita is their young and talented family head.[2] As a student in the Clock Tower, the Mage's Association academy, she is one of the candidates for the position of student president for the current academic term.[3]

She became acquainted with Rin Tohsaka after she began to study in the Clock Tower after the Fifth Holy Grail War. She finds in Rin a worthy rival due to their similarities; their encounters always result in fierce clashes.[2] After a year together, a silent agreement was forged within the Department of Mineralogy of Clock Tower that "Tohsaka and Edelfelt must not attend classes together". The facade that she built for herself was withering away after a decade of use and her bad temper was already starting to appear, but after Rin showed up her daily life improved.[3]

On a certain occasion, Luvia tried to reserve all 28 rooms in the top floor of the Norwich Students Dormitory entirely for herself, but that became impossible when Rin also asked for a room in the same floor. After a series of events that resulted in the recommendation letter that Rin got from a Lord being torn apart, a big fight broke out and a reception desk was destroyed in the process. Afterwards, both were forbidden from ever entering the dormitory again. So because boarding houses are too small, she bought a European-style mansion for herself to live in.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Luvia has long golden blonde hair styled entirely in large coils. She physically resembles Rin somewhat, furthering speculation that the younger Edelfelt sister from the Third Holy Grail War may have married into the Tohsaka family.

Similar to Rin, she wears ribbons in her hair. In contrast to her rival, Luvia's signature colour is blue; she wears a long blue dress with sleeves that are easily detachable for combat purposes.

In the Adra Castle Separation case, she appears in her late teens and could not have been more than 17 or 18 years old. Her bright blue dress was reminiscent of the color of the sky. A ribbon of the same color kept her golden blonde hair in ringlets, and in her hand was an ivory handled parasol.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As long as Rin Tohsaka is not nearby, Luvia's attitude is always graceful, never blaspheming and displaying a beauty similar to that of a swan. Of course, that is all just a facade; as she is actually very competitive and suffers from perfectionist tendencies.[3]

Although wealthy, Luvia does not tolerate excessive spending. However, she knows that such spending of money is meaningful because aristocrats are aristocrats. She understands that commoners do not have good views about the aristocrats, but loves them strongly because she understands them. She accepts that her fate is to marry a high-class gentleman of noble birth, but her personal tastes are more towards a simple man.

In the past, she has a strong immoderate hatred towards Lord El-Melloi II where Luvia went as far as to hire a Spellcaster, Flueger, to take the request in putting an end to El-Melloi II.

She has a high elitism attitude as a noble and has always seen others from above. Luvia could not help loving professional wrestling deeply.[4]

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/stay night[edit | edit source]

Luvia challenges Rin in a self-defense class, in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works].

After the True End of Unlimited Blade Works scenario, Shirou Emiya was employed part-time at Luvia's mansion.[5] In the epilogue episode of Ufotable adaptation, she is classmates with Shirou and Rin and lives in the same apartment building with them. Luvia openly flirts with Shirou, to which she and Rin ended up in a scuffle in a self-defense class. Shirou claims that he met Luvia when they were both lost in London.

She is mentioned by Rin at the end of the Heaven's Feel route once she returns to Fuyuki in a plane worse than economy class. Rin remembers Luvia mocking her by saying that if she got financial troubles, she can take her on as a maid and give her a monthly salary that equals the yearly pay of the cheap waitress down at the fourth street.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[edit | edit source]

During the Zelretch box incident, a telephone call connected to a Luvia of a parallel timeline three years in the future. A series of events that started with her delivering an important essay that she wrote led to she and Rin falling from the London Tower. They survived the incident thanks to the intervention of Shirou Emiya, and in the aftermath received the nickname of Mary of July (Luvia) and Poppins of July. Eventually, she and Shirou (who she calls Shero (シェロ?) became partners and started investigating a cruise ship casino called Fem's Casa.

Fate/unlimited codes[edit | edit source]

Luvia arriving in Fuyuki in the opening.

She is given the title Lady Forklift (淑女のフォークリフト, Shukujo no Fookurifuto?) in Fate/unlimited codes. She is one of the three hidden characters in the arcade mode.

She was informed by the Edelfelt elder about their defeat in the Third Holy Grail War. She shares the same opinion with her elders that Fuyuki is a city lacking in charm and history. She decided to participate the Holy Grail War to avenge the disgrace of her predecessor in order to win the title.[4] However she acknowledges that the previous head of the family was too interested in elegance and extravagance to which she does not share such conceit. She decided to perform her showmanship by giving everything in order to defeat the enemy and to give her fans a good show. She looks forward to challenge Rin Tohsaka as she considers the Edelfelts are the world's most beautiful hunters and her skills are not to be taken lightly. She corrects herself when she almost calls herself as the world's beautiful hyena.

She encounters Berserker and Illyasviel von Einzbern, she is impressed with Berserker's muscle as she can tell him to be skilled at combat and very agile. She identifies Berserker as a wrestler with the striking force of a heavyweight, yet the speed and explosiveness of a welterweight. She acknowledges Berserker as a famous warrior and gets excited. She asked for his name, affiliation and active location. Illya calls her an idiot but she can tell Luvia was a magus and possibly a friend of Rin or her accomplice. Luvia reacted negatively with Illya's statement and she calls her a homunculus scum. Illya further calls her an idiot and she describes Luvia to resembles Rin and question if they are two step-sisters.[4] Luvia was so offended that she may pass out and she cannot lose her cool until she defeated her enemy, she gave Illya a chance to take back those words. However Illya refused to take back her words and questions whether Luvia can take on Berserker. Luvia can tell Illya is from a good lineage but she considers her to have an air of country bumpkin. Luvia explains that the results of a battle cannot be judged solely on strength, the winner is the one who tries their best, who challenges themselves beyond their limits and the winner is the one who ignores all sense of instinct and pride. Although Illya considers a different kind of stupid from Rin but Illya thought she was kind of cool. Luvia defeats Berserker as she considers knocking out your opponent out cold would get them to shut up more quickly. It took a lot of effort for Luvia to throw Berserker but she is grateful to have had the opportunity to fight him.

Luvia and Rin after their fight in the ending.

She encounters Rin in her last battle. Rin was surprise that Luvia managed to arrive even though she was not a Master, she doesn't care about the Holy Grail and Luvia just wants to challenge Rin. Rin figured Luvia was someone who could take care of herself in a fight, but she didn't predicted her getting this far. Luvia declares she is the person who was selected to avenge her family defeat to the Tohsaka family in the last generation and she has absolutely no interest in the Grail. Her goal was to simply out perform Rin on the battlefield, and defeat Rin with her two fists. Rin finds it meddlesome to be targeted by a noble family. Luvia expressed that Rin is her rival and it was harmonious to have two such extremes to go head-to-head. Rin is uncertain whether it was harmony or fate but she is certain she is incompatible with Luvia like oil and water. Rin figures all there is left is to fight and Rin makes a rule that the loser has to listen to the winner. Luvia accepts this final battle until one of them can no longer fight and she won't stand for any whining when Rin loses.

Luvia kept coming in to grab Rin no matter how many punches or kicks. Luvia had caught Rin in holds, threw her down, and tried to break her, but Rin stood up with a smile on her face every time. After Luvia defeats Rin, the two collapse on the floor. They both complimented each other and became interested in each other as they questioned what kind of diet and training they have gone through. They both laughed and built a strange friendship in this battle.[4] They agreed that it's pretty ridiculous to be having these kinds of fights at their age and this petty stubbornness between them is a sign of immaturity. Rin wonders why Luvia nickname is "Lady Forklift" and not "Forklift Lady". Luvia decided to teach Rin about "showmanship" as she does not know much about professional wrestling.

Fate/unlimited codes - Luviagelita Edelfelt command list
  • Gandr (ガンド, Gando?) - Luvia fires some gandr shots.
  • Backdrop (バックドロップ, Bakkudoroppu?) - A German suplex.
  • Call (コール, Kōru?) - Luvia does a jewel empowered upward palm strike. An elemental upward attack (wind/fire/ice). Knocks the opponent up.
    • Graceful Call (コール・グレイス, Kōru Gureisu?, lit. "Call Grace")
      • Graceful Call Emerald (コール・グレイス・エメラルド, Kōru Gureisu Emerarudo?, lit. "Call Grace Emerald")
      • Graceful Call Carmine (コール・グレイス・カーマイン, Kōru Gureisu Kāmain?, lit. "Call Grace Carmine")
      • Graceful Call Aquamarine (コール・グレイス・アクアマリン, Kōru Gureisu Akuamarin?, lit. "Call Grace Aquamarine")
  • Jewel Squash (ジュエルスカッシュ, Jueru Sukasshu?) - Luvia jumps and swings with a jewel in hand.
    • Jewel Squash (Echoes of Green Horses) (ジュエルスカッシュ(碧の鳴蹄), Jueru Sukasshu (Midori no Meitei)?) - A swing attack. Wind. Launches airborne opponents. Jump cancellable on air hit.
    • Jewel Squash (Vicious Scarlet Bird) (ジュエルスカッシュ(緋の猛禽), Jueru Sukasshu (Aka no Mōkin)?) - A swing attack and knocks the opponent down. Fire. Launcher.
    • Jewel Squash (Azure Cutting Scale) (ジュエルスカッシュ(藍の絶鱗), Jueru Sukasshu (Ai no Zetsurin)?) - A swing attack and Stuns the opponent. Ice. Opponent is frozen and falls to ground.
  • Hunting Lady (ハンティングレディー, Hantingu Redī?) - A preparing pose for the next attack.
    • Transfer drop (トランスファードロップ, Toransufā Doroppu?) - Switches place with the opponent.
    • Ground Tackle (グラウンドタックル, Guraundo Takkuru?) - Knocks the opponent down, then mount on top.
    • Spear Tackle (スピアタックル, Supia Takkuru?) - Knocks the opponent down, then mount on top.
      • Queen slap (クイーン・スラップ, Kuīn surappu?) - After mounting, she does several slaps.
      • Elegandr (エーレ・ガンド, Ēre gando?) - Gandr Shots after mounting.
      • Spangle Necklace (スパンコール・ネックレス, Supankōru Nekkuresu?)

Super Move:

  • Elegant Celebrity (エーレガンド・セレブリティ, Ēregando Sereburiti?) - A multiple Gand Shot.
  • Forklift Lady (淑女のフォークリフト, Shukujo no Fōkurifuto?) - A spiral throw and an Izuna drop.

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

  • Ultimity Edelfelt (アルティメティー・エーデルフェルト, Arutimetī Ēderuferuto?, Localized as Ultimate Edelfelt) - Luvia freezes the opponent with jewels, then dances around them hitting them with wind jewels, launching them into the air where she jumps and sits on them as they land in fire jewels.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[edit | edit source]

case. Adra Castle Separation[edit | edit source]

Luvia and her butler Clown travelled to the Adra Castle to claim its inheritance.[6]

She was hostile to Lord El-Melloi II. She faces Gray with the intention of killing her, Luvia claims Gray's master to be the worst kind of Magus and the worst kind of person.

She later becomes cooperative with him.

Grace note[edit | edit source]

Following the arrest of Gurdoa Davenant and the seizure of his assets, Luviagelita comes to own Carnac, London's largest department store.[7]

Capsule Servant[edit | edit source]

She is encountered in both Shirou's route and Rin's route. She proclaims herself as a girl genius who will one day become queen of not only the Capsaba world, but also the wrestling ring.

She considers hiring Shirou as an apprentice butler when he gave her advice to start her dream small. Shirou rejected the proposition of becoming her apprentice butler because he already knew what he wanted to be. Luvia was impressed with his sense of purpose and offered Shirou to become her manager if he wins.

Rin tells Luvia that she can be only be number 2 in the world as long as Rin existed and she doesn't care about the wrestling ring. Luvia considers Rin to be her rival and challenges her to an open-weight division no-time-limit single-round electrified barbed-wire deathmatch.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Her counterpart in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA has an active role.

In the "Apocrypha" universe, Luvia is a pro-wrestler and forms a tag team with a Sakura Matou.[8]

She makes a brief cameo appearance in the EX Season episode of Carnival Phantasm.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2008, she is a super heavyweight wrestler star known as the Great Luvia (グレート・ルヴィア, Gurēto Ruvia?) in the T Moon Fighting Spirit (Tムーン 闘魂, T Mūn Tōkon?). She has been called the jewel of the Fate Wrestling Federation because of her showy, orthodox fighting style. Even so, she has trouble with Dynamite Rin, who is a tough opponent that can skillfully escape grabs and avoids throw. She is the owner of Fuyuki Super Arena Dome. GGG tried to scout her but for some reason she became interested in the FWF stable and has stayed in that group. Her fight with Dynamite Rin came to a draw as the Referee Shinji Matou was knocked out by the two fighters powerful drop kicks.

Luvia makes an appearance in Fate/Grand Order as a Craft Essence card. She appears as the illustration cover for Jewelry Magecraft - Anti Shadow (宝石魔術・対影, Hōseki Majutsu - Tai Kage?).  She also appears as the host for the Ruler-Class Psudo-Servant Astraea.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Luvia specializes in Jewel Magecraft just like Rin, and is a Finn who is an expert in the use of the Gandr shooting curse and also in Reinforcement Magecraft as it does to fight Rin in the epilogue of Unlimited Blade Works ufotable version.[3]

She is also trained in the England-original Lancashire-style of martial combat (which is quite similar to pro-wrestling) and received the nicknames of "Hunting Dog of the Ring" and the "Forklift Lady" for it. Usually wears a blue dress, the sleeves of said dress are optional attachments that can be easily and quickly removed in times of battle.

She has one hundred Magic Circuits, though how many are natural or part of her Crest is unknown. She also showed the ability to gather enough magical energy to "obliterate even the likes of lower ranked Phantasmal Species". She used this energy in conjunction with some of her jewels that she gathers at her fingertip to launch an attack called "The Edelfelt's Kaliedoscope" to test Flue, destroying an entire wall and the floor in doing so.[9]

Her Element is Earth.

Development[edit | edit source]

Luvia was first voiced by Yukari Tamura in Fate/stay night Realta Nua. In Fate/unlimited codes and other works on she is voiced by Shizuka Itō.

Ryuji Higurashi commented that the ending of Luvia in Fate/Unlimited Codes is his favourite picture.[4]

Reception[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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Fate/hollow ataraxia Bazett Fraga McRemitzCaren HortensiaEdelfelt sistersMaster of AssassinEinzbern Master
Fate/Zero Kiritsugu EmiyaKirei KotomineTokiomi TohsakaRyuunosuke UryuuWaver VelvetKariya MatouKayneth El-Melloi ArchibaldSola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Fate/Extra Hakuno KishinamiRin TohsakaRani VIIILeonardo B. HarweyRun RuDan BlackmoreShinji MatouAliceJulius B. HarweyMonji GatouTwice H. PiecemanJinako CarigiriKiara SessyoinMeltryllisBBKazuhito Sakagami
Fate/Apocrypha Kairi SisigouShirou KotomineRottweil BerzinskyJean RumPentel brothersFeend vor SembrenGordes Musik YggdmillenniaFiore Forvedge YggdmillenniaDarnic Prestone YggdmillenniaCelenike Icecolle YggdmillenniaRoche Frain YggdmillenniaCaules Forvedge YggdmillenniaCaster of BlackReika RikudouSagara HyoumaSieg
Fate/Prototype Ayaka SajyouMisaya ReiroukanManaka SajyouSancraid PhahnAro IsemiElza SaijoNigel SawardMisaya's fatherShizuri Isemi‎ • Seiji JingaTatsumi Kitano
Fate/Labyrinth Manaka SajyouNorma Goodfellow
Fate/strange fake PlayerTiné ChelcTsubaki KuruokaOrlando ReeveJester KartureFlat EscardosWolfAyaka SajyouSigmaFaldeus DiolandCashuraFrancescaDoris LusendraHaruriBazdilot Cordelion
Fate/Grand Order ProtagonistKirschtaria WodimeOphelia PhamrsoloneKadoc ZemlupusScandinavia PeperoncinoHinako AkutaBeryl GutDaybit Sem Void
Koha-Ace KohakuArtoriaMajor MatouCaren Kotomine
Fate/kaleid liner Class Card users: Illyasviel von EinzbernMiyu EdelfeltAngelicaBeatrice FlowerchildJulian AinsworthRin TohsakaLuviagelita EdelfeltShinji Matou
Classes SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
RulerAvengerAlter EgoMoonCancerShielderBeastGrand Servant (Grand Caster) • SaverGunnerGatekeeperFunny VampFakerWatcherNon-classed Servants
Fate/stay night SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
Fate/hollow ataraxia AvengerSaberAssassin
Fate/Zero SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
Fate/Extra Playable Servants: SaberArcherCasterGilgameshSaberCasterSaberRuler
Non-Playable Servants: SaberLancerLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserkerBerserkerSaverRider
Non-Playable CCC Servants: SaberLancerCasterLauncherBB
Alter Ego: PassionlipMeltryllisVioletKingproteaKazuradrop
Fate/Apocrypha Black Faction: Saber of Black (Sieg) • Lancer of BlackArcher of BlackRider of BlackCaster of BlackAssassin of BlackBerserker of Black
Red Faction: Saber of RedLancer of RedArcher of RedRider of RedCaster of RedAssassin of RedBerserker of Red
Others: RulerRuler
Discarded designs: DavidMusashibo BenkeiSaint GeorgeSakata Kintoki
Fate/Prototype SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
Fate/strange fake SaberFalse LancerFalse ArcherFalse RiderFalse CasterFalse AssassinFalse Berserker
True ArcherTrue RiderTrue CasterTrue AssassinTrue BerserkerWatcher
Fate/Grand Order Saber: Artoria PendragonBedivereBenienmaAttila the HunDiarmuid Ua DuibhneFergus mac RóichGaius Julius CaesarGilles de RaisLancelotLe Chevalier d'EonMiyamoto MusashiMordredNeroNero BrideSaber AlterSaber LilyPrince of LanlingRamaSenji MuramasaShiki RyougiSiegfriedSigurdSuzuka GozenYagyū Munenori
Lancer: Artoria Pendragon (Alter)BradamanteBrynhildCaenisCú ChulainnCú Chulainn (Prototype)Diarmuid Ua DuibhneElizabeth BathoryEnkiduEreshkigalFionn mac CumhaillHectorHōzōin InshunJaguar ManKarnaLeonidasMedusaMusashibou BenkeiNezhaParvatiQin LiangyuRomulusScáthachValkyrie
Archer: ArashArjunaArtemisAtalantaBilly the KidCalamity JaneChild-GilChironChloe von EinzbernDavidEMIYAEMIYA AlterEuryaleFujino AsagamiGilgameshIshtarJames MoriartyNapoleonRobin HoodTawara TōtaTomoe GozenTristan
Rider: AchillesAlexanderArtoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)AstolfoBonny and ReadBoudicaChristopher ColumbusEdward TeachFrancis DrakeIvan the TerribleMarie AntoinetteMedbMedusaOzymandiasQuetzalcoatlRed HareSaint GeorgeSaint MarthaSakamoto RyōmaSakata KintokiUshiwakamaru
Caster: Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaAvicebronCharles BabbageCirceCú ChulainnGeronimoGilgameshGilles de RaisHans Christian AndersenHelena BlavatskyIllyasviel von EinzbernIrisviel von Einzbern (Dress of Heaven)Leonardo da VinciMedeaMedea LilyMephistophelesMerlinMurasaki ShikibuNitocrisNursery RhymeQueen of ShebaScáthach SkadiScheherazadeSiegSolomonTamamo-no-MaeThomas EdisonWilliam ShakespeareVon Hohenheim ParacelsusWolfgang Amadeus MozartXuanzang SanzangZhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)
Berserker: AsteriosAtalanta AlterBeowulfCaligulaChachaCú Chulainn AlterDarius IIIEric BloodaxeFlorence NightingaleFrankenstein's MonsterHeraclesHijikata ToshizoIbaraki-doujiKiyohimeLancelotLu BuMinamoto no RaikouMr. HydeMysterious Heroine X AlterPenthesileaPaul BunyanSakata KintokiSpartacusTamamo CatVlad IIIXiang Yu
Assassin: CarmillaCharles-Henri SansonCleopatraConsort YuDr. JekyllEMIYA (Kiritsugu)Fūma KotarōHassan of the Cursed ArmHassan of the Hundred FacesHassan of SerenityJack the RipperJing KeKatō DanzōKing HassanMata HariMochizuki ChiyomeMysterious Heroine XOkada IzōOsakabehimePhantom of the OperaSasaki KojirouSemiramisShiki RyougiShuten-doujiSthenoWu ZetianYan Qing
Ruler: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaJeanne d'ArcJeanne AlterSherlock HolmesQin Shi Huang
Avenger: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaAngra MainyuAntonio SalieriBlack IriEdmond DantèsGorgonHessian LoboJeanne Alter
Alter Ego: Ashiya DōmanKiara SessyoinMecha Eli-chanMecha Eli-chan MkIIMeltryllisOkita AlterPassionlipSitonai
MoonCancer: BB
Foreigner: Abigail WilliamsKatsuhika Hokusai
Beast: GoetiaTiamatKiara Sessyoin
Fate/kaleid liner Fifth Holy Grail War Class Cards: Archer (Gilgamesh) • Assassin (AssassinAssassin) • SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterBerserker
Unknown Holy Grail War Class Cards: AssassinBerserkerBerserker
Koha-Ace Sakura SaberMusashiLancerDemon ArcherDevil SaberRiderCasterAssassinBerserkerSun WukongLancer
Others Saber LionFakerOthersServants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
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