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« Now is the time for a glorious victory!”
“This is the one blow that has slain fallen gods. Taste it with that body! "Mac an Luin!" »


Mac an Luin: Undefeated Violet Prunella (無敗の紫靫草
, Muhai no Murasaki Utsubogusa
Maku a Ruin
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Fionn mac Cumhaill. It is a magic spear that is said to have defeated the wicked fallen Divine Spirit Aillen. A two-handed spear with a length of two meters or so.[1]

A spear which, in addition to having an auto-attack function, can nullify mental disruptions that can work on the Servant. Upon activation, it shoots a stream of water, an element that his ancestor Nuada controls, towards the enemies.[1][2]

The name originated from Fionn's sword, but it is often seen as the same as his god-slaying spear. Thus, when materialized as a Noble Phantasm, they are morphed together.[2]


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